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Chapter 54: The Kitsunes Challenge and The Miscalculation During the Request




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「The method to capture the hero…….? Wait, how do you know that is what I want?」

It was a natural question to ask and in response Mikura slowly rotates the metal pipe in her mouth and gave this sweet smile in return. [1. Nefarian: Mikura is first introduced in Chapter 41, The Second time she is mentioned is in Chapter 44, and the first time she meets Tooru for some sexy action is at Chapter 48]

「As you may know, this dream world is a spiritual world that is under my control. The moment you set foot in my dimension, little boy, I was able to get a “read” on to your surface memories…….. Well, if you were accustomed to it, it is not impossible for you to guard your thoughts from being read」

So she’s telling me that at least for what occurred today, she was able to get a general gist of the situation? In all respects, this is such a troublesome ability to deal with.

Moreover, this erotic and risqué fox, already knows about the fact that the current Hero possesses a magic reflection ability and yet she still states she will be able to provide a method to overcome it. This would mean that what she is proposing may not be just a mere bluff.

「You are having a hard time using your special Enslavement Magic on the Hero-chan right? In that case, would you like this experienced Oneesan teach you how to breakthrough her resistances ——?」

「——Although it may be unfortunate, Mikura. I have no intentions of making any deals with you」

I interrupted her suggestive insinuations and rejected her clearly, the fox-eared big shot demoness raised one of her eyebrows with a twitch.

「Araraa, Don’t you think you are making a hasty decision, little boy? Ahh, are you perhaps afraid whether the information I will be telling you is reliable or not……? Is that why you are hesitant?」

Certainly, I also thought of that possibility. However, that was not my main concern.

「No that’s not it. In that regards, I actually have the feeling that you will be telling me the correct information」

「Oh really? Why is that?」

「For an old-timer demoness part of the Eight Great Noble houses like you, to have the spare time to approach a mere human being like me just to tell me a lie, I don’t think you have the surplus time to do such a thing. Doing that type of thing is also something your pride won’t allow…… Am I wrong?」

For a demon that lived longer than a person, the act of being humiliated or doing something they themselves don’t believe is right will leave a stain in their hearts that will consistently trouble them for several hundred, or even several thousands of years.

Palmyra and Flamia are like this as well.

Thus when Mikura said she wanted to make a deal with me, I guessed that it would be a fair trade.

「Nfufu, I see. You know about us more than I expected. But, in that case there’s all the more reason to accept my offer no? If you are planning on fighting Ibi-chan with or without my help, then this is an offer than can only provide an advantage to you……. I don’t see any reason for you to refuse?」

The method to be able to capture Tachibana Riruna who has a magic reflection skill. The clue as to how I will be able to cast my Enslavement Magic on her.

Certainly the me right now, desires that more than anything, it would be a trump card for me.

However……. Because of this I…

「The thing is, I am quite similar with you demons. I am unexpectedly very particular about certain things, and I don’t want to regret my actions later down the track」


Naturally because I was talking about something that was personal to me, Mikura did not completely understand and was looking at me with squinted eyes.

「When I came into this world, I decided that I would live freely without being restricted by others. Therefore, I don’t want to have a “debt” to anyone. Favours and debts are both things that will chain me down…….. Lately I have been experiencing such things」

The last moments of Nana’s death resurfaced in my mind, it is a moment I can never forget.

In order to save our lives, she gave up her own, as her master I feel an obligated duty to reward her. I cannot help but doing so.

Although I will not serve under anybody else, the one thing I will not fight against is my own feelings. I cannot ignore my impulses.

「It is likely that the help you will provide will be profitable to me. However, because of this kindness, this favour that you wish to show me, a certain kind of binding will appear within my own mind. If I had to spend time in order to repay that debt, my freedom might be jeopardized」

「In other words, little boy, you are someone who cannot betray the partner that you owe a debt to? Nfufu, you are surprisingly faithful aren’t you?」

「I don’t think I am. So that I can stand my ground against all my foes, so that I can live freely within this world………. I never want to do anything that I might regret later, and I wish to avoid any actions that may plant a seed of doubt, that is all」

Up to now that’s how it’s been and that is what I intend to do into the future.

The words I spoke were my determination and at the same time a confirmation of my own beliefs, I turned my resolute gaze towards the her and continued to speak.

「You told me that you would be able to “teach” me the “method of capturing” the Hero, right? In other words, it is not an object or thing that I need to obtain, it is something that if I can think of the means by myself, I will be able create a pathway to achieve it. In that case, even if I don’t receive your help, all I need to do is to reach the answer by myself…. Am I wrong?」

After a brief moment of silence.

「Kukuku…….. Ahahahaha! Truly! Little boy, you are truly interesting……..! Oneesan is genuinely liking you more and more 」

Playing around with the metal pipe in her mouth, Mikura burst out into an energetic laugh as a couple of her tails were waving, while her enormous boobs were heaving up and down.

For some time, she continued to laugh as tears floated down her face, when she finally finished her fit of laughter, she had this look of approval and her beautiful face suddenly came close towards me.

「In that case, I will have to change my methods a little bit….. Little boy, how about you play a game with me?」

「Did you just say, game?」

Her fluffy blond hair fox-ears stood up and just like before they were dancing up and down showing curiosity.

With even more strength than before, Mugyuu…… she squeezed her natural voluptuous breasts against my upper arm.

「That’s right, it’s an ecchi game challenge. If you can make me cum, I will give you the information for free, on the other hand, if you were to cum before me, you will have to listen to a single thing I say…….. What do you think?」

I see, if it is a reward that you take by winning in a contest, then it doesn’t become lending or borrowing. This seems very interesting, and it is an attractive proposition. To begin with, a man who is being openly invited like this by a woman, he cannot call himself a man if he retreats from the challenge.

「Alright, I’ve always wanted to settle the match that we had from last time」

「Nfufufu………I knew that you would agree boy. Then let’s begin immediately ——」

I was suddenly pushed down towards the soft bedsheets.

The fox girl licked her lips as the cherry blossom leaves fell down and danced in the air scattering into the background.

「——I will eat it up okay? Little boy’s delicious looking penis, with Oneesan’s special place right here……!」

My cock was already standing tall pointing straight towards her indecent and feverish place.

Her white kimono was exposed and her shapely legs were opened generously, Mikura wasn’t wearing anything to cover her secret garden…… Like her hair and her tail, her pubic hair was the same golden blonde colour. Her vagina lips were twitching as she opened it for me to see.

「Are you ready~? I’m going to gobble it up you know? Make sure you don’t explode the moment you put it in kay, you need to show me that you can endure properly, little boy……!」

Her lovely and indecent salmon pink lips were like some sort of man eating plant as it dripped with this sweet smelling fluid that began to drip over my cock, the moment she brang her hips down, Nchuuu……… It easily swallowed my dick in one go.

「Together with this ecchi fox oneesan, this extremely lewd match of having raw sex will commence~! Naahh, Aha, it’s big……..! Nn, the entire thing…..has gone in!」


In a single moment, the shaft of my cock all the way to its roots were swallowed inside of her womb, a sensation I have never felt before attacked the lower half of my body.

It was far hotter than I imagined. And its movements were also amazing.

It was like Mikura’s vagina had a mind of its own, in addition to that, it was like she was able to control every inch of her pussy and use every muscle in it to twine and coil itself around my cock.

「Nfufu……. How does it feel I wonder? The feeling of this ecchi Kitsune pussy giving you her heavenly sucking course? It feels like multiple tongues are violating you and giving you an intense ferratio, doesn’t it~? Hora Horaa~ 」

The kimono that was supposed to be covering her upper-body had completely failed to contain her enormous breasts, as if she was showing off her assets towards me, she was playing with it and massaging her own tits. Moreover, this fox-eared demoness was straddling me and she did not stop the lascivious movements of her waist.

Indeed, she had full confidence in herself, as this was an intense, unparalleled sex technique that was able to make any man lose his mind.

「Araa, I can see you starting to sweat a little~ how cutee. It’s alright you know? It will feel really good, little boy~ it’s okay to let out your pitiful white cum and just wet yourself, you know?」

「Ahh Kuu…… Uuuu!?」

「Even if you cannot win in this ecchi competition, it is a natural thing. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it at all…. ne~? Let’s just let it out? Let’s stop holding it in? Just let it leak, okay?」

The interior of her womb was wriggling and twisting itself around my cock, she had a heart mark showing in her eyes and her expression was filled with lust. Mikura whispered in my ears tempting me to let it all out.

Several of her tails which were jutting out of her round ass was moving freely, and a really fluffy feeling was transmitted to my thighs and abdomen even my chest was being wrapped, being gently caressed by her tail it was almost cheating as the amount of pleasurable stimulus was only increasing.

I almost immediately came just like her words were enticing me to do so, but I clenched both my butt and my jaw to endure it best as I could.

「Al……Although it is a shame, even though I don’t particularly dislike being cornered, I prefer to be the one taking control…..! As if I’d be unable to make a mere woman cum and instead I am the one who quickly wets myself, this type of disgrace is not something I am willing to experience!」

「Nfu, if you think that I am just like any average woman that is easy to handle, you are being insolent you know? Well that’s fine, if you were to lose just like this, it would be such a disappointment to me……… Then shall I finally begin my piston movements? I’m going to start! 」

Nunu………. Nuruuu, Myuryu ruriryu bupu……..!

Along with these shameful noises, the lascivious fox raised her plump waist just right on the verge of slipping out of my cock that was covered in love juices.

Her pink pussy lips which was trying to swallow my dark red thing could be seen and it was an indescribably dirty spectacle.

In a single beat, she licked her lips whilst changing to a bow-legged position……….. and she began to perform very intense horse riding hip movements

「Nnha, Ahannnhaaaa! ho~raa horahora~! Just like this from the tip of your cock all the way to its roots! Guchuguchu and muchumuchuu……. Oneesan’s lewd pussy is going round and round~!」

「Uu, Ohh!? W-what a very vulgar waist movement……Kuuuuu!?」

Both of her hands were linked behind the back of her head as her fox-ears were wiggling. Mikura’s naked body was like a goddess as she incessantly twisted and wriggled herself from top to bottom. It almost felt like her whole body was some sort of ona hole that was trying pull my cock out of it just before plunging itself back in.

She was swinging her dancing hips in rhythm with her large bouncing tits, I could smell her sweat filled with sexy pheromones as it danced down her body.

Everything was compounding itself, and this visually appealing scene only added to my arousal, I knew that if I let my guard down for even a moment, I would ejaculate.

「Nn~ horaa hora, what’s wrong? Didn’t you say that you wanted to go on the counter-attack boy!? If things keep going as they are, you will quickly go byuu byuu and let out all that pitiful cum, you’re going to lose and shamefully wet yourself, look~!」

Buchun Bachun the sound of love juices echoes as it keeps flying and spurting out into my abs. I clenched my teeth together, and grabbing the bed sheets so hard they could seemingly tear, I endured the feeling of impending ejaculation.

Of course I was not merely trying to endure it. If that’s all I did, it would only gradually get worse.

Being inside of this heavenly pleasure trap, I stared hard at Mikura’s facial expression. I was observing it. I cannot overlook the change that will occur——!

「Nfufufu, you don’t even have luxury of being able to talk anymore? Then let me wring out all of your semen for you, little boy, let out all of that thick, hot semen into oneesan’s womb, fully cum to your hearts content! 」

Finally, this erotic fox was trying to finish of my cock as she moved her waist even more relentlessly than before, little by little I would adjust the angle of my waist so that I could search for that perfect spot to swing my hips.

「——Nn, Ahn……Fuaa……!」

In the middle of this, her voice became even more seductive as she let out a sweet moan, her golden colour eyebrows were slightly frowning as she began to look like she was enduring herself, I did not miss this opportunity!

「I…Is that where it is, oraaaa!!」

「Eh? ——Nnniiihiiii!!? 」

I firmly gripped Mikura’s waist and returning the position of my body to hit that same angle, I swung my waist upwards with all my might!

In that instant, her expression totally melted as she slovenly thrust out her tongue whilst stopping her own waist movements completely.

Bikun Bikunn!! her vagina was convulsing violently letting me know how effective my attacks were.

「Oh…….Nn, Ohh…….!!? I-It can’t be, t….that place iss ahhh…….!?」

Naturally, it wasn’t like I just switched to the offensive randomly.

Just a little while ago, when I moved my waist purposefully, the tip of my cock slightly touched against her weak spots. It was one of her vagina’s erogenous zones. Although her reactions may have been unnoticeable as it was only very slight in change, it was not able to escape my eyes.

「At long last I’ve managed to find it, your great demoness-sama’s weak spot that is! If I tried to recklessly find this spot by swinging my hips, I wouldn’t be able to endure myself, that’s why I saved up my strength, and planned to go on the counteroffensive once I found the breakthrough point!」

「T-that’s what you’ve been aiming for all this time, b-boy……!? Yaa, Nnhyuuunn!?」

Dozunn……..!! Without giving her a chance to change her posture, I went on the offensive with my own piston motions.

I pressed and rubbed against her erogenous areas, furthermore I plunged my cock so deep inside of her womb as if I was trying to crush it with my hard cock, when I did this, Mikura’s mouth opened up and she began to let out a completely different type of slutty moan from her lips.

「Haaoohhhhhh, Nnnohhhhhhh!!? I-it can’t be, for a little human boy like you to discover my weak spot is………Ohhooooo!?」

「Oraa, as if I’d let you escape!! From here on out, it really is a battle to see who can endure the longest, I’m going to wrench it open, Mikuraa! I’m going to reveal your true face at the height of pleasure!!」

「Nnhiiiiiii, i-it’s continuously pumping me from beloww, pumpi……. Nnnahhh ah ah ahhhhhhh Ohhhh!!?」

I used the technique that I’ve honed to make Kirika, Nina, the princess and all the other girls cry and did my everything, my cock turned into a pile bunker that stabs her pussy-meat, again and again and again!

However, my opponent was a veteran with several thousand years of experience, she was the Immortal Fox Goddess. She won’t surrender just from something like this.

「N-not bad at all, a-as expected of the man that I have high expectations of………! However, I still have the advantage, boy, Nnhiiiiii!? All the way to the depths of your balls, I will wring out all of its contents with my ero ero manko!!」(manko = vagina)

She stopped trying to escape and instead she began to accelerate her own fluid movements of her waist in harmony with my own. Naturally, the amount of pleasurable stimulus that we both needed to endure skyrocketed.

As long as even a single point of life gauge is available when the opponent’s life gauge reaches zero, then it will be that person’s victory, this is what my instincts were telling me.

「That is just how I like it, I will also never surrender, I will be the one to drive you mad and make you cum! I will expose your ungraceful ahegao face!! ora ora ora ora oraaa!!」

「Nnohh, Ohhhh!!? A-as if I’d lose just like thatt!! Nnnnuu~~~ Ah Auuuu~~~~!!?」

Both of our genitals were armed as they clashed against each other, the first to make the other bend to our will is the victor………The both of us were starting to lose any breathing room we had and gradually our techniques in bed were getting worse, it changed into this uncouth contest of stamina against stamina.

The fact that this was actually a dream world that was limited only by the power of one’s mind, was actually advantageous for me.

In terms of my actual physical strength and my ability to control my own body, I probably have no chance of winning against a top-class demoness like her. However, it is an entirely different story in this dimension and unless your mind is broken, it is not possible to lose.

「Hiii, Nnhiiguuuunnnnn!!? Ah t-the strength of your mind, exactly where is it from…… for a mere human being like you to be able to contend in my own spirit world which I rule over is, is…….Oh, Ooouuu ohhhhh!!?」

If you were to ask why I am different from a normal person, well that’s because I totally changed when I died in that moment.

I had decided that I would never have any more regrets.

I will never serve under another, be hindered by another, nor flatter another’s ego, I only want to live freely, I swore this to myself and I changed. In that case, as long as I don’t accept defeat within my mind, no matter who the opponent is there is no reason for me to lose.

Using this conviction, I suppressed this ferocious desire and instinct to ejaculate…… and this beautiful high-ranking demoness in front of me, I merely devoted my everything to think of her as a single woman in heat that I want to rule and dominate over!

「Uraa, oraaa!! If I continue just like this and make you cum so hard, at that moment that your mind weakens and shows its gap……. If I were poke at that weakened spot with all my force, don’t you think that my Enslavement Magic will be able to activate even at this place!? Am I mistaken!?」

「Ohhhhhiiiiiiinnnn, Nnnohhhh!!? T-that, don’t tell me, that is what you’ve been aiming for from the startttt!!?」

I scrubbed my cock the spot just below her womb, and I alternated between this pleasure point and her weak point continuing to push up against her, that’s when Mikura’s facial expression began to melt.

Just as I suspected. Although it was only a miniscule possibility, it seems that as long as I was able to overwhelm her spirit and mind and defeat her in this spirit world, I would be able to apply my enslavement magic towards her.

「Y….you really want, to make me seriously fall into depravity!!? So even this match was planned by you in order to ensnare this Immortal Fox Goddess with your enslavement magic, as a mere human being that is forgetting your position and being clouded by wild ambitions……..Nnn ahh Ahyiiii!!?」

「That’s obvious, if I want something I will make it mine, no matter who it is!!」

Nevertheless, Mikura was also fighting back with a strong will.

At best a human being can only live up to about 100 years, not only was I much younger than her, she wasn’t going to accept being made to cum by a greenhorn like me. This was the pride of being a demoness that ruled over everything, no this was her pride of being the older woman.

And it was then that a dreadful change occurred.

Michi michi….. her juicy soft vagina flesh wriggles and the tightness increases as it wrapped around my cock, it was like the shape of it changed to perfectly fit to the mould of my dick.

「Uuuohh!? T-the shape suddenly changed….!?」

「Nnfu, Nfufu…….! In this dream world of mine, I can change my body freely to a certain extent dawa……! So that it would perfectly fit and stimulate all of your pleasurable spots I made a slight change and shift to it, so I don’t think that you will be able to endure it like you’ve been doing up till now, little boy, zoooreee!!」

Nyuuruuunn……… Nyugurunnnn!! Nyuguryuryu, Buryururyu!!

Her perfect pussy was like a weapon of mass destruction as a violent impulse surged through my cock, she was squeezing it and gobbling it up, her ability to constrict and squeeze was reaching a whole other level.

My glans, the tip of my head, the frenulum of my penis, the blood vessels, the urethra opening of my cock, each of these extremely sensitive locations for a man was being pleasured incessantly.

This is bad……. If this continues, I will be driven into a corner and it’s only a matter of time before I am forced to ejaculate against my own will!

「Nfuu……..Nfufu! hooraa hora what’s wrong? The strength of your cock pushing up against me has declined you know? Even now your cock is starting to shiver and wants to cum, all of this information is being transmitted to me you know……!?」

「Uu, Uwaaa!? I-is this where the tables will be turned on me……!?」

However, little did she know, I still had a trump card hidden as a last resort.

I planned to use this when the critical moment arrives, even now I was pretending to be on the verge of cumming—— while it may be true that I wanted to cum badly—— I was also showing her an expression of hopelessness as if I’d already given up in order to make her become careless.

「Now then, although you’ve tried harder than I expected, it’s about to end isn’t it? To think that you would dare to try and win against me and then dominate me with your magic, I will make you regret having such an outrageous ambition dawa, little boy…….! Now, why don’t you let out your pitiful semen and just give up——」

I was waiting for this precise expression on her face when she thought that she had already won.

「——iii? ………….Nhiiiiiiiiiii ih ih ihhh!!? Ho, Hoeeeeeeeeee ehhh!!?」

slutty and vulgar…….. but a very erotic and attractive expression nonetheless as she broke down and showed me her agehao face. Her fox ears stood up straight.

I had reached my hands towards her soft fox tails and I had tightly grasped and pulled on her tail from its roots.

This is the precise special weapon that I refrained from using at the start.

「As I expected…… Palmyra and Flamia both of them are the same, and it seems that you demonesses have the same weak points: Your horns, your wings and things that grow from your bodies, these are all things which are in fact highly erogenous zones!」

「Ohhhh Oooouuu, Oohh Ohhhhooooo Oh oh uuuuuu!!? D-don’t tell me, you couldn’t have aimed for this from the startttttt ehhhh!!?」

Naturally she would be aware of her own weak spots and if she was guarded against me the effects probably wouldn’t be all that much.

However right now, her mind and spirit were being weakened because I was simultaneously cornering her weak spots.

Because I made her let her guard go down, and then made a surprise attack before she was able to anticipate it, it produced the most optimal result.

「Rubbing this hard lump of flesh at the base of your tail and at the same time poking your womb, how does it feel?! I will turn you into a slut great demoness-sama, take that! Submit to my cock and surrender yourself you perverted fox!! 」

「H-how impertinenttt, little boy you haven’t even reached 100 years of age, you are getting way ahead of yourse—……. Ohhhhhh!!? It can’t be, it can’t be like thisss Aahhhh!!? Ahiiii Hiigiiiiiuuu!?」

Tearing of the last vestiges of her mask, her tits which were dripping out of her kimono was being massaged as I traced along it with a circular motion like this “∞”.

At the same time, the countdown to my ejaculation had also started up.

Not only that, Mikura who was also on the verge of cumming used her flesh like an instrument, as if it was a creature in its death throes, it was shrinking and squeezing the semen out of my cock. When it comes to this, it has become a chicken race to see whether or not you can last a single second longer than your opponent.

「Ora cum for me! Surrender yourself and cum for me Mikuraa!! Having a man who you underestimated, use his cock to gouge out your vagina, you are going to cum hard!! Ora ora oraoraoraaaaaa!!」

「A-as if I’d cum for youu!! I’m going to be the one to draw out the thick soup out of little boy’s schlong with my noble vaginaa!! Nnnnuuu Ahhhnn fuuueeee~~~!!!」

While shouting out, I was pushing up my cock which was on the verge of exploding without stopping.

Whilst panting, Mikura was continuing to convulse as her lewd pussy was twisting and turning in order to wring me out and deliver the finishing blow.

Although each of them were trying to outwit and outlast the other, the both of them were working together to move their waists in coordination……..finally reaching the end of their strange unison, the both of them peaked to their limits.

「Ahhh, Ah ahh uuuwaa!? Ahh auuu no way, no wayy no wayy!!? For someone like me to lose!? I’m really going to be made to cumm………. I’m cumming cuminngg cuminggggg!!? NNohhhh Oh Oh Hooooooooohh Ohh~~~~~~!!」

「Kuaaaahh, Uwaaaaahh!!? I’m at my limit…….! I’m cumming I’m going to let it out, I’m going to paste it all over you………Kuuuuuuohhhhh!!」

Bupi…….. Dobyuururuuuu!! Gubyururuu, Byuruurunnnn!!

Byupunnn, Byupu Byuryuuuu!! Dobyu Dobyuuu!!

A muffled ejaculation sound echoed as I exploded over and over again in the interior of her womb.

I released everything that I’ve collected up till now, without letting her spill a single drop I continued to pour it inside of her slutty womb, I felt a rush throughout my body as it filled itself with this raw sense of accomplishment, I forgot about the match and became intoxicated in this feeling.

「Ahhh it’s going out, I’m continuing to let it out…….! What’s with this, ahhh crap, drink it all up Mikura! suck it all up into your vagina……Kuuohhhh!! 」

「It’s comingg, little boy’s energetic male milk, is spurting out so much, so much of itt……..! T-The interior of my womb will be totally soaked in itt waa……… Nnohh, Ohhhhh ohnnnn ohhh!! 」

Before I knew it her fox tails had already coiled around my body as if embracing me, right after my ejaculation, my skin was in a hyper sensitive state and she was sweetly caressing my body as if giving me some after care.

Just from the large quantity of love juices mixed with my cloudy fluids that were starting to drip out of her; it was a clear indication of how much pleasure the both of us felt.

「Haa, Haa, Haa……….It would seem that we……!」

「W-we have reached a draw, it seems….. Nnahn!」

The timing in which we came was almost identical.

Ironically, because they tasted an unexpected amount of pleasure by being perfectly in sync with each other, the two people that were soaked in sweat was not able to determine a clear winner of the match.

「I’m so surprised, to be able to make me cum like this……! I think I may have seriously fallen for you little boy…..Ahnn, it feels like the energetic sperms are dancing within my womb…..!」

Although it may have been an unexpected result, there was no feeling of humiliation found on the fox demoness, instead she had this cherry pink flush to her face.

Or rather, her long narrow pupils seemed to increase in their intensity and her glittering eyes was gazing at me with even more interest and desire.

「Nnfu, Nfufu……..! Because it’s such a rare thing, and it was way more wonderful than I expected it to be with a “human male”, I have to give you a present」

「Oi, just like I told you before, I don’t have any intentions of being indebted to you……」

「Nfufu, that’s not it. It is my apology for looking down on you, and my thanks for having me experience such a fun time……… I merely want to present a fair reward as compensation」

While still being connected to the lower half of my body, Mikura plucked out one of her hairs from her tail and blew on it.

And in that moment, right before my eyes, it changes into a comma-shaped bead that was tied up into a bracelet, it twined around my left wrist.

「Each of my nine tails have individually been nurtured by me to amass several thousands of years of magical energy. One portion of it has been given to you as a present….. ahh, little boy, you don’t have to worry, this doesn’t have any sort of mechanism or tricks installed to harm or reveal your location, so please be relieved okay?」

Just like I pointed it out before the match, it is unlikely that she was telling me a lie.

She was showing me an expression of approval as she caressed my head, it felt like an intimate action of familiarity that you would do when comforting a child.

「…….You’re really doing a selfish thing. This time I’ll pull back, but, next time I will obtain a perfect victory. I will be looking forward to your crying appearance as you beg for mercy」

「Nfufufu, how fearsome~. Alright, if you want to make me yours, I’m ready for that challenge at any time」

「It doesn’t even need to be said. Both you and the Hero…….. I will make the both of you mine」

The wind blows in this dream world dimension and a bunch of cherry blossom leaves scatter as they fell down and danced in the air.

My view was gradually covered in pink, and Mikura’s bewitching smile was getting further and further away.

Thus, the second round between me and Mikura ended in a draw——. (Light Novel Illustration: Mikura’s Dream World)

The next day…… We travelled towards the entrance of the tunnels that lead to the Large Rock Core of Paravata City.

We were making our preparations in order to fulfil the request of Deputy Mayor Leifell which was to recapture the transference device which leads to the Core.

The party members are, Kirika, Nina, Amelia, Sierra and Celesta.

The people without any combat skills: Princess Sistina and Dianne, along with both Palmyra and Flamia were on standby waiting in the Magical Flying ship.

「By the way Master, the childish demonesses were really noisy and saying that want to be brought along too ~ 」

「Fufu, they probably thought it was some sort of excursion. However, considering their war potential, is it really alright not to bring them along?」

「Their method of attacking and their combat skills are highly-destructive. Especially with Flamia abilities, it’s difficult to measure what she’s capable of. If they were to unleash their skills in the tunnels, and accidentally destroy the transference device, it would spell a disaster」

Answering Celesta’s question, I looked at the comma-shaped bracelet that was attached to my left wrist. Perhaps it was thanks to this? But my memories that I experienced in that dream world was not forgotten this time even after I awoke.

And…. Just before I returned to the real world, Mikura whispered a word of advice to me.

『Be careful alright? Little boy. That Hero-chan’s objective is …… to defeat the Slavemancer』

Riruna’s target is the Slavemancer.

If that was the truth, then it would explain why that being known as Oruto would be so suspicious of me when we first met. It was definitely the correct answer for me when I hid my true job class from Riruna.

But why is she aiming for me?

Is it because my job class is stereotypically used for evil purposes? And as a hero of justice she feels the need to defeat evil?

Or is it for another different reason……. And as a result, she is vigilant in avoiding being enslaved by my magic?

Well, there is no use thinking about it now. The mission right now has the highest priority.

「By the way Master, who are the people that we plan to meet up with over here?」

「Ahh, the Deputy Mayor along with a bunch of staff will explain how we can use the transference device. Most likely she will also bring a specialized researcher or something」

In order to be able to successfully revive Nana and obtain the fragment of the Divine Corpse, we don’t really want to travel with other outsiders, but….. If they ever become a hindrance I can always shut them up by using my Enslavement magic on them.

「Ah…….. Someone’s running towards us, My lord. That is……?」

Sierra’s sharp ears catches the footsteps of someone drawing closer to us, she turned to face that direction —— and…



Both my and Kirika was at a loss for words.

「I’m sorry I’m sorry~~nn! I’m a little bit late, seriously~ my bad!」


It’s exactly as you would guess, she had a heavy pair of breasts that were shaking, and she was panting because she was trying to catch her breath from running all this way.

「I’m currently working as the Hero! My name is Tachibana Riruna! And on my back is Oruto! From here on out, please take care of me.. Eh, Huh……. araraaa? Why is Tooru-chi here and class prez too!?」

That was…. that was!

That was my line you just stole!!

Slavemancer Tooru (Level up!)

Job: Slavemancer LV 17 → 18

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV 11】【Devil Contract LV 2】【Magical Slave Reinforcement LV 6→7】

Current Magical Slaves (Remaining Quota for Enslavement: 3 slots remaining)

【Himekishi Kirika (Love Slave)】【Maid Magician Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】

【Elven Elemental Archer Sierra】【Demoness Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】

【Mad Princess Flamia】【Otherworldy warrior Celesta】

Special Equipment: Bracelet from the Immortal Fox Goddess.




Novel Schedule

Himekishi ga Classmate!

Schedule will be reduced when the goal is reached

Balance: 0

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