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Chapter 70:  The First time, for the Second time and The Third Visit with the Manager




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

                                                 Translator: Nefarian                                                    

「Nnnhaaaah, Fuaaaahhh!!? I can’t no moreee!? No nooo, Tooru-kun, I’ve told you that can’t do thattttt!!?」

「Oh no, what’s this, what’s happening!? To-Tooru-chi’s fingers are… making something cum, something is cumming…….. Mnnn Uuuunnn!!?」

Still in their uniforms they were on all fours on the bed, their butts were sticking out towards me and I was finger banging both Kirika and Riruna, as a result they were letting out high-pitched moans and reaching their orgasm in harmony.

Especially Kirika, she was lying face down on the bed in a prostrated position gasping for air. Her sweat dripping down her disheveled black hair was indescribably sexy.

After amply enjoying the paizuri session I had with them, I was returning the favor by using my hands to dig into their sensitive vaginas.

Furthermore, I’ve naturally kept their pleated skirts on, and they were still wearing their shorts, for a bit of clothing play.

「Fuaa, Haaaahh….! I-I didn’t know something like this was possible? Amazinggg……! Eh, Hime-chi seems to have lost consciousness, is she alright!?」

Riruna only climaxed lightly, so she was still able to be worried about her neighbor, but this was obviously because I was going easy on her. The reason is to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly from now on.

「You don’t have to worry about Kirika, she just went to heaven for a little while, sooner or later she’ll wake up again. By the way, Tachibana-san…… I previously explained how the special characteristics of being the Hero effected our connection, do you still remember?」

「Ah, Y-Yes. You told me that my anti-magic capabilities are too strong, and as a result, my “link” with Tooru-chi as his magical slave is still quite thin, right?」

Although we managed to create a bypassing route by establishing the link in her dreamworld, our connection together was still at the minimum level and I can’t really supply much magical energy through our slave link (Having so much potential as the “Hero” is really the frightening thing about her).

The number one issue is that it would be a waste to not develop our link any further, because after obtaining this super rare-job class as my slave, I would be able to obtain a huge amount of bonus experience points as long as I continued to strengthen our link together.

「As such, I think you already know it but….. In order to strengthen our bonds and make it “thicker”, we need to become physically “connected”.」

「Y-Yes…. Eh, Y-You mean right here, right now!? S….Serious, ly?」

Although she was sleeping, Kirika was after all right next to us……. Knowing that her former classmate will be by her side while she was having sex with me made Riruna become surprised.

But of course, I was very serious about this.

The girl named Tachibana Riruna, had this personality similar to a really weak and obedient dog. I think that if I give her a slightly abnormal sexual experience in conjunction with pleasure, she will continue to increase her level of dependency to me.

And this is the most important point in all this…. When I do this right next to Kirika in this kind of situation, I become extremely aroused!

「Are you willing? I mean look Tachibana-san, my thing over here….. it’s become like this and it feels like it’s going to burst, you see? When a guy becomes like this, it’s really painful for them…. and it’s already impossible for us to hold it in.」

「U-Uwah…. Ah, you’re right, even though you spurted out so much on our breasts, Tooru-chi you’ve already become so big again…… I-Is it really that painful?」

I appealed to her motherly instincts and spoke with an entreating voice to the Yuusha Gal.

Just like I expected, Riruna was staring at my cock that was warped back and twitching, she was still half-naked and covered in sweat whilst wearing her uniform. She blushed as she looked at me with a worried and tender gaze.

「T-Thenn….. I-I’ll help you okay? I’m seriously embarrassed but, if Tooru-chi can’t hold back any longer…. I will help to relieve it… A-After all, you’re a boy, so it can’t be helped… right?」

Casting her eyes down shyly, she shakes her side tail and nodded her head.

Easy, this is too easy, Gal Yuusha….!

She’s so easily tricked and I’m so glad that she ended up in my protection before a bad man took advantage of her and got the double peace ending…….. I ignored the fact that my situation was precisely the same, I felt highly emotional as I began to tremble with excitement.

「Thank you, Tachibana-san. Then, I’ll be taking your “first time”, for the second time….. I’ll make sure to be gentle okay?」

But I do not show my distorted inner hearts desires and instead I showed her an eloquent smile as I grabbed on to her healthy thighs and spread her legs apart after rolling up her pleated skirt.

Once again I use my fingers to move her shorts to the side, and I could see that because she received my gentle caressing with my fingers moments ago, her already sensitive girl vagina was melted. My hands were covered in the smell of a girl who was about to graduate and become a woman, it was a really lewd smell.

「Yaaah!? Eh, now that you mention it, the first time was inside of my dream, so this is actually my first time…..!?」

「That’s right. You will have your second virginity be taken by me.」


This kind of ero-tic experience was normally impossible to feel twice and realizing that she was about to experience it a second time, Riruna became shocked.  But even though her expression was filled with embarrassment and bewilderment, I did not miss the fact a look of fascination was also mixed in her eyes.

「N-noo…..! I-I think that if we do something like that, something bad will happen, for suree……!?」

She was speaking as: “if such a thing were done to me, I can no longer do anything but become this person’s woman”…. this act involved a perverted feeling of satisfaction from making a woman feel delight for the first time.

Even though just until a little while ago, she was a gentle, innocent and energetic girl unrelated to sex, I knew that within her depths, another part of her was lying dormant and ready to be awakened to the pleasures of sex.

No, I was going to make sure of it and draw it out from deep within her consciousness…… the hidden potential of her erot-ic body. Just thinking about this made a sense of accomplishment well up in me.

「Alright, then I’m going to insert it, Tachibana-san.」

「No, wait……!? I haven’t prepared my heart yet…… Ahh Fuaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!?」


Her still tight virgin meat hole was split apart, and my raw penis was sinking into her virgin hole in the missionary position. Of course, she still had her panties on but just brushed to the side.

Unlike that previous time, this was the original world and this was unmistakably her physical body, not only that we were doing it without a condom.

As expected, doing it in this manner, gave a totally different sense of conquest; an increase in both the pleasure felt and also a triumphant feeling mentally.

「Nnn, Ah………. Mnn Ahhh, Hauuu……!? Aha, it’s inside of me…..!」

「Are you alright? Does it hurt?」

「N-No, if it’s this much I’ll be fine…. M-Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced it once before?」

From the space in between her uniform, I could see her cute navel belly button and her white stomach bending backwards. She was gripping on to the bed sheets with her nails and shaking her neck from side to side.

I see, indeed, she did have an experience of her “virginity” being taken away so that may have helped her to adjust better.

「Eh, now that I think about it, Tooru-chi, Y…You’ve inserted into me without protection!?」

Noticing that I pierced inside of her without a condom, Riruna was suddenly in a panic.

「Well, I haven’t put anything on. But it’s okay, I have this contraceptive in the form of a magically enchanted ring so you don’t need to worry about becoming pregnant.」

「Eh, seriously!? T-There’s such a thing…?! B-But for some reason, the feeling it gives me is totally different from out first time!? Nn uwaaahhh, Fuaahnn!!?」

So as to not give her too strong a stimulation because this was technically her “second time”, I just inserted my cock without moving much, but her inner vagina was twitching and showing a magnificent reaction.

*Squeeze, squeeze*……. her pussy was tightening intermittently; her sensitive meat hole was showing me such a response.

Naturally, I was also enjoying her undulations and the feeling wrapping around my raw cock from her slopping wet soft meat flesh; it made me almost leak out my own voice without thinking.

「Well it’s because I inserted it raw that’s why it feels different. Hey, tell me, which one feels better? Taking it raw or when I had a condom on?」

「Eh, Eh ehhh!!?」

Using the tip of my male penis as a weapon, I was bumping it deep inside of her uterus and scrubbing this part as I teased her with my words.

Riruna’s face turned crimson; I was doing this on purpose so that she would become even more self-conscious of the pleasure of having my dick inserted inside of her raw.

「I-I don’t know which one is better…. they are both gooddd…? Ha, Hafuuu….!」

「You need to give me a proper answer, “Riruna”.」

「Nn ahhh!? Y-You’re calling me by my first name…!?」

As soon as I called her by her first name, her narrow vaginal path convulsed deeply in a pulsating motion. It was like she was being infected with the heat of my cock, her special spot was gushing with love juices and her inner flesh was becoming really hot.

「Well you did tell me before, right? When we became intimate like this, you wanted me to call you by your first name.」

「W-Why do you remember that kind of thing, Tooru-chi!? Ah, I wasn’t in the right state of mind back then, so I don’t really remember what I said in the past ~!! Fuee……!」

She was so embarrassed that she was biting her lower lip and shaking her head, seriously this Gal Yuusha is so cute that its atrocious, its cheating.

Even though she wasn’t conscious of the fact, her reaction aroused a man’s heart, and I could not hold back for any longer as I started to move my waist slowly.

「Riruna, you’re so adorable, Rirunaa…..! I’m really happy to be able to have sex with you in the real world….. Therefore, come on, let’s feel good together, okay? Just like… This!」

「Nn Ahhnn!? Noo, Tooru-chi, you can’t call out my name like that whilst moving so gently… it’s not fair!? M-My body is gradually becoming weirder and weirderrr!?」

Nuto, Nuton, Nupunn, Zununnn……….! Just like that the strokes of my waist gradually increased in pace, the more that I lovingly gouged out her narrow virgin hole, Riruna’s coquettish voice also continued to rise.

Because I’ve already done it with her before in her dream world, I could tell which sensitive spots she liked to be attacked in.

The results are that even though this is the first time she’s lost her virginity; her normally sensitive body was melting to a state which shouldn’t have been possible for her first insertion.

「Is it here? Do you like it in this spot Riruna? Deep inside of your vagina, right here on the side of your stomach, whenever I scrub against this part, you really like it, don’t you!?」

「Nnn Aahh Haaaahnnn!!? I-I really like it there, I lwike itttt……! Tooru-chi’s thing is scrubbing deep against my inner stomach and tapping against itt, I really lwike ittt…… Hyaaaauuu Auuunnnn!? 」

She was feeling so good that Riruna was starting to speak incoherently, even though Kirika was right next to her sleeping. Before she realized it, she was embracing me closely from the front, coveting even more pleasure. The feeling of her tit cushion hugging against my chest feels really nice.

Answering her lustful request for more, I started to give her gentle kisses, when I did this her submissive puppy girl vagina released even more love juices ceaselessly out of her hole.

If she’s this wet I can move even stronger without hurting her, so I started to swing my hips——— At that moment…

(What’s with this, he wasn’t that gentle……. when he took my first time…..!)


Suddenly someone else’s thoughts were flowing into my mind.

Without a doubt, it was the voice within Kirika’s mind. Before I noticed it, she seemingly had awakened, and I was able to sense her inner thoughts via our Love Slave connection.

But, for someone like my class prez who is really shy and rigid, she isn’t really the type to personally request to do ecchi things with me.

(Wha, what’s with this…….?! When he was with me he was much rougher…. and did things forcefully…. Why? Why is he so different when he’s with Tachibana-san…..!? He’s even calling her by her name so gently, they are even hugging each other so tightly while kissing each other…..! I-Isn’t he acting really weird….!?)

Is that how it is, I realized what was happening.

It wasn’t that she was intentionally trying to request me to do ecchi things with her, but this is more like her inner thoughts were “leaking” out of her.

Because she had such strong thoughts, the Love Slave channel was being activated without permission and her inner thoughts were being conveyed to me.

In other words, the thoughts I am hearing from her mind right now, were without a doubt her true and honest thoughts.

Not only that, but the fact that her thoughts were being heard by me, is something she herself has not realized.

「Kuu…… uuuhh!」

「Hyaaaah Ahhnnn!? Y-You’re growing even larger inside of meee!? Tooru-chi is so big and it’s so hot, so my insides are being scrubbed and changed to fit Tooru-chi’s shapeee………!!?」

Still having her face buried under the cushion, the black haired girl was peeking at us from the space between her hair, and her cute voice of dissatisfaction was being leaked directly towards my mind.

Having her watch me screw Riruna raw was making my dick even harder.

Even I think that I’m a man beyond saving, but this kind of thing really arouses me so it can’t be helped.

(Baka, bakaa, Tooru-kun you bakaa……! Why do you have to make me feel this way? Why do I need to see this kind of thing? I can’t take it anymoreee! After all, he’s never going to treat me so gently like he’s treating Tachibana-san ~, I already know this from personal experience so…..!)

Become teary-eyed Kirika was speaking her embarrassing inner thoughts, I was finally at the stage where I could speed up the thrusting of my waist inside of Riruna to make her cum; I began my last spurt.

Although I felt sorry for Kirika, it kind of felt that I was “cheating” on her as she was technically my Love Slave, but this only made me even more excited as a sense of immorality started to build up, the pleasurable feeling of screwing Riruna’s vagina raw was continuing to increase endlessly.

「Noooo, mnnn Ahhhhhhhh!!? I-I can’t take this anymoree!! I’m going to cumm, Tooru-chi, an amazing wave is overtaking meee!!?」

「Yeah, that’s good, just cum for me just like that Riruna!! I will also cum with you, there, there!!」

(Uuuu, it’s going to be shown to me…. Tachibana-san doing ecchi things and cumming, and also the moment where Tooru-kun pours his everything inside of her…. It’s going to be shown right in front of meee……..!?)

Hearing Kirika’s words was like an extra spice being added, and my piping hot meat stick was sending me this melted sensation as it ascended up…..!

Deep within Riruna, aiming for her womb that was *squeezing* me tightly, I spurted out my magnificent seed!

「Ohhhhhhh Uohhh!! Take it all in Rirunaa, this is proof that you are my slave….. Kuuuu!!」

「Noo, Ahhhnn, ahhnnnnn Ahh!!? I-I’m seriouslyy cumminggg, having raw sex, I’m cumming, cumming, cumminggggg~~~~~~~~!!? Ahhhh Hyaaauuunnnnn!!?」

Dopu byururuu, Dobupu Dokuuuuuu!!

Byugu Byururuunn, Doku, Dobu Dopu Do byururuuu!! Dobyururuunn!!

(Ah, ahhhhh……!? Oh no, he’s shooting it out, so deep inside of her….!? Tooru-kun’s thing is pouring inside of her…. Nooo, w-why does it make me remember the time he did the same thing to meee…..!?)

While still receiving the fragmented desires of Kirika in the form of thoughts, I continued to pump copious amounts of thick semen inside of Riruna’s womb, with a Dokun, doku doku…..

My brain was being melted with the feeling of guilty pleasure, conquest pleasure and a sense of complete satisfaction.

「NnHyaauuu ahh!!? I-It’s really true, when I do it raw it feels totally differentt……. T-Tooru-chi’s hard thing is deep inside of me pulsating and pouring it, I can feel it so accuratelyy…….!? Hawaah, Haa, Hafuuuh……!」

She wouldn’t think that Kirika was already secretly peeking at us, and Riruna spoke out words to herself that would fan the jealously in Kirika’s heart even more. Riruna was simply indulging herself in the lingering reverberations of her orgasm.

This time for real, I pulled out my dick from her hole which had just got its virginity taken by me.

「Nnahhnn!? Fuaa, T…Tooru-chi, you really filled me to the brimm…….! It’s going to leak out from deep within me…..!」

A large amount of cloudy liquid mixed with the slight pink color of her blood, was flowing out of her virgin hole and on to the bed sheets. This scene was the proof that I have totally conquered the uniform wearing Riruna.

「Now then….. it would seem that you’ve woken up, so the next one up will be Kirika whose been waiting for me in that rigid state.」

「Ehh!? S-since when did you notice…… Or more like, I don’t really need my turn!?」

Rather than just noticing that she’s been watching us, worst yet, she wasn’t even aware that I’ve been listening to her inner thoughts, my former class prez was speaking hysterically and in a panic.

While holding down her feet, I…

「Well that’s what she’s telling me, what do you think I should do Tachibana-san?」

「Ehh, Ah… I-I’ve already had plenty injected into me so…. No no no, what am I saying?! A-Anyways, I’m fine already so you should also give Hime-chi some as well, okay?」

「Wha!? T-Tachibana-san!? T-That’s wasn’t my intention!?」

Riruna was acting like a good girl as she wanted to share my penis with Kirika, and this in turn made Kirika even more cornered.

When I opened her uniform, the pattern right above her womb was shining a slight pink color outlining the heart shape, this was her Love Slave marking…. and it was also proof that she was in a sexually aroused state right now.

「There’s some sort of…. pattern on your stomach? What is that, Hime-chi? it seems to be shining?」

「Ah, Ah that is, umm, this isn’t really anything!?」

Kirika was panicking, and I was bringing my cock which was covered in Riruna’s love juices and my own semen mercilessly towards the already wet vagina of my former class prez.

「W-Why are you bringing this in front of mee….. Nnahhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhnnn!!?」

After all, on this day… it wasn’t just the Brave Hero girl that obtained my seed, even my Love Slave the Princess Knight was receiving my “Magical energy” as it got injected deep inside of her body———.

And——— On that night. The thing I was expecting to happen, finally occurred.

My consciousness leaves from my physical body and I was invited into a totally different dimension which was different from Mikura’s dreamworld.

I was brought in front of that mysterious office that the “Manager” of this place seemed to govern over.

「Well, well….. You’ve surprised me. I would never have expected for you to return to this dimension so soon.」

In front of me the “manager” lifted his hands in surrender pose showing me an exaggerated gesture. He was the same plain guy wearing a suit…. he was the “manager” I haven’t met for a while.

I had already become accustomed to coming here.

「Then, am I perhaps going to obtain a bonus for being able to Enslave someone with a rare job class like before?」

「Yes. The devoted slaves you’ve managed to gain under your control are: 【Princess Knight】【Noble Demoness】【Princess of Prophecy】【Mad Princess】【Otherwordly Knight】【Different World Military Android】and finally the【Hero】——— With this you’ve manage to obtain 7 different rare job classes. This time around, you will be given a variety of special privileges in one go.」

The last time I got a drastic bonus from my level up was when I had 3 rare job classes, now it’s at 7 rare job classes.

The reason why Riruna’s job as the Hero has been included in the formal count… Is probably because my connection with her strengthened after we had sex together, it’s probably proof that we reached a sufficient level in our connection.

Applying the same logic however, the mere fragment of the Divine Corpse was so miniscule that it was not considered as me successfully casting my Enslavement Magic on the Demon King.

「In saying that I’ve been performing my duties as the warden of this place for a very long time, but this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed someone reach this level of proficiency with your job class.」

Although I’ve never put much thought into it, after hearing him say it I realized that there was also someone else in this Slavemancer Job class before me.

To begin with, that’s how Palmyra was able to know such a class even existed and that’s how she ended up trying to make use of the new Slavemancer that arrived.

Did that person also live according to their desires? Or perhaps…. Well, at the very least I knew that I was capable of producing better results than my former counterpart.

「Thank you for the praise. If you just want to give me some special privileges again, I’ll be more than happy to receive them. Then, I’m counting on you for the explanations.」

「Although I’m just saying this for the sake of it, it seems that you’ve gotten used to being around transcendent beings like me…..」

I was already used to his presence and no longer perturbed by it, the manager just shrugged his shoulders and started his explanations.

「First of all, you will be given a huge amount of bonus experience to drastically increase the level of your job class, and secondly, you will be given a “Simple Enslavement” option.」

「Simple Enslavement option?」

「Yes, for those with low magical resistance…. you will be able to subjugate them to your will and make them obedient for a fixed period of time, without using your “Slave slots”.」

「Ohh, although that does not seem to be a significant skill, it is still going to be really convenient!」

Although the scope of use is quite limited, at the very least when my “Slave Slots” were all filled up, I can still subject people to my Enslavement magic. This is probably going to be useful as a defensive ability.

「The time they will be effected, is proportionate to the level of your Enslavement Magic. In addition, just be careful as the effective range of the spell along with the usual preparations are still the same and necessary to perform.」

「I see, I see…. Is there anything else?」

「Yes, it’s about lifting the ban, on the Love Slave system, but———」

So it’s related to my Love Slave ability.

In other words, this was in relation to the ability that only Kirika had the privilege of being affected with.

No, perhaps from now on, the number of Love Slaves may be able to be increased? Now that you mention it, I never asked him how many Love Slaves I could have at any given time.

———Just when I leaned forward to think…

*Shake* my field of vision started to shake violently.


「Hey, are you alright!?」

I fell towards his office desk and the manager supported me up in a panic. After feeling a strange, dizzy sensation for an instant, I promptly recovered to my previous state.

「Ah… Yeah, I’m fine. But, seriously, being supported up by a man doesn’t make me happy at all……. you, can’t you turn your outward appearance into a really beautiful lady or something?」

「Are you not pleased with my current avatar? I will take it into consideration. But, it’s really weird…… within the world of souls, a physical disorder should not have occurred….?」

Though the manager was tilting his head, it seemed that he soon had some sort of idea.

「By any chance, did you act rashly in the real world and shave off a part of your soul energy?」

「……..If I said that I didn’t have a clue, I would be lying.」

The Divine Corpse Fragment. Besides the fact that I forcibly integrated the Divine Corpse with my body, I can’t really think of any other reason. I explain the current events that have happened to me to the manager.

「…. I see. The Demon King’s corpse, it’s no wonder….. Just hold on a minute, the fragment that you integrated yourself with, is it only that single piece?

「That’s what it’s supposed to be…..?」

「Wait a moment. Just to make sure, I will check it.」

And then the manage opens up his office desk and pulls out a white piece of paper. Opening the paper in front of me, a bunch of letters that I could not understand started to appear. It’s likely that he was reading the information of the world itself.

「I see, I see…… Oh? As I expected. According to what you said a little while ago, after your battle you could no longer find the remains of the Divine Corpse that was used to power up that Giant, right?」

「Yeah, the citizens of Paravata City also cooperated in the search but it just completely disappeared.」

This was the piece that Oruto used to control the Shadow Beasts and what she was trying to use to explode the dimension. I assumed that the power used to send Oruto back to her originally world caused it to disappear, or perhaps it was sent over together with her to the other world.

「The thing is, I actually confirmed it a while back and that fragment…. has also been absorbed into your left hand and has integrated itself within your body.」

「……What did you just say?」

Even though it wasn’t my real left arm, I instinctively stared at my arm.

「During the time you synchronized with the Divine Corpse Fragment in order to control the dimensional explosion, it latched on to you. When a piece of the fragment touches another piece, it has the property of trying to combine itself into one.」

In other words, right now, two portions of the Divine Corpse were embedded in my body…… Then I guess, collapsing for three days straight wasn’t that strange…

But if I thought about it, the possibility that Cruz actually came and robbed the Divine Corpse wasn’t exactly zero percent. The fact that this was not the case, made me feel slightly relieved.

「Hm? that would mean that, if I ever came into contact with the Divine Corpse from this point on then….」

「Yes, that piece of the Divine Corpse will probably be absorbed into your body.」

Well this has its own advantage and disadvantages.

If the fragments are going to naturally be integrated into my body, I don’t need to worry about it getting stolen (As long as I don’t die), but on the negative side of things, it also drastically increases my risk of a backlash.

Nevertheless, whenever I absorb the Divine Corpses and assimilate them into my body, the amount of power within me will grow as well…….. Looking from the view point that it will become my trump card, the benefits will be immeasurable. The amount of magical power I can supply to the girls will jump in amount as well.

Not only that, but if the amount of Divine Corpses reaches a certain threshold, the system might recognize me as casting my Enslavement magic on the “Demon King”.

Let’s just think of this in my usual positive thinking.

「Even so…. this is such an unusual case. Normally, you would never tell me any extra information in regards to my circumstances unless it was directly related to my job class, but right now you are just handing out free information.」

For a stingy fellow like this guy, this could be seen as an exceptional event.

When I said my thoughts out loud, the manager turns his eyes away slightly….. and then started to say something gut-wrenchingly shocking.

「Well…. in relation to the affair regarding the “Demon King”. We can’t really say that we are unrelated to the matter… so it’s a kind of aftercare.」

「!? Oi, what did you just say!?」

I certainly heard him say it. Does this mean that this “Demon King” was a figure that was connected to the world system of this godly universe? What does that actually mean? Just how far back is the veil of truth covered within these several thousand years?

「Woops! P-Please forget that last part I just said. This was a top secret piece of information, so!」

「No, I mean how am I supposed to forget this now?! If it’s come to this, please just tell me the truth, what is this being called the Demon King———」

I was only able to talk until there. A white light enveloped my consciousness, and my soul was returning to my own world.

I’m definitely not mistaken, because he was obviously in a tight situation, he was trying to forcefully send me back!

「Oi, wait a minute!?」

「I’m really sorry! The remaining special privileges will be sent directly to your memories and will be explained when you awaken!」

Even though he’s supposed to be an existence akin to god, I’m totally amazed at how negligent he can be…. In order to ask the manager, the same question, it would seem that I will need to come to this place again.

For that end, I am going to aim for the highest possible state……. that my Slavemancer job can achieve.

Fine then, let’s do this!

I won’t let myself be impaired by anyone else, I will live my second life to the fullest———.

Slavemancer Tooru (Level UP!)

Job: Slavemancer LV20→25.

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV 13→15】【Contract with the Devil LV 3】【Magical Slave Strengthening LV 8 → 10】【Invasion of the Divine Corpse LV 1】

Current Magical Slave(Remaining Slot:3 People)

【Princess Knight Kirika (Love Slave】【Maid Magician Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】

【Elemental Elf Archer Sierra】【Demoness Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】

【Mad Princess Flamia】【Otherworldly Knight Celesta】【Princess Priestess Diane】

【Hero Riruna】【Different World Military Android Nana】【Fragment of the Divine Corpse】

Special Equipment: The Left Arm of the Demon King.




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