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Chapter 8: Spanking and the New Power




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Tooru’s hand which was just recently marked with the ominous sign that represented “The Devil’s Pledge” was brought up before his eyes.

The devil Palmyra who was inserted from the back by me, had an expression of despair floating on her face as she turned her head to look at me.

「What’s that master, the thing on your hand?」(Amelia speaking)

「This is a symbol of power that only a high ranking demon would possess, It’s a pledge mark. In terms of leadership magic, this mark I possess in my hand is something of a proof of Palmyra’s submission to me as her forehead has been branded by the mark on my hands」

This information flowed through my mind, along with the acquisition of a new skill. Nina makes a sound to indicate that she comprehended my words.

「Ah, I learnt about such things in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That’s probably the reason, the demons have built a community based around who gets to reign supreme and carefully choosing who they marry」

「Yeah, and it’s also one of the reasons why they are still continuing to determine their positions by duelling each other」

However, in the end the pledge was only able to come into effect if the parties willingly agreed to be bound by such a contract.

My Enslavement Magic on the other hand is completely different, as long as the other party has an actually body, even if they did not pledge their submission to me I would be able to control them.

This is the true essence of what Palmyra was after when she wanted to use my Slavemancer abilities.

「I understand Palmyra. There is a flow of magic between us, and we are connected by a string of energy that is invisible to the eyes」

「Uu, Auuu………! For, us to have fallen into such a desperate situation is so unbelievable………tsu! 」

Whilst the demonic race has great strength and an almost eternal life span, if they don’t have magic flowing through them, they are a race that cannot maintain their own existence.

In other words Palmyra’s fate of life and death is fully grasped within my power.

If I were to use a comparison, it’s like I have her bank book and her credit card in the palm of my hands.

「Not only that, thanks to the colossal amount of magical power that you have flowing through my body/veins………..I can feel that my Enslavement Magic has drastically gone up in level. If it’s like this I can’t forget to repay/reward you for your efforts……….NA! 」

「…………Nhiii!? Su, suddenly you’re movin…………HyaaaAA!!?」

Giving his appreciation, Tooru raised her hips which was wrapped in a dress skirt that resembled a black flower and he spanked her! (*slap*)

This being her first time that her sensitive insides were being stirred by a penis, Palmyra reverberated coquettish sounds out of her mouth.

「What kind of feelings are you experiencing? Devil of the fourth rank Palmyra-sama!? Your virginity being taken away by the human’s you despise/look down upon and having your life line controlled, being violated like an animal and completely made to submit to me, how do you feel?!」(Note: Tooru is so descriptive 😛 )

「HiiaAhiyaaaii!? Wh, why are you looking down on us with such eyes……….You’re just a lowly human being, yet you are trying to treat us as if we are some sort of toy that you can dispose whenever you like, th, this is something that should not be ahhh!! HyaaUuU!!」

Pan Pan (*slap*,*slap*) when she was incessantly getting rhythmically pounded from the back, Palmyra formed a fist with her hands and for the first time in her life she felt disgraced and humiliated as she screamed.

As of now, My Enslavement Magic has completely subjugated her, and she is like a doll I can control without begin able to resist.

「Kuu, I must say……..For this being your first time, you get wet really easily, and your body seems to be in really top condition, especially the tightness of your vagina! Don’t tell me, do you normally have a habit of touching yourself, I wonder? 」

「Whaaa !? E, even if you want to joke around you should hold on to such wild delusions, we don’t do such a…….. Such a……tsu! 」

Bikun (*shakes*) her body trembles, she becomes confused and she could not continue her words of denial.

With the power of my compulsion all the slaves who are subjected to my magic, won’t be allowed to tell me a lie.

「……..Y, yes, we do, every single day we pleasure our-self…….No, it’s not true!? That was not the truth, AAhh don’t make us speak ahhhh!!」

「Heeh〜, You do it even more than me by a single pace, demon-san」

「You know Nina? Even if you didn’t say that it would be fine」

Palmyra swings her hips as she desperately struggles to get away from me.

Looking at this demonic maiden, for some reason it makes me want to tease her.

「Kuku, what a masterpiece. Please do explain to us in full detail, how you normally rub yourself, Palmyra! 」

「Ahhahhhh……Using my fingers, I rub the entrance very lightly……..W, We pinch our clitoris and play around with, ittt…….! Don, don’t ask anymore, please stop asking meee!!」

The girls seemed to be really fascinated and opened their ears to listen, to the most embarrassing confession Palmyra was making.

Experiencing such intense shame and disgrace simultaneously, her white face went completely red from the nape of her neck to her ears, as she tried to cover her face with both hands.

「Heh, The demoness noble has a very sensitive clit doesn’t she? Alright, someone help me play around with it………..Horaa! 」

「Kyaa Uuunn!?」

I changed her position by lifting her thin legs and holding her thin and light body in the air.

It was almost like a child who wanted to pee, it was a pose that looked like the M character, and I spread out Palmyra’s most important place for all to see.

「U, Uwaa……!」

「Iyaa, Iyaajyaa not this kind of pose!?  M, moreover thiss angle, it’s making your thing reach soo deep insidee…….Higii, HyaaaaUu!?」

「Ye〜s, then allow me to help you, My Master!」

I ordered her to voluntarily lift up her own skirt, and face herself towards my loyal slaves, it was the most humiliating pose for Palmyra.

As if she was enjoying herself, Nina approached us and extended her tongue towards the really cute clit that was right above my cock.

「Iya, stop it you human……..nnAhhiiiii!? St, stoop licking thatt placee nhaaa, fuu, fuaaaaA……..!?」

「What does the demoness’s clitoris taste like?」

「Nnn〜 it tastes really sweet like milk……..Fufu, its really standing erect and pointing straight out, you really do enjoy fiddling around with this don’t you, demoness-san」

「S, silence, silence! Won’t you stop that?! Ahyaa, don’t twist your tonguee!? Hi……..our insides are also getting stirred at the same……..timeeee!?」

Thanks to Nina, she was squeezing my penis even harder than before like a tightened vice, it was a pleasant feeling.

I slowly shake her waist up and down, and thoroughly relished her tight pussy.

「Amelia, Himeno-san! You guys might as well join us and partake in teasing her, it will be your welcoming party as senior slaves」

「Alright it came! Heheh, for making my shield this worn out I should properly give my thanks, right? Also the pay back for Sierra-chan and Nana-chan too!」

「I, I don’t particularly want……To, eh? My body is moving on its own!? You aren’t even giving me any orders?!」

Due to the increase in level for my Enslavement Magic, even if I don’t specifically voice out my command, for simply orders I can transmit my orders directly into their body.

The thin lace covering her small breasts were loosened by the two people and what popped out were modest tiny breasts.

Two pink protrusions from her pure white skin swelled faintly, respectively from the left and the right…………

「HiiaHiyaaaannn!!? Our nipples as well hiiiii!!?」

「Nn, reroro(*lick*)……..Ooh, it’s true, for some reason it’s a really sweet taste, and her skin is so smooth like a baby’s skin」

「Chuu……..Reryuu, even I am forced to do this kind of thing……!? Nnfu, chupu! 」

A spirited red haired warrior and a bashful black haired princess knight was using the tip of their tongues to tease Palmyra’s tiny nipples, it was an unreal spectacle.

Meanwhile the magician woman was rubbing her clitoris, and slowly I increase the pace of my strokes whilst also gradually increasing the strength in which I drive into her, she must have felt something a human couldn’t bear to imagine.

「Ev, everything is happening, simultaneouslyyy !! If it’s all at the sameee timeee aaahhh!? Hiiahiyaaa!!? We will become crazyy, we will go crazyyy〜〜〜〜!!!?」

「Hahah, Even before I give you the order to cum, you are already about to climax aren’t you Palmyra! Now then, cum for me! Cry out whilst you cum getting violated by the human’s you despise! Hora Sorya Soryaaa!!!」

Tooru pounded her so hard that on her pure white stomach there was an outline/shape of his cock which could be seen slightly, it was his last spurt piston.

From the demoness’s tight vagina hole a huge amount of love juices flowed out as the three beautiful women slaves kept on using their tongues to corner her into a climax, Tooru firmly enjoyed the pleasure of her squeezing him.

And, as his finishing move, he blew his entire massive load into the interior of her uterus.

「………Ah!? Ah, Ah, Ahhhh………..NnhiiiiiaaaaAAaaaa!!? Dameejyaaaaa〜〜〜〜〜!!!」

Dobunn!! (*spurt*)!! I vigorously released a huge amount of cloudy liquid into her tight inner most space.

Normally she would never allow a human like me to touch her however, Palmyra was forcefully experiencing the taste of my vicious liquid as it was poured into her *Dokyu, Dokun*)

From the stand point of humans, Demons were a feared existence and being able to dominate such a powerful existence filled me with an intense feeling of conquest.

「Uuu, Kuuu!! Be sure to fully remember this feeling in your womb, this is the only person whom you’ve contracted with, the only person in this world capable of compelling/controlling your existence, the semen of your honourable Master! 」

「Ah, Ahyii, Auuuuu…………! Ou, our insides………….something hot is coming innnn………!!」

「Kyaa!? Ahha it’s even spilling out and getting into our faces」

Pusha, Pushaaa……..! (*splurt*,*splurt*)

Palmyra bends backwards and arches her back as proof of her climax, she splurts out her love juices right into Nina’s face.

Her diminutive body was overwhelmed by the immense pleasure of experiencing her first vaginal ejaculation, her body trembled uncontrollably when she reached her peak.

Palmyra stared at Kirika and Amelia with a slack expression on her face……..

After that, I had myself strengthened with reinforcement magic and I ejaculated another 4 times inside her, she released countless sweet moans as she orgasmed over and over again.

I violated her from the front and the back countless times, and my three slaves also continuously teased her most sensitive regions, causing Palmyra to finally faint in pleasure, the night sky was shining brightly through the broken roof top of the mansion.

Furthermore the rainbow coloured dimension which encloses Sierra also disappears without a trace, I managed to retrieve my loyal slave safely.

「The place has been thoroughly destroyed…………If it’s like this, it’s probably better than we depart from here as soon as possible. I was planning on making this my second base but if it’s ruined to this extent…」

「Although it’s probably too late for me to say this but, I still can’t believe we managed to pull out a victory out of that」

「Ahh, If we failed our last strategy we would of been in a heap of trouble. Nevertheless, your expression when I told you about my plan was priceless Himeno-san…….」

「Yo, you don’t have to intentionally make me remember such a thing, baka!」

Mid night: They were inside the barely un-destroyed guild house within the first floor guest room.

Both Kirika and I was sitting in the couch/sofa whilst admiring the beautiful moon that could be seen from the remanent cracks as a result of the fight.

She was in her white underwear and her lustrous black hair was really beautiful.

Sierra and the other one Armored Golem V7: Nana was being taken care of using Nina’s recovery magic.

Sierra wasn’t really injured as she just got captured, and the magical being known as Nana has very high self-regeneration capabilities, therefore both of them should be able to get up and move starting from tomorrow.

After Amelia tidies up the dishes, my fatigued settled in and I began to feel sleepy…….I should prepare for her a new shield to replace the old one…..

「Even for the Princess knight, is this your first life and death struggle in your career?」

「Yeah, If I were to meet a demon of the 4th rank I would of done everything in order to run away. This was not something to be ashamed of……….that’s what I was taught by my superiors」

「Well I suppose it’s been good for us, we won a battle that was initially impossible to win and gained levels. Furthermore we got to enjoy the “spanking session” after the battle to release our pent up frustrations」

「Li, like I said I only did those things because you forced me to………!」

Kirika’s face blushed and she glared at me, however she quickly returned to her composed expression.

Her black beautiful eyes, looked directly at me.

It was a gaze filled with precaution and a slight fear/awe.

「………….Today you managed to obtain an extraordinary war potential, didn’t you? 」

After all Tooru was able to make a demoness of the 4th rank completely submit to his will. No matter who that person was, being able to control such a powerful being was most definitely a considerable amount of power.

It was all due to this job class whom was revered as a legendary class: the Slavemancer.

「no……..Well as expected though, it’s not like I am able to unlock the full potential of her power. There is also a disadvantage to the Devil’s Pledge, the amount of power I can confer to Palmyra to use is limited/restricted by the amount of skill level I currently possess」

I gazed at the back of my hand which had the Devil’s Symbol lightly glittering in the moonlight, as I recite the knowledge I obtained from the ability.

「So what you are saying is that after she became your slave Palmyra will be unable to display the terrifying strength she used to fight us, and in fact she has become really weak now?」

「yeah, well at least for now that is. If I am able to raise the level of my skill, it will be a different story………Right now Palmyra’s potential is approximately closer to the bottom of a 5th rank demon.

「Even still, in comparison to humans, she would be comparable to a commander class ranked demon………..She’s probably equal or even ahead of me in terms of strength」

Kirika was silent with a gloomy expression on her face.

“You obtained this kind of power, what are you going to do with it from now on” she had that kind of worried expression.

I ignored this behaviour of hers and instead I asked her a question.

「There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. How were you able to know that I was the legendary existence known as the Slavemancer, It’s one thing for the demon race and Palmyra to know about me but, how did you chance upon such information?」

When we first met each other in this new world, the first person to declare that I was a Slavemancer was Kirika.

I mean whilst it was true that there was plenty of disappearances of adventuring women, however normally people wouldn’t be able to connect the dots just from that.

「………..Telling you this secret is totally meaningless to you. The person who told me of such a possibility was, Princess Sistina」

Kirika’s previous lord? Why would the 3rd Princess Sistina Ranbadeia, know of such an obscure piece of information?

「Because the Kingdom of Ranbadeia was founded originally by a queen, the bloodline of her special skill was passed down through the princess as a skill. It’s the special ability to see prophecies…………..Although it’s very vague/ambiguous, Princess Sistina is able to see into the future when she dreams. Princess Sistina-sama is the only one within a few generations who was able to inherit such a special skill」

「Hehh, That’s truly fascinating. It makes me want her even more」

「It was said that she would not disclose any of her prophecies in a reckless manner, however due to me being a really close aide to Her Highness I was allowed to hear this vital piece of information. In the near future, the prophecy states that the legendary figure known as the Slavemancer will revive in the world……….And, the whole world will experience/undergo an age of change」

The world will change? Aren’t they expecting way too much from me?

「And so. I connected the dots together and I tried to test it out by calling out your job name. Well, I didn’t expect to discover the legendary class that soon, and it was even more surprising when I saw that it was you who was the Slavemancer」

「Well, in that respect, I was really surprised when I met you too」

In this case, it’s only a matter of time before the Princess is able to deduce that her Princess Knight whom hasn’t returned yet has been captured by the Slavemancer.

I must think of a plan quickly/earnestly, in order to capture the princess before it’s too late.

Furthermore, it seems likely that if I were to possess her, the skill to be able to see into the future will be a valuable addition to my war potential.

「………..You have the kind of face that seems to indicate you are up to no good again」

「Eh? Really? 」

Playing a trick on her, I closed the distance between me and her by getting closer to her on the couch.

The fragrant smell of her black hair tantalises my nostrils as it slightly tickles my senses.

「All I was thinking about right now, was about how wonderful your figure was Himeno-san」

「Wa, wait…..S, stop that……..Ah, haven’t you done enough already? Look at Palmyra! 」

「No, I was thinking that I also want to do it with the beautiful, Himeno-san. You looked jealous when you were watching me」

「Wh, Who looked jealous?!」

Her appearance which was in a fluster was just so cute, that I was about to push her down, however in that moment.

In the other side of the room, the figure of a petite goth-loli casually stood up.

Palmyra whom was supposed to be lying asleep in the other sofa, before we noticed it, she was already awake.

Her clothes which had been completely sullied with love fluids were beautifully restored and cleaned to its former glory thanks to magic. What a convenient ability the demon race possesses.

「Oh, so you are awake? So tell me how do you feel being reborn? 」

「The worst. Obviously this is the worst ever situation. Our magical power has been restricted, and for us to have experienced such a humiliating thing……..Uuu」

Her red pupils stare at me with an expression that was filled with both humiliation and resignation.

………Ahh, she’s even starting to tear up.

「Anyways getting back to the main topic, you guys were discussing about Princess Sistina, right? Before we are forced to fork out the information when you order us, we’d rather tell you right now」


When I thought she was about to say something in retaliation unexpectedly, Palmyra was about to disclose important information.

「The Princess of Prophecy…….There is a demon who is moving behind the scenes in order to target her」

Kirika gulped down her breath when she heard Palmyra make that statement.

Slavemancer Tooru

Job: Slavemancer LV 9

Skill:【Enslavement MagicLV7】【The Devil’s PledgeLV1】 ???

Himekishi Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 7

Skill:【Brilliant BurstLV5】【Magic ResistanceLV2】 ???

Magician Nina

Job: Magician LV 7

Skill:【Reinforcement MagicLV3】【Space MagicLV3】【Recovery MagicLV1】 ???

Warrior Amelia

Job: Warrior LV 7

Skill: 【Sword TechniquesLV3】【Shield TechniquesLV4】【Cooking SkillLV1】 ???

Demoness Palmyra

Job: Demoness Noble LV 8 (Her original level at the least exceeds LV 18)

Skill: 【Demonic Magic LV6(The original level of this spell exceeds LV 10)】【Magical ResistanceLV2】 ???




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