Extra Scene: Flamia’s Mouth and Dianne’s Stomach




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

【Flamia’s Story: Her ecchi mouth ♥ The Slutty loli bitch】

「Nn, Fuu……. Nnfuu, Nnjyupu! Nnpuu……. Ah pua, Jyubupuu!!」

A wet sloppy piston sound was gradually becoming faster. Flamia was kneeling down and using her sweet lips to service my cock. A lewd sound could be heard as I incessantly rubbed my penis putting it in and out of her mouth.

「Kuu……. Good grief, this natural airhead loli bitch ojou-sama, you’ve really taken a liking to sucking on my dick haven’t you……?!」

She was dressed in a kimono that didn’t even show her breasts, having her mouth full with my erect dick, she was wholeheartedly servicing me with her oral technique. Tightly sucking and narrowing her soft lips, the shape of her mouth was changing into the finest quality ona hole.

It was an indescribably magnificent view.

Originally this type of conduct between us was supposed to act as a means to replenish her mana which was often depleted as a result of her violent rampages during battle. However, it did not take much time before we were just immersing ourselves in the pleasure.

「Atta girl! just like my orders, don’t forget to use your tongue at the same time….. kuuo!? 」


Without even taking my cock out of her mouth, Flamia answers me obediently with her eyes. Sucking and slurping my cock in a feverish manner her face constantly goes backwards and forwards, her enchanting amber eyes were gazing into mine. Giving me such a fawning and flirty gaze she knew that I would become even more aroused.

「Nnjyu, Jyupupuu, Nbupu! Nbupupbu, Bojyu, Jyubu Jyurunn!!」

「Ohh that’s it……. I’m going to come, here it comes, I’m going to burst my hot load into your mouth…….. Uuu, I’m coming!!」

Dokunn, Byururu……… Dokubyukunn! Dopudopu!! (Spurt, drizzle…… spurt splash)

A vulgar explosive sound echoed as I emptied my load inside of Flamia’s mouth. I was holding on to the back of her head with my hand and I instinctively pulled her silky smooth black hair towards me putting my cock even deeper into her narrow throat. The demoness girl just fully accepts me without trying to separate her mouth from my penis.

「Nnguu…….! Nkuu, gokyuu………gokun, gokukun……!」(Nnsslurp, gulp, gulp…..swallow)

Her thin throat was wriggling as she drank up a large amount of my milk. When she first started drinking my semen, she was quite reluctant and unwilling, but now it seems that she’s grown to like it.

Not only that, without even needing me to tell her, she was licking and sucking every single last drop from the urethra of my cock.

「Puahhh! There we go, I’ve beautifully cleaned up Oniisan’s penis-san~」

「Fuu…..You done pretty well Flamia, your sucking techniques have improved greatly」

Patting her head, I gave her my honest praise, and she gave a very innocent laugh in return “Ehehe~”.

But because there was still my half-erect cock right next to her face, instead of being charming she looked really risqué.

「Fufun, after all, I don’t have any big breasts like Kirika or Sistina, and unlike Paru I haven’t started using my butt yet, therefore I needed to be good with a different type of skill~」

「Ohh, that is a splendid thing to aim for. If only Palmyra would follow your example in her desire to improve herself」

「Don’t you think? I thought you’d say that! Keep praising me more and moree!」

Lighting gripping the base of my dick, she began stroking it again as she shook her ass from left to right energetically.

Should I overlook her habit of trying to make everything into her plaything?

「Ahh……That’s right, that’s right! The usual thing, we need to get that out! Oniisan pleasee!」

「Oh, are we still doing that? You really like it don’t you?」

「That’s because I rarely win again Onii-sans big penis-san, so it’s kinda like a record of my victory ~」

「Yeah yeah, you’re right this round was indeed my loss」

I went to my cupboard which was on the side of the bed and took out this magical tool that looked like a small hand-mirror.

Instead of a mirror surface it was fitted with a transparent glass.

This was an artifact that could record and preserve the scene caught by the glass, in other words it can also be called a magic camera.

「I’m ready~! Okay, peacee~!」

I pressed my semen covered cock against her cheeks and she was smiling brightly as two of her fangs protruded out.

Aiming the device towards the lewd loli making a cute peace pose I recited the command words to activate the artifact.

Click ! A flash of light appeared for an instant. Although quite unexpected, the function was similar to my previous worlds camera.

「Look look, before I knew it we have already taken so many pictures in the category of the “penis shot collections”」

When Flamia touched the magical stone that functioned as its operating terminal, a translucent three dimensional view of past images were projected for us to see.

there was variety of different locations and many types of situations, but they all had one thing in common, which is that my cock would be lined up next to Flamia’s face.

There was even an image of her dedicating a kiss to the tip of my penis which was covered up in cowper juices——.

There was even a pose of her stuffing my cock into her mouth and using it as a sort of tooth brush whilst she made a double peace sign pose——.

There is the picture of when I pasted a huge load all over her small face and covering half of it with my semen.

But there was always one thing in common with these photos, the thing that was the same was that there was always a heart mark floating across her pupils and she always had a delighted and sexually promiscuous face.

These visuals were exactly what one would expect when they saw a horny loli bitch in heat, she was a model example. Moreover, even though she may be a slut, she was single-mindedly dedicating herself, only for me, she was the ideal lewd loli.

「Heyy heyy Oniisan. Because I’m in a really good mood, let’s continue our mouth sex and do it even more~? I think that if I practice just a little bit more, I will be able to cum just from using my mouth….♥」

Using two of her fingers to spread out her mouth, she goes “ahhhnn” and opens it wide for me to see.

Her glistening mucous membrane and her indecent pink tongue was dancing around enticing me.

Her mouth was thoroughly developed by me and it was now a very lascivious sex tool that deeply enjoyed giving oral.

And this was supposed to be the younger sister of the great demoness Iblis, she herself was a high ranking demon and her noble mouth would never have even come close to a human previously, was now a high class tool dedicated to sucking off my cock.

「Here have a lookk, I bet that it will feel sooo good if Oniisan inserts it right heree……. Do you want me to keep my clothes on as it is? Just from using my mouth to suck and slurp, if I can continuously make Oniisan go dobyuu dobyuu, don’t you think that this sounds extremely ecchi? hehe~…… 」

Using the tip of her soft fingers she was touching my nipples as she whispered in my ears with an unbelievably bewitching voice, in that moment I lost my ability to think with reason.

Blood flows into my meat stick and it curved upwards energetically.

「Y…you slutty little loli! If that is your wish, then I will use your pussy-mouth and train it so that it will become an exclusive tool that will suck out all my semen! Don’t come crying later on!」

「Kyaa~! Oniisan’s penis is angryy!  Please punish my filthy mouth a lot~ with Oniisan’s big adult fully erect cockk~ !」

Flamia was in high spirits as she aimed her partly open lips towards me, my cock which was already fully erect again, came close towards her face——.

That evening…..

Flamia unusually told everyone that she “wasn’t hungry today”, she seemed to be full already and she declined the evening meal.

【Diane’s story:  Having raw sex until morning with the Dark Elf】

「Nn, Ohhhh……..Fuaaah!? T-Tooru-donoo…..W-without using any contraceptive magic again, you’ve poured semen into my womb, y-you’re being so meannn…….!」

Just moments ago I was on top of Diane as I moved in a piston motion and gave her my seed and she was in this vulgar pose where she was lying on her back with her legs held up, she had been twitching and convulsing with pleasure and Diane’s naked body was fully exposed.

Gopopooh…….! the sound of my white liquid bubbling inside of her could be heard.

Unexpectedly she seemed to want more of my thick cloudy milk as her salmon pink flesh was trembling in what appeared to be excitement.

This bedroom was mixed with both the scent of a man and a woman, and this indecent smell spread about.

「Oi, make sure you carry your legs and support them yourself with your own arms, then stick them out towards me. This is so that I will be able to plunge my dick deep into your womb and make sure that you don’t spill a single drop」

「Uuu….. Y-yess…..!」

For some reason her race as an exotic Dark Elf arouses the lust in me to plant my seed into her. Am I the only one that think’s like this?

When I saw her plump dark brown ass, it just makes me want impregnate her.

Today as well, right after dinner, I saw her having a friendly chat with both Sistina and Flamia. I was feeling horny and so I brought her into my bedroom and I have already ejaculated twice in a row inside of her vagina.

「Good girl….. Come on, give a good full whiff of your favourite smell directly」

「Uwaa, Ahh against my facee!? T-this smell, is the smell of spermm…….it…..it’s so overpoweringg…..!」

I was placing my dirty schlong against her beautiful face that was wet with tears.

Because she was blind, her sense of smell was both developed and amplified, quivering her nose, Diane was desperately trying to smell my dirty cock as per my commands.

「This dirty cock, is partly covered with your own love juices you know? You were turned on when you had sex with a human being to this extent, it would seem that you are equally as erotic as your younger sister, aren’t you Priestess?」

In order to fuel her masochistic potential, I was teasing her with my words.

Being controlled and dominated by someone as young as me should have affected her on a deep unconscious level and it seemed to have made her even more aroused.

「P…Please, d-don’t tell Sierra this kind of thingg……! T-that thing that you said before, please keep it a secret from herr……..!」

「That thing? Ahh, you mean when I asked you before whether you preferred it if I came inside or outside, and then you told me that you wanted it inside of you and begged me for it?」

「tsuu!!? T-that, P-please don’t tell her about thatt….!」

Swinging her silver hair left and right, she was begging me not to tell on her, this sacred holy priestess usually had a cool expression on her face, but right now there was this slight lewd look painted across her face that I did not fail to notice.

Even as we speak, the more that I acted as if I it was inevitable that I going to pour more of my sperm deep into her baby making womb, the further that Diane fell into this abnormal sexually aroused state.

「Kukuku, don’t act like you don’t know what’s going to happen at this point. Just surrender yourself and recognize it, the fact is your uterus seeks for a human, no, it seeks to drink up my holy semen more and more」

「Th-that’s not truee…..!? Ah, ahhhh…….!」

「If you want me to keep this a secret from Sierra, then be prepared to receive my raw cock from tonight all the way till morning, Diane…….. I’m going to continue plunging it into you, so get ready!」

「Eh, Ehhhh!?」

While play biting her chocolate coloured ears, I was slowly whispering into it and I could tell that her slender body was twitching with anticipation. Just now she might have cum a little. Her hidden pupils all the way to her silver eyelashes, they were starting to tremble and it was very sexy.

「I don’t think I need to say this but I’m obviously going to let it all out inside of you. Without spilling a single drop, everything. Your baby making room right under your belly button, I will make sure to fill it to the brim with my sperm」

「Ahh, ahhhhh…….! N-no way, you mustn’t….. If you do something like that I… I’ll really become pregnanttt!? 」

Even though her mouth was saying one thing, her body was in the extremely indecent pose whereby she was spreading her legs open wide with the knees bent, and creating the shape of the letter “M”.  so that I can make sure she doesn’t spill the large amount of semen I’m about to pour into her, I order her to maintain her current posture.

Her defenceless vagina…….. and the interior of her womb, was all being presented to me in this submissive pose.

Among her own Dark Elf race, she was like a goddess who was worshipped as their holy priestess, however the only man lucky enough in this world who can possibly see her in this state, looking like a bitch in heat is me.

「Now then Diane. Because you are a good girl, you need to beg me nicely again, you know how to ask me properly right?」

「Uwaa, ahhh……Y-yess…..!」

Speaking with a charming voice she let out a hot sigh. Diane slightly raises her waist from the bedsheets and she was staring straight at me with her blind eyes.

「T-Tooru-dono…… T-this Diane…..P-Please give this healthy half Dark Elf your holy seed until she falls pregnant with child, all night long please continue to pour it in this humble bodyy……!」

She obediently and obscenely spoke out her true desires with rapture——.




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