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Chapter 389: Rain That Does Not Stop




Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama


“Were you just…talking to Shingetsu’s shadow?”

“It’s been a while since I heard that nickname. Yeah, it’s Juurokuya’s shadow.”

Taiyou nodded.

Shingetsu no Kami’s body double, also known as the shadow that eclipses the full moon, Juurokuya.

“Have you even met her?”



“I know that there is a body double for Shingetsu by the name of Juurokuya. But everyone I’ve met with Shingetsu’s face just looks like her. I never felt like I was speaking to a fake.”

“That just shows she lives up to her reputation. Heck, you might have just met Juurokuya every time.”

“Maybe so.”

“But why the surprise? Youran’s my wife, so it’s not all that strange that we’d have connections with Juurokuya.”

“It’s okay if you don’t get it.”

Anna said with a mixed expression. Taiyou was beginning to understand less and less, and he kept his head tilted in confusion.

“But more importantly…I am in your debt.”

Anna stared straight at Taiyou, lowering her head.

“I didn’t do anything really. Plus I just hear a lot from Pochi.”

“From Adano?”

“She talked about you. As to what she said…well, since Pochi herself isn’t here right now, I’d better not say anything.”

“Is that right.”

“I’m sure she wants to meet you as well.”

“Hm, I dunno…”

Anna smiled refreshingly.

“Hm? Something came in.”

Anna said, taking out her phone.

Her face slightly changed color as she looked at the screen.

“What is it?”

“I got contacted practically right away.”

She said, showing the screen to Taiyou. Her email was on display, the title reading ‘Concerning Adano’.

“Wow that was fast…why’s your face look like that?”

Taiyou asked as he looked at Anna.

After looking at the mail, Anna had an extremely sour look on her face. He could tell she was forcing herself to smile.

“And I just changed my phone, too…”

“Did you change your number and address?”

“Yeah, but I think I’m still under surveillance.”


Taiyou gazed at Anna in silence.

“But you know, that’s fine. Not like I can do anything about it now. If I’m assigned constrained conditions then I’ll simply live out that lifestyle.”

Anna said with a smile, standing up.

“Hold up.”

Taiyou stopped her as she did that.

“What is it?”

“Is it really okay?”

“What is?”

“I don’t know.”

Taiyou said curtly.

“Uhh, okay?”

Anna sniggered, but Taiyou’s eyes were serious.

“Honestly, I don’t know a single thing. I don’t know what happened to your subordinates after the power struggle, what became of them. I don’t know anything. So all I can really do is ask for a rough explanation.”

Taiyou preambled before repeating the same phrase.

“Is it really okay?”

“Well you’re quite the worrier. Suddenly become a philanthropist overnight?”


Taiyou stared straight at Anna, not bothering to play along.

They stayed like that for a bit until Anna gave up with a sigh, sitting back down.

“Nothing worth mentioning honestly.”

“You sure?”

“Rain has always been falling.”


Taiyou cocked his head in confusion. Anna continued to speak with a serious expression.

“Yup, ever since I was born. Not for even a second has it ever stopped. But that’s fine, since I’ve been under an umbrella.”


“But now that umbrella has broken. Starting with the cuffs of my pants and ending with the tip of my head, I’ve become drenched. That’s all there is to it.”

“Isn’t it painful?”

“Not when you get used to it.”

“Then at what point does the rain stop?”

“It doesn’t. It was just my luck that I was born like this.”

Anna showed no emotion as she said this.

Resignation, or perhaps acceptance.

“Ever thought of getting a new umbrella?”

“Every umbrella is taken up by too many people. Besides…”

Anna laughed in self-derision.

“No one from Juunishima is weird enough to take in a group that’s done for.”

“…Not even Youran?”

“Even Shingetsu’s in a difficult position. The higher up you are, the less selfish decisions you can make.”


“What, it’s not like this is much different from before. We just became a bit more cramped in the shadows.”

“That kind of ticks me off.”

Taiyou was beginning to feel indignant.

Anna was an enemy, so he wouldn’t normally care what happened to her.

But he strongly disliked the situation she was in and how she was under surveillance, yet somehow acted like she was content with that.

Inexperienced? Sure, he certainly wouldn’t disagree with that.

Even after gaining all this power and serving these beautiful girls…

Taiyou was still just a mere high schooler at heart.

“…So are you only interested in umbrellas that Juunishima can offer?”

“What’re you talking about?”

“What I’m asking is, would I qualify as an umbrella?”

Taiyou stared straight at Anna who showed an astonished expression.




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