Chapter 160: Floor 5 of the Phantom Castle

When I transferred to the 5th floor, I found myself in an ordinary stone room.

When creating a new floor in a dungeon, if nothing has been done, the room will look like this. I saw Kinu and Urs were talking while sitting over there.

「Hey, have you two not started work yet?」

「Nn. I’ve been waiting for you, Aun. I wanted to discuss it with you.」

「Are you still undecided?」

「I can’t think of any good ideas. There are a lot of things I want to do, but I feel like everything is wrong…」

「I see. Do you have any suggestions, Urs?」

「I am Kinu-chan’s support. I can’t be giving my opinion right from the start.」

「What you’re saying is not wrong. I also want Kinu to make the floor the way she wants to.」

Hmm… What shall we do… It seems like Kinu’s been thinking up various ideas, but she seems to have come to the conclusion that those ideas are “wrong”. Let’s first hear what Kinu’s ideas were.

「What were the ideas you were thinking of, Kinu?」

「I thought about using illusions on the dungeon floor to loop the same route, or placing a lot of monsters that are good at long-distance magic and attacking unilaterally, or combining both together.」

「Hmm? I don’t think it’s a bad concept. If you don’t have a countermeasure against illusions, the floor will definitely be unbreakable, right?」

「Yes. I think it’s fine if it’s on the upper floors of a normal dungeon. But I don’t think it’s a concept for the 5th floor of the Phantom Castle.」

「I see.」

「There aren’t many items on the market that can break illusions, but there are definitely a certain number of them out there. I also confirmed that it came out as a reward for clearing Alraine’s boss room a long time ago.」

It’s true that with that magic tool, this floor would just be a floor where there would only be enemies that continued to shoot magic from a distance. Kinu must have thought that the level of difficulty would be low for “the floor just before the highest floor of the most difficult dungeon”.

「I think Kinu’s idea itself is really good. That’s why I shall use it in the Plainevelt Dungeon.」

「Nn. But what should I do… At this point, should I just use up all the points to summon just one monster?」


Isn’t that actually a great idea?

A certain amount of points are required to summon monsters according to their rank. However, with the amount of dungeon points I gave her this time, we could summon one medium to high SS rank. With another Yaou rank monster, it would lead to considerable strengthening. However, in that case, Quereble and Yaou’s 4th floor would be overwhelmingly more difficult to capture.

Then, perhaps we should just change the summoning method.

「I’ve never done it before, but… Do you want to try random summoning?」

「Random summon?」

「Yeah. There is a possibility that we can summon a monster with a higher rank than the dungeon points used. But if we’re unlucky with the summoning, a lower-rank monster will appear. It’s basically a gamble.」

「Nn! That sounds interesting.」

「However, I don’t know much about the details either… Can we get a detailed explanation, Urs?」

「Okay! First of all, the random summoning explained by Aun is mostly correct. If I may add, the probability of a high rank appearing changes depending on what level you summon and how many dungeon points you use.」

「Hmm. In short, if we set the summoning level to a low level, it will be difficult to raise them, but the chances of a high-rank monster appearing will increase. But if we set the level to high, we can get complete firepower but the rank will be lower. Is that it?」

「That’s right. The summoner’s luck is also relevant, but… Kinu-chan’s luck stat is average, so we don’t have to think about it too much.」

「Then, Aun should do the summoning. You have a higher luck stat than others.」

「By the way, what is your luck stat, Aun?」

「Me? It’s 35.」

「Eh? Eeeeeee!?」

「What’s wrong? It’s certainly higher than everyone else’s, but it’s not that surprising, is it?」

「Of course it is!! I don’t know of any creature with a luck stat of over 30!! I mean, were Ars and Irs not surprised!?」

「Huh? Well, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever shown them my status… In my case, my status keeps changing, after all.」

「Haa… I understand. Then I’ll tell you about the luck stat! First–」

The summary of the luck stat I heard from Urs is like this.

First of all, the luck stat is determined at the time of the creature’s birth, and almost all humans and monsters live till death without any changes to the luck stat. However, it seems that there are extreme cases of people whose luck stat changes.

In my case, my luck stat was “10” when I was a human, but after being reborn as a zombie, it became “35”. On a side note, the average luck stat of all creatures is “11 to 15”, and “10 or less” is the type that is quite unlucky and will backfire no matter what they do. “15 to 20” is said to be good luck, and “20 to 25” is said to be great luck. If you’re an adventurer, you can get rare items from treasure chests, or if you’re a businessman, you can buy a large amount of food by chance and after a few days, the price will suddenly rise and you’ll gain a huge amount of wealth. This kind of thing seems to happen more than once in a lifetime.

Based on that, Urs said, “I don’t know of any creature with a luck stat over 30.” Certainly, if you ask me, I wasn’t very lucky when I was a human. However, in about half a year since I became a zombie, several red rarity arms and a set of purple rarity armor have come out of the treasure chest in the dungeon. This is clearly abnormal.

Why did I die and become a zombie? It was already a mystery if my ego and memories were preserved from when I was a human, but now another new mystery has surfaced… Well, it doesn’t look like the “mystery of the unusually high luck stat” will go bad in the future, so let’s just think of it as being “lucky”!

「I got it for the time being. That means that if I were to do the random summon, the chances of creating a monster with a higher rank will increase accordingly, right?」

「Indeed. But it only increases your chances, not guarantee it!」

「Hmm, what do you think, Kinu?」

「Nn. I want Aun to do the random summon. No matter how weak the summoned monster is, I will do my best to raise it and make it stronger.」

「Alright! Then let’s do a random summon!!」

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