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Chapter 58: Kinu’s All Out

『Everyone, thank you for waitingggg! ! From here on, the semi-final match between [Star Supremacy] VS [Zen] will begin!

Star Supremacy is entering first! Even though it’s their first time participating, it’s been a raging success so far!!

As they have won all the matches with the vanguard winning all matches, the abilities of two of their members are still unknown to us!

What’s more, in today’s entry sheet, Kinu, who has been placed as the vice general up until now, has taken the vanguard position!!

Just what kind of fighting style will she show us!? I am already a diehard fan of Star Supremacyyyyyy!!』

Michael really is a nice guy. Moreover, Michael is probably the only person who can do such a mic performance in a human-dominated city such as Alraine.

I’d like to talk to him once the tournament is over.


『The next one to enter is Zen! He has participated for 3 years in a row, and despite being a solo clan, he has been ranked 2nd in the ranking until this year!

Zen is the only solo clan that has ever taken the 2nd rank in history!! He is without a doubt one of the top contestants in this country!

He specializes in mid-range and short-range combat, and is famous for wielding a magic sword of water!

This year’s battle, which has been more polished than last year, overwhelms everyone who witnesses it!

The match between the two is about to begin!』

After Michael’s mic performance ended, Kinu took a step forward.

「See you later, everyone.」

「Yeah! Do your best, partner!」

She gave a smile to everyone and walked towards the center of the ring. Looking at her back, she was clearly overflowing with fighting spirit. Seems like she is super excited.

Zen also walked towards the center. As expected, he has the air of not an ordinary person.

「You’re called Kinu, right? Unfortunately, I can’t hold back. I will have to hurt you. Forgive me.」

「Nn. I’m not good at holding back either. I’ll be giving it my all.」

「…Come to think of it, is your General, Aun, someone who comes from the Bukyo Kingdom? You guys’ clothes remind me of my kingdom.」

「I have nothing to tell you about Aun. If you want to know… ask Aun directly.」

「Huh, sorry. Then let me do that. After I win.」

「I’m sorry if I make you cry…」

When the conversation ended, the gong rang to signal the start of the match.

They gradually increase their distance from each other to keep the other in check.

「Water Lance.」

Zen made the first move.

A spear made of water flew at Kinu. In contrast, Kinu shot a Flame Lance to offset it.

As the water and fire magic offset each other, smoky foggy moisture filled the ring, decreasing the visibility.

Taking advantage of this, Zen circulated mana into his magic sword and slashed at Kinu, but Kinu’s Danger Perception reacted and she dodged the downward swing of the magic sword.

Taking advantage of the opening in Zen’s defense, Kinu attacked with her twin sword Mizuchi, but they were dodged by a hair’s breadth, and both of them kept their distance.

『Wha, What a hectic battle!! If you take your eyes off you for even a moment, you might miss the end of the match!!』

「Zen is holding up quite well. Even though his magic attribute has an advantage, it can only offset Kinu’s magic, huh.」

「That’s right. However, I thought that Zen would be superior in close combat, but Kinu-neesan is responding well with her skills.」

Certainly, Zen is clearly stronger than ordinary adventurers. Compared to the S-rank adventurers that Shinku fought yesterday, the difference in rank is obvious.

「Oh, come to think of it… when I evolved, I became able to appraise flora and fauna… Should I try appraising Zen?」


【Name】Suigetsu Zen













【Title】Sword King


・Strong Arm: STR increases by 50% for 5 minutes (MP consumption 10)

・Water Lance: Water attribute attack magic (MP consumption 30)

・Water Curtain: Water attribute attack magic (MP consumption 40)

・Bubble Bomb: Water attribute attack magic (MP consumption 50)

「Wow! He has around the same level and status as Nelfie.

He’s a magic swordsman who wields a magic sword, and his title is Sword King.」

「That means he is on the same level as me, right? I want to fight him too!」

「It certainly feels like he has a status similar to yours, Drake…」

While I was checking his status, a long-range magic attack and defense was taking place in the ring.

Kinu hasn’t started attacking yet and seems to be watching the situation.

Zen dashed forward and began to engage Kinu in close quarters combat, perhaps feeling that he was at a disadvantage in a long-distance magic battle.

Kinu, who was weaker in strength, dodged the slashes as much as possible, and in situations where defense was absolutely necessary, she deployed her Fox Fire skill to defend against the attacks.

「Nn. As expected, I still have a long way to go in melee combat… I need to practice more.」

「Practicing in the middle of a match? You sure are taking it easy… then let me go all out! Strong Arm!」

When Zen activated a buff skill that improved his strength, his attack speed also increased and he cut down Kinu’s Fox Fire.

After that, little by little, damage accumulated on Kinu’s body.

Kinu avoided fatal injuries, but cuts increased on her arms and legs.

However, although Kinu was taking damage, her expression didn’t change. Rather, she seemed to be enjoying herself.

At the end of his chain of attacks, Zen fired Bubble Bomb and leapt backwards, escaping from the range of the explosion.

Kinu, who was within the Bubble Bomb’s range, immediately defended herself with Flame Wall, but she took some damage.


However, Zen’s retreating backfired as he allowed Kinu the chance to heal. Zen had a stunned expression at the sight.

「To think you could even use recovery magic… this is going to take everything I have, it seems.」

「Then, this time I’ll go all out. But be sure to endure it. I want to fight even more… Light and Fire Life.」

The surroundings around Kinu glowed faintly red and wrapped her body.

「Flame Blade.」

“Seven” swords formed of crimson flames appeared around Kinu.

A flaming sword made from Kinu’s INT, which has swelled by 2.5x due to Light and Fire Life buff skill. The scenario where seven buffed flame swords are being activated simultaneously makes even me shudder.

Moreover, Light and Fire Life also boosted her AGI.

「…Kuh! Am I facing a monster…」

The twin sword Mizuchi and seven flaming swords fired by Kinu, approached Zen at high speed.

Zen managed to defend and parry until the 4th consecutive attack with his sword and magic, but the remaining 5 consecutive attacks completely devastated him.

In addition, Kinu jumped backwards and fired a Flame Storm at Zen, who was already on the verge of collapse.

When the Flame Storm subsided, Zen was lying on his back with 0 HP.

『…………!! …… Ki, Kinu’s victoryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!』

When the dumbfounded Michael managed to regain his composure and declared victory, the stunned spectators all stood up and shouted at the top of their lungs, filling the entire arena with cheers and screams of joy.

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