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I Became A Zombie Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Demihuman Evacuation

「Phew. Was that too much of an overkill?」

There wasn’t even a monster corpse left in the surroundings. Is Kinu okay? I can feel the connection, so she seems safe. Did she return to the dungeon?

≪Kinu, are you okay?≫

≪Nn. Yes, I’m okay because I went outside the effective range. Aun…it was amazing.»

≪I may have overdone it a little. The ground was gouged out… For now, let’s go back to Nyahar village.»

≪I am near Nyahar village right now. Waiting for you.≫

≪Got it. Heading there straight away.≫

I joined Kinu and entered Nyahar Village. Barbaru and a sheep beastfolk approached us.

「Aun-san! That was mind blowing. Are you all right!?」

「Yeah, I’m okay. All the monsters have been annihilated. More importantly, what about the evacuation?」

「Annihilated? It must have been Aun-san’s magic! Everyone in the village agreed to evacuate. The decisive factor was your magic.」

「Is that so? Then please leave immediately. We only have a few days. Also, who is this person?」

The sheep beastman beside Barbaru bowed.

「Aun-sama, I am the mayor of this village. My name is Mermel. Thank you for saving the beastfolk.」

「If you want to say thank you, please say it to Barbaru. I only helped out because Barbaru was desperately seeking help.」

「Aun… don’t be shy.」Kinu said.

「Leaving that aside, let’s talk about the future!」


After that, we went to the square where the beastfolk were gathered and under Barbaru and Mermel’s direction, we moved towards Plainevelt.

According to Barbaru, several villagers refused to leave the village, but after witnessing the great lightning magic skill, they decided to evacuate.

In hindsight, using that skill wasn’t an overkill, it seems.

I did create a huge crater, though…

And when they found out that it was my magic, the beastfolk began to worship us as “the messenger of the Thunder God.”

Of course, I tried to clear it up, but I couldn’t get them to stop calling us, “Aun-sama, Kinu-sama”.

There were a total of 50 beastfolk, including the young and the elderly, but there were none who were unable to move. When we started evacuating, their movement speed was faster than I thought. Beastfolk seem to have high physical abilities.

The elderly and children were placed on carts. The warriors escorted them smoothly.

I also talked with the village chief, and it seems that they have decided to create a new beastfolk village in Plainevelt hereafter.

≪Irs, are the houses ready?≫

≪It’s ready! Shall I expose the first floor to the plains?≫

≪Yes. We’ll be arriving in about an hour, so please do it soon.»


It seems that Irs is ready to accept them. Now I have to decide on what to do.

We were able to stop the stampede temporarily, but the issue has not been resolved.

I have a rough plan… but I have to talk to Barbaru before that.

「Barbaru, can I have a minute?」

「What is it, Aun-san?」

「I have something to talk to you about, let’s move away from the group a little. It’s something I don’t want others to hear.」

「Understood. Then let’s walk at the front as if scouting for enemies.」

Barbaru and I moved a little further to the front of the group. I had Kinu control the speed at the head of the group.

「So what did you want to talk about?」

「Actually, I was wondering if you would like to join us, Barbaru. You know our secret, and most of all, we like you. We would like your cooperation in our plans.」

「You want me… to join you? Are you sure? I can’t fight you know?」

「What I want from you is not not combat strength. There are many roles that only you can perform, Barbaru. What do you think?」

「Of course! I owe Aun-san and Kinu-san a debt of gratitude that I can never repay. Moreover, I like both of you too. So if you’d like me to join you, I’d be more than happy to do so!」

「I’m glad to hear that. Also, can we make a subordinate contract? There are many things that can be done with the contract. It’s not something that binds you.」

「Understood. That’s one of your secrets too, right Aun-san? I’ll do anything if I can join you!」

When Barbaru and I shook hands, I felt that I had made a connection with Barbar.

「Okay, it’s done.」

「Wow. I have a strange feeling.」

「With this, you are now one of our companions. Once again, nice to meet you.」

「Thank you very much!」

We arrived at Plainevelt as I finished explaining to Barbaru about the functions of the dungeon, Ars and Irs, telepathy, teleportation, and our goals.

After we arrived, the beastfolk unloaded their baggage and decided on their houses until nightfall.

Good thing we built 10 houses. The number of people seems to be just right.

Since there were no fences or walls, we have to do something about the fact that the warriors have to take turns keeping watch day and night.

Mermel asked me to decide on the name of the second beastfolk village, so I left it as “Plainevelt”.

For the time being, it should be fine to leave the village to the beastfolk for a while.

In this way, I gained 1 new companion and 50 immigrants.

However, there are still things that need to be done. The stampede must be resolved.

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