Chapter 105



             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

A large amount of debris scattered on the ground.
This is where the hell diver bee’s nest was located until a few days ago.
But now, there are many crows jumping on the ground in search of the corpses of hell diver bees under the debris and crushed stones.
The time is dusk. The big red sun was slowly descending on the ridgeline that could be seen to the west from there.
This ridgeline is a mountain area in the western part of the kingdom.
Empire to the west and Kingdom to the east, between these countries is a watershed that divides them and acts as a border.
And a trade route connecting the two countries runs like sewing a mountain.

「This trade route was also the road to war」

Just as those words implies, this road was sometimes a path from west to east and sometimes from east to west for soldiers and knights to pass through.
For this reason, forts have been built on both sides of the mountains to bridge trade routes.
Over time, especially the imperial fort continued to expand. The fort turns into a castle, and the castle turns into a fortified city.
A rough castle that stood tall in the center of the city. In one of the rooms inside that castle, a meeting was being held by several people.

「Is it true that the Kingdom’s knight order had been defeated?」

A bald middle-aged man sitting on the seat of honor opened his mouth.
Although the clothing he wore isn’t flashy, it could be seen that it was an expensive clothes if you look closely. That kind of clothes is like casual wear for high ranking nobles.

「The possibility of it being true is high, judging from the information we have collected so far. Though we cannot confirm it yet」

A thin man with a mustache shaped like a bike’s handlebar answered while tinkering with that prided mustache of his.

「When will we be able to confirm this information?」

The handlebar mustache closed his sleepy eyes and answered.

「At the latest, it would be at the end of spring until we can completely confirm this」

The bald middle-aged man snorted in discontent.

「Can’t you do it faster?」

「Unfortunately, this is the least we can do as we have lost some of our men…」

The handlebar mustache showed a distorted expression.
Recently, they have lost the information network that has been built up after spending so much time and effort.
When their plan to spread drugs was revealed, their men got caught one after another, forcing them to abandon the base. It’s a very regrettable thing for the handlebar mustache.

「You all know that we have to meet His highness expectations, don’t you?」

The bald middle aged-man strengthened his manner of speech.
This place is an important military base to deal with the Kingdom’s forces. If attacked, it must become the shield and if attacking, it must become the spear.
That’s why the appointed person will be assigned to the status of lord.
They are being tested in this place, if they succeed, it will open the way to the center of the Empire and if they are disappointing, they will lose everything they have.
The middle aged man that’s getting bald because of this reason, hated his position as the margrave of this frontier.

「Please calm down. It is precisely because this is a great opportunity that we must be careful when taking actions」

The handlebar mustache spoke to calm him down.

「If they were indeed defeated, they should have been desperately trying to rebuild their forces by now. Shouldn’t we strike before that happens?」

Said an old man with tall stature beside the handlebar mustache.
Aside from having the same white hair color on his short hair, their beard also has the same color.
But just like a bodybuilder, his body was thicker and bigger it looked like an upside down triangle. He wore a slightly smaller clothes, probably on purpose to make his muscles stand out.

「It’s okay being careful. But we can’t afford to lose any more time」

He probably moved by the white short hair opinion.
The margrave moves his gaze to the handlebar mustache.

「….There won’t be a next time for us. Don’t forget that」

The handlebar mustache sighed as he answered.
They have failed once with the drugs.
He was afraid of losing this opportunity but, he can’t agree to move the troops when they have not enough information.
Even if he missed this chance, he can still prepare for another time. But if he failed this, then it would be the end.

(This isn’t the time to bet on everything we have)

We are being tested by His Majesty, but there is still plenty of time.
The margrave who regained his clam nodded to himself and said.

「Certainly, the part where it says that their opponent was heavy lancers is unbelievable」

This particular part can’t convince the margrave, making the credibility of this whole information drop.


The old man also has the same opinion as him.
Heavy lancers were undoubtedly terrifying creatures. However, the way they fight is too straightforward and it’s surprisingly easy to make them scatter around.
And it’s said that they defeated the Kingdom’s knight order, so of course the credibility of this information will be questioned.

「Is there any information from my lord’s son?」

The margrave asked the white short hair.
His son had entered the kingdom for reconnaissance on the pretense of being on a friendly mission.

「There were none, as of now」

The white short hair shook his head regretfully.
The margrave put his hands on his chin, closed his eyes and opened it again a second later.

「Our first priority right now is to collect accurate information. It can’t be helped if we need to take some more time for it」

The meeting was closed with those words.
Margrave and his attendants were the first ones to exit the room, followed by the white short hair.
Looking at their back, Handlebar mustache went out to the veranda, opposite the exit door.

「If only we still have our information network, we can catch up with the information for much sooner」

He talks by himself while looking over the castle basked in the sunset.

「Truly, what a shame…」

His body is shaken by the wind.
Originally, this place wasn’t a place where people gathered and could live easily. This is a city that has been artificially developed as a military base. Therefore, the climate is never friendly for people.
The handlebar mustache fixed his collar and turned around. He then walked inside the castle.


Spring has come to the Royal capital.
The sunrise also came much earlier and sunlight was pouring down since early in the morning.
Meanwhile, I was working hard to take care of the forest garden.
The reason is simple.
I wanted to work around the newly built pond because the Old Lady couldn’t move because of herbivorous mechanic’s poisonous fang.
By this time, the Old lady had all her armor stripped off and had every corner of her parts examined by the unusually excited herbivorous mechanic.
I twisted my body, switched my feelings and resumed my work.

(Hmm… I think it’s better if I make it shallower)

While sending a side glance at the heavy lancers that were running around the waterside, I adjusted the water’s depth using the sands and pebbles I had bought.
It seemed that the change in depth was too steep for the small heavy lancers that some of them have drowned because of it.

「Let’s also modify the river a little」

What I mean by river was the gutter that connects the pond with the drainage. I built it with the image of a river in mind, or at least that’s what I intended to.

「It’s certainly too deep that it’s impossible for you guys to cross, isn’t it?」

Although I filled it with pebbles on the bottom, because this thing is U-shaped, it’s almost perpendicular so it’s quite deep.
There was one time when I saw a heavy lancer being swept away and realized that they couldn’t cross.
By the way, that heavy lancer barely escaped death at the entrance of the gutter.

「I think this will do」

I stepped back and looked at the result of my work after putting the stone bridge I purchased at the gardening shop

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

My spirit beast suddenly moved.
Imosuke went inside the branch of medicinal trees, while Dangorou went inside the ground. Not long after, the heavy lancers was also running towards the medicinal tree

『A guest』

From what Imosuke told me, it seems that I have a visitor.
I washed my hands and waited for my guest to come up the stairs.

「It’s rare for you to come here」

After receiving some knocks, I opened the door and the one who stood there was Cool-san.
As beautiful and as expressionless as ever

「I just thought I should come over and say hello」

She said as she handed me some confections.
I decided to let her in for the time being as I received those from her.
I made some tea and opened the confections.

「It’s a famous confections from around here」

Inside the box, elegant Japanese sweets that Cool-san would likely choose lined up neatly.
After all, it seems like she came here with the intention to please her boss. Looks like this is the custom around here.
Cool-san is a major player of Jayanne, one of the most prestigious brothels in the Royal capital.
But at the same time, she’s the monster of Doom corps, Unicorn.
And I’m Dr.Slime, the leader of that Doom corps.

「In the rumours, you seem to be called as the illusion princess though」

Cool-san sat down while staying silent with a cold expression on her face.
I don’t mind it because this is how she normally is and continued with the conversation.
It seems that Jayanne has been flooded with inquiries ever since her victory in the match before God.
However, because they kept refusing them, she was given such nickname.

「I don’t mind if it’s a virgin though」

I expected as much.
Cool-san wouldn’t have to worry about her daily life from now on. With the savings she has, it’s possible for her to live her life comfortably as long as she doesn’t spend it on luxurious stuff.
For that reason, she’s solely living for her hobby right now.
She probably won’t accept any customers aside from what she desired, except she had to.
By the way, Explosive onee-san that became famous after her battles with Grim Reaper and Lightning, seems to be buried with reservation until half a year ahead.

(If it’s like this then… even if the ban on me to enter the store has been lifted, I still won’t be able to have her service me for at least six months)

While feeling regretful, I reached for one of the confections. The fragrance of the flat karinto* contained in my mouth escapes from my nose and tickles my nostrils.
(*TL Note: Japanese confectionery. Yum)

「I want to consult with leader about something」

Those were quite some unexpected words.

(I wonder if she needs my opinion on something)

I have no clue what it is about but, I decided to listen to what she has to say for the time being.

「I want you to introduce me」

「To who?」

「To virgins」

I swallowed what I’ve been chewing and drained it down my throat by sipping the tea.
Cool-san didn’t show any embarrassment towards me.
She bluntly said her desires just like that.
She probably saw me as a good leader who will listen to her troubles.

「Hmm….. Even though you say that, I don’t know any young man that I can introduce to you」

I replied while closing my eyes.
Actually, I do have several middle-aged man acquaintances, but I can’t say the same for youngsters. More so after I cut my ties with pilot school.

「Why… should it be a young man?」

Cool-san said while tilting her neck in confusion. And so I made the same expression as I leaned my head slightly.

「Don’t you prefer young men?」

「Not really」

The two of us were gazing at each other between the confectionery box.
Apparently, there seems to be a discrepancy between us.

「But…. It would be better if it’s a young man, right?」

「Age doesn’t have anything to do with their first time」

I was thinking for a bit and continued.

「You would hate it if they were some grandpa or uncle… right?」

「Are they virgins?」

「Um… Yes, I guess?」

I don’t have anyone in mind yet but decided to give such an answer for the time being.
Hearing that, Cool-san narrowed her eyes.

(*TL Note: She said this in katakana and I can’t put it well so here’s an explanation in case some of you didn’t know what it means. Vintage, usually means an old item, which carries certain nostalgic value, and potentially is of high quality. It normally means something that is at least 20 years old, but not more than a 100, as then it would be classified as antique.)

She leaked such words and gulped her saliva.

(As expected from virgin eater, Unicorn)

When I saw that figure of her, I was reminded once again of how deep her actions are.

「Do you have any other preference?」

Cool-san, who was drowned in the sea of delusions, raised her face after hearing my voice.

「Like their face, or their style, perhaps?」

「It doesn’t master as long as they’re still inexperienced」

Her determination doesn’t seem to shake one bit. It was to the point I respect her for it.
I took a sip of tea before continuing the conversation.
I changed the topic while enjoying the rich aroma and sweetness of brown sugar.

「Wouldn’t you have too much free time if you didn’t take any customers?」

Cool-san nodded.
It seems she was thinking of looking for another job in the meantime.

「Yes, I’m thinking of becoming a childcare worker for a child on waiting list」

Those words made my eyebrows knitted deeply. Because it was different from what she had talked about before.

「Didn’t you say that you don’t mind even if they aren’t young?」

「It’s only a matter of probability」

I stayed silent for a moment and swallowed Cool-san words along with another karinto.
Certainly, the younger ones are most likely to be a virgin. I have no choice but to admit that.
I sighed and shook my head from side to side.

「Is there something wrong?」

「No, it just… I can imagine a scene where premature education taking place」

Hearing those words, Cool-san changed her expressionless face into a smile that resembled a joker in trump cards.

「…..Well, thank you for having me today」

She said those words after a few moments. Looks like it’s time for her to go back.

「I will introduce you a nice virgin when I found one」

In response, Cool-san said 「Please do」
with glittering eyes.
Then, my ears picked up the words she muttered after that.

(There’s no good and bad for virgins though)

I sighed lightly.

(She seems to be hungry for virgins. Well, it could be said that she’s always starve for them though)

I thought a little.

(It is also the job of the leader to care about their subordinate’s feeling)

Thus I added 「Search for virgins」in my to do list.




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