Chapter 116



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

On the outskirts of the Black Locust town.
It has a truly tranquil scenery with a forest spread far and wide and short hills.
However right now on top of a hill, an arrow of white light is consecutively being fired, blasting through the trees of the forest and opening up holes in the ground.
And standing its ground within the light lies a single B-rank Knight from the Empire.
Watching that spectacle through the eyes of his Knight in Barrel Doll’s pilot seat is Lightning.

(How terrifying)

Even as Barrel Doll advanced further, Lightning’s mouth does not close at all. That is also very likely the case for his comrades.

(So a fight among B-rank Knights is something like this)

The arrow of light consecutively fired by Old Lady. Barrel Doll would no doubt have taken grave damage in one hit.
And the Empire’s B-rank Knight that flawlessly dodged that completely.
He could tell that the Knight probably wants to fight at close range as aimed to move even a step closer whenever it finds an opportunity.

(So this is a long-range magic attack)

It was his first time seeing it.
He recalled the time after returning to town with the Stone Golem Tauro-san handed over, when he went to ask the elderly pilot.
Regarding the fact that the Stone Golem was defeated from afar.

「Seems like a long-range magic attack」

The elderly pilot answered. His eyes, that were half-hidden by his white eyebrows, sparkling.

「But I can’t think of anything normal that can take down a stone from as far as you have described」

Lightning was speechless at his unusually heavy tone.
The elderly pilot continued.

「Certainly isn’t odd if it was fired from an A-rank Knight from the Knights Order. But that Knight was from the Merchant’s Guild right?」

As Lightning nodded, he was overpowered by the words [A-rank Knight].

He and Barrel Doll were unable to find an opening to grasp victory even when facing a B-rank Knight, even though there is a gap between them.

「The Knight from the Merchant Guild is B-rank. Such a talented individual is the pilot of that Knight. Then that would mean that there might be some sort of reason for that」

「By reason you mean?」

As Lightning continued to ask, the elderly pilot shook his head.

「I cannot even begin to imagine a reason good enough for the person to reject being a pilot for an A-rank Knight」

That reason most likely lied in a place where strangers should not be trespassing.
Lightning sensed as such.


Shaking away his reminiscence, he fired himself up.

(I will leave the Empire’s B-rank Knight to Tauro-san)

The battle between Old Lady and the Empire’s B-rank Knight is in a stalemate.
He really wanted to lend a hand but he honestly could not.
The bottom line is that they would either get hit by the arrow of light or be used as a shield by the enemy Knight.
Besides, the problem is the Empire’s C-rank Knight.
It was ignoring the battle between the B-rank Knights and was just charging straight ahead.

(We will be the opponents for the Empire’s C-rank Knight)

He would defend his own home town with his own hands.
Then, he glanced towards Old Lady that was on top of the hill.

(Please bear witness to our resolve)

Taking a huge breath, he stretched his right hand.
Using his wrist, the knife-switch was flipped up with a snap.

『Do as we have planned. Let’s go!』

As the external speaker resounded, the instruction reached the Knights on his left and right.
The two Knights inclined their torso forward, signaling that they have understood.
One of them could be called a Box Doll, formed by a stack of boxes. The other is a combination of boxes and buckets.
Both sides moved in front of Barrel Doll.
They then clashed with the charging Empire’s C-rank Knight from earlier.

(So this is an Empire C-rank Knight)

Seeing this figure is a first for Lightning.
Its body is almost identical to Barrel Doll, a simple and efficient design.
But its head is different. It has the design of a Western helmet.
But there is no face within its helmet, only a single large eye within the clearly empty space.
The Empire C-rank Knight dimly lit its single eye, coming in from the side of the vanguard, it fiercely swung down its single-handed sword.
Box Doll put up its large shield in front and endured the slash.

(*TL Note: Technique name)

At that moment, Barrel Doll flew in from a gap between the vanguard with vigor.
It is the only one without a shield.
Even before the Empire’s C-rank Knight could block Barrel Doll’s blade with the small shield in its left hand, the blade drove through its torso.
A terrifying speed not putting Lightning’s second name to shame.

(It’s tough)

But the blade of the rapier was deflected by the pilot seat cover.
Lightning immediately made Barrel Doll fly back. Withdrawing after a single attack, the very fighting style he showed at the temple.
The sword of the Empire C-rank Knight that chased after him was once again thwarted by Box Doll’s large shield.

(Another Knight)

At the back, he saw another Empire C-rank Knight that had just arrived on the battlefield.

『I’m leaving that to you』

Lightning called out to Mixed Doll (Bucket Box Doll), the Knight with a mixture of buckets and boxes.
Mixed Doll nodded, it advanced forward with a large shield protecting its body.

(We must hurry)

Our opponents are adept at battles. No matter how much we dedicate ourselves to defending, Mixed Doll is disadvantaged.
Lightning resolved himself.

『Lightning Sword!』

Barrel Doll flew in with explosive speed as its legs cried out.
Ignoring that, Lightning unleashed three consecutive high-speed thrusts.
Unlike the Stone Golem, the Empire C-rank Knight does not see elegant lines. All there are messy lines seen in patching works.
Even so the thrusts hit exactly on those lines.
The right shoulder of the Empire’s C-rank Knight broke apart, its arm and sword were blown to the back. Then, losing its balance, it fell backward after a half-turn.

『I will leave this to you』

Lightning turned his eyes to Box Doll.
As if sparing no time to reply, Box Doll took out a club from the back of its shield and started beating the Empire’s C-rank Knight.
The dent is getting deeper with every blow but it seems like it is not that easy to deliver a fatal blow.

(How is the other side doing?)

Mixed Doll that advanced to hinder the trailing Empire’s C-rank Knight. He looked around for its whereabouts.
There lied Mixed Doll that was like a turtle, hiding behind its shield while receiving countless blows.
However, thanks to the large shield, it seems like it did not receive any fatal blows.
Aiming for the moment when the Empire’s C-rank Knight swings downward, Lightning went around from the other side.

(*TL Note: Another technique name)

Rushing in, he quickly unleashed a thrust to the face as if he was trying to reach out there.
It approached the only large eye within the helmet of the Empire’s C-rank Knight. A crack opened up there and its light disappeared.
It was not Lightning Sword.


The movements of the Empire’s C-rank Knight became strange. There was no doubt that it lost its vision along with its eyes.
It seems like Mixed Doll also thought the same.
Brandishing a mallet with its right hand, it proceeded to beat the chest of the Empire’s C-rank Knight.
Immediately after that, the pilot seat cover caved in easily and blood flowed out from the gap.
Not realizing this, Mixed Doll swung its mallet once again.
The pilot seat completely collapsed but Mixed Doll did not stop. He very likely lost control of himself due to the fear from the battle.

(So he tried to see it with his own eyes)

Lightning’s eyes caught sight of the cover of the Empire’s C-rank Knight’s pilot seat moving just before the mallet hit.
Opening slightly, he tried to look out from the gap.
In that situation, the hardness of the pilot seat cover cannot be relied on.


Lightning’s expression became grim for a moment. But he rid himself of that expression and turned back.
There stands Box Doll with a club and a large shield in hand.
At the back was a fallen and largely deformed Empire C-rank Knight.
As he looked back to the front, he saw a third Empire C-rank Knight. Its approaching figure was getting bigger by the second.

『Here it comes』

Urging Box Doll to be on high alert, Lightning stared the Empire C-rank Knight down.
The approaching large single eye within a helmet.
Barrel Doll pointed the tip of its sword at that eye and deeply bent its back to hold back the vernier.

The Knights from Northern Countries that overwhelmed the Empire’s C-rank Knights after a tough battle.
There is a man looking down at them from the top of a hill. That man is Tauro.


I was astonished by Team Lightning’s fighting style as I continued shooting the Empire’s B-rank Knight.
Two Knights block the attack from the enemies while Lightning rob them of their ability to fight.
The finishing blow is then delivered by a beat down with the blunt weapons from the Knights who were defending.
The Empire’s C-rank Knights that arrived on the battlefield separately due to the fear of magic attacks.
And creating a situation where it is either a one on three or a one on two to guarantee the defeat of the enemy.
Busting out the killer move, Lightning Sword, when the one on many situation looks grim to take back the advantage right away.
There is no need to worry when things are like that.

(Even if that is so, I am having a tough time here)

The ability to sense that one has been aimed at.
With this powerful ability to combat sniping, the Empire’s B-rank Knight is starting to close the distance.

(Even though the other Knight is almost down)

The Empire’s B-rank Knight that had its leg shot at the start could not cover much distance.
A long-range magic, probably Fire Arrow from its color, did get fired once but it did not reach my location.
I turned my attention to the Empire’s B-rank Knight that was snaking around, using the trees in the forest as a shield.

(My pride is in shambles)

I honestly had reasonable confidence in my sniping.
As long as there is a distance separating us, regardless of whether the opponent is a combat specialist, I will not lag behind. I had that much confidence.

(But what is this situation I found myself in)

Not hitting even when I fire and though just a little, the enemy is getting closer and closer.
It is still not a distance where he can close in on me but it is not one I feel good about.
When the time comes, there is also the method of reducing the cool time by reducing the amount of mana flowing in by blasting away like a submachine gun.
It is the same as the time I dived into the Hell Divers’ nest.
The accuracy is unreliable due to the recoil but the number of bullets will make up for it at close range.

(But now is not the time)

A weird frustration told me to leave that method for later.
Shortly after that, I continued my sniping that never hits, all the while building up stress.


At the back, I see retreating C-rank Knights from the Empire. They number two.
I darted over to Team Lightning but it seems like they are not short on any Knights.

(So that means they have defeated four Knights)

An outstanding battle result.
The Empire’s C-rank Knights lent their shoulder to the Empire’s B-rank Knight that got stuck midway and they retreated together.

(So all that is left is me)

I took a deep breath to calm my mood.
I then stared into my iron sight to increase my concentration.


That Empire’s B-rank Knight over there. Its movements seem somewhat different from earlier.

(Do you also want to retreat?)

It seems like the Empire’s B-rank Knight also realized that its allies are falling back.
Having doubts, the sharpness in its movements was lost.

(I won’t let you escape)

*click*, I pulled the trigger in my mind.

(You are slower than before)

The Empire’s B-rank Knight did dodge it but it was barely able to.
Perhaps panicking, it took a giant leap backward.

(How sloppy)

I immediately followed it up with another shot.
I aimed at its predicted landing spot. It will not be able to dodge if it does not use its hover to move in mid-air.

(Please hit)

An opening that the Empire’s B-rank Knight showed for a moment.
I do not know if there will be another. I wanted to finish this no matter what.
I looked at the destination of that Magic Missile while I prayed.

(Bull’s eye!)

My prayers came through.
Right when the Empire’s B-rank Knight was trying to land, it got hit right in the belly by the Magic Missile.
It lost its balance and fell backward. The sword and shield left its hands and fell closeby.
It showed no signs of getting up. Its movements stopped as if its power source had been cut.

(Just to be sure)

I slowly took three shots, two at its ankles and one to knock away its sword.

(……It was tough)

The Empire’s B-rank Knight that had lost its weapon and had its mobility taken from it. As I watched its motionless figure, I wiped the sweat off my forehead and leaned all the way back in my seat.
But just then, a doubt appeared in my mind.

(Did I put in enough mana to defeat it?)

The B-rank Knight that took a Magic Missile to its abdomen fell after one shot.
That might have been possible for a C-rank Knight but it should not have enough power to instantly finish off a B-rank Knight.

(Playing dead?)

That is also unlikely.
There is still a long distance between Old Lady and I and its sword.
It is impossible for it to ambush me by getting up suddenly.
*trot, trot*, Old Lady looked over after hearing those footsteps.
There lies the gallant figure of his honor Lightning and crew that are coming over by climbing the hill after claiming victory.

(Let’s have Lightning examine it)

I will shoot the B-rank Knight from here if it shows any suspicious movements.
I waited for their arrival as I thought as such.




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