Chapter 118



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The Black Locust forest that spreads far and wide outside of the town.
That was the place where an intense battle took place between Knights.
There are no longer any figures of fallen Empire Knights. They were already carried to the town’s public square yesterday.
The forest returned back to normal and the only traces left of the battle are the broken trees and the holes on the ground.
Although it has returned back to normal, it does not mean that it became peaceful. There are people among the trees who are full of vigor.
These busy people have been working since morning, not bothered at all that a battle took place recently. They are placing beehives around various parts of the forest.
The Black Locust flowers that are about to bloom. This is to collect nectar from those white flowers.
This could be called the town’s only special product, one that earns valuable revenue for the town.
This season cannot be missed no matter the circumstances.

(Leaving aside the B-rank Knights, the damage to the C-rank Knights are horrible)

I let out my thoughts as I gazed at the public square through the window of the King’s Inn.
Beside the B-rank Knight that was laid down carefully, four heavily damaged C-rank Knights were stacked up messily.
They are surrounded by stakes and ropes, creating a boundary that cordoned them off; The eyes of the soldiers who are standing beside them sparkled.

(Two C-rank pilots died and the rest are heavily wounded)

I recalled what I heard from the minister earlier.
Most of the C-rank Knights that were finished off using blunt weapons had their pilot seats smashed and the injuries of anyone alive are severe.

(……Sure is heavy)

I felt the increase in weight of the pilot insignia at my chest.
In this world, there is an agreement between nations.
That is the prohibition of intentionally hurting citizens during a war.
Of course soldiers and pilots are not included in this.
And one way to differentiate if a person is a civilian is uniforms for soldiers and the pilot insignia for pilots.

(To think that that B-rank pilot was the commander-in-chief)

Feeling the need for a change of pace, I thought about another matter.
The B-rank Knight that constantly dodged my sniping. That pilot is a feudal lord of the North-Eastern Empire.
That person was not the in-site commander. That person was a Viscount of the Empire, of a respectable lineage, who was responsible for the border region.
And what’s more, that person is female.
Unlike the C-rank Knights, she seems to have no visible injuries so she is currently held in a room in the King’s Inn.

(For the commander to advance as the vanguard, really the definition of fantasy)

Something that I have only seen in history books or stories in my previous life.
From this fact, I once again felt that this is a different world.

「Thank you for waiting」

The door opens and the minister enters from the corridor. The King entered as well.
Lightning and I, including the two pilots, who were all in the room beforehand straightened our backs and bowed to the nobles.
The meeting to confer merits starts from here on out, in other words, the beginning of the battle to snag rewards.
The two pilots that came from other nations had their roles switched and became diplomats.

「Well then, with regards to the spoils」

The minister started talking.
According to him one B-rank Knight and four C-rank Knights were captured.
However, the C-rank Knights were damaged considerably.
Rather than repair them, they will be made into two Knights. In other words a one for two.
Only the ankle is damaged for the B-rank Knight and they will be able to repair it right away.

「All that is left is whether the ransom on the Viscountess and the two pilots can be collected」

That will depend on the negotiations with them.
That does not concern me so I ignored it.

「Well then Tauro-dono, do you have any requests?」

The minister tried to pique my interest.
The results of my battle are repelling an Empire B-rank Knight and capturing a Knight.
The highest among everyone here. Probably something along the lines of splitting of spoils will start from the one with the highest battle result.

(To be honest, I do not need anything)

If there was someone who is affiliated with the Kingdom here, that person would probably be screaming: 『Hand over the B-rank Knight』.
But I don’t really need it.
The same goes for the Merchant Guild.
During a chat between the Guild Chief and I, he cut the topic short by saying: 「I don’t need anything that does not fit my height」
The Merchant Guild is not a military organization nor do they take on mercenary tasks.
They should already have enough trouble with a single B-rank Knight.

(It should be fine to turn it down, right?)

I do not need anything, even money or prestige.
I can earn my living expenses and pilots are pretty high up on the social ladder.

(The Guild Chief also said that he does not need any souvenirs)

The dispatch mission this time. It seems like the contract only states that the fees will be billed to the Kingdom.
Of course, we are affiliated to the Kingdom and not Black Locust country.
The Kingdom has only paid the Merchant Guild for my labor cost and the rental fee of the Knight. Furthermore, the money for treatment for injuries and Bentos are self-paid.
If Old Lady were to be damaged in battle, the Guild would have to pay for the repairs on their own.
On the other hand, if a B-rank Knight were to be captured similar to this scenario, the Kingdom will not demand for it to be handed over.

『Repel the threat, that is the Empire, to the Northern League of Nations and return safely. I would hope for nothing else』

The words of the Guild Chief, which were unlike one, came to my mind.
I then spoke about my request.

「I don’t really need anything」

The place was instantly filled with whispers.
That is only natural. The people who desire do not understand the feelings of those who do not.

「On our end, the right to the B-rank Knight. We feel that Tauro-dono has the right」

The minister is troubled.

(Seems like the conversation will not wrap up by only rejecting)

I got the feeling that an argument will begin about who would get the B-rank Knight.
At that, I decided to give it to the others.
Such an argument would not occur if I express my opinion.
Even though these are my thoughts, not needing anything is actually quite formidable.

「Then, I would like to leave it in Lightning’s hands」

The place is filled with even more whispers and Lightning, filled with surprise, had his mouth wide open.

「That is a proposal our nation is very thankful for. But there are also the perspectives of the other nations to consider. May I hear your reasoning?」

The minister looked at the faces of the two pilots that came from the other nations.
Three people, including Lightning, defeated four C-rank Empire Knights. They too would probably like to know the reasoning for the special treatment Lightning is getting.
I had no obligations so I honestly said the words that came to my mind.

「Excuse my rudeness but from what I see, Lightning’s skills are several cuts above the other two」

The people themselves were probably aware as no objections were raised.

「Lightning will pilot the B-rank Knight and be in this land. In that situation, this nation will probably not fall behind the Empire. I am also able to return home with peace of mind」

The point I want to emphasize on the most is here.
So I want to go home now.
The meals in this land are horrible and there are no brothels.
I am almost at my limit with abiding by the promise to 『Not jack off』.
And I also want to meet Dangorou and Imosuke and be healed by them.


Lightning was suddenly looking down and his body was shaking a little.
As I got a clearer look, tears are dropping on his knees.

(Did I say anything that pulled at his heartstrings?)

……Although I praised him, it was also the truth. I do not think that it is something to cry about.

「Then what about the C-rank Knight after the repairs are complete?」

The minister proposed with a lower rank Knight.
I do not need it of course.

「This nation currently needs Knights right?」

I indirectly turned it down.
The minister took a breath and continued with his next proposal.

「Then would you like money? As embarrassing as it is to say, we do not have the amount of money on our hands that is befitting to pay for the work you have put in. We will pay you once the negotiations for the ransom is over」

I really do not need anything.
And don’t tell me they want me to stay here until the negotiations are over.
With these thoughts, I extended both of my palms out and shook my head as I opened my mouth to speak.

「Do not mind me. I am but a sword for the Kingdom. Just being able to protect a nation we are on friendly terms with from the Empire is more than enough.」

A cool roundabout way to put it if I were to say so myself. Everyone in the room let out voices of admiration.
『I do not need anything so have me return at once』
In truth, I merely stuffed these words into my translation engine and spoke the words that came out of it.
Although I have to say, since the setting was set 『Respect – High』, there is a somewhat disgusting feeling mixed within.

「I do think that your lack of desires is something to think about though」

The King said with a slightly astounded expression on his face.
It seems like he interrupted as he could not bear to look at the minister who was extremely troubled.

「Well, I do understand the thoughts of your country. They would like to tell us to get stronger so we are able to stand up to the Empire alone, right?」

He is convinced about this all on his own.
It seems like he built his own story in a way that he will understand.
Although the truth is that I was told to do as I liked so I did exactly that.

「I will have the prime minister write a letter expressing our sincere gratitude. We will also write about the feats of the Merchant Guild’s Knight. You will not mind if it is like this, right?」

A decision made directly by the King.
I immediately knelt down and accepted it gratefully.
After this was the beginning of the struggle to split the spoils between the Northern League of Nations.
In the end, the Box Doll and Mix Doll nations took two C-rank Knights each and they planned to reconstruct them into a one Knight each.
The reconstruction fee will be paid on their end.
The long meeting ended there and it was decided that we will have dinner together.


Lightning charging when I went out into the corridor.
He grabbed both of my hands tightly and repeatedly swung them up and down.
His grip is quite strong and it hurts.

「To think I would get rated this highly! I will devote myself to improvement for my entire life to live up to your expectations!」

My hands hurt, his vigor is scary and he is noisy.
For a while after that, Lightning who was filled with excitement went on and on about making me his goal, that he deeply respected me, etc. etc.
He was probably overjoyed that he got a B-rank Knight. It was quite the scene.
Lightning finally calmed down and he apologized for his earlier rudeness with an embarrassed face.
We lined up and entered the cafeteria there, we ate a meal the others considered extravagant and I considered normal.
And just when I was about to head back to the King’s Inn, a notice arrived.

「Wickedness to the defeated¹?」

Lightning and I, including the two middle-aged pilots, looked at one another.
The one that brought the notice was the middle-aged lady that was tending to the captured Empire’s Viscountess held in the deepest room at the King’s Inn.
It seems the Empire’s Viscountess demanded Wickedness to the defeated, troubled as to what that was she had come here to consult the others.

「Wickedness to the defeated? What is that?」

Lightning and the two middle-aged pilots shook their heads when they heard my question. It seems like no one knew.
Just then, the prime minister came over and explained.

「As for the soldiers and pilots, the victor can exercise it on the loser」

We could only nod our heads at something we heard of for the first time.
As he looked at us, the prime minister continued speaking.

「Abuse and indiscriminate behaviour. It was formalized as a right to keep it under control²」

I gulped.
In other words, it is like those international laws implemented during the time of war.
The world is still overflowing with things I do not know of.
The prime minister’s conversation continues on.

「However, the scope varies between the pilots and the soldiers」

The definition of military personnel are pilots and soldiers.
Pilots can exercise Wickedness to the defeated on other pilots and soldiers but soldiers can only exercise it on other soldiers. It seems like that is how it is set up.

(But I still do not understand)

The basis of my question still remained unanswered.

「So why did that Viscountess demand for Wickedness to the defeated?」

From the explanation I have heard, the victors are the ones that can exercise this right.
The captured Viscountess can have Wickedness to the defeated force upon her and is not in the position to demand for it.
Hearing my question, the middle-aged lady replied in a low voice, as if it was hard to say.

「Well, she said to exercise Wickedness to the defeated on her³」

We looked at one another after hearing these words.

1. TL note: Written as 敗戦姦, 敗戦 meaning defeated and 姦 meaning wicked/cunning, so think of it as Wickedness (towards the) defeated.
2. Ed note: Ed note: 敗戦 can also indicate the losing side in a war, while 姦, if being vulgar, is fuck, or in the extreme… rape. Thus, rape of the defeated in combat. Pillage and rape has been part and partial with war since the beginning of time. This society has attempted to minimize the impact upon the civilian population by making it a right & privilege which can only be done to combatants by combatants, something only feasible because they have mixed gender forces. Within that…you can do it to those of equal or lower rank; to be crude, officers can rape officers or grunts, grunts can rape grunts but can’t rape officers. No one gets to rape the non-combatants. (Cynically viewing this, it’s a good guess that those whose actions led to the conflict in the first place but didn’t fight would be classified as non-combatants…that’s certainly how it would have been implemented in our world.)
3. Ed Note: Heh. Remember, it can be read as “fuck the defeated in combat”… The description in the previous chapters of her ability to tell when someone was focused on her, and her physiological reactions through the end of combat? I’m pretty sure that what’s going on is that she really wants to get laid, and this is the only way she can think of to make that happen while she’s being held captive. Given how this society views the sex trade, etc., no one is going to think the less of her once they figure this out.



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