Chapter 121



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

『He’s back !』

Tauro’s residence in the Kingdom’s Royal capital. On the top floor of a three-story building with a garden on its rooftop.
In the center of the rooftop garden, stood a medicinal garden. On one of its branches, a big caterpillar was happily lifting its upper body.
It was flaunting its short wart-like legs in the air several times with piko piko.
It quickly descended the tree and crawled on the ground all the way to the entrance. It was to welcome his master.
A little bit late after that, a pill bug also came out of the ground and followed after the caterpillar.
A slight vibration caused by their master climbing up the stairs. That vibration was transmitted to them.
The caterpillar and the pill bug were lining up in front of the door waiting for it to be opened.

「I’m home」

Home sweet home.
When I opened the door, Imosuke and Dangoro were waiting for me as usual.

「How are you guys doing?」

The figures that were eagerly crawling up to me.
My heart became warmer seeing that and I involuntarily picked them up and brought them onto my chest.
Neither Imosuke nor Dangorou can move fast. Frankly speaking, they are so slow.

「Though that’s what makes them cute」

That lovable part of them is good.
It would feel weird instead if they were moving at a speed that my eyes couldn’t keep up.
I headed to the living room along with these two on my chest.

「Looks like you two and the forest garden is as the same as ever huh」

I said while looking at the forest garden through the window.

「Oh? What’s this?」

I tried to put them on the bath towel on the floor, but neither of them tried to get off me. They were desperately holding onto me.
It’s a scene that really brings a smile to my face.

「Were you both that lonely?」

I was lonely too, so I let them hang on my chest and shoulder.
While leaving them as is, I poured a cup of tea as I looked at the scenery of the forest garden that centered around the medicinal tree.
Then, Imosuke, who was on my shoulder rubbed its head against my cheek.

『What would you like?』


When I replied that I don’t understand, Imosuke assumed a meditating pose while looking at the forest garden.

「Are you saying that you will plant any new plants or trees?」

It seems to be so.

『We have thought about it together』

Imosuke and Dangorou looked at each other and shook their heads up and down.
So that I would come back early. And not away from home for a long time. Apparently, these two have been looking for some ideas for that.
And the result seems to be having them plant new plants that I wanted.

「Aww… You damn cuties」

I held them with both of my hands and swung them around.

「But still, I wonder what would be good?」

They went all their way to give me this offer. I’m sure they’ll be sad if I don’t take it.
I who are more into practical aspects over aesthetics would rather choose a plant that can bear fruits.

「Loquats, Figs, Hmm… those will be useful but…」

There, I thought of something.
It was one of my favorite fruits in my past life, and one I never had around.
It seems to exist in this world too, but it’ll be great if I can just obtain it from my garden.
「Imosuke, do you know something called grapefruit?」

Imosuke tilted his head.
So, I pulled out my stationary for the first time in a long time and drew a picture.

「It’s a round yellow fruit that looks like this. And yeah, it was a pretty big fruit」

I’m not a good painter in particular, but I do my best to draw it.

「And it’s flocking together, like a grape. Amazing, right?」

I pointed out the most important part of it.
That was only my personal preference, but that’s just how important that part is. This is a must.

「Ah, it’s the one with white flesh and not red ones, okay?」

I belonged to the white grapefruit group.
On top of that, the Florida-side. The side that was in a fierce conflict with the South African-side and Israel-side.
Imosuke and Dangorou were circling around the sketch I drew. And sometimes it looks like they were giving their thoughts on it.

「Hm? Have you figured it out?」

The air surrounding them became brighter.

『We’ll do our best』

For some reason, I feel like there was a “This is going to be a big project” aura around him.
Even Dangorou who was beside him also made a “Fighting!” pose.

「O, Ou. Just don’t push yourself too hard, okay?」

I’m a bit perplexed when Imosuke expressed that kind of determination. Was my request for grapefruit that difficult?
Leaving that aside, the next day, Imosuke started eating the leaves of the medicinal tree.


The forest of spirit on the northern part of the Ost continent.
At the deepest part of this forest, stood a huge tree with a height of more than 1000 meters.
The giant tree is called The world tree, and there’s only one of it in the world.
This tree was the source of magic power in this world, as well as the power of the elves who ruled this place.
In the corner of the trunk just above the ground. There was a room made from the hollow of the tree where several high elves were gathered.

「A war seems to have broke out among the human race」

A man on the seat of honor spoke.
He was referring to the war between the Kingdom and the Empire.

「It is a good thing that they are crushing each other and weaken their power」

The high elves that sat on the chair agreed with him.
However, at that time, a fat high elf opened his mouth.

「But it will be troublesome if a great amount of people would born from the result of that war」

For the elven race, humans are their object of obtaining profit through trades. But at the same time, their potential enemy.
They have little magic power and short lifespan, but there are many of them. They are a troublesome opponent to fight against when they are together.
That’s why the elves have been looking forward to the day where the humans would divide themself.

「We could just do the usual if that happens」

One of the high elves replied.
Human beings, both men and women, are perverted. And for some reason, many of them loves the good-looking elves race.
Just by luring them into a honey trap using their skills on bed, they would likely rot and fell.

「Just by saying “I love you” when you’re sleeping on the same bed with them would be enough」

「Even if you don’t do that, just by showing a slight gesture that you’re interested in them and they will willingly come to you」

The high elves were laughing as if to mock them.
An old high elf woman then added.

「They are unsightly beings with low magic power and short lifespan. Do they really think that we, the elves, would develop romantic feelings to such creatures? I wonder what they’re thinking」

「You don’t have to think that deeply about it. They are just foolish creatures that don’t know their place. Thanks to that, we can have it easy」

The room was filled with ridicule for a while.
After waiting for it to subside, the chairman spoke again.

「Now, onto the main subject. Just the other day, the existence of another world tree have been confirmed」

The room turned silent in a moment. After that, another commotion explode.
The high elves shouted something like “Impossible!”, “Just how in the world!?”
The leader of the exploration team who already heard of this information in advance. Only he showed a sour expression as if he just swallowed a bitter bug.

「As of now, we still don’t know just how it got past the limitation in Magi Carta」

Magi Carta is constraint magic created by elves in ancient times.
It covered the whole world and continued to operate even now while receiving supply of magic power from the world tree.
It has two roles.
One is to keep the number of world tree to one.
The other is to limit the management of the world tree only to the “titleholder”.

「I told you that I don’t know, didn’t I? But it certainly exists. I’m going to explain now」

Some asked how come the limitation is broken. Some still can’t believe there was another world tree and expressed their suspicion loudly.
The chairman hit the table several times to make them silent.

「Various data was calculated and it indicates that there is another world tree. However, its whereabouts are still unknown」

「So it wasn’t the expedition team who found it?」

The face of the expedition team leader became more bitter the fat high elf asked that question.
The chairman continued the explanation on the leader of the exploration team’s behalf, who was reluctant to speak.

「We couldn’t find it by searching using wind spirit. We were able to find it this time, after observing the income and expenditure of the magic that circulates around the world」

The chairman continued after seeing the high elves that still have doubts on their face.

「The amount of magic power that disappears from the world, and the amount of magic that the world tree releases. These two are equal」

Everyone in the room nodded as if saying “that was natural”.
Magic power that has disappeared from the world. It is returned deep into the ground and will be released again to the world by the world tree.
And the only world tree was this one that stood tall in the center of spirit forest.
Large volcanic eruptions and huge earthquakes. Unless for such exceptions, it was strange if the amounts were different.

「However, after several observations, it was found that there was a significant difference between the two. This proves that there are other sources of magical power」

The high elves were exchanging whispers between themselves.
The fat high elf raised his hand and asked.

「How big is this difference? Suppose it was indeed a world tree, was it at the same amount as the young tree?」

Young trees have also released magic powers into the world, but they still do not have the power to absorb the magic powers from the ground.
It is a weak existence that receives magic power from the world tree.
If it stays a little tree, it will quickly deteriorate into normal plants. Like the young trees in the hollow part of this world tree.
However, betraying his expectations, the chairman shook his head.

「The difference is big. There is no doubt that this is a mature tree」

If it is a mature tree, it should already take root in the earth vein by itself.
It has a supply of magic power that didn’t go through the world tree. That supply cannot be cut off on the way.

「Wasn’t it just an error in observation? There’s also the possibility that it was just some amount of magic power that piled up in the world」

Another high elf spoke. He showed a strong expression that says he didn’t want to admit that there is another world tree.

「I told you it’s a mature tree. The difference is clear」

The existence of a mature world tree already became an unshakable fact.
All of the high elves who realized this situation looked at the chairman.
The chairman spoke his thoughts in a quiet voice.

「We shall locate and take it away. That’s the only way」

At those words, a high elf said while frowning.

「Can’t we just burn it?」

Compared to burn and destroy it, stealing it away might be even more difficult.
That was what he worried about.
The fat high elf spoke before the chairman answered. There was a light of understanding in those eyes.

「Burning the other existing world tree and raise the young tree from zero. But there is no time left to do that. It was something like that?」

The world tree was already nearing its lifespan.
It was a known fact, but this is the first time a specific time limit has been set.
A heavy groan leaked in the room.
The chairman nodded as if to affirm what he said.

「But isn’t it too early? From the way I see it, we still have plenty of time」

The chairman answered the fat high elf question with a stern look.

「The world tree is weakening faster than we expected. And it’s not just the world tree. Even the quality of the whole forest is deteriorating」

Harvests from fruit trees and the fields are falling slowly but surely. The high elves welcomed this fact with surprise.

「What are you saying? The yield should be increasing. Flowers bloomed in the forest, and we also collected a lot of nectar, herbs, and fruits. The village is full with various things」

An old high elf woman stood up. However, the chairman didn’t change his tone.

「By cultivating new land, the total amount does seem to be increasing. However, the yield per unit area is declining. Especially on recent days」

The old high elf woman sat down in desperation with her mouth wide open.
As expected, the cause of this was also unknown.

「It takes one hundred years to raise a young tree. The current world tree wouldn’t be able to hold until then. And we have no replacement. So we have no other choice but to rely on that world tree」

The prosperity of the elven race only lies in monopolizing the benefits from magic powers provided by the world tree.
And it could be dangerous. They don’t even know what will happen to the world if the world tree disappeared.
At that time, the fat high elf slammed his hands at the table. Everyone’s attention focused towards that loud voice.
He stood up from his seat furiously.

「It’s been 100 years since it became a mature tree, you know!? In other words, we didn’t know the fact that another world tree is growing in the last 100 years! Just what are those knotholes looking at for the last 100 years!?」

He hit the table again and glared at the leader of the exploration team.

「You! You said that it’s practically impossible for two world trees to exist! And you also said that I wouldn’t understand!」

The leader of the exploration team turned his head sideways.

「Yeah, that’s right, it’s just as you say! I can’t understand. I can’t! How in the world something that shouldn’t be possible to exist, was able to keep existing even after a hundred years, that is!」

As he tried to make another accusation, the people around him held him and dragged him back to his seat.
The fat high elf breathes roughly.
The chairman turned his gaze away from the fat high elf and spoke to everyone.

「Do you understand now? Therefore, you are not to obliterate the whole area around it with a spirit gun. Anyway, we need to know its location as soon as possible」

First, they should grasp its location.
It will be best if it was somewhere without any obstacle. After that, we should protect and carefully transfer it to our capital.
But if it’s in a non-elf area, it will be difficult.
It would be terrible if the Lord who governed the area knew that it was a new world tree.

「We haven’t heard from any human race that they had found a new world tree」

Everyone was relieved after hearing the chairman’s word.

「However, that only means up until now. We shall give it our all to find the new world tree」

The high elves nodded strongly.
After that, a more serious meeting than ever began.
The reason why they couldn’t find it using the wind spirit, the search for a new searching method, and the meeting continues even after midnight to discuss such things.
However, they still didn’t know.
That Magi Carta has given a certain human that lived in the Kingdom, the title of “Gate Opener”.
That this person has overcome the great hurdles they considered as an impossible feat.




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