Chapter 126 part 1



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Cione, one of the Royal Capital’s Big Three.
The charm of this brothel is its young sideline and its building also shows this trait.
Built with rocks the color of cherry blossoms, the arch at the upper part of the entranceway and the windows have a delicate and flashy ornament fixed onto it.
Depending on how one looks at it, it is possible to see it as a palace just like those depicted in picture books.
It is probably the quality of the materials used and the skill of the workers that brought out its classiness without it looking cheap.
The interior design is also the same, it gave off a palace-like air.
It is just built on a whole with a girl’s tastes in mind.


I groaned in one of those rooms.
The girl I nominated sat on the sofa in front of me.
Neck-long Wavy Hair; her clothes are plain clothes to match with the vibe of the sideline.
A white pleated skirt and a white blouse with short sleeves. The collar is navy blue.


It was like I was licking her with my indecent gaze.
And when our eyes meet, she gazes back rather than avoid it and she smiles as her bangs, split in the center, shook.
This packs quite a punch.

(Wonderful. As expected of Cione, their girls are of a different league)

An extremely first-rate store worthy of being one of the Big Three.
The minimum requirement to work here is to be a beautiful girl.

(What’s more, is the sideline. You can pick and choose the best)

She who seems to be in her late teens tilted her head slightly and had an almost refreshing smile on her face.
A cool and sweet air, a unique attractiveness that can only be found during this period.
My chest subconsciously tightened.
An attractiveness held by those who are called national beauties only for several short years.

「Let’s have you stand」

Hearing my words, Wavy Hair obediently did as I said.

「Turn one round slowly」

She silently turned one round as her pleated skirt and wavy hair fluttered a little.
My consciousness swayed at the weird blend of coolness and sexiness.
I recalled the time when my heart was stolen by idols during my teens.

(There is no mistaking that the skirt demon is here)

I stared intensely at the skirt and bare legs.
Then there is only one thing to do.
The magic circle the size of a palm that is embedded on the wall. I pointed to it and made my request.

「Will you sing me a song」

Wavy Hair smiled and nodded.
When asked my song of choice, I told her the song sung by an idol group. One I have heard many times when I was at the temple of the God of Commerce.
As Wavy Hair held out her hand, the magic circle shined faintly and the song started playing.
It is a similar magic tool to that of my favorite potion bag that comes with a magical lock.
It can be activated even if one cannot use magic.

(Alright, first up is what comes next)

Wavy Hair sang as she mimicked a simple choreography.
I peeked within her skirt from a low angle as if I am sprawled on the ground.
It will flip up at times and Wavy Hair gently pushed it down every time.

(A low angle front-row seat to a concert of a national beauty that I have to myself)

Feeling my heated gaze, the skirt demon faltered.
Even though it tempts others to gaze, it is weak to being directly gazed at. It cannot maintain its existence when the one gazing gets used to it.
I moved to my heart’s content, getting directly below Wavy Hair and lying on my back.
Her left and right legs rhythmically stepped on the steps beside both sides of my head.
Her calf, her inner thigh, and her undergarment that laid deep within all moved skillfully to match the music.

(it is time to move on to the next stage)

After enjoying myself somewhat, I stood up and requested for my second song.
I then flipped the singing Wavy Hair’s skirt over and over again.
I held up the hem of her skirt until I could see her navel and made her continue singing.
Eventually, the existence inside her skirt changed from 『An existence that cannot be seen but might be able to be seen』 to 『A familiar existence that I got used to seeing』.
With that, the demon that lurks between her skirt and thighs squirmed.

(This is the finisher)

I pushed my head into the white pleated skirt and sucked in a chestfull of breath. I did this not once but many times.
I continued doing this until my head felt fuzzy from taking in too much air.
As expected, Wavy Hair is very embarrassed, she is using her hand to hit the back of my head from above.

(Oh no)

The skirt demon continued fading away little by little in agony.
It has come to the point where its extermination came down to a matter of time but it got away even when there was only a little left to go.
Escaping from her skirt, I felt its presence as it moved up to her chest.

(What a bind. I must chase after it)

Pulling back my head from her skirt, my eyes shifted to her chest that is neither flat nor bountiful.
A hill, full of possibility, that has yet to reach its peak.

(There it is)

I immediately got Wavy Hair to cross her hands on top of her head. I peeked down from her short-sleeved blouse many times from both her left and right armpits.
The gazes of men who thirst for fortune are snacks for the skirt demon.
For this reason, it had escaped to the area below her armpit, the Downblouse¹ zone


I clicked my tongue as I sensed it moving deeper below her armpit.
In order to secure vision, I unbuttoned around three buttons starting from her collar and peeked into the blouse.
The undergarment that has a seemingly nice texture is bright to my eyes. I subconsciously swallowed my saliva.

(I thought it had gotten used to skirts but to think it also unnerves me this much even at her chest)

As expected of one the level of a national beauty.

(Let’s go all at once)

With regards to chests, it is not good to only get used to looking at it.
Unlike the inside of the skirt, the weight of the sensitivity here is huge.
I put both of my hands on her chest.
She wrapped both her hands around my arm, but that is all she did. She did not put in any strength to pull it away. Customers first.
Just like this, I started to fondle her chest.

(This elasticity is the epitome of being in-season)

While looking at Wavy Hair looking downward in embarrassment, I slowly enjoyed the sensation of fondling her.
One must fondle until one feels bored to exorcise the skirt demon.
I finally activated my Magic Eye and I went about perceiving the zone above her blouse with precise accuracy.
That is because it would be unbearable if my entry got forbidden again.

Just above her clothes seems just about right.
Regardless of there being a bra in between, I could tell that my hand was feeling something hard and pointed.

(This is it. Have patience me)

While enjoying the stiff sensation, I used my teeth to bite it.
The demon exorcism would not be complete if the skirt demon advances to its final form before it disappears.
Against its yearning for brief peeks, it left its root like a weed. If one were to peek after everything is over, it will sprout once again.
I must continue fondling until I get bored and the skirt demon exorcised.


Wavy Hair raised her voice.
It seems like I subconsciously put it too much strength into my fingers. Fortunately, it did not go to a point where she felt pain.
On the contrary, she seems to be feeling good. The protrusion, that came from underneath her clothes got clipped in between my fingers, got even harder than before.

(Alright, just like this, just like this)

I squeezed the cherry gently, with pressure that is on the verge of turning her pleasure into pain.


I felt the twitching of Wavy Hair’s body through my hand. There is no doubt that she had a light climax.
But I continue fondling while it is clipped. That is because I have not gotten bored yet.
The muffled voice of pleasure leaking out of the mouth of the girl who looks to be a virgin. Truly enjoyable.
I did not stop fondling no matter how many times she pleaded that is until the demon melted away.

「Thank you very much」

An hour after that, I placed a large amount of chips at the bedside as I got dressed.
After the skirt demon got exorcised, I granted much of Wavy Hair’s wishes.
Invading many times deep within her, I repeatedly exploded to my heart’s content at her deepest part.
Wavy Hair laid limp on the bed but she has not let go of her consciousness even as she is exhausted.
A play of the exorcism of the skirt demon starring the national beauty. It has come to an end as of now.
My heart will never again be tempted by the skirt demon. It will be fine until tomorrow evening. I can say this with confidence.

(This should be enough for today)

With the sun still bright out, I headed back home with my face full of smiles.
The people on the streets did not pay me any mind even when I am like that. This is the entertainment town, there are men who are full of smiles everywhere.
I walked while I became but one part of the entertainment town’s scenery.


  1. A revealing blouse outfit. I used it here to refer to the place that is revealing. To find out more, search Google for it, *Warning: it is NSFW*




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