Chapter 126 part 2



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The stage jumps back from the Royal Capital to the West of Landbarn.
The plains had clouds of dust but they were slowly carried by the wind to the North.
The cause for this is the tens of Knights.
Swinging their blades at various places, they run and jump.
The ground gets trimmed with every action becoming grains that mix with the wind.
For this reason, the Knights had to be close to eighteen meters tall or they would have difficulty getting vision.
The only ones that could have a better grasp of the battlefield would probably be the birds soaring high above in the skies.

「You’re in the way!」

A little North from the center of the battlefield.
There, the second prince is riding the Royal Blue and swinging his sword against three Rose Knights from the Empire.
By the way, Royal Blue is an A-rank Knight and Rose Knight is a B-rank Knight.

「Out of the way!」

Royal Blue has repeatedly been charging, reckless at that, at the enemy.
However, all of them were fended off by the Rose Knights’ coordination.
The reason that he did not get a counterattack was probably due to the Rose Knights concentrating on suppressing the enemy.
The thoughts of the Rose Knight pilots were aligned.
There is no need to take any risks to bring down the A-rank Knight in front of them.
Boasting about taking it down would not score them any points with their commander. On the contrary, there is a fear of being reprimanded for taking unnecessary risks.

「……The opponents for Royal Blue are but three B-rank Knights?!」

The second prince, whose face was red due to humiliation, charged back in with another large swing.
Although they were focusing on suppression, the Rose Knight pilots have served as pilots for a long time.
They have their plans when a gap that is not a trap has become available.
With seasoned movements, two Knights took on the slash and one Knight stabbed Royal Blue’s backhand.
The blade got lodged below the arm. Royal Blue dropped its shield and fell back without being able to fly.

『Cowards! Fight me fair and square, one at a time!』

The second prince, unable to hold back any longer, shouted into his external speaker.
The Rose Knights obviously did not respond.
One of them merely used its leg to kick the fallen blue shield away.
An A-rank Knight that demands B-rank Knights to a one-on-one battle.
The second prince would probably sneer if someone else had done that.
But he had done this so easily when he was cornered. And he did not even have any doubt nor feel any embarrassment for doing that.
It seems like the actions of humans and their thoughts are not straightforward.

Further North from the confrontation between Royal Blue and the Rose Knights.
The situation there can be confirmed visually but one cannot lend a hand.
At that place, The grim reaper’s 『Death』 is exchanging slashes with an A-rank Knight from the Kingdom.

「Is he playing around?」

The Kingdom Guard Knight’s pilot spat these words as he parried The grim reaper’s Death scythe.*
From earlier, The grim reaper has been constantly using light attacks to wear down the Guard Knight.
He did not show any signs of finishing the battle in one go which is why it is difficult to aim for a counter.
The Guard Knight’s pilot got increasingly irritated at these attacks that seemed like they were meant to toy around with the opponent.


He managed to parry the scythe that could freely change its trajectory just before it hit.
The pilot facial complexion was bad and the light from his eyes was dark. He is clearly feeling cornered.
One look at the Guard Knight’s armor and he could see that it had a lot of scratches, some among them were quite deep.
As compared to The grim reaper’s with few scratches, the difference in damage is evident.

(The match is all but done)

He had no choice but to admit it.
There are only three paths left. Continue fighting like this and fall by the hands of the scythe, dive in with an all-out attack or escape.
The option with the highest probability of surviving is most likely escaping.
But he is the pilot of a Guard Knight. He could never leave the second prince behind.
Of course, there is his loyalty to the royal family and his responsibilities as a Guard Knight pilot but what lies even after escaping is The grim reaper. And it will be scandalous.
If The grim reaper awaits either way, then dying here would be more honorable and it will probably not cause any trouble for his family and former teacher.

(Well then, let’s dive in)

The pilot shook his head from left to right.
He has been read like a book and The grim reaper is lying in wait.
It is like advancing into a jaw with fangs sticking out.

(I have no choice but to endure it)

What he saw in front of him as he was constantly getting whittled down was an even more decisive defeat.
But if he were to lose, The grim reaper would most likely massacre the second prince that is right next to him. And the Knight Commander’s Golden Knight would be next.
The current Knight Commander is not the Kingdom’s White Lion. There is no chance that he will win when up against both Lord Rosehip and The grim reaper at the same time.

(Damn it!)

They should never have let an incompetent low-rank pilot be the Knight commander.
He could have more expectations if it was the Vice-Knight commander that lost his life in the Heavy Lancer battle.
The Guard Knight pilot cursed the current Knight commander for his own sake.

(Defeat Rosehip and hurry on here to aid me you damn punk! Do you not care if his highness loses his life!)

As the Guard Knight Pilot is in a predicament, his mind went into overdrive and he started.
Started to swing his sword to continuously parry the blade while cursing everyone other than himself.

「……I guess you will not be able to kill me」

The A-rank Knight from the Empire that stands in front of the Guard Knight.
In the pilot seat of the Knight known as The grim reaper, an evil-looking pilot narrowed his eyes slightly.

「What a disappointment」

The grim reaper then drew his scythe and shredded the Guard Knight.
There were no large movements or large swings. Although its power is low, it is a single solid slash that did not let the Guard Knight go off scot-free for counter attacking.
The Dedication Contest that is held in the temple of the God of Commerce at Holy City. This is a change in his fighting style that appeared after he lost to the woman who was the representative of the Kingdom.
At that time, he had let out his finisher move too early
As a result, the move that was supposed to be a finisher was not able to finish off the opponent and the blades that returned led that man to ascension.
After that man’s soul danced high up in the heavens, it then descended down to the pits of hell.

「I would not mind losing my life if it is to get a taste of that again」
A chill ran down his spine as he recalled that memory.
He had earned countless achievements both on the battlefield and on the bed. That battle was a unique one even to someone like him.
He would like to battle against someone, both at their full strength, just like that time. And if possible, he would like to lose his life in that exaltation.
This twisted desire was born in his heart.

「There is no choice if you cannot kill me」

He said silently as the black and grey A-rank Knight took a nimbly stepped forward.
The sudden change took the Guard Knight by surprise and it could not defend in time.

「Die you」

The Death scythe’s blade slashed down from the Guard Knight’s head.

The battlefield is becoming a free-for-all fight with the mix of friend and foe.
The swirling clouds of dust that would obstruct vision from time to time is aggravating the situation.
Within this situation, slightly South of the battlefield are the figures of two B-rank Knights from the Kingdom that are heading North.

(He has somehow become attached to me)

The pilot of the B-rank Knight at the vanguard is Corneel.
Trailing behind him is a child of a noble. He is swinging an invisible tail as he followed behind.
The two of them are crossing swords with Knights from the Empire as they aim for the center of the battlefield.

(No matter how I look at it, it seems like they are being pushed back)

He frowned as he bent one end of his mouth.
This are the thoughts of Corneel that had been moving up till now.
A battle against Knights from the frontier where retreat is not an option and as expected, their numbers are different. And the Rose Knights that appear from time to time are equal to or even more powerful than the Kingdom’s Knights’ Order.

(What will you do commander)

When up against an opponent where you can win with numbers, clash with them upfront on a plain.
What he sensed from the battlefield is that, sadly, the Kingdom is lacking in numbers.
He could not think of a way to mount a comeback from this point.

(They must think about retreating and act on it)

He shrugged as he glanced back at the newbie.
And he fought as he advanced forward on the battlefield, filled with melee battles, where clouds of dust danced.

The center of the battlefield where both of them are heading towards.
There, a black Rose Knight and the Golden Knight are exchanging intense blows.
Both of them switched places as their swords clashed. The literal definition of sparks flying.
The vortex of sheer violence and destruction has become an existence that cut itself out from its surroundings.

(As expected, he is strong)

The Knight commander nodded in Golden Knight’s pilot seat.
The bastard sword he held with both hands drew an arc of light in mid-air and it headed towards Lord Rosehip’s Knight.
But it was blocked immediately by a shield and a single-handed sword swung down in return.
Golden Knight’s slash ended with only a scratch on the shield.

(But there are also fights like this)

Popularity, military achievements – Lord Rosehip had more of all of them.
But the battle is at a standstill with the defeat of one Knight.

(It is all thanks to this Knight)

He and Golden Knight had compatibility that exceeded his wildest imaginations.
There is no doubt that the Knight he chose as he fell for it at first sight also fell for him all the same. The compatibility has led the Knight commander to believe this.
There is no mistaking that if anyone had piloted this instead, they would already have either retreated or fallen.
He turned his attention to the overall situation of the battle even as he was feeling surprised at his current situation

(This battle cannot be won)

He broke it down calmly.
The Guard Knights are hanging in there somehow and the second prince is being suppressed by multiple B-rank Rose Knights.
Having more A-rank Knights did not help.

(At which point should we retreat)

A retreat must be done in an orderly manner before everything falls apart.
The Knight commander exchanged blows at close range while he pondered about the command to give to the entire army.
The A-rank Knight from the Empire that is looking at such a figure in front of him.
In the pilot seat, Lord Rosehip is equally as surprised as the Knight commander.

(To think a pilot of this caliber has been undiscovered)

He had sensed that the Knight commander’s commanding skills are high from the time of the assault.
And his skills as a Knight pilot is also something to behold.

(The Kingdom’s vault of talent has not run out of treasures it seems)

He let out a slash as he defended with his shield.
As this went on, he felt impressed.

(However, this battle is our win)

Lord grim reaper, Rose Knight did its job efficiently with his command.
As long as he pays attention to his surroundings, he is superior in every aspect.
It is almost impossible to change the scales that have tilted this much. If things go on like this, the Kingdom’s forces would scramble to retreat.
Lord Rosehip, who is certain of his victory, does not let his guard down. He paid attention to the surroundings and the Golden Knight.
Both commanders turned their attention to finishing the battle having realized that the battle is all but over.
All of a sudden, an existence that destroyed their predictions showed itself.


The one who realized earlier was Lord Rosehip.
He saw a gigantic white light heading straight from the Royal Capital.


Golden Knight was slower on the uptake as its back was facing the light.
A moment after Lord Rosehip made his Knight sidestep, it came from the opposite end.


Shortly after that, the gigantic white light landed at the spot that they were crossing swords before.
Causing a typhoon and a heatwave, the broken pieces of earth battered Lord Rosehip’s A-rank Knight.
Readying his shield, he waited, in the pilot seat of the Knight that knelt down on one knee, for the shaking to stop. He then took a guess.

(A magic attack?)

But for it to have this much power, it is not possible even if he had used all his mana.
The is only one possibility he could think of. Lord Rosehip’s face twisted in rage.

(This damn Kingdom! To think that you have such a secret weapon prepared)

He did not know the logic.
But the reality lies in front of him.
He who is the commander on the battlefield must always look at the reality of things.

(The whole situation completely changed)

All their efforts had been for naught.
There is probably no future if this battle is lost. All of the resources have been invested into this.
Blood flowed out from the end of his lip as he bit it with anger and regret.
But he sensed something was amiss.

(This is weird)

In front of Lord Rosehip’s field of vision lies the Golden Knight that had fallen down miserably and just got up.
As he looked at the path the white light passed through, he saw that several Knights from the Kingdom had taken damage and were crouching.

(I do not understand)

In the face of a situation he could not be certain of, Lord Rosehip decided to take some distance for now.
He fell back and left the range of the close-range battle.

(Is that the one? The one who fired the magic attack)

A long and straight path created by the high-output magic attack. There lies a shadow of a Knight.
Due to the clouds of dust that have yet to clear, its figure cannot be ascertained.
As he looked at it, Golden Knight also looked at it. But from its stance, it is unthinkable that its an ally.

(What in the world is happening?)

A vexing feeling from not getting an answer to his question spread throughout his heart.
As if it saw through Lord Rosehip’s heart, that Knight started quietly heading towards him.

(Putting on a grand show, you mean to show that the star has arrived)

Just like this, the battlefield welcomes its final character.

[1. TL note: Written as 大鎌 which is scythe but read as Death’s scythe.]




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