Chapter 128



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

I am currently at the Forest Garden.
Gazing at a new tree that grows by the pond that bears yellow fruits.
Even though it is only as tall as my waist, several of its fruits are so big that it does not match up.

「These things grow fast」

Within a few days, it grew from a seed to a tree and it then bore fruit.
I cannot hide my surprise even though this happens regularly.

「Well, time to harvest them」

I grabbed the fruit with my hand and plucked it off.
It is about the size of a grapefruit but its smell is slightly different.
I immediately dug my thumb into it in order to peel the skin.

「……It’s hard」

Resigning myself, I went back to the kitchen to get a knife.
I made a shallow, crisscross cut.
I peeled off the thicker-than-expected skin into four parts and removed the contents. I separated the bunches of fluffy white strands into several pieces and peeled more.
Then, I took a bite of the exposed flesh.

「This is pomelo¹?」

I planted it in hopes that it is grapefruit but it is actually something akin to pomelo.
But this is no issue at all.
There are very few opportunities to eat it due to its price but pomelos are more refreshing.
I like this more even though it has a thick skin and a lot of seeds.

「It’s delicious, Imosuke. You go beyond my expectations as always」

It is excellent to be able to taste the sourness of something that can be eaten just after it is picked.
Imosuke was elated when I gave it high praise.

「You too, Dangorou」

I sensed a presence that wanted to be praised so I praised Dangorou too.
Although I only have memories of it digging holes and covering them up after that, I am sure it helped out in matters such as maintenance.
Dangorou also looks happy.
Imosuke was fidgety as I sat beside the pond and enjoyed the refreshing sweetness.

「It’s fine, you can eat it」

Since it wanted to eat the skin, I handed one of the four outer skins to it.
Imosuke chewed a little of the edge and showed signs that it was satisfied.
This is rare seeing as it usually only eats the leaves of herbal trees. This just shows how precious this tree is.
It also seems like a lot of effort was taken to grow it.

「Do you also want to eat?」

Dangorou also wishes to taste it.
It also ate in the same way, little by little, and it seems to be satisfied.

「Well then, next up is you all」

It is different than before.
They are Heavy Lancers.
They are a bunch that usually pays me no mind. They usually eat the grass, run about, and soak in water.
But they are now assembled in front of me and are not moving at all.

「Here you go」

I moved my hand, that is holding on to the pomelo skin, to the right.
When I did that, the heads of the Heavy Lancers turned to the right.
It was the same when I moved to the left.
When I used the pomelo skin to draw a circle in mid-air, the heads of the Heavy Lancers also drew a circle.

「Do horses eat citrus fruits again?」

I do not know.
Well, this is done at their own risk.
I extended my hand to put the skin in front of the horde.


The air around my hand shakes and the skin shrinks considerably. To be exact it shrunk to one-tenth of its original size and it came to look like a Kumquat².

「What is this?」

I turn back to Imosuke but it does not seem to pay it any mind.
I then looked at Dangorou but it was the same. It is only slightly surprised by the Heavy Lancers.
Asking Imosuke for an explanation is also irrelevant. Or rather I cannot understand it.
It tried its best to shake its body to express words but I do not understand at all

「I see. As expected of Imosuke」

I nodded repeatedly.

Of course, I do not know anything at all. But its explanation will go on forever if I do not say anything.
The Heavy Lancers have gotten smaller and appeared in the Forest Garden. It is still surprising that they got as small as the pomelo in my hand.


Shaking away the idle thoughts, I made the skin land in front of the Heavy Lancers and moved my hand away from it.
Although the Heavy Lancers got smaller, they are as long as their height.
There was a roar from the one that seems like the boss of the hoard as several Heavy Lancers try to eat the skin in a disorderly manner.
It is slightly larger and its color is different.


I looked at the scene with deep interest wondering what will happen next.
The boss silently moved forward and started eating the skin.
After it ate some, it raised its head and turned back. It then nodded.
Taking that as the signal, the Heavy Lancers lunged at the skin in unison.

「Do all of you not want to join in?」

There are several Heavy Lancer children at the back. They have been born before I was even aware of it.
It seems like they cannot join this looting due to their small bodies.
I look at the three remaining skins.

「They will get caught up in the mess if I hand it to them directly」

I did want to leave it in front of the children at first but I held back.
This situation calls for the boss to take action.

「You should take charge」

I place the remaining skins in a line in front of the boss. It shrunk to one-tenth just like before.
After it followed the skins with its eyes, it looked up at me.


I feel like I just got recognized as someone from above?
The Heavy Lancers thought of me as someone who they respect but do not follow the orders of.
But they now recognize me as someone who they should listen to.

「As expected, the most important thing is to feed them」

As I said this to myself as I watch the skin move among everyone including the children.
Just then, I looked at the clock in the room and came to a realization.

「It is already this late. I must make preparations」

I stopped my sightseeing of the Heavy Lancers’ mealtime and stood up.
I then proceeded to change from indoor clothes to outdoor clothes.
I am going out with Cool-san today.

『She is here』

Imosuke informed me.
As I looked down the street from the window, I saw Cool-san getting down from the golem carriage.
She saw me and bowed.

「Well then, I am heading out for a bit」

I descended the staircase as my familiars saw me off.
I met up with Cool-san, got onto the golem carriage and headed for the business district.
Our destination is the rental bookstore.

「I will know it when I see it, correct?」

「Most likely」

Cool-san nodded when she heard my question.
The topic is, of course, about firsts.
I received information from my middle-aged men network, that Cool-san had no access to, that 『the old man from the rental bookstore is suspicious』.

「Something like he seemingly fell in love with a woman in a story and has no interest in real woman」

I hear a gulp.

「I am looking forward to it」

There is a weird glint of light in Cool-san’s eyes. The definition of devilishness.
Before long, we reached the front of the rental bookstore and I entered the store together with Cool-san.
We are just entering under the guise of being customers.

(How is it?)

(There is no mistaking it. He is quite befitting)

As Cool-san started behaving suspiciously, I borrowed a random book and went out.

「Then it’s decided. We will carry it out tonight」

I feel slightly relieved.
With this, I can finish the task that was requested by Cool-san.
I thought that I will be happy but I am still worried about Cool-san.

「……I think it will be alright」

I sense the work of a person.
When I discovered it, I was impatient as it might not go away.
I pushed Cool-san into the golem carriage and I alone remained. I started making preparations.

Night falls and the moon rises, the stars twinkle under the dark blue sky.
Time passes and the time now is past midnight.
No lights are on in the rental bookstore that serves as a store and house.
Cool-san and I trespassed via the backyard and are now in front of the back door.
I slowly put on my golden mask. I am now Doctor Slime, the boss of the Die Die Order.

「This is the key for the back door」

I tossed the key I took out over to Cool-san.
Cool-san’s attire is also different from usual.
She imitated the attire of the lover of the rental bookstore’s old man that only exists in the story.
She has also put down her hair and braided it.

「How did you manage to get this?」

With the key in her hand, she voiced her doubt.

「With money and credibility」

Using my social credibility as a pilot, I explained to the neighbors that I 『wanted to give the rental bookstore’s old man a surprise present』.
At the same time, I also handed out a considerable sum of money.
The reason – in the event that something happens to the rental bookstore’s old man who has no bodyguards and entrust the role of finding the extra key to the neighbors.
I borrowed it tonight and came here.

「I will return the money you spent」

「I don’t mind」

There is no need to save it anyway.
It is better to spend it when there is a need to. This is doubly so when it comes to my subordinates.
Cool-san bowed deeply.
Her atmosphere then changed. Is there something bothering her?
Don’t tell me the Unicorn will back down after coming this far.

「What’s wrong?」

Cool-san looked at her own attire from top to bottom, she then picked up her long braided hair with her hand and let out a small breath.
She then started talking.

「The woman in the story. I hear that he has held on to his feelings for more than fifty years. Is it alright for me to destroy it?」

I thought for a while after hearing those words.
During his younger days, he found his ideal woman in a book and has fallen in love with her ever since.
Or he might have had a heartbreaking rejection and escaped from reality.
If that is so, there is a possibility that that woman is protecting the most delicate part of the rental bookstore’s old man’s heart.

(……What am I thinking?)

I let out a self-deprecating smile.
The rental bookstore’s old man is our prey. What good is there to think about every little detail of his background.
In the first place, the credibility of that cannot be confirmed. There are other things to be concerned about.
I turned to gaze at the cosplaying Cool-san and our gazes met.


A cosplay of the old man’s ideal woman. That is a double-edged sword.
While it has the power to pierce the heart with a single thrust, it brings with it the danger of incurring the wrath of the opponent.
That is because of cases, such as the quality of the cosplaying woman being low and a mismatch with the image, being taken as 『an insult to the ideal woman』.

(No problem)

Cool-san is unmistakably first class in terms of quality.
In terms of taste, the woman in the story is just like Cool-san in that she possesses the beauty of a mature adult.
It is not like she has a flat chest or is young.
I nodded and declared as I turned the mask towards Cool-san.

「What is there to fear now? We the Die Die Order are an evil secret organization」

I then continued talking.

「Compassion is not needed. Crush those thoughts that you have of your phantom self physically」

After looking back at me for a while, she nodded.
Cool-san then transformed into the Unicorn. Though her physical form does not change, I know it from the change in her air.

「There is only one question you usually ask. Only 『Are you a virgin?』. Isn’t that right?」

Getting my intentions, the Unicorn smiled.
She is already a monster in human skin.

「Conquer him!」


Receiving the order from Doctor Slime, the boss of the Die Die Order, Unicorn trespassed the house of a pure citizen.
After a while, I hear rattling sounds coming from inside the building.
It immediately became silent and in the end, it became a regular rhythmical creaking.
When I look up at the sky, I am met with a starry sky that looks like it is about to spill out.
My eyes got used to it and the number of stars increases. I got enveloped in a feeling like my heart is being sucked in.

(Hmm? That is)

A shooting star falls at the edge of my vision.
There is no helping that I see it as the rental bookstore’s old man.


  1. an edible grapefruit-like fruit native to SEA. More info here.
  2. an edible orange-like fruit native to SEA. More info here




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