Chapter 130 part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The hangar of Old lady in the eastern gate of the Royal capital.
When I entered the building, the herbivorous mechanic who called out to me after noticing my presence.

「The preparation is ready, Tauro-san」

Today’s my sortie after a long time, but everything seems to be ready.
He works fast, or rather, he probably always kept it maintained so it would be ready to go out anytime. I take off my hat to him.

(Monster subjugation huh. I feel nostalgic somehow)

My job in the merchant guild has finally resumed.
With the loss of the key city of Land barn in the west, the highway to the north and south are becoming more important.
It seems that I can’t rest forever to ensure the safety of the trade route.

「Just please don’t be careless, okay?」

He says so, but he doesn’t seem to worry that much.
The target of subjugation this time is Gray Tiger.
It has an appearance like a tiger with gray color, it also has sharp, long tusks, and what’s more, those tusks are warped in thunder. It has the highest threat level as a medium-sized monster.
There are relatively many requests for subduing gray tiger, and this guy is a familiar opponent that I have defeated many times. It’s no wonder that herbivore mechanics doesn’t seem that worried.
Thinking that the Old lady will leave soon, he begins to clean up the tools that were lined up around him.
However, I stopped such herbivore mechanic and asked for a favor.

「Haa… the tool to adjust the rifle’s iron sight, is it?」

What a faint reaction.

「Yeah, I’m thinking of doing the minute adjustment myself」

To my explanation, he answered, “I don’t mind” as he tilted his head

「Practice range for long-distance magic attacks. I would gladly help if you go there though?」

A training ground for Knights on the north side of the Royal capital.
I used to go there with herbivore mechanic when I was riding the Old lady for the first time.

「I would like to, but no thanks」

I gently declined.
Certainly, it would be easier if someone could confirm the point of impact. The adjustments will also be accurate and prompt.
However, that is the case of normal long-range attack magic. What I’m trying to do this time is precise aiming at a very long distance.
It won’t be visible with the binoculars herbivore mechanic owned.
The herbivore mechanic, who was convinced, immediately prepared the tools.

「I’ll be borrowing this, okay?」

I gently stowed it into the small luggage compartment on the old lady’s waist and set off.
I headed north to the mountainous areas. Following through the highway to the north.
Soon the surroundings become quiet and the roads continue to climb uphill.
When I entered the mountainous area completely, I could no longer see any houses.

(It was also around here when I fought against heavy stone golem huh)

It was full of snow then, but it’s all gone now. Only the ones on top of the mountain remained.
By the way, stone golems and clay golems around here seem to have been hunted by the Knights of the adventurer guild.
It’s also a losing battle this time. It seems the price jumps of resources will continue for some time.

(Subjugation is easier than hunting since you don’t have to search for it)

While thinking of such a thing, I took up the hill with a good overview and scanned the area self importantly.
However, I couldn’t find any of them.

(Well… that being said, I guess it’s not that easy to spot one huh)

I increased the visual magnification of the Old lady and observed the surface of the mountain far away. And then I found a shade with a different color from the surroundings.

(That will do, I think)

The distance I have never aimed at.
I magnified the visual sense of Old lady to the maximum.

(The air is shaking)

What is projected on my mind is the image of a dark rock that fluctuates freely beyond the iron sight.

(A haze huh)

There might be a temperature difference in the air between this place and the target.
The greater the distance, the greater it is.
The appearance of the shade fluctuates greatly. It’s like an image projected on a fluttering curtain.
It is a problem before the accuracy of the iron sight.

(Is this the limit of optical sight?)

Even if the magic attack reaches the target, there’s no point if it doesn’t hit.
What I have in mind is something like a sniper that keeps my position hidden from a great distance.

(My magic capacity and magic operation ability can’t do anything to the heat haze)

I took some minutes to think about measures. the slim face of herbivorous mechanic appeared in my mind.

(If I can’t do anything about it myself, then should I just as someone to do it for me?)

Herbivore mechanic has vast knowledge about Knights and weapons compared to me.
An actual expert.

(Let’s consult this problem to herbivore mechanic later)

Without wasting any more time, I moved on to the next subject.

(How much magic power would be suitable to put into)

It was the examination for that.
I have set the required prerequisite.
That is a very long shooting range that won’t uncover the shooter location, or where even if discovered, the enemy can’t do anything about it since it’s far away.
Also, the power required to make an A-class Knight night incapable of fighting in a single blow.
These two.

(Let’s try with the amount equals to one E rank magic for now)

I activated the magic and poured it into the cane rifle as it is.
Shooting without any adjustments, the magic missile dissipated in the air before it reached its target, the dark rock.

(It didn’t reach)

This is the first time I experienced this.
This time, using magic operation, I focused on the distance rather than power and poured in my magic power.
The once again launched magic missile landed at a great distance from the target and created a small amount of dust around it.

(Now it lacked power)

Unfortunately, the E rank magic does not seem to have enough magic strength.
I squinted my eyes and made up my mind.

(This isn’t a situation where I can be stingy. Let’s pour the maximum capacity of magic I can pour at the moment)

I activated D-rank magic and poured it into the cane rifle as it is.
At the level of utility, then this is the limit. If I use C-rank magic, it will be too much to control and cause the hell diver bee’s nest incident.

(First is the shooting range. I want to know what happens if it’s shaken with maximum power)

I manipulated the flow of magic power and distributed it as unbalanced as I could.
With a rough aim, magic missile was launched.
A small crater appeared on the rock surface that was largely off the dark outcrop which was my initial target.

(…Well, something like this, I guess. Next is the firepower)

This time, the range and power, I adjusted the ratio to about 50:50 and poured the magic.
I don’t know the details about A-class Knight defense capabilities.
If I was allowed to recreate hell diver bee’s nest tragedy, I can easily do it using C-rank magic.
However, such a mean is absolutely rejected.

(If a knight of the merchant guild can blow away all of the Knights of the Empire along with their encampment in one shot, I won’t be able to live a peaceful life)

My purpose is to maintain my current life.
Overdoing things is no good, is what I learned from the incidents that caused my ban from entering stores

(Let’s call it a day then shall we)

After trying to balance the power and range to some extent, I set the ratio used for actual battle. All that’s left was to return to the Royal capital.
By the way, the request has been completed.
Surprised by the long-range magic attack, the gray tiger appeared. Of course, I didn’t let it escape.
I turned the Old lady and headed for the highway.
After going out on the highway, I checked the roadside.

(Carriage that passing by is… none huh)

I started running south on the highway with the Old Lady’s hovering movement.
In this season from spring to early summer, the sun took a long time to fall.
During winter, the sky didn’t turn red even though it’s time when the day should’ve gone dark.
When the sunset finally began to appear, the Old lady returned to the royal capital.
After giving a report at the merchant guild, I immediately went to herbivore mechanic to bring the talk from before.

「It’s Tauro-san only way to attack after all」

The herbivore mechanic nodded.
He knew well that long-range magic attacks are my lifeline. And this is a problem concerning the important aspect of it, the aim.

「If I remember correctly, I think there is a magic that could interfere with light spirits. The problem is, what kind of instructions that would be given to the spirit」

After that, he began to mumble and talk to himself.
It is the usual appearance of herbivore mechanic.

「I’m going to think about it for a moment」

He must have remembered that I was still standing in front of him.
He said while laughing shyly, after showing expression of realization.

「I’m sorry for troubling you with this」

「No, it’s fine. I’m having stuck with other things anyway. Besides, it’s the mechanic’s responsibility to respond technically to the pilot’s request」

I feel nothing but thankful to him.
I left the matter to him and left the hangar quietly.




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