Chapter 134 part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Royal capital, early in the afternoon.
I am now in the noble district near the royal castle along with the guild master.
The guild master invited me to go out and play with him.
He didn’t say it out loud, but it might have something to do with getting angry at me about the thing with Herbivore mechanic the other day.
I can feel him being considerate.

「It’s truly a great mansion, isn’t it?」

I looked into the mansion from outside the gate and sighed.
It feels like a mansion of a great aristocrat.
No wonder, we’re around the noble district right now. I just went along with him and arrived here, but I wonder if he had some business around here.

「This place is a brothel」

Perhaps noticing my gaze, the guild master opened his mouth.


I was surprised and looked around.
This place is definitely the noble district, not the red-light district.

「There are some….circumstances. And the nobles around here have been… expelled, just the other day」

「…I see」

The guild master explained that the mansion, property, everything, was confiscated and the servants were fired.
Unfortunately, their unpaid wages remained unpaid.
And it seems that many of the servants didn’t have any money on their hands. It seems that they spent most of their money on remittances to their parents’ house.

「Let alone returning home, it’s not even enough to afford the meals for that day」

When the butler and the head maid appealed to the country to help them from such an unfortunate condition, it seems they were told,

『A month, you can use the mansion freely as you want. During that time, make the money needed for your needs by yourself』

「That’s quite harsh」

The guild master shrugged his shoulders.

「I don’t want to know nor do I care about what will happen to the servants of a crushed noble house. That’s what they were probably thinking」

「Wouldn’t it be better to run away with the valuables and sell it off later?」

The guild master shook his head and then gazed at the entrance to the mansion.
At the end of that gaze, were two figures armed with spears.

「There are guards here. If they were discovered doing such an act, they won’t get away with their lives」

He looked back at me and continued.

「However, they also have no way of doing trades. Probably only the manservants who can do such a thing on a daily basis」

After hearing that much, even I could guess what happened.

「And that’s why they temporarily opened a brothel with the maids that are having a hard time working outside, is it?」

But something about that explanation doesn’t sit well with me.
In this world, women of brothels is a popular occupation. In other words, the higher the quality, the higher the competition rate will be.
I wonder if a woman who has not undergone any training and just had their first debut will attract any customers.

「They will, if it’s only for a short time」

The guild master gave his opinion.

「Just think about it. It’s a real maid who works in the mansion of a noble. And those maids right now are having financial troubles, so they opened a brothel for only a limited time」

He looked at me, grinning.

「How is it? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It has enough appeal to attracts dilettante customers, at least」

Now that he said it, that’s true.
“For a limited time only! A real maid’s hospitality event”
The ring of it does have the power to pull the heart of commoners like me.

(As expected from the guild master of a merchant guild. He’s good at this kind of thing)

Impressed by him, I shook my head up and down.

「Let’s go right away!」

The guild master laughed at my words that contained excitement.
After that, we passed through the gates, down the circular carriage driveway, and head for the entrance.
The goblin old man, I mean, the guild master led the way in high spirit.
While following his back, I decided to talk to him.

「I didn’t see anything like a signboard but, can they really pull in customers this way?」

I’ve been looking around, but I couldn’t find the signboard or anything like that.

「This kind of thing has something like a membership system. Those who in certain positions will be informed by the country about this」

I was convinced when he told me so.
They have been given permission to use the confiscated mansion with everything in it to work and earn money for themselves. If they welcomed anyone, even those who had an unknown background as a customer, a case of theft might happen frequently.
They probably classified the customers to prevent that.

(So they won’t even open the door for us, huh)

We arrived at the entrance with a heavy-looking door, but the men on both sides of the door did not seem to move.
It seems that they were only assigned to guard and nothing else.
I put my strength to open the door and passed through it with the guild master.
Beyond the door was the entrance hall.
The marble floor was polished with black and white checks. The pillars and walls are opalescent marble, which softly reflects the sunlight coming in through the windows.

(This is a magnificent structure right here)

While leaking out a sigh of wonder, I looked up to the ceiling to the point my neck hurts.
Urged by the guild master, we then went deeper inside.

「Ah, the members of the merchant guild, correct? Welcome」

A butler-like gentleman with gray hair straightened with oil bowed his head.
Rather than butler-like, this gentleman was probably a full-blown butler already.
At his signal, a figure of someone goes out from the back. She is a thin woman in her mid-fifties dressed in an elegant maid uniform.
She is also quite tall for a woman. Wearing a stern atmosphere, she has the air of a head maid.

(It can’t be that she’s the one who’s going to accompany us, right?)

I involuntarily knitted my eyebrows and stared at the head maid’s laugh lines.

「There is no need to worry. Since I’m not the one who will be accompanying the gentlemen here」

She said in a business tone. Apparently it’s all written all over my face.
I ended up averting my gaze awkwardly.
The head maid who doesn’t seem to mind about it started to explain.

「Please feel free to spend three hours at the end of this corridor however you like it」

She pointed at the back of the corridor with her palm.
There, I could see the light from the courtyard.

「You can do anything to anyone who wears a maid uniform. However, if they’re with a customer, please speak with the customer first about it」

I nodded.
They seem to have some degree of freedom instead of limiting it to one-on-one play. It is the same as the End of the century brothel.
Seemingly to pay right away, the guild master took out some gold coins.

「I certainly received the payment for two people」

I bowed my head to him because it seems he also paid for my part.
Guided by the head maid, we proceed down the corridor.
Beyond it was a courtyard, surrounded by square-shaped buildings.

「Well then. Please enjoy your time here」

As we listened to the head maid behind us, we stepped into the courtyard.

「Hee…. it’s quite peaceful, isn’t it?」

Several groups of customers were enjoying tea time at an open cafe with the maids.
The maids were blushing as they endured the customers’ teasing such as touching and flipping their skirts.
Some of the customers even went as far as burying their faces between the knee of the maids, trying to get the maids to service them, but it’s still pretty peaceful from the way I see it.

(Even though they use the same system, it has a different feeling from the End of the century brothel)

While that place is a violent one where the customers would attack anyone that caught their eyes.
This place is more of a peaceful one.
To dye the maid’s face in embarrassment by putting their hands and moving their fingers inside the skirt. They enjoyed seeing the maid’s reaction from below while grinning.
It’s not about which place is better. It’s more like which place suits your personal taste more.

(And if you want to do it, you bring them in a separate room, huh?)

From the back of the door facing the corridor, I can hear a squeaking sound and moans.
So you went there if you want to let some out.
First of all, to observe the situation, I decided to go around the courtyard along the corridor.

「Why are you always like this!?」

「I’m terribly sorry」

I heard such voices from the back of the corner.
I silently took a peek, and what I saw was a linen closet.
Inside, a young woman in a maid uniform was lying down in front of a man who seemed to be a customer. And there were several towels scattered around on the floor.

「Come here! I will punish you」

A chubby man, who was a little younger than me, kneeled down and hit the maid’s butt from on top of her skirt.
A pashin sound and the squealing voice of the maid that doesn’t contain any pained feeling echoed.

(A master punishing his clumsy maid… it’s that kind of setting, huh)

I decided to observe the situation a bit more while nodding softly.
The chubby youngster loosen his cheeks and swung his hand again. His nostrils were wide open and his eyes were smiling.

「Take this!」

「Please forgive me, master!」

That’s quite a high sense of realism. I started wondering if the maid was actually being punished for real.

(Well, as long as they’re having fun then everything’s okay, I guess)

I looked at my hand. After imagining the feeling from that soft and thick hip when I hit it, I nodded.
After that, I wandered around some more while watching how the other customers were doing.

(All in all, everyone here were doing it very softly)

That’s my impression
There were no cases such as a scream that echoed throughout the courtyard.
It was so quiet that it’s hard to believe that this place is a brothel.
This was one fresh experience for me. Once again, I have broadened my knowledge.

(Now then, I guess it’s time for me to get into action)

I looked around, and spotted a maid that was doing some cleaning at the edge of the courtyard. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be dealing with a customer currently.
When I came closer to her and took a look, she’s a small breasted freckled girl with long bangs that covers her eyes and neat appearance.

(Let’s pick this girl)

She’s a type of woman that you won’t see very often in a brothel, that’s why it’s very refreshing.
I went around behind her and put my right hand on her butt from top of her skirt
She was surprised, but she didn’t resist.
I pointed my middle finger out and slid my hand up and down.

(Since this is a rare chance, let’s show the people here how good my technique is)

To make the freckled long bangs maid climaxed by only stroking her butt with one hand.
If I can do that, I’ll definitely become the center of attention.
I am also a human in the end. Sometimes, I want to feel good from bragging.

(Magic eyes, activate!)




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