Chapter 137



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A private room on the second floor of Cionne.
The girl from the sideline, her mother, and me were sitting on the sofa set in that room.
On the table were the drinks that had been delivered earlier, and we can start the play anytime.
Maybe because of the nervousness, the mother kept sipping the lemon tea.

(I see, I see)

I broke into a smile when I looked at them.
Both of them were dressed like a motor show companion but, the daughter is slender and the mother is glamorous.
I don’t know whether it was purposely arranged, but both of them have the same medium long straight hair.
In terms of age, she was quite far from what I would call a young wife.
But, as expected from this girl’s mother. She has a lovely face and good style.
And she’s an amateur on top of that, so my expectations just increased.

「My mom has no experience in this line of work. That’s why she might not be very good at it, so please forgive her, okay?」

The mother looks apologetically, to her daughter who worriedly said so.

「It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about it. I still requested for bronze badge despite knowing that after all」

I smiled and answered gently.
They might not understand, but the fact that the mother is an amateur scored a high point in my opinion.

「Well then, let’s get started shall we? Please show your mother the rope, okay?」

「Un, leave it to me!」

While I was lying on top of the bed like the letter 大 , the mother began servicing me amateurishly while being instructed by her daughter.
The daughter’s instruction also came with a demonstration so the pleasant feeling was doubled.

「Mom. You should be more… gentler on the way back too, like this」

「Like this?」

To receive an oral attack from both sides, what a bliss.
Since I wanted to get inside soon, I put the mother on her back and the daughter on top of her, facing down.
I decided to have the daughter who’s a pro as my first partner.


A small cutely moan resounded.
After activating my magic eye and seeing their light circulation, I found out that the mother’s light intensified when I moved back and forth several times.

「Hmm~ Mother-san, did you get turned on after seeing your daughter’s working figure?」

To my words, the mother’s face turned bright red and faced away in denial.
It really made me thrilled.

「Really~? Then what’s the meaning of this here?」

I moved from the daughter’s room to the mother’s on the lower floor below.
Far from warm, the welcome was passionately hot.
Since we’re at it, let’s mislead her using the Astral Sword.

「Ack–! Hahh–! Kuu–!」

The mother was letting out pained moans.
Astral Sword is one of my favorite techniques. I can virtualize it to any length by cladding myself in astral body.
I set it just a little bit longer this time.

「Come on, mother-san. If you don’t try harder, this thing will get inside your daughter again, you know~? I think this depth is a little bit too much for her though~」

Of course, I’m not actually intending to use the astral sword on the daughter.
A mother that tried her best for her daughter’s sake. I just want to fulfil my vugar desire to taste that.

(Ohhh–!! It’s getting tighter~!)

The feeling of her trying her best to somehow handle it herself was transmitted to me through my crotch.
I decided to bully this amateur mom a little more.

「Ah! Just a bit more, a little bit more, mother-san」

I was making an expression as if I was at my limit. Of course, it was just an act.
And then, I thrust her weak spot that I’ve confirmed with my magic eyes while maintaining my acting.

「Fuu, Fuu…」

Her breathing became rougher. She’s trying her best to do something about me and lessen the burden of her daughter for even just a bit.
That reaction is very pleasant.
But since I want to slowly enjoy this moment, I don’t intend to be satisfied just yet.
Ton ton, I kept hitting her key points and let the mother came for the first time.

「What a shame… It was just a little more. Well, I guess I’ll have your daughter do it instead」

Just when I tried to leave the mother’s room.
She managed to put her strength to stop me from entering her daughter’s room, even though she just came.
That clinging sensation wasn’t bad in itself.
However, such power cannot hold me. I quickly visited the daughter’s room on the upper floor.

(This one is also hot. It seems there’s a part of her that reacted after seeing the figure of her mother who was writhing in agony below her)

As expected from a parent and child.
Even though I went inside her mother and left her open for a while, it didn’t get any colder, and even had an excellent reaction.
Then, just as I made the daughter let out a sound, the mother that had recovered threw a plea.

「Please, not my daughter…」

She must have thought that the astral sword from earlier entered her daughter too.


I silenced the mother with the astral sword that I activated for only an instant.
And then I began tasting the daughter again.
However, the mother was unexpectedly strong. She immediately pleaded to me whenever the damage was fading.
I stopped her breath with a deep thrust every time that happened, but she never gave up.


Having some doubts, I used my magic eye to observe the mother again.

(As I thought)

A yellow color shone brightly deep inside her.

(It feels so good she’s craving for it, huh)

She was so persistent, so I thought that might be the case but, to think I was right.

(As expected from a mother)

The inside of the daughter doesn’t feel that good. But her mother was different. Her inner part seemed to be her best selling point.
This might be due to the difference in experience.

「My daughter… Please spare my daughter」

There’s a hint of starvation on the mother’s face who said such a thing
It was only a farce when she said she wanted me to spare her daughter. When in actuality she wanted me for herself.
When I tried to dive deep deep inside her as a test, the mother lets out a sharp joyful voice.

「Mom, you perverted」

The daughter said with a sulky tone and pinched the rich hills in front of her.


My thrusts attack, her daughter’s words, and the stimulus just now must have been the trigger.
Her body grandly bent backward and trembled as she let out a loud scream.

(This mother was a jackpot)

That violent silliness makes me thirst.

(Tonight’s gonna be fun)

I showed a vulgar smile on my face and began to enjoy it to my fullest.


The stage moves to a post town in the midpoint between Land barn and Awoke.
The camp of the Empire’s expeditionary forces that came to invade the Kingdom was located in this town.
The Marquis had finished his preparations and left Land barn.
The town had fallen without a fight, and since the Kingdom had set their defense line in Awoke, there were no battles occurring at all.

「How is the Kingdom side moving?」

In one of the rooms of an inn that has been confiscated, a woman with pilot badge on her collar asked.
She was in her mid twenties, and the ones that stood behind the marquis when he visited the margrave.

「Currently, they are in the middle of building up their defences. There doesn’t seem to be any changes」

A C-class Knight who went to reconnaissance. Its pilot, who was still young, reported while being fascinated.
The sub-commander has a dignified atmosphere, and although her expression was stiff, her features are beautiful.
Her long black hair that extends to her back was straight and shiny, it reflected the interior lighting lustrously.
It would be impossible to tell people not to fall in love with her.

「Is that so, good work」

She was aware of what the young pilot is thinking, but still answered with a business like tone.
This kind of situation is an everyday occurrence. She deemed it was unnecessary to pay it any mind for each and every time.
Her position was the sub-command of the expeditionary force.
His commander, the marquis, wasn’t a pilot. Instead, she takes command of the battlefield with her A-class Knight, in his stead.

(The Kingdom has lost a big portion of its strength. It is no wonder if there’s no change in their movement)

She would love to begin attacking before its defense got sturdier, but unfortunately their side also wasn’t ready yet.
It will take some more time for all of their Knights to arrive.

(Including mine, there’s four units of A-class Knights huh)

It’s the number of the imperial knight order’s A-class Knights that was incorporated into the expeditionary force.

(It’s not bad)

She floated a face of a pilot as she thought.
She was widely known as a genius in the imperial knight order.
There are also some voices saying that she might become the new knight commander in the future. If that happens, she will be the first female knight commander in the imperial knight order.

(And then there are thirty six units of B-class Knights, and ten units of C-class Knights)

She reviewed the strategy in her head.

(If push comes to shove, we could also request the assistance of the rose knights. Count Rosehip and his excellency the marquis, both of them might be unwilling to do it though)

It was a pity that lord grim reaper was pulled back to switch with the expeditionary force.

(He must’ve hate to be involved in the discord between the margrave and the marquis)

She smiled.
For her, the promotion race between the margrave and the marquis didn’t matter at all.
What she needs is victory and achievements. With that, she would climb up the stairs to become the knight commander of the imperial knight order.
And for that, there might be a situation where she have to make them compromise.

(I will have you listen to me)

The light of confidence shone in her eyes.
The marquis wanted a person with the best talent possible as his sub commander.
So he invited her in a low profile.
He intends to listen to what she has to say regarding the matter of battle as his sub-commander.

「Sub commander, there’s me here, so how about taking a break?」

As if to be considerate, a young man working in the same room suggested to her.
He has a well-structured face with soft, wavy hair. He’s a good-looking guy with a slightly sweet feeling.
On his chest was a pilot badge. Moreover, it showed that he was riding an A-class knight, the same as her, the sub-commander.

(Right, I could certainly use some rest)

She certainly felt that she was working too hard.
Preparations for the upcoming battle were going well. It would be better to call it a day and take a rest.
She thought so and stood up.

「I’ll leave the rest to you」

She told the handsome young man and went out into the hallway.
This inn is a two-story building with the first floor made of stone and the second floor made of wood. There were little decorations, and it looks lonely.
There were other inns, but there’s a reason she chose this particular one.

(The bath is good)

On a battlefield in which time to relax is next to none, what was important for her was a place to take a breather like this.
After she returned to her room and finished preparing, she went down to the first floor, and opened the door to a large public bath at the back of the inn.
After taking off her clothes in the dressing room, she entered the bath.

(There’s no one here huh)

There were a lot of other female pilots living in the same inn, but they were all still working. So it’s reserved for her now.
The floors and walls were made from black stones, only the ceiling was made of wood. Compared to the appearance of the inn, it was nice and spacious.
She washed her body before entering the bathtub.

(This bath is quite something)

She breathed out heavily.
This bathtub has a depth of about 1 meter. There were no other baths with this kind of depth.

(Though at first I fell down and almost drowned in the bathtub because of the unexpected depth)

She laughed as she recalled that.
She then sat down on the step made of stone in the bathtub and thoroughly enjoyed the bath.


Awoke, a city located between Land barn and the Royal capital.
The size of this city was slightly larger than that of Land barn.
And right now, in Awoke, there is a command center to deal with the Imperial expeditionary force.
On the west side of Awoke, a moat that would be used as a defense facility by the Knights were being excavated.

『Why do I have to do this kind of labor!?』

A C-class Knight was digging a ditch with a tool that looks like hoe. Although it was said as a B-class Knight, it was actually a C-class.
A forty-five year old man in the cockpit was sighing.
Yes, he was the former pilot of adventurer guild. The reason he deliberately used the external sound system was probably because he wanted someone to hear him out.
The nearby Knights completely ignored him and continued their work silently.

『It was because I want to fight, I entered this Knight order!』

To the complaints that had been continuing for a while, one of the Knights that was working with him finally snapped.

『How noisy! If you have the time to complain, you better use it to keep working!』

The one who raised her voice from the cockpit of the same C-class Knight was a female pilot with a ponytail as her trademark.

『Even though last time you made a fuss about how you will die if you were sent to fight as is, and now you want them to let you fight? Make up your mind!』

『That time I said I wished they let me ride another Knight than the C-class ones!』

『If so, then pile up as many achievements as you could so you can ride one! Don’t just say whatever you want when you can’t even do well in this kind of simple construction work』

Ponytail was not dissatisfied with her current position.
She has accumulated various things to reach her current position. She needs to keep stacking in order to climb the ranks within the knight order. That’s what she thought.
Her purity was different from the old man who was still clinging to the fact that he was a pilot of a B-class Knight.
The old man turned off the external sound system and turned his back on Ponytail’s Knight.

「Damn cheeky brat」

He would’ve made her behave with his strength and body if not for the fact they’re both riding a Knight right now.
If fighting between Knights broke, there’s no doubt they would be sent into the warehouse straight away.
The old man stretched his back and continued his excavation work while kept complaining alone in the one-seat cockpit.




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