Chapter 140



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The plaza located at the center of the Royal Capital.
Facing its east side is a three-floor building. That is the Merchant Guild.
The first two floors are made of stone while the third is made of wood. The frontage is the widely popular oblong shape.
And the roof is a slate roof built in a hipped roof fashion.
In place of an intimidating or extravagant air, it gave off an air of friendliness and practicality.

「Sale of potions please」

At the counter on the first floor, I lined up the potions I took out from my bag in front of The Tough-looking Old Man.
They number twenty.

「Allow me to check it then」

This is an interaction between us that has come to be like routine work.
Regardless, The Tough-looking Old Man does not hold back on the inspection. As expected of one of the candidates for the future Guild Master.

「Ohh Tauro-kun, so you have come」

As I was waiting, the Guild Master’s voice came from the back.
I can see the Guild Master’s small body from the gap between the desks.

「Can you come by if you have time on your way back later?」

I only have plans for Oyakodon later so I have plenty of leeway.
I replied saying that I will drop by immediately after the potions have been delivered.

「Please excuse me」

After receiving payment, I knocked and entered the Guild Master’s office on the third floor.

「Sorry for disturbing you when you were busy」

It is a rare occurrence that there is no one around except the Guild Master.
Inviting me to sit down, I sit facing the lounge suite.
With the tea personally made by him in front of me, he started talking in a different tone.

「There is an army of Empire forces standing by at the opposite end of Auwalk. It seems like they have started retreating」

He has obtained information regarding the movement of the Empire.

「It seems like this is not temporary. They are heading not for Landbarn but for the Empire itself after all」

The forces from the Empire have been sniped despite being on home ground and they have lost several A-rank Knights. And before we talk about counterattacking, they did not even try to grasp who the enemy is.
They probably decided not to fight anymore. It seems like my plan succeeded.
While looking at me nodding silently, the Guild Master continued to speak.

「I don’t know the exact details. But I do know something. Which is why I will say this」

I felt my heart tinge when I heard those words.
Is he going to talk about the sniping by Old Lady?

(Don’t tell me he is firing me)

Even though I trust him, nervousness and worry still spread throughout my heart.

「……Thank you. I am glad that Tauro-kun is with this nation」

The Guild Master stretched out his right hand as he smiled gently. He is probably hoping for a handshake.
With that expression and action, my stiffened heart began to soften.

「Well, how do I say this. I am honored by your words」

Grasping his hand, I shook it while blushing a little.
The Guild Master did not bring up anything else regarding this matter.

「The noble’s building is open again today」

The wiped out nobles. Their employees are facing distress thus their brothel is only open at times.
I recalled the maid play a few days ago.
They are not at a point where they are exquisite but they are something that can only be relished during this season. They are probably open for this month.

「Will you be going?」

It is an invitation just as I expected.
The Oyakodon will not run away. I can leave that for later.

「I’ll be glad to」

Our eyes met and we burst into laughter.
I think from the bottom of my heart that I am blessed with an excellent superior.

「Alright, we shall head off」

The goblin-like Guild Master with a small build jumped down from his chair.
His unique trait is his ability to act quickly.

「But there seems to be quite a lot of these wiped-out houses. Are those called nobles like this?」

「No, it is special this time. It is not something that is frequent」

At that point, the Guild Master looked up at me and said proudly.

「The one today is amazing you know! A great noble that has connections with the royal family! A duchess you know!」

「……What happened to them for them to be wiped out」

Rather than great noble, they are an existence that is closest to the royal family.
They are totally different from the likes of barons and viscounts. There should be a change in the graph of influence in the noble society.

「A lot happened, a whole lot」

With a light gait that is unlike his age, he descended the staircase.
It seems like he has no intention of going into it in detail. So I switched to a different topic.

「By the way, Guild Master, are you aiming for the Head Maid again today? How about a young one for a change」

The Guild Master glanced up at me, he lightly shook his head from left to right.

「To not know why that woman is good, it seems like you still have a long way to go Tauro-kun. She’s good cause she has those white hair mixed down there」

「……I see, is that how it is」

We conversed like this as we went out of the Merchant Guild.
We then flagged a golem carriage and headed for the noble district.

After the Guild Master and Tauro left together to buy women at the Duke’s house.
The fierce-looking middle-aged man is still continuing his work on the first floor of the Merchant Guild.

(I am jealous)

I also want to go to a noble’s mansion and have fun even if it is just once.
Getting a maid that has undergone formal training to kneel down and serve you. That is a wonderful experience to have no doubt.
However, he could not tell them to bring him along.
The Noble’s Mansion, a brothel that is open temporarily, is one that only the chosen ones can go to.
When it comes to the Merchant Guild, it is a must to have the Guild Master or the Vice-Guild Master accompany you.
If he wants to go, he must do deeds that will make them invite him.

(Alright, let’s give it my best)

He scribbled away as he took a sip of cold coffee.
Just then, a young female employee called out to him.

「Supervisor, do you have a moment?」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man nodded and urged her to continue.

「Please tell me the workshop that is making the potions that Supervisor is handling」

「The reason?」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man knitted his eyebrows.
There is no mistaking that this is about Tauro. He is an important person to the Merchant Guild, in terms of a potion-maker and a pilot.
He himself also owes Tauro a lot for things such as the Holy City incident.
He would not tell the person unless the person has a very convincing reason or is of a considerable rank.

「Yes. The merchant over there wants to know」

When he glanced over at the counter, there is a young merchant standing there. From the looks of it, he is a novice.


There is no need to even think about it.

「But! He seems to be troubled」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man sighed.
This young female employee is the daughter of his superior. If memory serves, he is working as the chief at a nearby branch.

(There is no helping it, it will be bad if she bad-mouths me at home)

He stood up from his seat and headed for the counter.
The troubled novice merchant. He decided to ask about the merchant’s troubles.

「Are you troubled with something?」

A mild teenager that seems to be in a daze.

「Yes, one of my current trades is not going well」

「Oh my, I see. By the way, regarding the matter of you wanting to know about the potion workshop」

「Yes! That is it」

The teenager’s eyes sparkled.

「The potions that are handled here. Many of them are of high ranks and are continuously being supplied to the market. There is nothing like them」

The supervisor nodded in satisfaction at those words.
It is a rare opportunity to be able to handle high-rank potions daily. This is one point he is proud of.

「Knowing this, please tell me the workshop that is supplying these potions」

「What will you do after you know about that?」

The teenager had a slightly surprised look. He continued by saying do you not understand?

「I will trade it of course」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man frowned.
He has become unable to understand what this teenager is thinking.
When he kept silent, the teenager excitedly continued.

「I will buy it at a higher price than the price here and put a low price on them, they will no doubt sell」

「Is that alright?」

In his head, he tried his best to hold back the feelings he wanted to add to his words.
The teenager took those words as is, puffing out his chest, he boasted proudly.

「It is alright. I do business on my own so my expenses are very little. There are no problems even if the profit margin is somewhat reduced」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man shook his head from left to right.
He feels like he is at his limit even though the conversation could still continue.

「I am sorry but I cannot tell you」

At first, the teenager was shocked at those words, he then let out a smile as if he got the meaning behind those words.

「As expected of the Merchant Guild. This is about information not being free right」

I understand, he said as he took out his Merchant Guild card.

「So how much do I have to pay for you to sell me the information」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man, whose head was starting to hurt, he used his hand to support his temple and forced his voice out.

「I cannot sell it to you」

The teenager tilted his head in shock.

「But this is the Merchant Guild right?」

「That is correct」

「Isn’t your job to support merchants?」

「That is within an area of my job scope」

「I am a merchant you know?」

Here, he said, as he thrust the said guild card in front of The Tough-looking Old Man’s eyes. It is F-rank.
He seems to be proud.

「How is it? Do you understand now?」

「What should I understand?」

「That you have the obligation to tell me」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man’s shoulders were shaking.
This is his limit. If this conversation continued any longer, he would yell right then and there.
Trying his best to restrain himself, he formed a stiff smile.

「I cannot tell you」

It took all he had to say those words.
The teenager drooped his shoulders, unsatisfied. He showed no signs of realizing that The Tough-looking Old Man is on the verge of exploding.

「I understand. I will not ask for you anymore. Thank you」

He sensed unhappiness from those refined words.
But doing business with customers is not something to boast about.
He returned to his seat and sighed.


He saw a squatting figure of a person working away in front of the shared cabinet.
It is the young female employee earlier.
As the compartments storing important documents are locked with magic, she could only open a portion of it.

「What are you doing」

「I am searching for information regarding the trading location」

「For what reason?」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man certainly heard the pulsation of the veins at his temple.

「I am searching since Supervisor does not want to tell him」

She said in an unfriendly tone with her cheeks puffed.
The supervisor finally exploded.
She who was on the receiving end of his yell knelt down and started to cry, attracting attention from the surroundings.
But The Tough-looking Old Man did not stop, he scolded her endlessly.
She did not appear at her workplace for days after that.

A week later, she appeared together with her father. By the way, her father is the chief of the Merchant Guild’s Eastern branch.

「I apologize for the inconvenience caused」

This was the words from her father.
He repeatedly lowered his head with a pack of what seems to be crackers mixed with river shrimp in his hand.
On the other hand, she fearlessly sat down in front of the sofa of the retired Vice-Guild Master.

「As I expected, I am not suited for jobs that deal with merchants who garner hate from people」

That was the first thing she said.
Even as he is bewildered, the Vice-Guild Master stroked the white beard he is proud of and replied calmly.
That figure was just like Santa Claus.

「Trading is certainly not an action that garners hatred」

「Is that so, I do not think so」

She looked at Santa with sharp eyes.

「If one is able to get something at a low price then isn’t it fine for them to sell it at a low price too. Everyone is troubled because of shortage, you know? Why would you increase the price」

She shouted with heightened emotions.

「The same goes for money! They are saying that they will return it for sure so isn’t it fine to lend it to them! Even though you will graciously lend to rich people, why would you not lend to those who are truly troubled!」

Her father beside her, his existence getting smaller, looked down.

「I want to work as someone who will benefit the world so I shall resign」

She showed no signs of uncertainty.
The Vice-Guild Master accepted it without dissuading her.
As he gazed at the figure of the leaving parent and child duo, Santa sighed.

「She declared that the Merchant Guild does not benefit the world」

The fierce-looking middle-aged man had a bitter expression when he heard those words.
Within his vision lies her father that turned back several times and lowered his head repeatedly. On the other hand, his daughter does not care at all.

「The branch chief is someone who does his work sincerely. What in the world did she see in her father’s work growing up」

「Who knows」

Santa only replied as such to The Tough-looking Old Man’s words.
The news came after a few days.
It seems like she was recruited as the Adventurers’ Guild’s receptionist.
Hearing this, The Tough-looking Old Man thought.

(The jobs of the Adventurers’ Guild are closer to death than those of the Merchant Guild. It will be fine if she does not inconvenience the clients and the adventurers with her attitude)

Just then, he shook his head and straightened his thoughts.
It is not something for him to worry from here on out. It is a problem between her and the Adventurers’ Guild.

(You will never know, she might have the aptitude for it and find huge success by being a receptionist)

The possibility is not zero.
However, the results appeared in the form of numbers several days later.
The people who have made requests to the Adventurers’ Guild for materials and ingredients. The Merchant Guild started to have orders from them all at once.
The fierce-looking middle-aged man did not ask for the reason.
The topic on the criticism for the rates of novice adventurers not returning also filled his ears.

(I am starting to get busy. I would really like to hire someone if that person is competent)

He only thought as such.
And so the Merchant Guild is also thriving today.



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