Chapter 146 Part 2



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(The masochism in him most likely awakened)

It is not something that I do not understand.
The complete defeat led to something awakening within the Death God.
I do not have such interests but it is probably not something that is rare.

(It may have been a case of him being unable to properly express his feelings which resulted in him saying it in that way)

But doubts started welling up inside of me at that moment.
The concierge in front of my eyes is the pro in this field. And what’s more, in his case, there is a super in front of first-class.
There is no way he would not have realized the realizations that someone of my caliber have made.

(Is it possible that this is not common in this world?)

While pondering about this possibility, I searched my mind for the previous brothels, my conversations with Corneal and the regular customers, the articles in the information magazines, and the like.
I then stumbled upon a shocking truth.

(……There is none. There is no such thing as SM play in this world. Not in the scope I know of at the very least)

Even the closest one is the Ponygirl of the Holy City.
The memory of abusing the wife in front of her husband by hitting her with a whip resurfaced in my mind.
However, even though that is similar, its direction is slightly different.
It is better to say that it is closer to a costume-play, one to make a human seem like a horse.

(This means that the culture of this world has not reached that level yet)

In this world where the selling of one’s spring is legal and a popular occupation.
This is probably why there is no development in plays involving warped tastes that are born out of the darkness of the people’s hearts.

(That is a possibility)

I nod.

(If that is the case, it is now that my cheat knowledge will come in handy)

Crossing my arms, I close my eyes, letting my conscious fall into deep thought.
The great predecessors in my previous world. Thinking back to their acts, I find one that fits the requirements.

(This is the first step. There is no need for a hard one)

It then slowly appears deep within my thoughts.

(I have found the answer)

I suddenly opened both of my eyes wide, immersing myself in the remaining feeling, my eyes met that of the concierge’s.

「Well then, will you listen to my thoughts」

The concierge coughed once and took out a memo and a pen from his breast pocket.
He then leaned on the table slightly and waited for my words.

The land that lies at the national border that is far North of the Royal Capital.
A single golem carriage was advancing along the endless streets of Pseudo-Acacia.
The wheels of the carriage that rolled on the stone pavements made a clip-clop sound.
Only a single person – a young merchant is sitting on the coachman seat. He gripped the small horse golem rein while he was lost in thought.

(That person will not tell me after all)

He is a soft young man who gave off an air like he was out of it.
What he had in his mind was the mysterious herbalist who resides in the Royal Capital.
Able to steadily produce potions of high ranks and what’s more – they have no difference in quality.
A famous existence that is well known among the merchants who handle potions.
Currently, the handling is being monopolized by the Merchant Guild at the Royal Capital.

(Why is it a no I wonder)

He sought information from the Merchant Guild, thinking that he would like to deal directly with that herbalist, but he was rejected.

(Is the Merchant Guild not there to aid merchants? It is just weird that they refused to tell me)

After he was refused, he headed for the workshop that is recognized as the best of the Kingdom.
It is the workshop run by professor Terumano who is a professor at the Royal Magic Academy.
If Tauro ever hears that name, he will most likely recall the incident that occurred when he just came to the Royal Capital.
The C-rank injury treatment medicine that lets out a faint red light.
The skinny young man with a crooked mouth, who was in the prime of his life, wanted to show that off and took the effort to bring it to the general purchase reception.

(Is he taking a break perhaps)

It was supposed to be purchased but he was chased away by the apprentices at the door.
In the end, the only thing that was able to be bought at the Royal Capital was the F-rank potions that were sold in cases at the alley.

(As expected, the Royal Capital is amazing)

Even such a merchandise sold well at the destination towns and villages.
It is due to the Royal Capital that started being known as the area that produces potions of superior quality.

(Even though I would have made a huge profit if I got my hands on that potion with this)

His shoulders dropped when he thought about the profit he could not get his hands on.
With such thoughts in his mind, he grabbed the reins while the golem carriage advanced under the sun that is high up in the sky.


A figure of an elderly walking on the street.
The young man got a weird feeling when he saw that figure.

(Where did that person come from, and where will that person go I wonder?)

He thought as such but there are no private houses in the surroundings that is in his view. Moving on foot at a place like this is clearly weird.

「What are you doing here old man?」

A tall and skinny old man dressed in dirty clothes.
An attire that is worn in the middle of winter even though the current season is early summer. The mantle tucked under his arm is, as one would expect, an item for winter.
He turns to face the young man when he hears the voice of the young man.

「Do you want to get on? I do not mind if it is anywhere up until the next town」

Leaving aside the capacity of the young man as a merchant, he is a kind man.
The smell of sweat so strong that made his nose twitch, that would make anyone think that the old man has not taken a bath for a long time. The old man realizes this but pays it no mind as he sits next to the young man.

「What is your name?」

The young man asks, but the old man does not answer.
After repeating many times of him asking and the old man replying, he comes to a realization.
The old man has not lost his wisdom, but he has lost his memories.

「Well, I will let you ride until the next town, Pseudo-Acacia. Let’s get help from the people of that nation after that」

The young man, who thought that the old man was pitiful, suggested as such.
By the way, the young man is not even a citizen of Pseudo-Acacia at all.
If it is the nation, they should be able to do something. He merely thought as such.
And so the next day, he handed over the old man to the garrison of Pseudo-Acacia.

「See you old man. Stay healthy」

The young man smiles as he waves his hand, the old man waves back.
The stout commanding officer who stood beside had a very annoyed expression on his face.

(Well then, I better do my best)

A servant who lives in and works at the mansion belonging to a great noble. He was born as a son of that servant.
Brought up in a gentle environment that was fenced off from the raging waves of society.
However, at a certain time, the situation made a drastic turn.
The house of the employee was wiped out and had stopped hiring everyone.

「Leave it to me」

His parents were worried as their income had been cut off.
He who convinced them took the money they entrusted him with and used it as capital to start up his business.
After earning money, he would return to his hometown and provide for his parents no matter what.

(Doing business should increase the amount of money I have though)

He thought like this but his profits did not rise at all.
His capital is continuously melting away bit by bit.

(It will be bad if things remain like this)

As expected, there are days when he could not sleep.
On the bed at an inn. That time that he passed with a feeling of dread in his heart. It is something that even he hates.

(I wonder if it will work out well if I go to the next town)

He shakes his head to drive off faintheartedness. He then began his trading journey once again.




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