Chapter 151



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A chic building in the red light district of the Royal capital which was built with the combination of white marble and bricks.
A silver letter of 『Jayanne』 was written moderately on the heavy-looking wooden door.
In a room on the second floor of this building, a battle between a human and a werewolf was occuring.

(This is difficult…)

Two people stood on the bed and faced each other.
Werewolf onee-san kept her hips low and her arms stretched out at chest level.
On the other hand, Tauro was standing casually. Looking at his opponent with a cool expression.

(It’s impossible to grab both of his wrist at the same time)

With a sweat on her forehead, the Werewolf onee-san said to herself.
A massage from Dr.Slime that could make one powerless in one touch.
She tried to seal it off but she was always repelled.

(Then, I have no choice but to attack where his hands wouldn’t be able to reach)

The man in front of her. She visualized the range in which those hands of his cover.
Every area above his knees was covered.

(Just where should I… Eh?)

Just as she was about to fall into despair, a flash ran through her and her eyes shone.
She found a clue to capture him and immediately visualize the image.

(This could work!)

Werewolf onee-san took a deep breath, lowered her posture, and leaped at his foot.

(That kind of thing!)

She tossed the hands that were coming from above using her hands from below.
Then, just like that, she continued with an explosive finishing tackle.
Gotten his knees taken out, Tauro plunged onto the bed face first.

(If the wrist is no good, then I just have to take his ankle!)

Werewolf onee-san stood up.
She quickly turned around and grabbed Tauro’s ankle while he was still lying on his stomach.

(With this, his arms can’t reach me)

She was positioned on Tauro’s feet.
And Tauro who fell on his stomach couldn’t reach her no matter how much he arched his back like a shrimp.


She pulled his ankles to both sides with a roar.
And then put one of her feet between the legs that was split open by force.
She then pressed the sole of her foot against the base and shook it violently.


The old man in his thirties let out a pitiful scream.
That technique of hers was called electric massage.

(This is way too evil no matter how much you think about it!)

I thought as I was still distraught about this situation that I hadn’t expected at all.
For a technique involved in the act of man and women, it was way too rough.

(Werewolf’s electric massage)

The vibration is like the vibrator used when placing concrete. If this continues, I have to cast a cure injury spell soon.

(Damn you–!!)

I grabbed the ankle anchored on my crotch with both of my hands.
Then I crushed the most bright part of the circulation of light in her.
This is the only thing I can do for now.

(Get off of me!)

I continue digging with a feeling close to praying.
After a few seconds, the fight will be over. Of course, with my defeat.
What floated in my mind was me, unable to move and keep leaking out bodily fluid. Just like a frog that got hit by a car.

(I did it!)

What a luck.
Her leg finally got off from my vital spot.
Unable to withstand the stimulus on her ankle, she gave up keeping up with her technique.
I trashed both of my legs with all my might, and managed to release the restraint on both of my ankles. I run on all fours to the end of the bed.
When I turned my head and looked behind, Werewolf onee-san was sitting still.
She held her right ankles while frowning.

(No, it wasn’t luck. It was a miss on her part huh?)

The winner was just about to get decided.
If I hadn’t hit her ankle, she would’ve won if she continued to step on me.
Werewolf onee-san is at a level where she can recover after a short break. Me, on the other hand, would’ve lost my consciousness.

(How dare she… She done it now)

A sadistic feeling that was close to anger surged from within me.
Black bikini onee-san sat while still holding her ankle.
When I looked at the delta zone of her crotch, I was convinced of my victory.

(That position… that’s not a position you should show in front of the master of electric massage, you know?)

It was because this sitting position left your important parts completely unguarded as you hold your knees.
If the opponent got your ankle, you have no choice but to go straight between heaven and hell.

(Let’s teach her a lesson)

I leaped at Werewolf onee-san.
I grabbed both of her ankles and lifted it, while my right foot positioned on between her legs like stepping on an acceleration pedal.
She tried to pull her knees together to prevent it, but her delta zone was completely bare.
I put my tiptoe there and step on it.


Having her sensitive part trampled, Werewolf onee-san howled.
At that moment, I didn’t overlook the moment when she lost her strength.


My foot was stepping on her and I firmly captured Black bikini onee-san’s center with the arch of my foot.

「Accelerator music, ON!!」

Magic eyes, full power.

「Three-three-seven rhythm!!」*
(*TL Note: 三三七拍子(Three-Three-Seven rhythm/beats), referring to a specific type of clapping pattern in Japanese)

Werewolf onee-san was howling because of my skillful and intense accelerator work.

(I’m surprisingly bad at it)

I’ve heard it before, but have never done it.
To be honest, it was just a scream and can’t be called a music.
Reflecting on, I operated the acceleration pedal more delicately to raise my skill.

(It feels so good rubbing on it with my foot)

Beach sand in the summer. The hot sensation on my sole reminded me of that. Moreover the hard protrusion stimulated the arch of my foot.
I kept practicing as I absorbed in this bliss.


Occasionally, when I repeatedly stepped on her back and forth for several times, a distinctive sound like an opened blow-off valve resounded.
And the hot liquid that squirted out every time that happened caused my feet to slip.
I rubbed violently.
It was as if stepping the acceleration pedal without changing gear.
Werewolf onee-san was letting out sweet voices. And a sharp and high-pitched sound mixed in with it.

(Her voice gradually crumbling)

She might be at her limit already.
I, who was using my magic eyes, didn’t step on the acceleration pedal with full force.
While keeping an eye on her reaction, I kept adjusting it so the tachometer needle would always stay under the band.
It was so that I wouldn’t cause an over rev.
In other words, I kept it just under the peak.

「Uohh! Uoohhhh!!」

Werewolf onee-san eyes turned white and bubbles foaming out of the edge of her mouth.
She was strongly shaking her head left to right in agony.

(Alright, I guess it’s time to put it to stop)

She’s close to her limit.
However I’m not going to let her have a good and happy climax.

(Let me carve it in your body so that you will never choose to use electric massage anymore)

Werewolf onee-san electric massage is too dangerous.
Let’s seal it away by making her remember the backlash of it.

「Wide open!」

I put the accelerator to full force.
As I did, a loud roar that made you want to cover your ear echoed.
Heavy vibration on her lower abdomen by my right foot.
Even a werewolf won’t be able to withstand this highly sensitive spot capturing magic eyes technique.
Her head was shaking like crazy and her mouth was wide open, sprinkling saliva and bubbles around.
Her pure white teeth and twin fang reflected the light.

「Aohh, aaahhhhhhhh!!!」

A sweet one octave high roar. Werewolf onee-san was twitching over and over again.

(I beat her…)

A tingling feeling of heat on the sole of my feet.
Convinced of my victory as I felt that, I moved my right foot away from her crotch.

「Fuu, Haa, Fuu」

Even after being released from electric massage, Werewolf onee-san breath is still rough.
The figure lying on the bed. Her ears were drooping and her tail curled up.
She might already be satisfied right now, but I haven’t. The real thing starts from now on.

「Well then, it’s doggy style next. I’ll have you entertain me this time too」

She should have some stamina left.
That’s why I didn’t remove the rev limiter yet. If I was completely serious, I would’ve kept going until she went over rev and burnt her out.

(As I thought I have to be careful as to not overdo it)

While nodding to myself, I grabbed her waist, sticking it out, and pulled the horizontal string of her bikini.
I spread the huge peach in front of me to both sides and invaded in one breath.

(Umu. Soo good)

Feeling a heat that’s on the verge of overheating, a voice like when I took a dip into a hot spring leaked from my mouth.
It’s my first visit to Jayanne after so long. So I should fully enjoy my time here.
My partner is Werewolf and her stamina is top-notch. And it was her who released a dangerous technique first.

(She can’t complain if I put a little load on her)

And so, with my mental calculation, I began moving in rhythm as deep and as violent as I could.


What’s on Werewolf onee-san mind, on the other hand?
This one is simple.

(I lost)

That was the only thing in her heart the moment her leg was removed from the crotch.
A lingering sensation stayed in her nerves and her rough breathing wouldn’t stop.

(No good. My instinct has acknowledged that my opponent is better than me)

When the males showed their strength, the females lost.
There’s nothing she can do after that. The winning male then can have his way afterwards.
She took a glance at the back of the room once.

(I already did my best. Does it make a good reference?)

She thought so inside her heart and accepted her fate.
Her bikini is taken off and let him invade her deepest part.
From then on until the time limit ended, she kept wailing like a puppy.


Two hours later.
I was very satisfied and had dinner at a food stall in the red light district.

(That doggy style was the best)

I was having my time enjoying various postures, but she’s a werewolf in the end. The doggy style seems to work best.

(She let out some pretty cute voices like kyun kyun, kyan kyan every round trip)

A firm body with visible muscle line.
It was a sweet experience to conquer her and made her wail.

(It feels like I became the boss of a pack, or just won a fight and took their female, or something. It was a wild taste)

The feeling of a wild beast that walks along with its mate.
I feel like I understand it somehow.

(Next is Explosive onee-san, or the spy. Once I cleared them, let’s move to Light cruiser-sensei next)

The woman whom Cool-san told me that she might be related to the Empire. I need to be careful.
I don’t want to get near her if possible but… the condition Light cruiser-sensei set was she wanted to be the 「Last one」.
So I have to do it with her too.

(Ah… It made me recall something unpleasant)

Elder lich, or Elder, whom I met in Awoke.
I remembered that moment when I was beaten up at the brothel and got brainwashed for some time.

(Haa… It sucks… What should I do about this?)

The lingering sensation cooling down rapidly.
I carried the stir-fried seafood to my mouth while making a difficult face.


The play between Tauro and Werewolf onee-san is over, and it’s been a little while since they left the room.
After the fierce battle, two women crawled out of the closet at the back of the room.

「What do you think?」

A woman with twintails spoke to a neat woman next to her while stretching her back and waist.

「As expected of Tauro-sama. He knows such fearful techniques」

The person who got asked nodded as she looked impressed with something.
The two were watching the play from this bedding storage.
She was also the one that answered, Light cruiser-sensei.
She was hiding here to check the status of Tauro’s rehabilitation.

「It’s not that. What I meant is, did he go overboard or not?」

Twintail has an exasperated look on her face.

「From the looks of it so far, there is no problem at all. She even went to the lobby along with Tauro-sama to send him off, didn’t she?」

That was a manner for a woman that works in a brothel.
However, in Tauro’s case, the damage he caused was so big, they can’t even do that.

「She was quite wobbly though」

Twintail shrugged her shoulder.
Light cruiser-sensei then explained to her.

「He adjusted the burden he placed while looking at his opponent. Even the one from earlier, it was still far from the limit of a living being」

The limit of a living being. A chill ran through Twintail’s spine once she heard that.
She remembered when she was taken to heaven by Tauro’s massage.
A bad aphrodisiac was used on her and she was in a bad physical condition.
Although Tauro made her regain her health, she was prepared to die in a different sense.

「What’s with that level? Give me a break, good grief」

She is now a hot seller among sensitive boys.
That was because when she was sent to heaven, her sensitivity was raised and it can’t return to normal.
She was too sensitive to serve the regulars so she was forced to shift to another customer base.
But the result was a big hit for her.
By the way, her sensitivity is still rising. Whether it was caused by her constitution or her attainment, it was still unknown.

「For me, just seeing that feet rubbing her off like that is enough to make me lose my mind」

Her body stiffens from recalling it.
Twintail was without saying, in the No-Tauro group.
The reason she also hides in this place right now was because of her sense of friendship and curiosity.

「Don’t do this to your customer, okay?」

「I won’t!」

This is a technique that’s unsuitable for Twintail’s customer base.
She didn’t have the intention of doing it, and Light cruiser-sensei knew that already.

「So, what are you gonna do? Do you intend to be his opponent, if things goes on like this?」

「Yes, if this goes on…」

Light cruiser-sensei smiled gently.
Twintail let out a big sigh.
It’s definitely on a dimension she can’t handle. Because that battle was already engraved in her heart.

「….Do your best」

Twintail said to her friend who was smiling.



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