Chapter 154 Part 2



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「Well…. for now, I guess I will try my best to make my opponent say, 『I’m going to diee! I’m seriously going to dieee! Just kill me alreadyyy!』and begs for mercy. At that time, please do let me join you, Tauro-san」

Just how do you see me as a person?
I want to deny him, but his expression is serious. It looks like a hassle, so I decided to leave it as it is.
When we’re talking about that, the bellboy opens the door.
We thank him and head to the lobby.

「I’m Tauro who had a reservation」

The concierge bowed and confirmed the reservation.

「One queen for two people. Is that alright?」

Me and Corneal nod, then we head to the third floor.
The Queen will enter the room a little later.

(Of course. Making the Queen the one who waits for you doesn’t feel right after all)

There’s also no way you can go to the room together while linking your arms.
Strangely convinced, I took off my clothes in the room.


Tens of minutes have passed since then.
Me and Corneal formed a line on all fours and were whipped alternately.
It’s a toy whip, so it doesn’t hurt much. But I’m shocked for a different reason.
To my surprise, the identity of the rising Queen in Cassabel was actually Plain-chan.

(To think she can make this kind of expression…)

Her gentle childhood friend atmosphere from the countryside.
Her cuteness as she says『Thank you for nominating me!』while flashing a radiant smile.
That’s how she was supposed to be when she accompanied me as my partner before.
But now her face is hidden behind a ruby-colored butterfly mask, while continuously spitting out dirty words from her mouth.

「You bastards!! Go eat shit and die!!」

A sharp but light pain ran through my back accompanied with a loud sound of whip.
The pain subsided in an instant, leaving behind a gentle warmth.

「The hell you mean by Gourmet, anyway? That’s so fucking creepy!」

Me and Corneal exchanged glances. Did she know the existence of our Adult gourmet club?
Corneal, who seems to be wondering the same thing, tilted his head.


I moan at the feeling of pressure and slight pain on my crotch.

「The hell you’re whispering about, huh!?」

It seems our actions pissed her off.
Plain Queen lightly kicked us with her right foot.

「Turn over」

Looking at the mirror in front of me, I can see her showing the sole of her foot as she gives a command with her chin.

(Beautiful leg domination, huh?)

I swallow my saliva as I watch her gripping me with the fingers on her feet. And just like a submissive dog, I turn over and show my belly.

「Hmm? What’s this?」

「Hng!? I’m terribly sorry!!」

The me who got sandwiched between the thumb and index finger of her feet is getting excited.
The sight of Plain Queen from below is quite something.

(Now I kinda get how they feel)

I ended up as its inventor in this world, but the content of this play is something I copied from the knowledge of my previous world.
This is actually the first time I experienced it myself. My proficiency is not even close to those of regular customers’.

(Bringing F rank cure injury potions and immersing themselves in this experience until the store closes. There’s even such advanced customers who would go that far apparently)

I guess there will always be something called Enthusiastic Fans no matter world you go.


Behind Plain Queen, I can see Corneal holding his finger.
Looks like he feels lonely because I monopolized the Queen to myself.

「Please punish me too!」

Corneal says while rubbing his cheek on her hips wrapped in leather.
Naturally, the Queen became furious like a raging fire.

「What are you doing, you shitty lowlife!」

Plain-chan turned around with an angry roar and kicked him.
Although the kick actually did no damage to him, Corneal fell down and showed his belly.

「Fine, if you wish for it that much, then I’ll give it to you」

She begins the beautiful leg punishment by grinding her legs on him. Corneal, on the receiving end, is smiling.

(Ahh…just when we got to the nice part)

I feel a bit frustrated getting cut off midway.
I stared at the rear view of Plain Queen for a while, but I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m sure Corneal felt the same way earlier.

「My Queen!」

I approach her from behind then bury my face in her small yet well-shaped hip.

「Wha– You bastard!!」

Her sensitivity must be really high. She was surprised but immediately turned around and swung her whip.
I held my head as rains of whip pouring on me.

(I’ll get lonely if she didn’t look at me)

I’m happy even if I get whipped if that means she will look at me.
I feel like I grew once more as I understood one more thing.
Corneal, on the other hand, approaches the Queen with the same manner as he did earlier.

「The punishment!」

「My Queen!」

Both of us who yearn for affection, approach the Plain Queen like puppies seeking for their mother.
The rather petite and delicate Queen stuck between two men and unable to move.

「Quit it! Stop messing around with me!!」

Even though she’s smiling, she’s extremely angry right now.

「Please punish me more with your beautiful legs!」

Corneal grabs her ankle, lifts it, and licks the sole of her foot.
I can’t afford to lose, so I bury my face between her wide open legs and declare.

「Thank you for the face sitting!」

I shift the leather and do a full rotation with my tongue.
The Queen’s hip jolts greatly as she sticks her tongue out of her mouth, and moans.
We kept teasing the Queen after that, and poured sticky stuff into her innermost part in the end.
After that, the Queen got really furious and kept swinging her whip around at us.
However, it didn’t hurt at all because my knees were shaking like crazy and about to give up


Then, an hour later.
The two of us are eating at a food stall in the red-light district.
The temperature has risen recently, so we go with beer today too.

「Ahh it was really fun」

Corneal is in a good mood.
It seems teasing and playing around with the serious Queen was very enjoyable for him.
I’m on the same opinion about that, but there is one thing I need to reflect upon.
Even though I got ahead of myself in the end, it was fun and I enjoyed playing the role, but it was far from the SM I had in mind.

「You know… It was kind of far from what I imagined」

The ancestors who lent me their great knowledge. I feel really sorry for them.

「But her popularity explodes because of that right?」

To me who was mumbling about such a thing, Corneal said so with a look as though he has nothing to do with it.
That’s certainly true.
When I asked the concierge on our way out, it seems that Plain Queen was counterattacked and defeated by some customers.
Not everyone though. Only a handful people with skills.
And the most enthusiastic customer base is a little below that. Those who felt, 『Just a little more before I could capture her』.
They were rushing in while having the feeling that,『Today is the day I conquer the Queen!』.

「It must be her serious part that makes her popular」

Corneal keeps chewing the deep-fried food, gulped down his beer in one go, and sighed.

「That was her real personality and not an act after all」

I said as I put the deep-fried seafood in my mouth and swallowed it along with beer.
Perhaps remembering the scene, Corneal’s lips vulgarly bent upwards.

「As I thought, turning the tables on the serious Queen and have our way with her afterwards is funl」

Adult gourmet club 『Sin and Punishment』 review.
It seems that it is necessary to go around a few more establishments to put this together.
And so our topic moved to the store we are heading to next and the upcoming events.




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