Chapter 158 Part 2



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「Thank you very much for waiting Tauro-sama」

Just then, the concierge called out to me.
It seems like the Spy has completed her preparations.
When I head towards the designated counter for payment, I was greeted with an almost blinding smile from a gorgeous beauty with golden wavy hair.

(……A celeb woman)

That was my impression.
How do I put it, she gives off the air that she is flashy and rich.
If I were to use an Eastern European woman to describe the Elves with long ears, this person has the image of a woman from Hollywood who drives around Beverly Hill in a convertible car.
Los Angeles

(There is no way right)

The beauty with a celeb air made gray clouds form in my heart.
I have a huge weakness. But I have not told anyone in this world yet.

(There is no way anyone knows about it. However, if it will be bad if someone does know)

Praying that it is just needless anxiety, I crossed my arms and went up the stairs.

「Will you look at my dance?」

The celeb beauty said just when I enter the room.
There is no reason for me to refuse. Corneal and I, who are sitting on a sofa, nodded.
She touched the magic circle on the wall and played music. She then started dancing fervently.

(This is)

My eyebrows stood on their ends and wrinkled formed in the middle of my forehead.
On the other hand, Corneal, who is beside me, is in high spirits.

「That’s good sis! Open your legs wider, wider! Woooo!」

The celeb beauty who is dancing in front of us.
She lowered her hips and opened her legs wide while rapidly moving her hips.
This time, while dancing, she starts stripping her short nightdress.


What revealed itself from underneath was a brassiere that looked like Japanese Scallop¹ and a string bikini thong.
The celeb beauty, now in her undergarments, glared over at me with an offensive expression. She then wrinkled her nose, baring her teeth, she growled.

(Man, what kind of appeal is this)

It seems like Corneal is pleased by this. Thrusting two of his fingers into his mouth, he whistled with them by blowing quickly.
The celeb beauty gives the appearance of not hearing that sound; she does not take her eyes off me, her eyes are locked onto me.
She then let her tongue out and took a huge lick around her lips.


As she let out what seemed like an Indian voice, she finally stripped her bikini thong while dancing.
The undergarment that she threw away landed on top of Corneal’s head. This is probably her way of thanking him for his cheers.

(This is dangerous)

Cold sweat starts dripping from my forehead.
My needless anxiety has turned into reality.
A sex appeal that is just too direct. That is my very weakness.

(There is not one bit of embarrassment)

I do apologize but I am taken aback.
Similarly, with regards to a woman opening her legs wide, I prefer her to do it while hiding her face with her hand.
On the contrary, her attitude that seems to scream – Come on boy! only makes me feel even more depressed.


The celeb beauty tilts her head slightly to the side.
She probably sensed that my reaction to this is poor. Even though she could stop, her appeals only became bolder and more extreme.


She raised one of her legs as if she was about to do an ax kick and, astoundingly, is able to maintain her balance in this posture.
She then showed off the insides of her nether region.

(No, it is fine already. I do not need such a service)

I grimaced in anguish.

(This is no good. As expected, we are no match for each other)

The flames within me will be extinguished if I watch her performance any longer.
I who became anxious stood up from the sofa and stretched out both of my hands towards the melons of the celeb beauty.
She probably thinks that her appeal was effective. The celeb beauty happily stripped the last piece of clothing – the Japanese Scallop brassiere.

(I have been had!)

A perfectly planned surprise attack.
My heart receives a shock like that of when a stick is broken.
The melons are just big enough that they are about to spill out. At their center that was barely hidden by the Japanese Scallop brassiere.
Those are, oh my, two DVDs.

(What size!)

They were too huge. They were like an upside-down version of strawberry-colored rice bowls.
The reason I used strawberry to describe them is that they look alike even up to the shape.

「What is this, this is amazing!」

Corneal is overjoyed. He took to the floor in high spirits and started spinning.
I know of people who prefer this sort of thing. However, there is no place in my heart to respect this preference.

(Good heavens!²)

My eyes narrowed, I stretched my hand further, by relying on the light cycle from the Magic Eye, I clutched her melons.
At the next moment, the celeb beauty let out a scream.


While letting out a burst of air from her nostrils, she, now drunken, took a huge lick around her lips once again.

(What a strong opponent)

A pool of saliva, shaped like a minus sign, was dripping out from her mouth.
My appetite has largely decreased, even now, I am on the verge of anorexia.
When I glanced to the side, I saw that Corneal was unable to take his eyes off of the strawberry rice bowls. Seems like to that man, the celeb beauty is well within his strike zone.

(There is no way the me, who has gone through the 『Door of Sins』 at the Holy City, can fall here)

It has come to the point that I should put aside the fact that I will finish this all with only hand techniques.

(A disgrace to the name Doctor Slime)

I forced my eyes shut.
The clean and tidy appearance of Light Cruiser-sensei that is as clear as day. And the attractive appearance of Explosive Onee-sama. I think of them in my mind to muster up the courage in my heart.

(Like hell I would lose)

I traced the underside of the ribs of the celeb beauty, that lies along her stream of light, with my fingers.

「Nghh, fuuu!」

A sigh as if her back has gotten itchy.
As I hear this, my knees feel like they are about to break.

(Endure this! I am the chief of the Doom Squad, the Doctor Slime you know)

The figures of Imosuke the vice-chief, Dangorou the general, and Cool-san appear in my mind.
My responsibility as the chief is the only thing supporting me.
However, the celeb beauty does not slow down her attacking hand.
A sound like one made when chewing food with one’s mouth open rings close to my ear.


Such a terrible tone quality that makes me want to shut my ears.
When I confirm what the sound was with narrowed eyes, it turns out that it was an exaggerated kiss appeal with her lips puckered.
And with a glint like a beast, she does not take her eyes off of my eyes for even a second. This is honestly stifling.


This time, it seems like the celeb beauty is letting out an atmosphere like she was about to do something amazing to me.
When I sit down on the bed just like this, she falls behind me and starts opening her legs in the shape of a V.

(……This’s very tight)

Her legs have been opened all the way up to the limits of her joints. It is clear even from behind.
She licks her lips with upturned eyes. She still has my eyes in her sights even now.

「Uuuu, yah」

The celeb beauty bared her teeth as she used both of her hands to support her nether region in between both of her legs. She then started to push it open by pushing it left and right.
The lighting of the room enters even the deepest of her depths. It is much deeper than the standing technique, where she spread her legs, she showed earlier.
Having set my eyes on the squirming abyss, my mind finally broke down.

(I am fine with losing this. Let’s hurry up and get this over with and put an end to this)

Imosuke and Dangorou. If I think about it carefully, they will not mind if I lose here.

『Cheer up』

They will only say that and crawl about on top of my head.
Cool-san will most likely be the same as well.
The only regretful thing is the square cardboard of Doctor Slime that is put up at the brothel.

(The aim of Light Cruiser-sensei is to test if I will overexert myself. It is not like she will not give me some of her time even if I lose here)

I, who have become serious, thought as such.
This is different from the tournament matches in the Holy City. It is not like I will not advance if I do not win.

(It will be fine as long as I am not brainwashed)

Let me just get a little taste and head home. And after that let me have a meal outside or something.
I begin my invasion with a hardness of sixty percent.

(Eh? What is this)

TL note:

  1. It is Hotate in the raws, a type of scallop found in Japan, visit
  2. Written as 南無三 (Namusan) in the raws, it is a chant that roughly translates to – I believe in the three treasures of Buddhism. However, depending on the context, it can also be used as an exclamation.



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