Chapter 16




 Translator: Nefarian

I didn’t end up making potions last night so I decided to do it now. I made a total of 21 potions, 6 each of the E rank potions totaling to 18 and 1 of each type of D rank potion totaling to 3.

I decided not to make F rank potions because they take up a lot of space and don’t sell for much. Furthermore, I cast Cure Injury Spell (B), Cure Disease Spell (B) and Cure Status Abnormality Spell (B) on myself.

I don’t think I’ve got any diseases or illnesses but it’s just for insurance. I can use B rank magic six times a day so it’s alright to use half of it now. Besides, I can still use A rank magic 3 times and S rank magic once.

I fill my bag with potions and head for the merchant guild. When I arrive at the counter to sell my potions, the same old man with the fierce looking face comes out to serve me again.

「You came here to sell potions again didn’t you? Not only that, you’ve brought over so many wonderful E rank potions.」

He takes the E rank potions one by one from the top of the desk and examines them in a good mood.

「The truth is I also want to sell these ones as well.」

While saying this, I take out my three D rank potions slowly. The man’s pupils contract and becomes intense.

「These are…. D rank potions, aren’t they?」

「Yes, there seems to be demand in the Royal Capital, so I thought I should start trading with it.」

There aren’t many people who can afford it in Land Barn and Awoke so if I sold them frequently, the market would get saturated very quickly.

In practice, the merchant guild at Land Barn and Awoke did not have a purchase list price available and if you wanted to sell a D rank potion, it would be calculated on the current market price along with further negotiations.

They would search for buyers and if not enough potions were bought they would start stocking it and if too many stock up they would need to process it via an auction. It’s not something with a very steady demand.

「I understand. I will certainly purchase it.」

The old man continues with a question.

「When you said you will start dealing with D rank potions, does this actually mean you have more in stock?」

His eyes shine brightly and conveys the message of “If you have some more I will buy it!”.

「I’m very sorry to say but, for now, that’s all I have in stock.」

I didn’t necessarily lie to him. The truth is I haven’t got anymore. But what I’m not telling him is that I can make more instantly.

「However, I do have my methods of obtaining a steady supply.」

「When you mention regularly, how often are we talking about?」

「Well let’s see, it will depend on the situation… but it’s probably once a week? I think that number may fluctuate slightly here and there but I don’t think it ever be below 3 potions a week.」

When I told him my answer, the old man gets up quickly and presented his right hand to me. He’s indicating that he wants to shake hands.

I also stand up quickly and shake his hands. Strongly grasping my hand, we shake up and down.

「Tauro-sama, from here on out I will be honored to continue doing business with you.」

As if he had caught a new big client, I could feel the enthusiasm coming from him.

「Y-Yeah, I am also looking forward to it.」

Perhaps telling him that I will be able to sell D rank potions once a week was an overkill…

But well, I think that this is still within the capabilities of a regular person.

If an F ranking adventurer suddenly exterminates a dragon and brings the materials to the adventurer guild, the guild leader would rush out to meet this hero and it wouldn’t be strange to instantly promote the adventurer to an S rank status.

The guild leader would no doubt show great respect.

「I don’t really want to stand out so, it will be troublesome if you make a big deal out of it.」

Saying that, I close the deal and left the merchant guild.

I sold D rank potions so my income for today is 72 gold coins.

I’m fired up. My pockets are full. This feeling is amazing. I’m extremely happy.

Leaving the merchant guild, I walk to the edge of the town plaza where there was a gathering of people. I’m in front of the adventurer guild.

Many people are talking loudly and excitedly amongst each other.

Oi did you hear about it yet?! As expected of Dolba. He’s done it again.」

「He is amazing! He’s so awesome!」

「Their group name being “Robust” is not just for show is it?」

「He saved all those people from the mining town as well.」

「To think that they could defeat a Lesser Salamander…..」

「When are our new Heroes coming back here?」

Connecting all dots to the story, my understanding is that… A certain mining tunnel collapsed and at the same time a lesser salamander also appeared. The lesser salamander was breathing out a firestorm and spreading heat to its surroundings which caused many causalities amongst the miners.

The lesser salamander stays inside of the mine and wanders around. Because of that the tunneling system within the mine needed to be shut down. A team of adventurers are tasked to subjugate the creature as per the request from the adventurer guild and they did a splendid job of defeating the lesser salamander.

The leader of that adventurer team is called Dolba, the alias of the team is “Robust”. Having completed their subjugation successfully the team was coming back to the kingdom with the body of the lesser salamander.

Report complete.

Is it some kind of monster? They really do exist in this world, don’t they? When I was travelling from Land Barn and similarly from Awoke, I was travelling along the main central roads so I never encountered any monsters along the way.

I’m really glad I didn’t try to travel from some remote area. I don’t have any battle skills so I wouldn’t be able to survive so easily if I encountered a monster.

By the way, when I was listening to their conversation, I heard something interesting about the adventurer ranking system. Dolba who was a hot topic amongst the people here was a D rank adventurer. Even though he is only at D rank, it is actually quite a high ranking amongst other adventurers. The top tier adventurers are at D rank, mid-tier adventures are at E rank and low-tier adventurers are at F rank.

C rank is at the level of a hero and S, A and B rankings are considered to be legendary ranks. Incidentally, Dolba was said to rise to a C rank adventurer with this latest achievement. I wouldn’t be able to fight any monsters myself, so I could only feel appreciation to Dolba and give him my thanks for saving the mining town before passing through the adventurer’s guild.

The town plaza is connected from the south and north; from the gates to the castle and is considered to be the main street. Most of the royal marriages, celebration parades, knight ceremonies, triumphant returns, political and ceremonial things are done on this main street.

On the other hand, the path to the west and east of the town plaza is more closely related to the livelihood of the people. To the west of the town square is where the lodging facilities and red light districts are situated. To the east are the markets, shopping streets and workshops.


Right now, I was heading towards the shopping district. After all, I am in a different world and I am at the Royal Capital, to add to that I have an abundance of money with me and plenty of time.

I need to enjoy the process of sightseeing and shopping.

In saying that, I spot a shop selling potions, so I decided to take a look. I’m in the same type of business so I was naturally curious about their prices and range of products.

I also enter a magic tool store. I am definitely interested in magical tools. But they are very expensive. To compare it to my previous world, it’s almost like buying a car. They are very useful implements and you need them if you wanted to work, but comparing it to groceries or general goods, they were at least 3-4 times more expensive in price.

There is a magical tool called the item box, and I would compare it to buying a Lexus. That’s the kind of feeling it is. I also look at clothing stores. Apart from buying more undergarments, I thought that it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to stay in travelling clothes for so long.

I was going to buy clothes that I could wear in town, but I changed my mind. I don’t have any place to put the clothes even if I bought them. That’s because I’m living in a hotel with the premise that I have a lifestyle of travelling. I also saw various general goods which would be necessary if I had my own room and house, but it isn’t necessary since I live at the hotel.

I also went to the bookstore. I was troubled. I wanted to buy some, but it’s really heavy to carry around while travelling. Let’s just loan the books.

Time passes by quickly. It’s already around 3 pm.

For lunch there was a shop around the area that you could queue up in, so I waited in line and eat. The dish tasted like pepperoncino. I think that it tasted quite good.

I head to the west, past the town square and enter my hotel. I bought quite a few consumable goods and stationary, I also borrowed some books and so I placed my baggage at the hotel before departing to the pleasure quarters.

First I go to the brothel. I go to this store called the “Cione”. Recently, the amount of sideline stores is increasing and Cione is one of the newer stores.

If you were to ask me, what is a “Sideline” store? Let’s not spoil the fun and just jump right into the experience. When I entered the store, there is a lobby and a tier platform inside of the store. It’s business as per usual.

However, chairs are lined up on both sides of the lobby and the girls are sitting close to the wall. According to the concierge this is what a “Sideline” is all about. Asides from the tiered platform there is also a side line because the girls are arranged on either side of the lobby.

Only half of the chairs are full right now and that’s because it’s still early in the day. In the evening many girls will come to work and the line will be completely full. I ask the concierge about the differences in selecting the girls from the tiered platform and the sideline.

「Do you not see it?」

The concierge answers with a smile.

After he said that I looked at both the tiered platform and the sideline to compare them. First of all, the clothes they are wearing are different. In the tiered platform, all the girls were wearing similar style dresses. There are some differences in shape and color but they are comparable to each other.

On the other hand, the girls on the sideline are wearing fashionable clothes. It’s the kind of clothes an amateur girl modelling for a fashion magazine would wear. Of course, each girl was wearing very different clothes from each other.

The next point are their faces. The sideline girls wear a lot of make-up. After my battle with the Elder, I couldn’t help but to have a sense of rejection to beautiful girls wearing make-up, however…?

When I look very closely, I could tell that the girls wearing strong make-up sitting on the sidelines are young. When young girls wear heavy make-up they instead look older for their age. It’s the opposite of dressing yourself to look younger.


If I looked closely, rather than calling them just young, they were very young. At first glance, it seemed as though most of the girls had model physiques, but it would seem that this is due to their age. They have slender and well-proportioned limbs, a slim waist and on top of that they have small breasts and buttocks, in other words they were still not fully developed.

Their height wasn’t very tall either. The average height of the girls in the sideline was low and I didn’t notice this fact until I was told.

「I see.」

Looking at me deeply nodding, the concierge gives a smile of satisfaction.

「How about the price compared to the girls on the tiered platform?」

When I asked about the price, he told me that the difference is about 3 silver coins with the girls on the tiered platform. Well money isn’t really an issue for me.

However, I’m torn. The problem is within my own heart.

(This is a different world so it’s technically safe. It’s a different world, so it’s okay…)

I keep repeating it like a mantra within my own mind to make myself believe. Topics such as adherence with the laws, regulations and ethics were swirling in my mind. I need to overcome the barriers of my previous life! I reprimand myself.

(Haven’t I decided to live my life to the fullest in this different world?!)

(How long am I going to be tied down with principles from my former world?!)

(When in Rome, do as the Romans do! This is not a world for the naïve where one can live in adhering to the values of my former world!)

No, for me, this world is truly amazing and sweet. Besides, the current situation is not a life and death situation.

Nonetheless, even if people sometimes try to deceive themselves by telling them everything is alright, there is still some lines that shouldn’t be crossed, right? They do this to raise their own perception of their value in society.

I have never dated a woman.

Naturally, this means that from elementary school, junior high all through high school, I have never experienced the prime of my life with any woman. I have never experienced kissing a girl, or any of the steps after that and beyond.

The value of my life amounted to something very small. Perhaps nobody else would of been bothered by it, but for me, it’s developed into a really big complex. Right here in my heart.

That’s why! I need to experience the sideline today! For my own sake! This has an extremely huge meaning for me!

I will become a bad person. For me to be able to do what I ought to do, I need to become a depraved person. Even if I need to become the demon lord that knocks down the magical girls which regularly appear on my TV every Sunday morning, I will accept my fate.

I decided to tell my choice to the concierge. I choose one of the extraordinary magical girls on the sidelines. From here on out, it will be a showdown between the beautiful magical girl and the 30-year-old man which starts from 4:00pm for a period of 2 hours.

Broadcast omitted.


I entered a nearby cafe shop and breathed out deeply as I drank my caramel macchiato.

(The magical girl……. is the best.)

There are plenty of magical girls in many TV programs where the antagonist actually waits for the magical girl to execute their best abilities which end up getting them defeated, right?

However, this is real life. So when an opportune moment comes to interrupt their special moves, I will naturally take that timing to thrust right into their space. Another thing is that when the magical girl falls into some sort of pinch, a helper will arrive out of nowhere to save the day, right?

However, we were in a completely private room where nobody could interrupt us. Therefore, the 2 hours I had were plenty to enjoy the full program.

(I found a really good brothel.)

Just because of this store alone, it’s been a worth it to stay for a while in the royal capital. No, considering the diversity and variety of shops within the royal capital, there is no reason for me to leave this city.

Although I planned to travel from town to town within this world but… Even if I were to postpone this plan, or put it on hold indefinitely I felt like I wouldn’t mind it right now. Coming into this world, I obtained magic which allows me to heal all injuries and diseases which allows me to keep being healthy.

This magic gave me the means to earn money and enjoy life. There is also a place for me to make use of my money to live happily. Comparing this ability to something in Japan would be like saying I don’t need any special equipment to build and could make buildings appear out of thin air, it’s like a blissful yet impossible dream to achieve.

Additionally, after coming into this world, I found out that magical girls were at the “legal” age. Of course, there is no need for me to use any protective gear and I could erupt like an underwater volcano to my heart’s content.

This world is the best! It seriously is the best!

I moistened my throat with the caramel macchiato and sighed deeply in satisfaction once again.

(Should I take a walk down the street?)

Let’s find a nice place to eat for dinner.

(After eating dinner, let’s go back to playing.)

I was in excitement just thinking about what I would do after this.




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