Chapter 161 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Black locust country.
A few hours after the former dojo owner used his own life as fuel to release his last Lightning Sword.
Several people approached the small wooden one-story house.
They’re fully armed guards. They timidly set foot in the house of Lightning family.
A disaster has occurred at the local hero’s house.
Captain Fatcho and his two subordinates rushed over upon hearing that news.
They nervously squeezed through the corridor.

(The deep part of a dungeon. The pressure is much higher compared to that)

The captain who was a former adventurer.
It’s not like he has no experience in exploring the demon’s den. But even with him, the cold sweat doesn’t stop flowing out of their skin.
His two subordinates were following behind him. Their faces were pale when he looked behind to check on them.

(I should keep myself together)

What keeps his subordinates still holding out up until now is only their trust in him as their captain.
Knowing that is what inspires his courage.
The captain was unaware, but he himself was also dependent on those subordinates of him. It was also something that supported his heart.
Perhaps if he was alone, he would have been eroded by fear and fled by now.

「We’ll arrive at our destination after we take a turn by that corner. Don’t let your guard down」

He took a peek on what lies inside the room after telling the same thing to himself. While his subordinates followed suit.


What he saw in the cafeteria was a grotesque shaped object.
An oversized old woman and a little too thin old man. They were naked and intertwined to each other.
The old man holds one leg of the old woman on his shoulder, and the old woman bends her back.
Both of them were stiffened and didn’t move.
It was like a cursed stone statue used in some kind of ritual.

(They knocked each other’s self out, huh?)

As unscrupulous he is, he strokes his chest.
Even that hero, Lightning was forced to escape. He didn’t think he and his subordinate would be capable enough to repel the danger.

「He’s still breathing!」

「This one too!」

The subordinates who were investigating the cursed stone statue raise their voices.
The captain gives instructions to restrain the old woman with a rope after a brief moment of hesitation.
They were then carried outside on a door and a cart makeshift stretcher.

「We’re going to take them to the palace now!」

Their destination is the palace where the king lives.
Due to its small size, it doubles as an administration office, courts, prisons, barracks and guesthouses.
Well, this is the only national facility in this country.
A few hours later, in a room inside the palace. The king, minister, and Lightning were there.

「His life isn’t in any danger for the time being. His consciousness won’t be returning soon, though」

A petite, round, and timid old man with ハ shaped eyebrows. He tells everyone as he enters the room.
He was the minister, and he was treating the former dojo owner and his wife.
In this disaster, the king ordered the use of D rank potion.
To even used such national treasure level items for them, Lightning has no words to express his gratitude. So he just bowed deeply.
To such Lightning, the king said, don’t mind it.

「Lightning. How about leaving the country once?」

The king who has a relationship with the former dojo owner.
He had an idea of what was going on from Lightning’s story.


Lightning’s face loses its colors on the sudden words of the king.
When the king waves his hand as if to deny him, he rethinks the king’s words.

「I’m not blaming you. What I meant is, I think you should stay away until the situation calmed down」

He continued with a gentle expression.

「The Kingdom knew your recent achievements and wanted us to dispatch you. Fortunately, we were able to make the barrel doll move. Spreading your knowledge as a pilot will also help you grow」

Those words move Lightning’s heart.
Recently, he strongly felt that he lacked knowledge as a pilot.

「I will call you to go back immediately when we need you. So, as a national Knight pilot, go out and hone your skills」

The thing he wanted to do the most was given to him in the form of an order. The kindliness makes his heart warm.
When he looked back at his wife, she nodded. As if saying, I will follow your decision.

「I shall gladly accept your command」

In this way, Lightning will soon go to the Royal capital with his B-class Knight.
Of course, his wife and children will also go with him.
The minister then opens his mouth while looking at the couple leaving the room.

「It was an unexpected event, but this is a good opportunity」

The king nods.
A letter that arrived from the Kingdom the other day. In addition to their gratitude in the northern town, it stated that they wanted Lightning to be dispatched.
There’s no better offer for the Black Locust country, which had been a little burdened with maintaining their B-class Knight.

「We have to work on a new industry with the fund we received. So we can easily accommodate such thing as a B-class Knight」

The amount presented by the Kingdom. The king and the minister doubted their eyes because of the unexpected amount.
Naturally, they decided to dispatch him immediately.
All that was left was the timing to tell him.

「We will also do our best here, so please go to learn and broaden your knowledge」

The king said to Lightning who was no longer here.
Speaking of which, the amount of money offered by the Kingdom wasn’t that strange.
A well-known B-class Knight mercenary. The amount is a little higher than that.
And then the treatment towards Lightning. Although they were worried as a small country, it was still much lower than the standard.


A few days later, the stage moved to the merchant guild master’s office in the Royal capital.

「It seems Lightning will come over」

A short goblin-like old man sitting in an office chair said.
Santa Claus sitting on the sofa nods, but the tough-looking man standing beside him doesn’t make a slight movement.

「Apparently he was hired by the knight order. He’s going to come with his family, so I leave their lodging to you. There was such request from the knight commander」

「How many people are there?」

When asked by the vice guild-master, Santa Claus, the guild master looks at the paper on the desk.

「His wife and kid. His kid is still small it seems」

Guild master nods to the talkative Santa Claus.

「I also thinks that that place is good」

He then orders the tough-looking old man to call a real estate agent.
He replied sharply, left the room and ran downstairs.
Immediately, he came with an aunty holding a thick book.

「I’m back!」

The stiff and tense tough-looking old man.
He, who’s in the position of a supervisor, is beginning to feel making progress in climbing the ladder of success. That’s why he became more high spirited than usual.
The guild master looked at this supervisor with indescribable eyes.
The aunt holding a thick book may have been forced to run up the stairs with him. She was breathing heavily.

「The floor below Tauro-kun’s. Who lived there?」

The vice guild master waited for her to catch her breath and asked a question.
Immediately, the aunty turned over the ledger and told her name.
The family is an employee of the merchant guild and now works in a warehouse.

「I wonder if they’re willing to move if we give them enough compensation?」

「There is a new large property near the warehouse. I think they will be okay with it if the rent remains unchanged」

The aunty answers while turning another page.
The vice guild master nodded and looked at the tough-looking old man.

「Go negotiate with that condition, and tell them that we will also pay the moving cost and provide them with compensation money」

「Roger that!」

After a little thought, the vice-guild master adds another word.

「Also, don’t force yourself too hard. This is a request from me」

He advised the tough-looking old man who was overflowing with motivation so as not to push himself too hard.
It must have been a bullseye. The tough-looking old man blushes a little and replies with another roger.
The tough-looking old man and the aunty with a thick book. After the two left the room, the guild master opened his mouth.

「Lightning seems to respect Tauro-kun. Leaving their security to him is just right」

The building where Tauro lives is the property of the merchant guild.
Tauro doesn’t know about it but, on the second and first floors are people from the merchant guild.
It’s something like a company house.

「It’s just downstairs after all. He will surely notice immediately if a suspicious person walks down the stairs」

The vice guild master also nods.
Eyes of a familiar neighbor. It might be troublesome for him, but their safety is guaranteed with this.
There was a knock, and the vice guild master allowed the person behind the door to enter the room.
The one who came in was the tough-looking old man.

「I’m just a warehouse employee, but I agree to move out, is what they said」

Guild master and vice guild master look at each other.
Their reply is too fast no matter how you think about it.

「I already told you earlier but… you didn’t pressure them, did you?」

A sharp eye that doesn’t allow lies.
The light in those eyes doesn’t look like Santa Claus at all.

「Ha! I was very carful not to do that. No problem about it!」

The tough-looking old man straightened his back and answered.

(This is… I might need to ask and confirm it with the others too)

The vice guild master sighs.
The tough-looking old man, with his tough and fierce-looking face he sometimes unconsciously intimidates others. That was what he was worried about.
At a later date, it was discovered that the employee was willing to move by his own will, and it was officially decided that Lightning’s family will move in.




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