Chapter 166 Part 2



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Several days after that.
The long-awaited day has arrived.

(There are many emotions within my heart)

The play with Explosive Onee-sama.
The paper bag within my bag contains four yellow fruits. The last Pomelos of this season. It is a bit heavy.

「Please come this way」

With guidance from the concierge, I make my way to the suite room on the third floor.
It seems like Explosive Onee-sama not showing herself at the lobby is in consideration for the customers who have reservations.


Standing at the center of the room is the woman who even appeared in my dreams – Explosive Onee-sama.
A two-piece that exposes her belly. That appearance is like if a booth bunny from a motor show did a gravure for a car magazine.
A pose with both of her hands at both sides of her hipbone.
I am unable to take my eyes off of the crisp short skirt that she was wearing.

(I am able to do it)

Today is the day that I can finally do it with her.
When I follow the gaze of Explosive Onee-sama, I realize that she is looking at the bag I was carrying. She is probably concerned about whether I brought the prize, namely the Pomelos.

「Here, have one」

Thrusting my hand into the bag, I take one from the paper bag. I then place it at the center of the table in a way that does not allow it to roll at all.
Explosive Onee-sama is gazing longingly at the Pomelo.

(It seems like she has taken quite the liking to the Pomelo)

She is probably a Citrus type woman.
All of a sudden, among the many fruits that are sticky and very sweet, appears the bittersweet but refreshing Pomelo. Her heart was probably charmed by it.

(As expected, there is no mistaking it. It is as illustrated by the picture of the natural history magazine)

In front of the middle-aged man who was nodding in satisfaction, Explosive Onee-sama became convinced.
A subspecies or hybrid that shows slight traces of its ancestors. Even though she thought that she did not mind that at all, its appearance is just like the Ambrosia itself.
Her anticipation rises even higher than before.

(I will win. Win and get my hands on it for sure)

She prepared for that very reason.
Although the time was short, she gathered information and has kneaded up a plan.

(Here I go)

She took in a breath and relaxed. She then let out a smile of an adult woman with much composure. This is her plan.
She then took a step forward towards the ever fearful Doctor Slime and called out to him.

「It has been a while, hasn’t it? Did you miss big sis?」

She said with a bewitching smile. I nodded while swallowing my spit.
What a formidable big sister aura. Its destructiveness is off the charts.

「How honest, shall I give you your reward」

Her fingertip traces down from my chin to my throat, down to my chest, and all the way to a place slightly under my navel.
Just having this done to me made the muscles along my spine get a gooseflesh. I also feel excitement welling up within me.

「My my」

She pushed me down onto the bed behind me with an expression that suggests that she was thinking that I was a troublesome child.
I then unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my chest. I just entered the room so I have not stripped.
Explosive Onee-sama ran her tongue along my chest.

(Wa-wait a minute)

I panicked.
I did take a shower in the morning but it is now afternoon. And the season is summer.
I did sweat quite a lot while I was walking here.
The plays at the brothel should only be done after a shower. Even though I thought as such, she suddenly started with a licking play. It is only natural for me to panic.

「I do not mind such a thing」

Along with words that suggested that she saw through my thoughts came a passionate deep kiss. My head started spinning while being bathed in the scent of Explosive Onee-sama.

(The start is going well so far)

Explosive Onee-sama talked to herself while looking at the dazed expression on Tauro’s face.
The reason she omitted showering was because she was wearing her costume. According to her information, he would frequently visit the uniform store even during the period when visiting it was forbidden.

(Showering would mean stripping immediately after)

If one’s opponent likes his or her own clothes, attack from there.
One must accumulate steps to whittle the height difference between the goal and one’s opponent.

(It is also a relief if there is even one piece of fabric)

Exposing her bare skin before the two hands (tentacles) of Doctor Slime. That is very disheartening.
Even if there is a lot of exposure, it calmed her heart as he is still wearing clothes.

「Now now, just leave it to big sis」

Driving off the tentacle that stretched over, she silenced him with a deep kiss.
Perhaps this is his weakness as it seems like it is effective.

「Hey, bad child! Do not misbehave」

Even so, the tentacles of the slime approaches as if they seek to fondle something.
While giving him a light scolding, she pinched Tauro’s chest and navel lightly. Finally, she poked his chin using her finger.

(This is also effective)

The idea of 『Sin and Punishment』 is something proposed by this man. If that the case, he should have the feeling of wanting to be teased and the feeling of wanting to be scolded even if it is just a little.
It seems like this prediction did not miss its mark.

(It is impossible for me to pull off a genuine 『Sin and Punishment』. Also, I do not think that it will work against the very person who proposed that idea)

It will probably be ineffective and boring even if she followed the anti-Death God menu. Thinking of this, Explosive Onee-sama did an arrangement of her own.
That is the plan, a thorough big sis play. An extremely soft and kind 『Sin and Punishment』 play.

「I may just give you a kiss right here if you can promise me that you will behave yourself. ……Eh? You promise? Ok, here is your reward」


I got very aroused when I looked at the face of Explosive Onee-sama who is below my belly.

(The female genius of the Royal Magic Academy is now at my weapon)

Intellectual eyes and noble looks.
My sensitiveness reacted to me managing to blemish her academic background and my sensitivity rose by leaps and bounds.

(Furthermore, she is still in her costume even at this moment)

Actually, I felt a slight dissatisfaction as I wanted to immediately strip and take a shower.
Shockingly enough, the play this time did more than enough to impress me.
I became unable to hold back the urge of wanting it and petitioned many times.

「There is no helping you is there」

Explosive Onee-sama let out a troubled expression but nevertheless, she giggled while straddling on top of me.
Shifting her undergarment to the side, she slowly lowered her hip. Even with her eyes narrowed, it felt like she saw through my thoughts and did not take her eyes off for even a moment.

(Th-this is. As expected, this is different)

Riding style, something that Ponytail specializes in.
However, as expected of the number one of an extremely first-class brothel.
Delicate and careful movements that take the opponent into consideration. These deal way more damage to me than Ponytail’s heated jar.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」


The Parent and Child at Cione, the Plain Queen at Cathabell, and the Big Sis Werewolf at Jayanne.
Every one of them had a high standard but Explosive Onee-sama goes beyond that.
If things carry on like this, it will no doubt result in my loss.

(It is alright even if I lose)

Recently the fixation on winning within me has become lesser and lesser.
The reason why I kept the 『Sin and Punishment』 to myself is because I came to realize the message that my great predecessors have left behind for me.

(Winning is not everything. There is joy even in an overwhelming defeat)

I do not think that that is totally right but there are many parts of it that I can agree on.
For example, the woman of the highest class that is right in front of me right now. If I were to lose to her, I somewhat think that that is something that will make me feel ecstatic.

(I have completely gotten the initiative)

Neglecting the thoughts of the man below her, Explosive Onee-sama focused solely on her goal to emerge victorious.

(If things go on like this, I can win)

However, there was also uncertainty within her.
She knows it well herself, her very own weakness.
If she entered territories that are sensitive, the damage will scatter and an opening will form on the defensive wall.
It is not particularly large and it will not be left open forever. However, the damage from having it lodged there is lethal.
Up until now, she had reached the Ascension of Climaxes many times due to this.

(I must finish this as quickly as possible)

She has not found a countermeasure against that even now.
Praying that she does not suffer an unexpected defeat, Explosive Onee-sama quickened the movement of her hip.
By the way, located deeper in is the War Queen Closet.
Naturally, the people who are there are Instructor Light Cruiser and Twintail.
The two of them peek at the battlefield through a gap at the door.

「Finally, what comes after is important」

Instructor Light Cruiser silently signaled her agreement to Twintail’s words.




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