Chapter 168 Part 1



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

We go back in time to a day before the rain let up at the Forest Garden.
Northern part of the Ost Continent, in the Forest of Spirits.
The vast woodland with the World Tree at its center.
Currently, at the lake that spans the Northern part of the forest, a giant tortoise was showing its dissatisfaction.

(How troublesome)

The protector of the Lake of Spirits. The strong spirit beast that has been deemed as such, that is Zaratan.
The length of its shell goes all the way up to two hundred meters; It can only be seen as an island.
The cause of its irritation is the humanoid living things that are living in the forest. They move in large numbers and remain on its back.

(What irritating tenacity)

It tried shaking its body and diving under the water surface but that did not have much effect.
Repeating that many times attracted a giant humanoid to it.
It can be said that its height is seventeen meters, an artificial giant. This hit a nerve even in the eyes of the great Zaratan.

(It seems like you will follow along no matter what)

The yellow Pomelo with a rich aroma, one that it had not eaten for hundreds of years.
It has been in this state since it brought the fruit back with it.
There is no mistaking that the aim of the humanoids that are living in the forest is that fruit.
They are probably waiting in anticipation for it to go and take the fruit once again.
They are like crows that chase after the backs of the farmers who sow seeds.

(All, is lost)

Sensing the tenacity of the people living in the forest, Zaratan gave up on shaking them off.
However, it did not give up on that fruit. If its opponents are making use of a forceful means, all that means is that it will just have to use an aggressive attack strategy that surpasses that.

(I will head for the sea)

Zaratan that finally made up its mind.
A giant magic circle appears in the middle of the sea, it spins while releasing light into the air. The giant spirit beast sinks its body within it.
The rush of water from the surroundings quickly brews into a vortex, it started violently washing the face of the island.

「So it has started」

The water collection tower at the Southern bank of the lake.
The commanding officer who has received the report from a soldier ran towards the lookout platform.
Gazing at the sinking island with intense concentration, some words leaked from his mouth as if he was saying a prayer.

「I’m counting on you」

A legendary fruit that is also called Ambrosia. Zaratan has brought that back with it from a place unknown.
The High Elves have shown an extremely high interest in it. They immediately increased the number of soldiers at the water drawing tower and gave these soldiers strict orders.

『If there is any teleportation, you are to follow along and confirm the location』

Even if there no such order was given, this is what the commanding officer strongly wished for.
The Ambrosia fruit, that is thought to have erased its presence in the world.
A precious magic ingredient that has many benefits. The especially famous one is it being used as the ingredient for the Elixir.

(We must get our hands on it. No matter what)

The ones to handle such precious things shall only be the Elven race.
Understanding its value, and also the knowledge and skill to put it into use. These are things that only we Elves have.

(We must find it faster than those humans and transplant it)

Excavate everything around the roots including the roots themselves and move them over to the Forest of Spirits. The commanding officer thought that they should do as such.

(If it is here, we the Elves will be able to protect it from the beasts, magical beasts, and also the humans)

We will clear the land of the Forest of Spirits and build an orchard exclusively for the Ambrosia.
The commanding officer, who is also in charge of the management of the forest, proceeds to think about the exact steps to take regarding the management.

(We must put up a strong offensive type barrier around the surrounding area)

Either using electrical attacks to fry them or wind blades to mince them would be fine.
After all, the target we are protecting is the Ambrosia. It is more like those might not even be enough.

(Harmful worms that eat leaves and harmful beasts that trample on the land without thinking. We cannot let even one of them step into that place)

After securing its safety comes its cultivation. With the knowledge and skills that the Elves have, even the cultivation of the Ambrosia should not be impossible.

(If this is successful, even the mass production of the Elixir would not be a dream)

The chest of the commanding officer puffed up as he thought about these aspirations in the near future.
Treatment of injuries, treatment of illnesses, recovery from status ailments. The triple B potion, the one that has all of these high ranking benefits.
Finally, the Elves, for the first time in history, will transcend and become an existence that is not undermined by illnesses and injuries.

(Something fitting of the race that is highest in the ranking)

He nodded his head deeply and strongly.
With these feelings in his heart, the commanding officer gazed at the water surface, at the bubbles of the island that vanished.

At the center of the ocean where not a single shadow of any surrounding islands can be seen.
A small island suddenly appears on the surface of the ocean. It is Zaratan.

(Time to dive)

The island bends forward and its hind legs appear above the water surface.
It then started to submerge rapidly.
In this state where it is like a whale that is about to dive into the water, it increased its speed as the depth of the water increases.
The water magic users frowned as they thought of how they could not leave the face of the island.

「This kind of thing」

A single Elf said.
They are different from the young ones who were on the island before. They are soldiers who were specially selected.
Things such as the huge movements of the Zaratan are all within their expectations.

(It would be best to use this time get some distance between them)

On the other hand, Zaratan only felt sympathy for the humanoids who are living in the forest for a mere second before it continued to dive deeper into the ocean.
A little while after that.

「Damn, this is bad」

A single soldier groaned.
The depth is already past three hundred meters and the surroundings have turned into that of pure darkness.
Even the light of the day does not reach these depths. The only source of light they had is the light sphere that they, the Elves created.

「This is beyond my expectation」

The destination they thought Zaratan is heading for is a certain lake that is in another land.
That is why they thought they were looking at a depth of roughly a hundred or two hundred at most if it decided to dive deep into the water.

「The sea, and what’s more, to think that it decided to dive into the deep seas」

If it dived any deeper, people dropping out from the task will start appearing.
However, the primary cause for the drop out would not be the internal factor, namely the magic-user reaching his limits. Even before it will reach that point, an external factor that will become the primary cause has appeared.
That is the Ocean Snake (Sea Serpent), a giant magical beast living in the ocean. At this place that is five hundred meters under water lies their colony.
The Sea Serpents, that are known for their ferocity.
A body that is coiled up and about a hundred meters long, they are looking at Zaratan with their eyes that show no emotion.

「It has been a long time since I have passed through this place」

Zaratan does not show any signs that it is on its guard.
In front of the roundish tortoise that is about two hundred meters long, thin and long Sea Serpents that are a hundred meters long are not even considered enemies.
The Sea Serpents too know that. Their aim is the humanoids living in the forest that are clinging onto the tortoise.


A shriek leaks from the mouth of the soldier.
The giant eye of a Sea Serpent, that have suddenly appeared in the dark.
Its diameter is way more than the height of a human body. Along with its close proximity, all their vision could see was the eye.
Within the ocean that is completely dark. The light from the sphere reflects off the giant saucer as it shines eerily. The mental fear that it brings forth surpasses even the fear that a mind, that has been through rigorous training, could handle.


The next voice was a scream.
Countless of Sea Serpents that are starting to swarm the tortoise. They are pulling something off of the surface of Zaratan’s body.
This sight is like that of carps that have their feed thrown to them at the pond.
Abandoning hopes of stopping Zaratan, they plan their escape. However, within the vast ocean, things such as cover do not exist.
They will just change from feed that are holding up on the surface of Zaratan’s body to feed that are drifting about.

「Do not get on! Do not get on!」

There are people who are also activating attack magic, the place – within the ocean. Its element – earth, one that is extremely effective against magical beasts of the water element.
Its effectiveness did not increase that much.
That is the same as a few C-rank Knights that are glaring at the tortoise. I am using everything I have just to protect myself, I have no extra hands to spare for my comrades.

(They have dwindled by quite a bit)

Once the depths surpassed seven hundred meters, the Sea Serpents left, heading upwards.
Pure darkness and low water temperatures. In a space thought of as the world of death, Zaratan continues to head downwards.
A thousand meters, two thousand meters.
The light from the sphere of light that is created by the humanoids living in the forest has long disappeared.
The only light source is light emitted from small living organisms travel through from below to the surface. But this rarely occurs. Other than that, there are no other changes.
There are only sounds of something being crushed that reverberated several times.
After several hours. It finally arrived at the bottom of the ocean.

(All of them have been driven off)




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