Chapter 170 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The western end of the royal capital central square.
The shadow of the building created by the summer sunshine. There was a young man sitting on his knees.

「This is bad」

An absent minded and soft looking young man.
He looks enviously at the building on the other side of the square.
It is the headquarters of the Merchant Guild.
Earlier he returned his qualification as a F-rank merchant there.
And in his hand is a letter. It was handed over by a guild employee when he left.
It seems that his parents sent him something.

「I can already tell what the letter is about」

He hasn’t opened the letter yet. He just let it hang in his hand while sighing.

(Why did it become like this?)

A turning point in his life. It started from the crushing of a certain great noble family.
A servant who works in the mansion of a great noble, he was born as his son.
Until recently he lived and worked in the mansion with his parents.

(Somehow, it feels like it happened a long time ago. Even though it was only few months ago)

What currently reflected in his dark eyes was, when he think about it again, were happy days.
He feels nostalgic and sad remembering those days.

「Thank you for your hard work~」

He sees the guard and greets them when he leaves the mansion.

「Thanks for your hard work」

The guard greets him back with a smile.
The reason is that he is a servant of a great noble. The guards, who do not want to pick a fight with the great noble, treat young people like him politely.
Just like that, he headed south to the shopping district

「Excuse me. I’d like you to deliver eight good fillet in large blocks by the evening」

He arrived at the meat store he was looking for and made an order.
The store uncle smiled, but looked apologetic.

「I’m sorry to have you come all the way here」

「No, it’s okay since I have some places I have to go to anyway」

He’s familiar with the store uncle of this shop.
This is because he appears in the mansion every day to deliver orders. He came to the store today because there’s a sudden order.
Apparently there are going to be some guests that will be coming tomorrow night.
After leaving the butcher, he also visited vegetable stores and liquor stores.
Every store treated him as a good customer. However, he felt no change in particular. He sees it as if it was a normal thing.
This is because it has been like this since the day one he started working.

「Well then, I’m leaving it to you」

Leaving the last store, he headed for the confectionery store. Then he arrived on the street that leads back to the mansion.
After returning, he reports to the butler. The leader of the servants in this mansion who has gray hair with oil applied on it.
It’s a dreamy position the young man was hoping to stand at someday.

「Here, a souvenir」

On the way to the courtyard, he found his childhood friend who was cleaning in the hallway and shook the cream puff box from side to side.
The girl with her face fluttering rushed over with her broom in one hand.

「Let’s have some tea then. I’m going to prepare it, okay?」

They occupy one of the tables in the courtyard and start eating the sweets with tea.

「Aren’t you in the middle of work?」

「It’s okay. The preparations for the customers will begin tomorrow morning. So I still have time today」

He who’s listening to her also knows about it.
The great noble’s mansion fundamentally has a lot of servants in it.
They’re usually busy with the preparations for annual events and big exhibitions and the cleaning-up after it ends. But other than that time, they usually have a lot of free time.
In fact, the time his mother spends chatting with her colleagues is longer than the time she spends doing her work.

「Who will be coming?」

The childhood friend looks up as if trying to remember. However, her eyes were invisible because her bangs that were stretched down covered it.
The young man slides her bangs sideways with his fingers.


「Isn’t it fine? It’s better if you show your face more」

「I don’t want to. You know that, right?」

Her childhood friend has a lot of freckles, and she has a complex about it. She wants to hide it so she lets her bangs down.

(Even though she doesn’t need to be too conscious about it)

Other than that, she also worried about not having a breast.
For the young man himself, those are her charm points, but if he said that to her, she’s going to think that he’s only teasing her.
Because he feels that she would be seriously angry if he said it, he kept silent until now.

「It seems there are going to be a lot of people from the knight order. Like high-class pilots and former high-class pilots」

She doesn’t know that the Knights have abolished the classifications system such as high, intermediate, and low class pilots.
Therefore, what she meant by former senior pilot is the OB.


The knight order. It’s a dreamlike occupation for all boys.
Boarding a humanoid golem that is 17 meters tall and fights with sword and magic. It is no wonder that many people yearn for it.

「I wonder if any of them will fall in love at first sight after seeing me」

「Ahーyeah, good luck with that」

The childhood friend let out a loud voice in response to his casual reply.
He thought that such a time would last forever.
But half a month later, it suddenly ends.
One day, when he returned home, his father was sitting with a difficult expression as he told him a shocking fact.

「It has been decided that this mansion will be demolished」

His father was good at carpentry, mainly to repair buildings and facilities.
But his usual cheerful and dependable atmosphere is nowhere to be found.
The young man couldn’t understand and asked why.

「I don’t know the reason. But it is what His Majesty has decided, we don’t have a say in this matter」

Let alone a bitter bug, his expression looks like someone that has bit a poisonous bug.
The young man was so surprised that he became speechless.

「I heard it from the butler earlier. There’s one chance that this just some kind of misunderstanding」

He held his son who’s expression became a bit brighter with his hands and continued.

「If the allegations are cleared, the demolition will be cancelled. Until then, everyone will protect this mansion. For the time being, it was decided as such」

There, he shot his son with a sharp gaze.

「However, that is just nothing but hopeful thinking. Everyone just believes in that ”hope” on their own. While the reality is that it’s impossible to have the demolition canceled」

Decide the plan for your future.
The weight of the words forced him to swallow her spit silently.
A mansion without a lord. It was the first few days of it being protected only by the servants.
The good news has yet to arrive.
Instead, an inevitable problem occured.

「We don’t have enough food materials」

Everyone looks at the chef’s words with a hopeless expression.
Until now, all you had to do was place an order to the door-to-door trader. And they show their face every day, so there was never a shortage.
But now they never show up.

「Then, I’ll go and order it」

He raises his hand.
Those around him shook their heads from side to side, but did not stop him. Because no one had a better idea.

(If they won’t come, then I’ll just have to come to them)

The guards around the mansion walls didn’t allow raging waves of society to enter.
And the young man grew up in such an environment where people are nice to each other.
He is sweet to people, but he also expects people to be sweet to him. He was well raised, in a bad way.
When he arrives at the shopping district, he goes through the door of the butcher shop he’s familiar with.

「Can I place an order?」

However, he was confused when he was asked to pay in cash. It was something that had never happened before.

「Can’t I put it on the tab like usual?」

The store uncle folded his arms and shook his head from side to side.

(I wonder if he’s really the same person)

The store uncle he knew was a modest person and always smiling.
He never saw a harsh expression like it is now.

(When the suspicions cleared up, don’t expect us to welcome you again. It’ll be too late for you to apologize by then)

He felt a bit relieved after picturing revenge on the store uncle in the future inside his heart.
He then gave up buying there and went to the next store.
However, the treatment he got is the same for the next store and the next store.
In the end, he had no choice but to return to the mansion empty-handed.

「As expected it’s useless huh?」

The butler closed his eyes and sighed.
The chief maid, who was nearby, struck her hand twice sharply to get everyone’s attention.

「If it has come to this, we have no choice but to open a temporary brothel. There’s no objection, is there?」

A tall and slender woman who seems to be in her mid-fifties.
The maids look anxiously at her strict voice.
There, one person spoke.

「Will customers even come here to play with the likes of us?」

Brothel is a job that many women long for.
The workers are strictly and carefully selected, and only those with excellent customer service skills can sit on their platform.
In fact, some of the maids came here because they weren’t hired at the brothel.

「I don’t think we can compete with people like them」

On the other hand, even though there were lessons about manners beaten into them in the mansion, in the end, they were just servants.
Their experience in bed was only with people who visited the mansion.

「Your worry is justified. However, we have the bonus value of being “the maids of a noble’s mansion.” I’m sure there will be customers who come here」

The maids felt relieved after seeing her confidence declaration.

「However, this effect won’t last forever. One month, this is a one month contest」

She glanced around with a strong gaze.

「In that span of time, you are to make some money and use it to travel back to your hometown. Do you understand?」

The maids respond in a loud voice.
In this way, the servants were divided into those who cooperated in the temporary brothel, those who returned to their hometown with their savings, and those who opened their own path.

「I think I’ll try to become a merchant」

The young man declares to his parents.
By the way, his parents had some savings, so they decided to go back home.
However, decades have passed since they left their hometown. It won’t be the same hometown they used to know.




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