Chapter 172 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The innermost part of the spirit forest in the northern part of the Ost continent.
Near the base of the towering world tree, there is an elf village.

「Hey, the water tastes rather bad lately, don’t you think?」

「You think so too? It’s strange isn’t it?」

Recently, such conversations have begun to take place among the inhabitants.
It tastes better than anywhere else. The water of this village was thought to be so.
They realized the taste has dropped because they’re sensitive about it.

「I will now report the result of the Spirit lake’s water quality survey」

A large wooden building that clings to the world tree.
A place where high elves gather to rule the elves.
In the meeting room, an elf was reading aloud the documents.

「Turbidity, color, odor. There is no abnormality in either of those aspects. In addition, no harmful components have been detected」

In front of him is the ruler.
A high elf sitting on a chair with a high backrest with a stern look. Intimidated by his figure, the elf spoke with a shaking voice.

「Numerically speaking, it’s almost the same as it is up until now. We didn’t found any deterioration in the water quality as far as we have observed」

Voice of dissatisfaction towards the content of the report could be heard from here and there. The chairman’s expression was also harsh.

「Then why is the water taste bad?」

He himself feels what the villagers were feeling. Although not to a high degree, he was not satisfied with the result of the report.

「We think that the absence of the lake guardian might be the cause of it」

He swallowed his saliva and said.

「Some kind of blessings that can’t be figured out with numbers. Isn’t it because we lost these blessings?」

A powerful spirit beast with water attributes, Zaratan. The problem began appearing after it disappeared from the lake.

(The relevance should be obvious to anyone)

The elf called from the intake tower thought.

「What is the basis of that claim?」

An old high elf woman asks with a sharp tone while raising one eyebrow.

「……It is just my personal opinion」

To that answer, her expression turns harsh.

「This is the assembly of supreme councils. Please refrain from making irresponsible remarks」

The elf shrinks and faces down as he apologizes.
Watching their exchange, the chairman sighs in his heart.
The old woman must have thought to give him a warning, but it was meaningless. Everyone else thought, as expected.

(To think it would change this much just because Zaratan didn’t come back in time)

Zaratan, the guardian of the lake, has moved somewhere along with the elf soldiers and Knights on board its back.
And that spirit beast of the lake has not yet returned.

(I thought it would return immediately like last time)

The villagers have not yet noticed that the shadow of a single island has disappeared from the spirit lake.
But that’s just a matter of time.
Concerns about water for drinking. It’s impossible to hide it.

(The reason why Zaratan left the spirit lake, albeit temporarily. I have to figure it out)

He can’t just say that, “it went in search of Ambrosia”.
If he gave such an explanation, the story would eventually spread to the human race. No matter how high the elves’ self-esteem is, there would be an information leak somewhere.

(Their eyes color will change like that’s of a beast and starts sniffing around for it)

The human race is not very capable, but they are numerous. And for an inferior race, humans are greedy and tenacious.
With their obsession that’s on the level of being creepy, they would search even to the corners of the continent. The chances that the human race would find it first, weren’t low.

(As if I will handover it to them)

Ambrosia, which only exists in folklore. Its fruits are the raw material for the omnipotent potion, Elixir.
The appearance of the human race who found Ambrosia was projected in the chairman’s mind.
They take the fruit along with its branches and pose proudly. The smile that plastered on their face was one without a trace of decency.

(Absolutely unacceptable. The Ambrosia is ours)

It’s nothing but an imagination, but the image is as clear as if he has seen it with his own eyes.
Unpleasant feelings arouse and distort the chairman’s mouth.

「There are also people from the brewery voicing their worries. They said that if this continues, it would affect the quality of the product from autumn onward」

This information hurts the chairman on a personal level.
It’s just as he said, the alcohol will taste bad.

「Haven’t there been any contacts from those who accompanied Zaratan?」

The elf looks down and some of the high elves shake their heads.
If anything, news should be the first thing that arrives. It was clear that it hadn’t arrived yet.

(Don’t tell me it have no intention to return)

He could feel a cold blade of ice pierce his heart. But soon he shook off the idea
A vast lake at the foot of the world tree.
For Zaratan, the spirit beast, there is no better environment.

(No, if there is another world tree then I can’t say for sure)

A confidential matter that is discussed only within the high elf.
About the possibility of a new world tree existing after it was discovered that there’s a difference in the world’s magical income and expenditure.
If such a thing really exists, there may be an environment comparable to the spirit lake.

(But Zaratan couldn’t possibly do that)

The chairman deepened the wrinkles between his eyebrows and denied the possibility again.
The basis of his thinking is a legend that is handed down in the village.
A long time ago, a powerful demon beast invaded this place to take possession of the spirit lake.

(If I remember correctly, it came from the sea using teleportation)

The chairman tries to remember.
Giant white serpents that appeared with transfer magic.
In front of its great size and numbers, even Zaratan was inferior to them.
The elves were unable to do anything in the fight between the great beasts, but a young man stood up.

『While its underlings were distracted with Zaratan, I will defeat the White serpent leader』

The young man who spoke with a powerful tone approached from behind as he landed a blow with water magic.
Although it did not have the power to defeat the giant white serpent, it succeeded in creating a large opening.
Zaratan turned to attack without missing this opportunity.
It managed to defeat the leader and repelled a swarm of white serpents.

『I give you my thanks, O wise and noble people』

Zaratan gave it thanks to the elves. However, the young man lost his life by the white serpent leader’s counterattack.

『I cannot live in this world without you, dear』

The young man’s lover who was overwhelmed by deep sorrow.
She threw herself into the spirit lake and followed after him.
Zaratan was strongly moved by the death of the two. It was passed down that since then, Zaratan became the guardian of the elven village.

(Zaratan have special connection to us, the elves)

The benefits that the spirit lake has given to the elven village. That is the proof.

(It will definitely return soon. It’s just that because its long-lived, its sense of time is different than ours)

The chairman convinced himself.
By the way, if he were to told that story to Zaratan, it will blink slowly and think for a moment,

『That’s not true』

And answered so. It was nothing but folklore told by the elves.

「For drinking water, purify it before sending it to the village.」

For the time being, he needed more time. The chairman decides so and gives instructions.
Elven magicians were gathered from the village. They headed to the intake tower in large numbers and cooperated to build a large magic circle.
In a short time, purification magic was activated.

(However, we don’t have much time)

The captain of the intake tower thinks while supervising the situation.
To keep purifying a lot of water, he needs to keep supplying a lot of magical power.
For the time being, he intends to take a three shifts approach, but the burden on the magicians is heavy.

(Hurry and come back please)

He sincerely hopes from the deep of his heart.


At the edge of the northern part of Royal capital’s downtown.
There is a garden on the roof of a three-story building there, and a tree about three meters high grows in it.
A pond was built at the foot of the tree, and a turtle about 20 centimeters in length was swimming around.

(It’s so fun)

The turtle was in charge of managing the pond, appointed by the owner of this land. Zaratan is in a good mood.
It works to modify the pond to improve it. And it was surprisingly fun.

(Let’s add a bit more fish)

It has already transferred many creatures here.
Algae, small fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, etc. It should make the ecosystem cycle around if high ranked fish were mixed in.
It’s been a while since its been working while thinking about such things, and it made its heart excited.
The spirit lake where he lived before has already been completed. There was nothing to do other than to maintain it.

(Then I need to make a place for them to hide)

If it intends to bring in a high-ranking predator, the small fishes will need a place to hide.
But this pond doesn’t have it.

(Let’s bring in that ship here then)




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