Chapter 174 Part 2



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Hearing these words from the academy head, Thermano winces. When he met eyes with Explosive Onee-sama once again, he bowed while saying sorry.
After that, he cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

「I am sorry, but will all of you lend me your ears to listen to the matter regarding the sequence of events up till the completion of the lesser Elixir」

When Explosive Onee-sama nods, he faces the academy head and students as he begins explaining the events.
The content is a repeat of what the professor has said in the morning.

「I met a certain customer at the brothel. That was the beginning of everything」

Everyone reached for a chair within their grasp and took a seat. They then lent her their ears.

「That is the method I used to get my hands on the fruit. It seems like the customer himself does not yet realize it but no matter how I think about it, I cannot help but see that fruit as the fruit spoken of in the legends, the Ambrosia」

The Ambrosia itself or a very close subspecies.
I, who suspected as such, challenged him to a match and, at the end of an intense match, managed to get my hands on it somehow.
After that, I immediately took on the challenge of creating the Elixir, from the result of many failures, I have finally completed it as of this morning.

「The customer you met, can you tell us who that person is」

The academy head who listened to the story to its end placed one of his hands on his chin as he asked this question. Although his tone is gentle, the glint in his eyes is sharp. He has Explosive Onee-sama in his eyes and does not take his eyes off her for even a moment.
Explosive Onee-sama looks back at him without faltering and firmly declines to do so.

「As a person working for the brothel, I cannot answer such questions」

Being in the line of business where physical relationships take place with employees and customers with their bodies laid bare, there are many customers who let their guard down and spout secrets.
That is why they themselves adhere to strict rules of upholding confidentiality for these secrets.

(Although I do talk about my customers with the concierge and my colleagues)

However, that is only something that occurs within her workplace. She has never spoken a word to anyone else who is not related.

「The Elixir and the Ambrosia, they are things that have a huge impact on the world. I guarantee you that revealing the customer to us does not subject you to punishment」

The academy head does not back down. However the expression on Explosive Onee-sama’s face is strict, she does not nod.

「This is not a problem about what the punishment will or will not be. It is a problem in terms of logic」

There lies not the young female student who was flustered earlier. There lies the figure of a professional who works at the highest peak of the red-light district.
The academy head lightly brushed his face once and made his gaze gentler.

「An oath to the God of Business, is it something along those lines?」

The one who sells spring is said to be the oldest god in the world who governs commerce. The people who work at the brothel must swear upon an oath before taking a seat at the gallery.

『Regardless of the customer, I will attend to them without showing any favouritism』

『Relying on my own ability and judgment, I will provide the best possible service to the customer』

『Regardless of the contents, I will uphold confidentiality regarding the secrets of my customers』

There are several but these are probably the most well-known.
Seeing how firm Explosive Onee-sama was, the academy head lets out a sigh.
The expression on his face looked like he felt that it was a shame but there are some signs of his respect for Explosive Onee-sama.

(You could say that this is as expected of the Big Three)

Having a high level of moral values, it is further supported by her unshakeable pride in her line of work. As long as it is an oath to the Gods, the authority of those on the surface will have little effect on her.

(I have no choice but to compromise on my end)

He shrugs his shoulders and asks a question once again.

「From where does that person come from? Will it be alright if it is only that much?」

It is fine even if it is only the direction, the academy head appealed as such.
Explosive Onee-sama recalls the pillow talk she had with Tauro.

「From the West, if I recall correctly, he came from Landbarn」

This is the limit to which she can answer.

「……Landbarn huh」

After hearing that name, everyone let out a sigh.
The land there is already in the hands of the Empire. They will not be able to make a move that easily.

「Will you not be able to get it anymore? Does that person still have any more of that?」

Explosive Onee-sama thinks.
A huge challenge with the Ambrosia on the line once again.

(It is impossible! Absolutely impossible!)

It will be fine if nothing is on the line
However, a serious battle is impossible.
If she herself does that, she may just be unable to return to the surface ever again.

「……It seems like getting your hands on it is difficult」

Hugging her own shoulders, Explosive Onee-sama’s face is beet red, and her body shivers.
Seeing those signs, the academy head let out a deep sigh once again.
Explosive Onee-sama performed deep breathing several times to calm herself down. After that, she opened her mouth.

「There is still some of the ingredient, though little, remaining. I estimate that there is most likely enough for one experiment」

After hearing these words, the eyes of everyone darted among themselves.

「One more experiment」

One person mutters and another swallows his own spit.

「Due to my own selfishness, an important ingredient has been wasted in excess. However, I really wanted to test what my own capabilities could bring forth」

Seeing Explosive Onee-sama bow deeply, Thermano silently shakes his head from left to right.

「No, that ingredient is something that only you could have got your hands on. There is no need for you to feel remorseful for using it for your very own research」

Explosive Onee-sama gazes at the professor with a deep meaning packed behind her gaze.

「Professor, I have a request. Will you do the honor of conducting the next experiment」

Surrounded by students that are whispering among one another, Thermano silently gazes back at Explosive Onee-sama.

「It was my intention from the very beginning to ask the professor to conduct the experiment for the very last time. That is regardless of whether the experiment this morning was a success or failure」

When faced with that strong gaze, a small smile appeared on the mouth of Thermano as he nods.

「It is an honor that I am chosen. I will use the utmost of my ability to conduct this experiment」

He then continued saying his words.

「However, this is only natural but I have never handled anything like Ambrosia. Your experience with it is indispensable. Would you lend me a hand?」

「If you are fine with me, I will gladly help out」

Just like this, it is decided that the very last experiment will be conducted under the direction of the professor.
Some preparations need to be made and a plan needs to be drawn up for the experiment. Saying as such, the professor takes the students who are his disciples and flew out of the room.
And so, several days later.
Conducting the experiment after thorough preparations have been completed, Professor Thermano, though small in amount, successfully manufactured Triple B that is undoubtedly the Elixir.
In the report released in the name of the academy head of the Royal Magic Academy.
The names of Professor Thermano and Explosive Onee-sama are recorded together on the same line.

Headquarters of the Kingdom’s Merchant Guild.
At a selling counter on one of the levels, a man with sunken cheeks murmurs.

「Tauro-san, it seems like Thermano-sama has completed the Elixir」

There are heavy eyebags below his eyes. It seems like he does not sleep well and does not have much appetite.
This is the figure of the middle-aged man with a scary face that has gone through extreme changes.

「Elixir you say?」

I recall the thing that the man with a crooked mouth said.
If I recall correctly, as I was talking with the middle-aged man with a scary face, he was the person that barged in from behind and showed off his C-rank potion.

「If I recall correctly, it is triple B right?」

Honestly, I feel that that is amazing.
C-rank was his best just a while back. But now it has become B-rank, and what is more, it is one that recovers injuries, heals sicknesses, and recovers abnormal status effects, a three in one potion.
Even I, who was given Akashic Magic (Origin Magic) from that mysterious statue, cannot accomplish such a feat. Although, if it is just B-rank potions with a single effect, I can make six a day.

「The intriguing thing is the name that is on the same line and right next to Thermano-sama. Word goes around that that person is a student」

The middle-aged man with a scary face tilted his head, seemingly puzzled.
The name of that student was one that I remember hearing before.

(If I remember correctly, Explosive Onee-sama does go by that name)

It seems like the middle-aged man with a scary face does not remember. She did only come along with us on the trip to the Holy City.

(But to think that an Elixir can be made)

After she made a name for herself at the Contest before God, there was a rush for reservations for Explosive Onee-sama and she has earned an almost uncountable amount in tips.
I hear that she has poured everything into the research funds for the Magic Academy.

(It seems like your efforts have borne fruit. Congratulations)

That being said, it is quite a feat for a professor and a student to have a joint signature.
As expected of the number one of a super first-class brothel. When esteemed people are told to do something, the results they produce are always different. It is probably due to the high basic specs they possess.




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