Chapter 174 Part 3



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「In-charge, please have this」

That being that, I put a potion bottle with a deep green fluid on the counter.

「Hmm, an add-on? It seems like a D-rank abnormal status recovery potion」

The potions that have just been stored away using his hand, he stops his hand that was processing the payment and takes the bottle using it.

「This is not part of the delivery. This is a present from me to the In-charge. Please drink it on the spot」

Not knowing the meaning behind my words, the middle-aged man with a scary face looks at me with his mouth half-open.
The sunken cheeks and the thick eye bags below his eyes. Coupled with these, it seems like he frequently uses bad medicines.

「Your health is in bad condition, right? I do not know whether it will be effective or not but please try it out for me」

In truth, I cannot guarantee anything.
It was effective in dispelling brainwashing but I do not know whether it can heal even the wounded heart.

「This is my treat to the In-charge whom I am always indebted to. As someone who stands at the reception counter, those thick eye bags below your eyes are bad right?」

His facial expression crumbles, tears well up at the corners of the eyes of the middle-aged man with a scary face.
After he expressed his thanks, he opened the lid and drank the potion. There are signs of mana spreading all over his body but I can sense it even without activating my Magic Eye.

「……I feel that both my body and mind have become lighter」

The middle-aged man with a scary face let out a sigh from the depths of his lungs.
He grabbed the potion bottle that he had already emptied and gazed at it.

「D-rank potion. It is the first time I have used it but it is really amazing huh」

He nodded many times.
If there is nothing to heal, he should not feel any reaction at all even if he drinks it. For that kind of thought to come from him would probably act as proof that the potion was useful as a cure.

(He seems to be fine now)

From my observation, his complexion is improving. The thick eye bags below his eyes too, are a lot thinner.
Just one more push and the nightmare he dreams of at night will probably disappear.

「Will you not accompany me to a brothel after your work? I have actually gotten a complimentary ticket」

The middle-aged man was wide-eyed as he could not follow the conversation. Seeing this, I press him for an answer.

「They are not idols but there are a lot of young women. That is fine right?」

I too have gone through quite a painful experience with the strawberry rice bowls of Celeb Beauty. I understand the pain felt in the heart of the middle-aged man with a scary face very well.
His feelings of wanting to go and wanting to hold back. Seeing his face that shows a mixture of these two feelings, I added.

「I cannot use this ticket unless I go with another person. Even though the expiry of the ticket is fast approaching, what a bind I am in」

With these words, the middle-aged man with a scary face surrendered to his desires.

「Please allow me to come along by all means」

Half a day after that, we left the Merchant Guild before the Sun sets.
The middle-aged man, who just had a 「No Overtime Day」, has completed every kind of preparation he could think of.
His complexion has gotten even better than the time I saw him before noon.

(His body is already fine. All that is left is his mind)

We, who have left the building, faced the sunset and crossed the open plaza. We head for Cione, which is located on the main street of the entertainment district.
He probably never expected that we will go to one of the Big Three. The middle-aged man with a scary face stands in front of the store, stupefied.

「Ok ok, we will block the way of the other customers if we stand at the entrance so we should head inside」

I push his back and we went inside the store.
I am blessed with much income so I do not mind at all. However, to normal people, the threshold for high-class brothels is too high.
The middle-aged man, who has a family that runs on the pocket money system, is first and foremost, unable to enter with the money in his own wallet.
And this is one of the Big Three. A super first-class store. It is only natural that hr stops in his footsteps.

「We have been waiting for you」

The concierge welcomes us with a smile on his face.
I declared to the middle-aged man with a scary face.

「You will not be able to choose your partner if you use the complimentary ticket. Although the play fee is free, you will have to pay for the drinks. Also, there is no need to tip the women」

Then, please go ahead. Saying this, the concierge pushed him as well.
The middle-aged man with a scary face, who staggered up to the reception counter, is surrounded by three beauties. He ascended the stairs just like this.

「Well then, please make your payment」

Three new beauties came in my direction.
While admiring them, I hold up my guild card.

「For two people, I will pay the cost for six members of the sideline」

There was no such thing as a complimentary ticket.
I, who left the Merchant Guild before noon, came to Cione to meet up with the concierge.

「I apologize for bringing up such a sudden request」

「No, this matter is actually something that makes us more than happy to oblige」

The concierge returns the guild card, his face full of smiles.

「For the share that the Oyakodon was successful, a shift of the loss has been made to the women without mothers, who can be the solution for this」

That is right.
No matter how much of a beauty they are, it is not like all their mothers will fulfill the standards set by the brothel.
And what is more, this is one of the Big Three. If their main force is not up to a class that can rival that of the other stores, they will not get the badge.

「There are also stores that dish out fake Oyako Don but those are but mere lower-class stores. They are exposed and lose the people will their trust in them, there are also cases where the stores close」

His expression seems to say the words my, my.

「By the way Tauro-sama, have you not noticed anything?」

There is a meaningful smile on his face.
I look around at the beauties once again and raised my voice without meaning to.
They look similar.

「Three sisters Don. This is the appreciation menu from our store to Tauro-sama」

No words come out of my mouth.
The thing known as the creativity of a human knows no bounds.
It is indeed true that I was the one who came up with the idea of Oyako Don. But from there, like the vines of summer, the idea spread to the surroundings.
And so, the successful birth of a new fruit has been accomplished.

(It is already completely their own original idea)

As a matter of fact, my role is finished with regards to the types of Don.
This brought forth a slight sense of loneliness but there was a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in me.

「Uncle, let’s go quickly」

「Hey! That’s disrespecting the customer」

The three women, who pulls my sleeve. The one who chided her was probably the eldest.
Then, the next eldest woman blushed and averted her eyes, giving off the vibes of a Tsundere.

「Yes, yes, yes」

I casually wrapped my hands loosely around the three sisters and went up the stairs.
And so, a few hours later.
I, who have returned home, fervently told my familiars about the heartwarming tale with the Three sisters Don.

「As expected, the eldest is the one to watch. A sister who is mature and good at taking care of others. The timing of when to bring down the eldest one will really affect the level of excitement that the other two feels」

Dangorou is extremely interested. As expected of the general, it probably has an interest in the battle.

「I received a massage from the three women this time but whenever the next eldest and third eldest make mistakes, I made the eldest sister take responsibility for it」

The eldest sister, who deals with the failures of her younger sisters using her body.
Although I was aroused, the elder sister was even more determined than that. Due to this, I easily reached the goal.

「If the eldest sister regains consciousness, by getting shaken even after she is knocked down, the younger sisters will also get desperate」

I get aroused even as I am recalling the scene.
In the latter half, I had the joy of enjoying the next eldest and third eldest giving their bodies up from the bottom of their heart.
I do think that I might have gone a bit too far in the back of the next eldest.

「But there were no rebukes so that’s a relief, that’s a relief」

All that is left is the two to one, the upcoming final decisive battle, I think up of a plan for my battle with Instructor Light Cruiser.
The day has not been set yet but it is probably not far off.

「No, the back is bad. I will be banned from entering again」

I laughed and replied when I heard the suggestion brought up by Dangorou.
Honestly, there are very few things to reference. However, I really enjoy these moments where I am exchanging conversations with my familiars.

「The Spinning Technique huh」

Imosuke crawls round and round in circles on the floor.
This was the scene of the meeting of the board of directors for the Doom Squad.




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