Chapter 176 Part 1



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The Imperial Empire that rules over the western half of the Ost continent.
Its Imperial Capital has houses, that are the color of sand, made out of stone, built in a straight line. At the center of the Imperial Capital lies the palace that towers above the rest of the buildings. Inside the palace, the round table meeting is currently in progress.

「The Kingdom has succeeded in manufacturing the Elixir?」

Hearing the shocking information that the headmaster of the Imperial Empire Magic Academy brought along with him, the expressions on the face of everyone at the meeting became even more dubious all at once.
The young man who is at the prime of his life lets out a huge sigh and speaks.

「After the Ghost Knight incident, we have lacked behind once again huh」

Hearing these words straight from the Emperor himself, silence fills the whole room once again.

「I should have already granted you enough budget and manpower so what in the world went wrong? In my opinion, for this to have happened once again… Would it not mean that something is absolutely wrong with the organization itself」

The middle-aged woman who has a chiseled face. She has jurisdiction over the Crafting Guild and the headmaster of the Imperial Empire Magic Academy. After hearing these words, the body of the two of them tensed up.

「No, the magic techniques of the Imperial Empire are equal if not better than that of the Kingdom. The magic techniques of the Imperial Empire are definitely not inferior to them」

The thin old man refutes in a strong tone even as his voice was shaking due to his nervousness.

「Then why is our country not able to manufacture the Elixir?」
The thin old man, who is the headmaster of the Imperial Empire Magic Academy, finds himself unable to speak for a moment.

「……I deduce that there was an issue with the ingredients that we have」

The Emperor lifts one of his eyebrows as he urges the headmaster to continue speaking.
The headmaster stands up, he begins explaining while adding hand gestures to aid his explanation.

「The main ingredient for the Elixir is a very specific fruit. The Ambrosia or the fruit that is also called the Fruit of God. It has been described in many documents that that is used as the base ingredient in order to create the Elixir」


「If we get our hands on the Ambrosia, we will no doubt be able to create the Elixir」

The headmaster sits back down on his seat after finishing his explanation. Taking his eyes off of the figure that has become thin with age, the Emperor proceeds to ask more questions.

「Then why is it that the Ambrosia is not in our hands? I will not be satisfied unless you provide an explanation, which I must be satisfied with, for that」

His face turns pale immediately and he showed signs of panic, the headmaster stands up once again.

「I deduce that it is the result of a c-coincidence」

「A coincidence?」

「Yes. According to the word that goes around, the Kingdom got their hands on only one of the fruit by chance from a traveller」

Beads of sweat are clearly dripping from the forehead of the old man.

「The person who got it just so happened to be a student studying at the Royal Magic Academy. Due to this, the person brought the Ambrosia to the Magic Academy and it was turned into the Elixir」

The Emperor scrutinizes the contents of the conversation without saying a word. The expression on his face is definitely not showing that things are favorable for the old man at all.

「Where in the world did the traveler get the Ambrosia from? Do not tell me that you will say that there is only one of the Ambrosia in this world」

In order to press the old man for an answer, the Emperor continues to ask.

「And the traveler that you speak of. Where did that person come from and where in the world did that person head to?」

The headmaster could not answer. With his thin body that is still standing up, he looks down and wipes the sweat off of his face.
Inferior to that of the Kingdom. The headmaster only reacted to those words and stood up to refute them.
Due to this, he did not prepare the necessary information required to answer these questions that the Emperor had asked.

「That is enough」

He sits down after these cold words were said by the Emperor.
In the eyes of everyone else there, they took this as the evaluation of the headmaster taking a huge hit.
Just then, the gentleman with silver-gray hair raises his hand, seeking to make a statement.
Commanding the expedition force with Auwalk as their target, he is the marquis that was forced to retreat due to the Ghost Knight.

「I have received the same kind of information on my end as well」

The marquis stands up, he begins to speak while bringing his eyes down to the memo pad he held in his left hand.
However, his back is straight and he showed no signs of slouching at all.

「First is the amount of the Elixir produced by the Kingdom. This is lesser than the amount of perfume that a lady can have on her hand. It is probably impossible for the Elixir that the Kingdom has produced to demonstrate the effects that are on par with that of a Triple B potion」

Using the thumb of the hand he is holding the memo pad with, he flips the page with practiced movements and continues to speak on the matter.

「The fruit that is thought to be the Ambrosia, let us call this fruit as the Ambrosia for now. A lot of this has been lost through the many trial and error done during the manufacturing process, and it seems like there are not even any fragments of the Ambrosia remaining」

With this explanation, even though just slightly, an air of relief spreads throughout the room.

「Also, regarding the traveler who handed over the Ambrosia, there is a rumor that has been going around that this person is one of the A-rank pilots who is from our country, the person known as the Death God」

Sounds of whispering and sudden movement of chairs resounded throughout the room.
After waiting for the sounds to dissipate, the Marquis continued to speak.

「From dispatching a messenger to the Death God, who is currently in Landbarn, we have learned that he does not know of anything regarding this matter. The person who met with the Death God has also asserted that he did not see any signs of suspicious behavior from the Death God himself」

The Emperor rested his chin on one of his hands and laughed scornfully.

「According to the people in distant lands, he is an existence that has extremely high combat prowess. You would think that I will be on my guard because of this but that is just utter foolishness」

The trust that he has in the Death God does not waver at all.
The fact that he is a person who does not wish for fortune or influence has been shown to be the absolute truth by his accomplishments up until now.
The Marquis ascertains those signs and continues to speak.

「It is just that it seems like the Ambrosia having been brought from the West is a fact that has been verified. According to my hypothesis, I think that one person from among the people who had escaped from Landbarn to the Kingdom has it」

The only nation that lies West to the Kingdom is the Empire. And the time when they got their hands on the Ambrosia is right after the capture of Landbarn by the Countess from the Frontier.
Having heard the basis for the hypothesis, the Emperor nods.

「It all adds up. Order the Countess from the Frontier to search every nook and cranny within the territory of Landbarn」

The Marquis made a deep bow and silently lowers his waist to sit on his own seat.
The Emperor moved his eyes from the Marquis horizontally to somewhere above the head of the middle-aged woman who has a chiseled face.

「How is the progress for the Ghost Knight incident?」

The back of the middle-aged woman, who has a chiseled face, trembles. She then lifts her head that has been looking down all this time.
In exchange for unimaginable power, the mind of the pilot has been destroyed. She reported it in this way to gain some favor points but she did not continue speaking about the next part.

「You did well to find out the weakness of the Ghost Knight in such a short span of time. However, we will not let the Kingdom do as they please forever. We will one day overtake them and conquer them」

The Emperor then continues speaking in a calm tone.




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