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Chapter 176 Part 3



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「Doesn’t that mean that this is the opposite version of me getting banned from entering this store?」

Going overboard because she left it all up to her lust, she made the Instructor Light Cruiser stay in bed for nearly a month.
That may be so, Cool-san said, along with a rather weird smile on her face. As expected of the Ace of the Doom Squad, what a terrifying lady she is.


Just then, I notice a small flower pot at the corner of the window
It gives off a simple yet seemingly expensive air. The reason it caught my eye was because there was nothing growing in it.

「That belongs to her」

According to Cool-san, it seems like Explosive Onee-sama was the one who brought it over.
By the way, she is in the midst of a hard struggle with handling all the customers who made their reservations with the store.

「It is probably the seed of the fruit she got the other day. Would that not be the place where she is growing it in」

She is probably talking about the Pomelo.
A citrus fruit with a refreshing sourness and tastes good but has many seeds. In my previous world, I too have grown some in my backyard.

(Although they did grow into sprouts, they never did bear fruit in the end)

It is not a farm, I merely grew it on bare soil. Now that I think about it, I should have tended to it just a little bit more.

「A first-timer is here. Please make the necessary preparations」

At that time, along with a knock, the voice, belonging to the concierge in training, came from the other side of the door.
Cool-san hurried over to the door. She listened to the details given by the concierge from the gap of the door.
I will go immediately, she replied, as she turned back to me.


I backed away reflexively, pushing back even the chair that was in my path.
The Cool-san’s eyes have formed into the shape resembling that of two crescent moons.

(What an alluring smile)

No, there is one other thing to add to it. Even her lips are like that of the crescent moon.

「It seems like his friends have come to the store as well」

Cool-san giggles, seemingly amused. No, this is already the Unicorn (Eater of Firsts).

「Is the matter about him being worried that you will cause trouble when you only have a single partner so how about having two people as partners at the same time?」

I have already guessed the answer but I still ask my question on purpose.
Cool-san nods as if that is the natural thing to do.

「Of course I gave him the OK」

She then left the room while swinging from left to right.

「What troublesome people. What truly troublesome people」

The voice, which was repeating this line, disappeared as it went down the corridor.
The tone of that voice expressed that she was happy from the bottom of her heart.

(Be careful of going overboard)

I repeated these words, that I have learned from the brothel, in my mind.
It may be possible that she might learn the meaning behind these words in the near future.

(An experience that her whole body will remember for life. It will probably be impossible without that though)

If I say anything unnecessary right now, Cool-san will no doubt fly into a fit of rage.
From now on, she has no choice but to grow with her own strength.

(Well then, let me head back)

It will still be a while but the date for my battle with the Instructor Light Cruiser has been set as well.
The reason I cannot meet her right away seems to be because she is away on some kind of training.
I do not think that she needs training when she has come this far already but it can be said that this is very much like the Instructor Light Cruiser.

(She is an ardent learner as usual)

The sense of stoicism that comes from continuously refining oneself is one of the many charming qualities that the Instructor Light Cruiser has.


Just then, the flowerpot enters my field of vision.
I recall the time when the seeds of the Pomelo were sowed back at the Forest Garden.
At that time, I am sure that Imosuke requested that a D rank potion be sprinkled over them.

(Alright, time for the substitute for a fertilizer)

I activated my magic after confirming that there was no one around me.
In my hand is a glass bottle with a thick blue liquid. It is a D rank potion for illnesses.

(Do grow up all strong and healthy)

As the pot is small, I sprinkled a third of the potion and drank the rest. Then, I evened out any uneven surfaces with my hands.
With the rank of the potion being at D rank and with the amount I sprinkled at that amount, there will be no possibility of a herbal plant transforming into a herbal tree.
I quietly left the resting room.

I temporarily headed home. Perhaps because the sun is still high up in the sky, my familiars do not come out to the entranceway to welcome me home. They are probably still at the Forest Garden.
Feeling the need to check up on them, I head out to the Forest Garden.

「It seems like they are still busy」

When I came to take a look, I was met with a rare sight of Imosuke not being on a branch of the herbal tree. It is at the bank of the lake, on an evergreen tree with many thorns.
At the root, Dangorou is digging up soil.


『is difficult』

Such waves are emitted from the two of them respectively.
This tree is the Pomelo. It seems like it is rare in this world and Imosuke worked extremely hard to prepare the seeds for it.
However, it seems like it is not the end even after the seeds have sprouted. It seems like the maintenance is also quite troublesome.

「I guess the maintenance has to be done properly or the flowers will not bloom」

If not well maintained, rather than the flowers not blooming, it seems like leaves will fall and the tree will become bare.
The Pomelo is my favorite. I am happy to be able to eat it but it seems like I have placed quite a lot of burden on them.

「I am sorry」

The feeling of sorriness builds up within me and these words come out naturally from my mouth.

『It is alright』

『It is fun』

It seems like they are overjoyed that I am happy. The depths of my nose tinged just slightly.

「Both of you, thank you」

I lowered my waist to sit on the floor and gazed at the working figures of the two of them.

(The pot that belongs to Explosive Onee-sama. I sprinkled some potion on it but it seems like growing the Pomelo is quite difficult)

The two of them that are Plant Masters. It is like this even with Imosuke and Dangorou.
Although I do not know how knowledgeable the Genius Lady of the Royal Magic Academy is on this matter, it is hard for me to think that she is more knowledgeable than the Spirit Beasts.

(When it does not go well, there is no choice but to give up)

I shrugged as I come to a conclusion.
There is an existence that is peering at this such person and the other two from within the lake. That is the tortoise that has been left in charge of the management of the lake, Zaratan.

(This is the reason huh)

It silently blinked both of its eyes.
The cause for the Ambrosia disappearing from the Forest of Spirits. It felt like it understood the cause.
Zaratan observed them closely, especially the pill bug.

(I have not seen them a lot recently)

The surroundings of the Lake of Spirits. It felt like they were hanging around the ground around there last time. However, it is not known when but they disappeared.

(The earth element Spirit Beast)

Recalling the unique trait of the pill bugs, it slowly opened and closed its eyelids.

(I see that this existence is essential)

The Forest of Spirits that is known to be a land overflowing with mana. And it itself was able to brag that it maintained the quality of the water at the lake at a high level.
But even so, the fruit of the Ambrosia did not grow, its numbers dwindled and it disappeared in the end.

(Why is that?)

It will probably think of that even if it is not the Zaratan.

If it is right now, it knows. The nutrients in the soil were not enough.

(If it continues on like this, it will definitely bear fruit again)

Seemingly satisfied, Zaratan narrowed its eyes and it dived headfirst into the water.




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