Chapter 177 Part 1



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Located East of the Royal Palace, a building built from white marble with a roof that has a steep gradient.
Two men were gazing outside from a window on the second floor.

「My my」

Shrugging his shoulders is the gentleman who has silver-gray hair that was stiffened with gel. This person is the headmaster of the Royal Magic Academy.
What lies beyond his gaze is the main entrance of the academy.
Right now, people who look like the servants of nobles are gathered there and were jostling with the gatekeeper.

「We will not hand over the Elixir. We have said that many times but they really are people who do not understand words」

Showing signs of irritation, the thin middle-aged man, who has one side of his mouth bent downwards, swings his head from left to right.
His name is Thermano. The professor of the Magic Academy and also a high-ranking doctor whose nickname is greatest of the Kingdom.
The creation of the Elixir is probably impossible without his knowledge and skill.

「This right in front of us is what it is like to not have a listening ear」

Just like Thermano, the headmaster bent the one end of his mouth downwards.

『The production of the Elixir is successful』

Ever since this news was announced to the public, it has become like this.

「Even if we say it is a success, only a small amount was produced. If it were to be used, we probably will not be able to expect the effect to be on par with the Triple B effect」

At first, the headmaster explained to the servants who have come with questions regarding the matter.

「Even though it is unfortunate, we have no plans to procure more ingredients for the Elixir. It is not possible to produce any more of the Elixir」

However, they are not content with that answer. No, their masters probably do not agree.
Even when they meet face-to-face with the headmaster countless times, all they say is 『Hand over the Elixir』.
The headmaster, who has given up on explaining the matter any further, has decided to reject any requests for a face-to-face meeting for now. He is pushing them back with brute force.
Just then, a loud sound of a knock resounded.

「headmaster! A person serving the house of a Marquis wants to meet with the headmaster no matter what the circumstance is」

The figure that appeared on the other end of the door is the commanding officer of the gatekeepers.

「Do not let anyone pass, I am sure I told you that earlier」

Turning back, the headmaster makes a rather suspicious expression.
Even as looking at that expression made the commanding officer have a troubled expression, he does not return to his post. He mumbles while he stands at the same spot.

「Have you been threatened?」

When the commanding officer heard that question, he slumped his back.

「Using such dirty tricks」

The headmaster spews these words from his mouth as he frowns.
Asking the name of the individual known as the commanding officer and, threatening to get revenge in order to allow their request to come to pass. This is one of the methods that the servants of the nobles often use.

「I will protect you for sure. You do not have to worry」

Even though he does not show signs that he is completely at ease, the commanding officer backed down.
While looking at the closed door, Thermano opens his mouth that is bent downwards at one of its end.

「Was it a mistake that we announced it to the public」

Without waiting for a reply, he continued to speak.

「Up until now, the Elixir only exists in legends. But now, it has been proven that it exists in real life as well」

The headmaster silently urges him to continue speaking.

「I thought that announcing it to the public was the most important thing. Recording the manufacturing method and having the product itself to act as the evidence. These two will have the possibility of becoming the treasure of humanity」

However, the reaction from the world was different. As he says this, Thermano swings his head from left to right.

「What they want is only the Elixir in the form of a potion. In their intentions lie no intention of seeking to know the value it has in science」

He cuts his words short, a sorrowful expression appearing on the face of the professor whose mouth is lopsided.
Peering at that figure from the side, the headmaster silently starts to speak.

「This is not something you should be pessimistic over. The masters of the people who are trying to force their way into here are all old men. You must not see this as something that people in the society commonly do」

A tone that is calm and kind. It is like he is providing guidance to a student who had his perspective narrowed as he thought too hard on the matter.

「Thermano-kun. You are still at a young age, halfway through your forties. You yourself are also a high ranking recovery type practitioner」

Feeling that the gaze of Thermano has shifted over, he continues to speak.

「Your willpower and stamina are probably overflowing correct? You are also able to treat injuries and illnesses with your own magic」

Thermano does not think of himself as young but the talk about his magic is on point.
Thermano silently concentrates on his hearing.

「That may be why you do not feel that much of a sense of accomplishment. The matter known as old men being attached to life is terrifying. As the years on their age add up year by year, this attachment of theirs gets stronger and stronger 」

「As the years on their age add up year by year you say. I do not get a very constructive feel from that」

Seeing Thermano tilt his head, the headmaster breaks into a smile.

「A student that was given a long break from school. Imagine that for a moment. Would a person whose remaining days are few not feel that he is being pressed by each passing second?」

Replacing the scenario of a student being given a long break with life, he thinks about the students that he guided up until now. When he did that, there was something that he thought back to.

「Now that you mentioned it, the younger the person, the less the person is attached to life and death」

The talk about progression with indecisive students. By the way, they said lines that went along the lines of the one below, which troubled Thermano.

『If it is to grant my wish, I do not mind dying when I tread on the path to my wish』

They said this not because they were in the moment. At this point in time, the students are absolutely serious.
The ability that he thinks that the students have to achieve their dreams. If they have this, he will not stop them at all. He will even support them to the best of his ability.
However, most of them are only placing bets on life that is not in their favor at all.

(There was even a person who wanted to walk the path to be a doctor)

That person had a dream but that person did not have enough power to reach it.
The things that person produced were only junk potions and the amount of junk potions produced was low. Before he knew it, that person had disappeared from the world of doctors.

(For it to result in that though)

For a period of time, there was an incident of an aphrodisiac of poor quality that was spreading throughout the red-light district of the Royal Capital.
It was a case where it had little effect and the product can almost be called a toxin. Several of the women had fallen gravely ill and were plagued by it.

「To have people use such things, what a hideous thing to do!」

Thermano, who was trembling with anger, cooperated on all fronts of the matter. He poured all of his strength into analyzing the aphrodisiac and treating the women who were affected.
Fortunately, the criminal syndicate was exposed and the case was solved. Many people were caught.

(I did not expect to hear that name at that place)

Among those who were caught was the person who was his disciple in the past. As that person had a hand in the production of the aphrodisiac, he was already executed.
The bitter aftertaste of that time. Even now, that still remains like a cage at the very depths of his mind.
While shifting his eyes to look at Thermano, whose eyes have become dim, the headmaster says, as if consoling Thermano.

「The accomplishment you have achieved is the huge advancement of the magical techniques of humanity. Be proud」

The expression on the face of the headmaster is like that of an adult gazing at an awkward child.
To the headmaster, Thermano is an excellent but troublesome student, one he cannot take his eyes off of.

「If we get our hands on the Ambrosia, will the problem be solved?」

Without realizing these feelings of the headmaster, Thermano closes his eyes and lets out a sigh.
Recently, he has been repeating these words countless times. The headmaster replies in the same way as always.

「The one who has it is the Death God, the pilot who is called the strongest of the Empire. Nothing can be done even with the power of His Majesty」

Looking downwards, Thermano swings his head from left to right.
He expressed his intentions in a way that did not cause any misunderstandings but Explosive Onee-sama does not say a word about who she got the Ambrosia from.
However, the fact that it was from the Death God is a fact that is known even by the higher-ups of the Kingdom.

(The secret will be protected if I do not say the name. Perhaps she thought that way?)

With this memory that brought a smile to his face, the headmaster recalls the figure of Explosive Onee-sama.

『As a person who works at a brothel, I cannot answer such a question』

In front of the professor and the headmaster, she said these words in a cool demeanor. A straightforwardness that is very much like a young person is something that the headmaster really likes.

(However, with a little investigation, this sort of information can be attained easily)

The lies of a child can be seen through by the parent of the child. The headmaster was merely feigning ignorance.
In the eyes of the headmaster, the lies of Explosive Onee-sama are only of that level.

(The group who acted as representatives for the Empire fraction for the signing of the armistice treaty)

What is more, the side who strongly wished for that is the Death God.
To be honest, just that fact alone brought the source of the Ambrosia to light.

(The Death God probably wanted revenge I would assume)




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