Chapter 18




 Translator: Nefarian

Leaving the coffee shop Bell Talk, I looked around the street.

Because I’ve listened to the aunties story for a while now, it’s reached the peak hours and the amount of traffic around town has increased considerably.

(But man, it’s been really enlightening.)

I haven’t been aware of it, but thanks to the talk with auntie I now recognize the dangers that lurk around me.

On top of that, I’ve realized the fact that the quality of the girls and safety are things that can be bought with money. To be honest, I’m quite weak to the scenario of seeing a young girl who has run away from home, or a housewife that needs your protection because of her debts.

But just like the auntie has said, I think I will stick to the main brothels and go-go bars for a while.

It’s a lot safer and safety takes precedence over everything. If safety cannot be secured, then everything that follows including your lifestyle and work will also falter. This concept was drilled in when I worked at the company and I actually learnt firsthand as my own death occurred due to my lack of situational awareness.

(….. I remember it. The fact that I am the main cause of my own fatal accident.)

In my own mind, I bowed deeply to the manager and my colleagues.

Recollecting my thoughts, I head towards a new brothel. The name of this store is called the Jayanne.

I heard that this store also has sidelines. I wonder what it will be like?

I reach the lobby of Jayanne. The tiered stand is still on the front which is standard, but the sideline is situated on the left wall. Unlike at Cione where it was on both sides of the wall.


I instinctively let out my voice. I’m being overwhelmed at the intensity of this sideline. I thought that this sideline will be like in Cione, where the girls are young and still developing and dressed in model clothing.

However, it’s different over here. The clothes aren’t high fashion dresses; they are showier types of clothes. This isn’t the only difference. Sitting with their legs crossed, they all have defiant looks as if enticing the males who were up for a challenge; they all had super dynamite bodies.

They weren’t fat and they weren’t too thin either. Their chests were impactful, yet their waists were tight and slim. Their hips were very full and wide. They had a killer body line. Their thighs had plenty of volume but there’s no useless meat on their body. Their arms are the same.

I was convinced that no matter what sports they played, they would have had a good result in that sport. Their magnificence and impact, if you were to compare it to something…… Yes, it would be comparable to a battleship; a super class dreadnought battleship.

(I understand it now, the sidelines are something that the store specializes in, it’s the main attraction within the store.)

I fold my arms and nod to myself feeling convinced. However, I didn’t feel like choosing from this sideline. That’s because….

(According to my knowledge, a battleship is something with overwhelming firepower.)

I evaluated myself calmly.

(But the guns on my ship are at the level of a light cruiser at best, not only that I have an old model.)

I look towards the big battleships anchored to the sideline.

(I don’t think I could stand up to that level of firepower.)

Making this judgment, I passed by the girls who were like the cheerleaders who appear in the Super Bowl and headed towards the tiered platform.

(To that end, my proper opponent should be someone in the same light cruiser class. Only then will it be a good fight.)

I run my eyes through the girls on the tiered platform. If I were to compare a woman’s body to a warship, I could see: Heavy cruisers, light cruisers and a light aircraft carrier mixed in. I couldn’t spot a female with the figure that would complement my own destroyer. There was one ship that seemed like a destroyer, but when I looked closely she was more like a light aircraft carrier.

(Who should I choose…..? Let’s avoid the scary looking ones and also the psycho looking girl next to her.)

Meanwhile, my eyes are drawn to a particular light cruiser. She appears neat and tidy and seems like a friendly warship.

「I want that girl please.」

I tell the concierge. When I did the concierge replies with an Oh!

「The fact that you’ve chosen her means you have a good eye for quality. She will cost slightly higher than the other girls, will that be okay with you?」

When I asked how much the difference would be, it was nothing I needed to worry about. I nodded and asked.

「I don’t mind it, but why is she so expensive?」

「Her attitude towards work, sincerity, earnestness and also skill, everything is top notch.」

「That’s amazing.」

「She’s an example model for everyone working here and for the recent girls, she’s like an instructor.」

It seems that I’ve got a pretty good hit. My expectations rise like boiling water. I walk away from the concierge, paying at the counter in the interior of the store, I couldn’t catch the last words the concierge was saying.

「Even the girls on the sideline fear her as the demonic teacher…..」

A few hours later, I finally managed to bring my body back to the inn and I fell face down on my bed.

(She’s wonderful.)

That’s the only word I can use to describe her. Everything was first class and there were no gaps in her defenses. Everything about her was beautiful and everything she did had meaning. There are no wasteful movements at all. The way her gaze seduced to the way her fingertips moved, everything was intentional. It was like I was watching a mesmerizing traditional Japanese dance.

That can’t even be considered a play. Her dance can only be considered as a form of art and I was lucky enough to be able to appreciate her fully with my body.

It was nothing short of magnificent.

She was very kind and very beautiful, but I could feel that she had pride in her own strictness in performing her duties. She was also very strict towards herself.

(I heard she was an instructor, but she must be a strict teacher.)

I felt a little sympathy for the other girls under her tuition. However, no matter how strict she was as a teacher, it wouldn’t impact me as a customer.

I only had to admire her work ethics and enjoy her to the fullest.

(I’m glad that I was her customer. I’m glad that I had money.)

Seriously though, no matter what world you are in, earning money is always something that takes blood and tears. I’m truly glad that I have a cheat ability to earn money. I really give my thanks to the stone statue.

Reminiscing about the stone statue, I opened the book that only existed inside of my head.

Perhaps there was something I missed? I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything suspicious that I might have overlooked.

Even if I didn’t open the book, I always felt its existence in my mind.

I open it and see inside. The first page is the same as the contents I saw on the first day, it’s about the magic lent to me and the possessions I obtained.

Even after reading it again, I don’t think I missed anything.

I turn over the page.


I could see a bunch of unreadable letters stuck together.

Small and steady characters filled up the second page.

(Wasn’t the second page blank the last time I saw it?)

I’m sure of it. I remember. Then what are these letters?

(…….I don’t understand. Well I suppose it’s fine?)

I’ve leave this matter as pending for now.

I am already sleepy so what’s the point of worrying about something I can’t figure out? Although I am curious about it, my curiosity fades just as fast.

Feeling my whole body wrapped in a comfortable feeling of tiredness, I crashed into the world of sleep.




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