Chapter 181 Part 1



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

At the back alley of Landbarn, where night has fallen. Over there, there are signs of a shadow twitching in the darkness.

(This place is…)

While making a wry face due to the strong smell, emitted by the garbage under the heat of the summer, this character takes a look around the surroundings.
At the back of a building somewhere, it seems like a garbage collection point of some sort.

(I sure lost huh)

With the memories of the Elven woman slowly returning to her, she heaves a deep sigh.

(How could such a thing have happened. I, who is an Elf got my Heaven’s Gate opened by my opponent who is a human)

An occurrence like this has never been heard of up until now. It is very likely that I am the very first one in the history of this world.

(Whatever should I do)

If it is at all possible, I would like to hide this fact for all eternity, taking this shame all the way to my grave.

(But that seems to be impossible)

The situation this time is very different.
Me being told to keep the Grim Reaper company are the orders from the High Elves themselves. Even if I were to keep silent about this fact, it will be discovered sooner or later.
If this is the case, then it would be way better if I were to report it instead.

(That is right, the Spirit Beast)

The Elven woman takes a look around her surroundings once again.
The very first person of the race that was able to open the Heaven’s Gate of an Elf. That person will be granted a summoned spirit beast, as well as a title.
The Elven woman does not know the reason but this is one major rule that has been concealed in this world, a rule that has been declared in the Magi Carta (Magna Carta).

(Given the circumstances, I will not be able to head there and ask them about this)

Looking at the current situation I am in, the Grim Reaper wants me to leave this place immediately.
If I just show up like nothing has ever happened, the Grim Reaper will most likely send a kick flying towards me with no questions asked. Having my face smashed beyond recognition is something I would rather do without.

(Well what a bind I am in)

On top of having my Heaven’s Gate opened by a person from the human race, I do not even know the title I was granted or the spirit beast that was summoned.
If I was not the one that found myself in this situation, I would probably spat at the person who was in this very situation, insulting them on how extremely useless they are.

(I really wonder how should I report this to the High Elves)

She does not know but the Grim Reaper has not been granted a title and a spirit beast has not been summoned to his side.
The reason is that the Grim Reaper was not the first person to accomplish this feat.
It was over half a year ago, Tauro was able to open the Heaven’s Gate of the Sobage* Beauty.

(Oh ow ow ow ow)

Feeling the dull pain caused by the damage sustained by the depths of her hip, the posture of the Elven Woman shifts to one of slouching forward as she rubs her hip.
Just like this, the Elven woman uses the wall as a makeshift handrail as she walks forward on the narrow alleyway.
By the way, the Grim Reaper was not even the second person to open the Heaven’s Gate of an Elf.
The Elves that have had their skin, of a bean, peeled by the Tauro who disguised himself.
These Elven woman have experienced countless times of submission at the hands of people from the human race and their Heaven’s Gate are open.

(Is there no way but to tell them the honest truth I wonder)

She, that does not know of this fact, hung her head in shame as she walked down the street.

Under the same night sky.
Away from the West of the Downtown of the Royal Capital, in a building that has a roof with a garden and is three storey tall.
I put the book, which has a black leather cover, on the table and was flipping through the pages.

「I do not get it at all」

The mysterious book that was given to me by the turtle.
In the past, the magician, who was from the human race, lived on the back of that turtle. It is said to have been the personal belonging of that person.

「There were no clues whatsoever about the book even when I went to the library」

The book, that was written in a mysterious writing. Those words were very similar to the one used in a book that I have in my mind.

「I would like to think that I have come closer to the mystery that surrounds that statue」

The book that I was given by the statue when I was transferred here.
If I am able to read the portion of the book that I am unable to before, will that mean that I will be able to understand what that request is all about I wonder.
With that thought in mind, I was all enthusiastic about it but there have been no results at all up until now.

「There is something that is scary about all of this」

The request to 『Live your life as you see fit』 is something I am very thankful for. However, the request is too good to be true and this leads me to be on my guard.
I reach my hand out to the other side of the book. Over there lies someone that can be called my researcher-in-arms, Imosuke.
That figure is one that looks just like the larva of a Swallowtail butterfly that is five years of age. I gently rub the underside of its jaw.

「Will it really be alright for me to not look into this matter too much I wonder」

Lifting up its upper body, Imosuke tilts its head. It is probably trying to imitate me.
Seeing Imosuke, that looked like it was reading the book with such enthusiasm, has made me let out a slight smile.


Just then, I felt an uneasy feeling, that was hard to describe, in my chest.

「Wa, wait just a minute」

I, who stood up, headed to the back of Imosuke in a hurry. From this position, the book will be flipped, with its cover on the back and its back on the front. Or so it seemed.
I gave Imosuke, that turned around looking seemingly curious, a light nod while I ran my eyes over the words.

「……Is something like that even fair game」

Thinking of how much of an idiot I was, I lose strength in my legs. I unknowingly fall face-first onto the bed as my knees gave way.

「Hmm? Ahh, it is alright. It is just that there was a matter that made me a little shocked」

The contents of that matter, that made me hold back on the explanation even to Imosuke that is showing concern for me.
The truth is that as much of a shock this is, I was reading the book from the wrong side up until now.

「There are many words that were similar so I can’t help it right」

I explain to myself.
Even when the book is read from the wrong side, it is very similar to the book in my mind, or it can be said that the words in it were very similar to the book in my mind. However, when I turned it over, almost all of the words were the same.
I let out a huge sigh from the depths of my very lungs.
There were many times that I thought of how much of an idiot I was. However, the mistake this time is most likely going to be ranked in the top five out of all of the other times.

「It is no wonder that I thought that there was an oddly large amount of blank pages right from the very beginning」

It is a case of the author starting to write after leaving tens of lines blank on the page that is after several tens of pages with nothing written on it.
It is now that I understand. The fact that that page was the final page that the author had finished writing his book on.
While I grumbled to myself, I flipped to the page that contains the true beginning. It is the portion of the book where I had not made much progress towards when I was reading it flipped.

「……Oh hey, I managed to read it」

I was supposed to be happy but I was not happy at all. I once again slumped my shoulders and let out a sigh.




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