Chapter 181 Part 2



Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

For the person who lends this book, I shall lend them the powers listed below.
This book shall, together with the powers lent, be returned when the life of the person lending the power ends.

Power Lent
The following out of the Akashic Magic (Origin Magic)
All Magic (D~F)

The number of times you can use each magic is as follows.
D One
E Three
F Six

When I aligned the parts that were different, I found that this was the part that is different. The rest are about the same.
It is not wrong for me to think that, just like me, the owner of the book with a black leather cover has met the same statue.

「But about this book, how do I put it」

What should I honestly say I wonder.
I do not know what magic is there to use but the ability to use any magic is impressive.
I also do not mind the fact that I am only able to use D~F rank magic.

「I do not often use C rank magic in the first place after all」

My uses up until now have been only on Light Cruiser-sensei and Lightning, only using magic on them once each to treat their injuries.

「It is just that the amount of uses is very little」

That is right. In my case, I can use my D rank magic up to fifteen times a day.

「……It is probably 」

This world that calls anyone who can use a D rank magic once a day a high-ranking magician.
Being able to use a magic of that rank in any field of magic. And on top of that, it does not need any incantation.
I think that there is no doubt that any person with that ability will be able to become a magician representing this era.

「Is there a restriction like the rank decreasing and the number of uses being lesser due to the increased number of fields the magic can cover?」

I think of that statue in my mind.
Floating in a dark empty space, a giant face that came out from a book.
When I received the magic, I did a negotiation that was not a negotiation. If I recall correctly, it was only a conversation that went along the lines of – Do you have any complaints? I do not have any complaints.
If I force my brain to work more, I can barely remember my opinion getting across, probably I think.

「Well, that is fine」

I can stay healthy, I can earn money and I do not have any restrictions on my magic that I need to use to move my Knight.
I am satisfied with my lifestyle right now.

「Well then, I shall now summarize this book」

My eyes, together with that of Imosuke’s, fall on the book with a black leather cover.
Another one of my familiar, Dangorou, is on the ground of the garden, digging around. It seems like it has found something that it is curious about.

「Although there is a similar book to this in my mind, this is a written copy of it. I think that this is not the real copy of the book」

Compared to the book in my mind, which is one that looks like is printed, it is clear as day that this book is handwritten.

「It is just a guess but I think the owner did not write this book in order to show it to others. Perhaps he wrote the book in order to cooperate with others for some kind of research」

I have no intention of telling anyone other than Imosuke and Dangorou about this matter. However, the owner of the book with a black leather cover probably had a different opinion on this matter.

「That is why this book is not a book of magic. This book is a normal book」

The real copy of the book was returned at the time when the owner died. Together with the power that was lent.
But just to be on the safe side, I put my hand on the book and imagined an image of something that looks like that of magic.

「……Indeed, it looks like my predictions are spot on」

There is not a reaction at all.
As I sensed the gaze of Imosuke, I cleared my throat and answered as such.
Even so, for just a moment, I imagined the me who has gotten my hands on attack magic.

「My magician robe flutters, with just a single fingertip, I cover my enemies with flames」

I thrust out my right hand and snapped my fingers.

「What even is my enemy」

With that sudden thought in my mind, I shrugged my shoulders. I am not the self-proclaimed Wiseman.
I heard of this from Corneal but the reason that the magic circle has been built at the East of the territory of the count is due to the fact that there was a magician that calls himself the Wiseman.
It seems like this flow of events came naturally after that person used magic in the Eastern Kingdom and said whatever the person pleased.


Something fuzzy gets caught in my chest and this had me thinking.

「Perhaps the person, who is known as the Wiseman, is in fact the same as me and the person who wrote the book with a black leather cover?」

That amount of mana is not normal at all. However, almost immediately after I said that, I shook my head to refute those words.

「No that is wrong. If it is Akashic Magic (Origin Magic), then there will be no need for incantations」

That is correct. The magic will activate just by simply wishing for it to.
If this is true, then it will probably be impossible to have the magic canceled in advance up until the point of its activation.

「The world is vast. This means that there are a wide variety of people out there」

Right, right, I nod to myself.
Just then, I return to thinking about the magician who lived on the back of the turtle, the owner of the book with a black leather cover.
According to the turtle, that person passed away quite a while ago.

「I guess even having the ability to use any kind of magic did not mean that the person had the ability to do something about his life span」

Even though it is D rank magic and below, the person is able to use it every day. This would accumulate to quite a number of uses. However, even if that was so, that person was unable to escape from death.
Old age and death would befall anyone and everyone equally. It does not matter if that person is high ranking or low ranking nor does it matter if the person is rich or poor. It is probably something along those lines.

「So it means that there is no other way other than to your very best with the life span you are given?」

While I said these words, I looked at Imosuke.
It is nodding like it understands my words, yet it also seems like it does not really understand them.

「Let us both live long and healthy lives」

While laughing, I patted the head of my familiars with my finger.

And, at almost the same time.
At the Cathedral City of the Eastern Kingdom.
There is a single person, a female, standing in the chapel of that cathedral with a cold expression on her face.

「You have utterly disappointed me」

There is a small pool that is spread out on the floor in front of her eyes. A single female, who is wearing the habit of a monk, collapses face-first on that pool. That woman is repeatedly taking shallow breaths.
The pupils of Light Cruiser-sensei, that are looking down on that woman, show no emotion at all. The only thing reflected in her pupils is that there is a certain clear liquid that is dripping from both of her hands.


As if the pupils have sensed something, they move diagonally upwards.
Over at the new spot, which is a corridor on the second floor, her pupils take a hold of the figure of another female who is wearing the habit of a monk.

「I must apologize for this blunder. A person from our side has taken action all on her own」

It is a young female who has a gentle expression on her face.
Just as she says this, she climbs down the spiral staircase with a smooth gait.
After she stands on the first floor after climbing down the staircases, she proceeds to walk towards Light Cruiser-sensei.

「I take it that you are the real Shitanaga-sama?」

Are you able to tell? The monk says as she lets out a giggle.

「I can tell your ability to a certain extent from the atmosphere you are emitting」

Even as she gives her answer, the expression on the face of Light Cruiser-sensei remains as cold as ice.




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