Chapter 185 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A short distance to the north along the river from the Cathedral city in the eastern country.
A monastery built on a cliff in a deep ravine.
There is no human settlement around it. The atmosphere was clearly alien and bleak.

「I didn’t expect to be able to see you so soon despite my sudden visit. For that, I truly thank you」

In the back of the monastery, there is an office with only a few furnishings. There, the head minister stands and bows his head deeply.
On the other side of the room, sitting on a chair with her legs crossed, is a large, muscular old woman.

「It’s not a big deal」

She, the director of the place, lightly waved one of her hands.

「After all, I cannot ignore you since you have an introduction letter from that goblin old man」

The guild master of the Kingdom merchant guild. Holding a letter of introduction from that person, the old woman smiled.

「It’s been a long time ago, but I was in his care at that time」

This old woman was once ranked in the single digits in the world rankings. She is a legendary figure in the eastern countries.
Now that he has retired from active duty, she became the director of this monastery and was teaching the younger generation.

(So this monastery is the so-called『Training ground』huh?)

Light cruiser-sensei glanced at the surroundings with interest.

『The Northern Monastery』

It was widely known as a place where men and women alike could be trained rigorously.

「What is it? Do you want to hear about it?」

Seeing Light cruiser-sensei, she thought that she is interested in old stories. Then she continued to speak happily.
Probably because she wants someone to listen to it.

「Let’s see, that was when we were both in our twenties. At the time, I was struggling and my rank had reached the peak」

The limit of one’s growth. Hearing of a situation similar to her own, the center of gravity of Light cruiser-sensei tilted forward as if attracted to it.

「Now that I think about it, I might have relied too much on my skills」

She exhaled heavily as she spoke in a sullen tone.

「I was drinking alone in a bar when a Goblin-like peddler approached me」

She closed one eye while forming a smile with the corners of her mouth.

「He was full of confidence for a small guy, you know? Saying something like “I’ll give you a lot of pleasure, so go out with me”」

The muscular old woman looked up as she laughed heartily, as if she was having a moment.
The difference in size between her and the Goblin-like guild master was more than that between an adult and a child. This is the first time she has ever seen a goblin look like that.

「I’ve been feeling a little down, so I thought I’d make him learn his place, you see?」

Then, as if she remembers something, her cheeks flushed lightly.

「He was amazing. I was totally defeated」

She exhaled a hot breath along with those words, and the heat also reached Light cruiser-sensei.

「He kept on pounding me for a whole day and night without pulling out once. No matter how much he came, it was still hard. I was amazed at his stamina」

If it was an official match, the one who came first would’ve lost.
But the only one who thought it was a match was the old woman. All the goblin-like guild master could think of was what would satisfy him and her opponent.
The old woman clasped her deeply wrinkled face between her hands, uncrossed her legs, and threw herself inward.

「I tried my best to unleash my techniques, but they were only effective the first three or four rounds. The rest of the time, I was screwed over by force」

Underneath her white monk’s uniform, her thighs were beginning to rub together.
The rich pheromones rising from the burning body slightly shook the surrounding air.

「Once that happens, there’s no way I can resist. I was at his mercy that time」

Her eyes and skin under her clothes moistened as she continued to speak.

「I told him I was tired, but he wouldn’t listen. The other side kept pouring out until I overflowed, so we were all covered in sticky liquid」

Her large body shivered as she spoke.

「At the end, we both looked like animals that had just been eaten by slime」

She cut off her words for a moment, and inhaled deeply before letting out a big, hot breath.
Perhaps it was her habit to switch her mind, but when she turned her head around, she heard a loud gurgling sound.

「That loss reminded me that there are more important things than just techniques. And that’s how I began training」

She rolled up the sleeves of her white monk’s uniform and bent her arms.
The muscles rose like rugged rope in her burly, thick arms.

(I see, so that’s how it was)

Light cruiser-sensei was impressed.
When he had written the letter of introduction, the guild master had referred to the director as “Tall girl”
It was probably what she looked like then, before she was as thickly trained as she was now.

「Thanks to that, I was able to make it into the single digits in the rankings. Well, it was only for a short time, though」

“It was all thanks to that man”, the Director added at the end of her speech.
Then, with a deep expression on her face, she gazed at the Light cruiser-sensei for a while.

「Now then, you want some advice on how to be strong, don’t you? I’ll help you」

She lifted her left hand and snapped her fingers.
Hearing the sound, two people, a man and a woman, emerged from the back door.

「Do you call for us, miss?」

They were both in their mid-twenties. The sharp-eyed friar speaks while kneeling down on one knee.
Next to him is a nun with a very similar face who is in the same position. Judging from their appearance, they were probably twins.

「You two, be the opponent of our guest. Not in order, but the two of you together」

The twins who got ordered as such, raised one eyebrow and spoke in protest.

「Both of us at the same time? With all due respect, director, but isn’t that too reckless?」

「My brother and I are both in the double digits rankings now. If we failed to hold back, it could leave a scar on her heart」

The Director frowned in displeasure.
Glaring at the twins, she orders them again in a loud voice.

「Our guest here has beat Long tongue. Just get on with it and give it everything you’ve got!」

The two of them cowered in the shivering air.
The look on their faces is one of disbelief.

「That Long tongue-sama is!?」

The sister shouted. Long tongue-sama is the heroine of the eastern countries, where even single digit rankings are in her sight.
She, too, was trained in this monastery and has ventured out into the world.

「No way…」

Words were leaking out of the brother’s mouth as well.
However, when he saw the Director looking down at him with a serious expression, he understood that she was not lying.



They nodded at each other, stood up, and walked left and right to get some distance. Then they instantly took off their monastic uniforms and stripped down to their underwear.
Light cruiser-sensei also took off her clothes, folded them, and put them on top of her luggage.

「I apologize for my rudeness earlier」

Along with her brother’s words, the sister also bows her head.
Their expressions were serious, and the atmosphere of contempt on their faces was no longer there.

「I’ll regard you as someone of higher rank, and I’ll do my best to take you on」

As soon as he finished talking, both of them started running towards Lightning cruiser-sensei.

「A sacred mark carved on the ground, Grand Cross!」

The two of them shouted in unison as they high in the air.
If you look from above, it was a crisscrossing movement with Light cruiser-sensei at the center.
In the next moment, the twins intersected with Light cruiser-sensei at the same time.
Then, a long time passed after that.

「….I see now」

The Director sighs heavily.
Behind the instructor, the twins were twitching on the floor.
Although they had tried to attack her simultaneously, they were swept away like a stream of water and made to ascend one by one.
It didn’t take long at all.

「I was only intending to see what you were capable of, but it seems you have exceeded my expectations」

While carving deep wrinkles between her brows, she speak as if she was unconvinced.

「But, despite that strength of yours, is there really someone in the Kingdom that you can’t beat?」

World tournament ranking. The eastern countries take that ranking very seriously, but it’s not the same for the Kingdom.
For this reason, there were some unknown powerful people, though they were rare. The woman in front of her would be a perfect example of it.

「Yes, there is… a certain person that someone like me cannot beat」

Light cruiser-sensei’s cheeks flushed thinly as she averted her eyes.
The Director’s heart could not help but be astonished at the sight of it.

(Anything higher than this should be in the realm of single digits in the world rankings)

But soon, a thought made her squinted her eyes. She had a rough idea about this.

(Oh, yeah, there was a woman who defeated the Grim Reaper, wasn’t there? Is that woman this girl’s loved one and rival?)

She nodded a few times, satisfied with herself.
She didn’t feel strange about the fact that Light cruiser-sensei’s cheeks were dyed red. Just as roses are not uncommon in the Empire, lilies are common in the East.
In fact, most of the enthusiastic fans, such as the nationally popular Long tongue, are women.




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