Chapter 189 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A giant hole suddenly appeared in the wasteland to the south of Awoke.
It was a huge mortar-shaped hole with a diameter of 1,000 meters and a depth of 500 meters.
The Grim Reaper descends while crushing the golems, followed by two frontier Knights.

(Let’s see what they can do)

I watch the scene from the Old lady’s cockpit.
The place was the top of a rocky hill on the north side of the giant hole. There, Old lady was lying on her stomach.

『Lord Grim Reaper! I wonder if they don’t have a sense of comradeship?』

The Imperial Knights that’s being watched stopped for a moment when they had descended about one-third of the hole. Then they peered down at the scene of golems cannibalism.
The whitish stone golem was lying on its side while struggling. While the reddish stone golem continues to devour the arm it has ripped off the whitish golem, stomping on its face with its foot.

『How truly fascinating』

The pilots were excited and exchanged their impressions with each other. The Grim Reaper’s A-class Knight threw them a contemptuous glance while keeping an eye to the surroundings.

(Grim Reaper is strong as I thought, but the other two are not so much)

I’ve been using the Old Lady’s optical correction magic circle to watch the fight. My evaluation of the two B-class Knights is honestly, low.
The dark brown B-class Knight of unknown nationality who fought Lightning in the northern town. These two are clearly less powerful than that.

(They even got punched hard by the clay golem earlier)

After the Grim Reaper passes by, a Clay Golem suddenly appears from a side hole.
And one of the Knights took a good punch to the face and staggered. With the help of the other Knight who hurriedly backed him up, they managed to knock it down the slope.

(That was dangerous)

I shut my eyes to my own shortcomings while looking down on them.

(It’s okay even if I can’t beat golems in close combat. I’m a long-distance specialist after all)

As I was thinking about this, I saw something coming from the northwest direction again.
I turned the Old lady’s face to check it out and confirmed that it seemed to be several Knights.

(What is it? That cloud of dust… and it’s fast)

The situation was very different from the Grim Reaper’s group from earlier.
The figures of the Knights were rapidly growing in size in my field of vision, with a cloud of dust rising behind them.
This could mean only one thing.

(Oi oi, aren’t those the same hover movement like mine!?)

Hover movement is a method of traveling that uses wind magic.
It is a technique in which the knight’s legs continuously activate the wind magic and use the recoil to move in the desired direction at high speed.

(So there are others who can also use it, huh?)

It requires a lot of magic power and a high level of magic manipulation skill to execute.
The only uses I saw in pilot school were either for assault or to temporarily control your posture in the air.

(I guess I was a little overzealous)

My very own technique. It was a bit arrogant of me to think that way.
The people I competed with in pilot school were only pilot candidates.

(That aside, this isn’t good)

There were four or five knights that can hover like me.
Now that I’ve lost my mobility advantage, if they were my enemy, they’d be able to get around me.

(Friend or foe, I’ve never seen them before. Probably not even in the『Empire Blacksmith Guild Knight Almanac』)

Although it is prefixed with the word『Empire』, it actually covers all the major knights in the world. The reason it’s called『Empire』is because that’s where it’s published.
The closer they get, the clearer the outline of the Knights become.
There are five of them. The shape, lacking glamour, was definitely B-class.
They were painted in shades of green and white, and decorated with silverwork-like ornaments in various parts.

(Ohh! They’re kinda cool)

The chrome-plated parts give it a classic car-like look.
It feels more like a work of art than a tool for war.

(Their affiliation is… unknown huh?)

I put aside my appreciation and looked for something that looked like a coat of arms. But I couldn’t find it.
On the helmet of the Knight in the front, there was a single horn made of glass. But I can’t tell anything from that.

(Five B-class Knights. The Kingdom, Empire, and Eastern country are the only ones around here that can prepare this much force)

Considering the direction they came from, it was most likely the Empire.

(But isn’t it strange that they don’t have a coat of arms?)

It is a common rule for all countries to make their affiliation visible at a glance.
The fact that they have not done so means that they want to hide their affiliation.

(Four Knights of unknown Nationality in the northern city)

It reminds me of those Knights figures, painted in a dark brown color.

(I don’t know what they’re up to, but for now I should make sure they don’t know I’m here)


Five B-class Knights approach the edge of the giant hole, trailing a cloud of dust behind them.

『Good grief, we’re finally here』

The first knight stopped with both feet clasped together, as if doing a parallel turn in ski.
The Knights following him stopped one after another in the same manner.

『Wasteland sure is nice. You can move around using wind magic without being seen』

The people sitting in the Knight’s cockpit are handsome and have long ears.

『I think my hair is getting a little long』

The pilot leading the group fiddles with his bangs while pouting.
Even though it’s not for anyone to see, they are very conscious of their hair and clothing. That’s probably the result of their aesthetic sense.
Incidentally, the purpose of their visit here was to investigate the giant hole.
This place, where magic power leaks out from the depths of the earth, has something to do with the World Tree, Ambrosia, and the missing Zaratan.
Or so how the high elves seemed to believe.

『Certainly, magic powers are overflowing here』

Looking around, the first Knight speaks up.
Approaching the hole, the first Knight took a quick peek. When he turned around, he let out a disgusted voice.

『Ugh…the amount of golems appearing around here is so much that it’s disgusting to watch』

『Do you see anything that looks like a tree growing or an entrance to a underground lake?』

A Knight with a horn on his forehead, who seemed to be the captain of the group, asked through the external sound system.
The Knight who was asked shook his head.

『No, it’s just rocks and golems. At least from this position, I can’t see any trees or water』

The captain’s Knight receives the gaze of the four Knights.
After thinking for a few moments, a heavy voice sounded from the external sound system.

『Going down to the deepest part and check it out. It seems that’s our only choice』

They all let out a displeased voice.

『For now, we’ll start here and crush the stone golems. We can ignore the clay ones. And once we’ve reduced their numbers to a certain degree, we can begin our descent』

He spoke softly, but his voice was filled with power.
After silencing his men, the captain took out his rifle from his back.
Seeing this, his men also took out their rifles.

『Commence fire!』

The Knights follow the order and start shooting. White, red, yellow, and blue light, each with its own unique attributes, rained down as arrows.
They destroyed the stone golems one after another.

『Stop! Let’s go down now』

The captain’s Knight raised one hand. The three Knights approached him, but one of them did not move from his spot.

『I’ll stay here and keep an eye on things』

Hearing these words, the captain made his voice sound harsher.

『The number of golems here are no joke. I can’t afford to let one of us play around』

Besides, he said, turning his Knight’s head toward the surroundings.

『There doesn’t seem to be anyone else here, so we don’t need a lookout』

As soon as he was told that, the knight walked to the edge of the hole, as if he had given up.

『The thing is, I’m actually bad with undergrounds』

『As if there’s anyone good with it. Quit your blabbing and shut your mouth』

The captain’s Knights use his rifle to poke the Knight’s unarmored parts.

『Ouch, that hurts, so please stop it』

『It’s your own fault for not listening to my orders. Next time you complain, I’ll poke you in the eye』

The tone of his voice was so strong that even they had to stop with their light-hearted chat.

『Beginning descent』

The classic green and white Knights leapt boldly into the giant hole.
Then, with hover deceleration and posture control, they made their way down by leaping around.

(So those are the Ghost Knights)

A group of Knights painted in green and white are passing down the path in front of him.
As he watched them, the Grim Reaper thought.
Fortunately, they hadn’t noticed their presence, as they were right below them.

(Just what are they trying to do by descending to the bottom?)

He heard that the price of mineral resources is rising in the Kingdom. There’s a high possibility that they came to collect resources.

(So stone golems are not good enough, huh)

They’re descending without even paying any mind to the stone golem, which was crushed by their magic attacks. This means that they may be aiming for more valuables like heavy stone or metal.

(For the time being, we should just let them through)

He has been entrusted with two Knights by the Margrave.
As this is not a mandatory operation, his first priority is to bring them back safely.
The Grim Reaper continued to hide the knights in a shallow pit while carefully paying attention to the surroundings.




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