Chapter 194 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The next day. It was autumn so the sun was rising late.
I shake the frying pan, squinting at the sunlight coming in from the side.

「This should do it」

A lot of mushrooms fried with bacon. I transferred them to a large plate and placed a slice of French bread next to them.
The oil from the bacon made a sizzling sound, and the steam rising from the pan. This set, a cup of coffee, and a D-rank cure abnormal status potion were today’s breakfast.

「Thank you for the meal」

I clapped my hands together and stabbed one of the mushrooms with my fork, in the garden forest where my family members gathered. It was still a bright red even after being cooked.
I trusted Imosuke who picked this mushroom for me and put it in my mouth.

「…It’s delicious!」

I said my thoughts out loud as I bit into the egg-shaped umbrella after shredding it.
The umami overflowed from the thick mushrooms and the saltiness of the bacon. I can’t believe it’s just fried.
As expected of a product of the forest raised by spirit beasts.
By the way, there was only one reason why I didn’t cook it in a pot. It’s because I didn’t have a pot.

「I’ll look for it in the shopping district later. I hope they have a small one」

Fortunately, I didn’t have to use the potion, so I put the bottle away in my potion bag.
After I finished washing the dishes, I called out to my family members in the garden forest and left the house. I headed for the merchant guild.

「Tauro-san, thank you as always」

After delivering the potion, I had a short chat with the tough-looking supervisor.
Sometimes I get to hear interesting rumors, which is great. Today was another such day.

「A snake woman and a demon, is it?」

The topic of conversation was, to my surprise, the Light cruiser-sensei.
She had traveled to a foreign country before her match with me, defeated a snake woman in the east and beaten up a demon in the north.
I wondered what she was training for.

「I’m the one who told you this, but this kind of story often becomes exaggerated」

The tough-looking guy smiled bitterly and explained himself. For once, I agree with his opinion.

「Well then, I’ll leave it to you」

I greeted him and stood up from my seat. After that, I went east along the main street and wandered around the shopping district while thinking.
I was thinking about the Knight I had encountered the other day who seemed to be a Knight from the elf race. I wanted to make a countermeasure against them.

(To think we have the same fighting style)

Launching magic attacks from a distance, and when the enemy came at him, I would hover to escape.
This is only possible if you have more magic power than other people, but it will be difficult against elves.

(And I don’t have a chance in close quarter combat)

On top of not knowing how to use a sword, it shares the same sense of pain as the Knight. There was no way he could win.

(If there’s a difference between us, it’s in our amount of magic)

The source of my magical power is the Akashic Magic, which I borrow from the mysterious stone statue. I can only use up to D-rank magic when I’m on a Knight. The reason for this is because Knights cannot withstand the magic above D-rank. I still have C, B, A, and S-rank, high rank magic I can use.

(If I can use this, I will have the advantage in range, power, and number of bullets. ……Oops!)

Before I knew it, I had passed through the shopping district and reached the east gate.
I looked at the big brick building that stood on the north side of the gate. It was a familiar place, the hangar of the merchant guild Knight.

(Let’s make a quick stop)

I greeted the old man in charge of guarding the place and went inside. There was no sign of the herbivore mechanic.
I was told that he had been up all night last night and was sleeping in the nap room.

(If he’s going to work to the point he sleeps at this hour, isn’t it better to go home instead of staying up all night?)

I thought about it for a moment, but then retracted my thoughts. Maybe he has more energy at night.

(Now that I think about it, there was a vampire at my workplace in my previous world)

He said something scary like “I just can’t get into it unless the date changes”, making his boss turn pale.
The person in charge here is the herbivore mechanic. I decided to let him manage himself and looked up at my beloved Knight.

(The problem is not with me, but with the Old Lady)

Unfortunately, I can’t talk to the herbivore mechanic about something that concerns the rank of magic I can use. I’ll just have to take care of it myself.
I sat down at a nearby toolbox, sighed, while continuing to stare at it.

「Oh, it’s already this late」

I stood up to look at the clock on the hangar wall. It was almost noon.

(Hmm… there’s no time to eat lunch, huh? Guess I’ll do that after I play)

I left the hangar and walked at a fast pace. The destination I headed to was a store specializing in uniforms, where I had made a reservation first thing in the morning.
I opened the door of the store and proceeded to the lobby, where I saw a girl standing in front of the counter inside. I guess she was waiting for me to come.

「I’ll be under your care again today, instructor-dono!」

A thin, unpretentious girl with a nervous expression saluted me. She had her hair cut short at her shoulders.
She’s a student at the pilot school, and of course she’s wearing her uniform.
When she found out that I was the leader of the merchant guild’s knights, she began to call me instructor.

「I’m gonna give you another good rub today. You better prepare yourself for it」


I said as I put my right hand around her from behind, grabbed her thin breasts, and rubbed them.
The surrounding guests are not interested in us. It’s a common sight to see costume role-playing starting in the lobby.
We then walked up the stairs to continue in the playroom.

「I’ll be rough, okay?」

「Yes, I will be in your care!」

It seems that her magic manipulation skills have improved since she began to play with me as her opponent. Therefore, we’re treating this not as a mere play, but a serious one.
Her senior, Ponytail, has been promoted to B-class rider. This must have been a major motivation for her, and she seemed more serious and enthusiastic than usual.

「Are you ready?」

I can feel the sharpness in my right palm, despite knowing it’s there, I ask just to be sure.
Bob cut hair next to me nodded. Seeing this, I quickly pushed her down on the bed.
Unlike Ponytail who showed her bare legs, this girl always wore black tights. They were not thick to begin with, but they made her legs look even thinner.
I tore the center of her tights under her tight skirt with my hand and immediately entered through the side of her underwear. When I moved a few times, the girl’s face distorted as she screamed.

「If you scream like that, it will make your weakness as clear as day. I’m sure a skilled old man wouldn’t miss it」

I stare at her face intently as I continue to thrust into the area where there was a reaction.

「My apologies, instructor-dono!」

The girl clenched her teeth in desperation. But she couldn’t bear it and soon crossed the line.

「Instructor dono! I’m already–!!」

She desperately pleaded as her body kept twitching. But I don’t stop.

「Idiot! Don’t think that they’ll adjust to your convenience. Some of them will choose this time to move around on purpose」

「My apologies! Guaahh!」

She stopped moving, so I took a short break.
When she began moving again, I picked her up and moved her to the sofa.

「Okay, here’s the next scenario. Imagine you’re camped out and you’re sleeping in the cockpit」

The schoolgirl closes her eyes with a serious expression. I put her legs on my shoulders and entered from the front.

「The setting is that you wake up in the dark to find an old man you don’t know shaking his body with ragged breathing. Scary, right?」

「Yes! I feel a terrible fear」

Despite answering as such, it seems that it was her key point. She easily ascended to the heavens in a spectacular way.

「As if there’s someone who ascends that easily!」

The schoolgirl manages to raise and lower her raised chin in response to the strict instructor’s scolding.
Unlike Ponytail, she is a junior from the athletic club-type kind of girl.

「We’re going for another round, no breaks!」

「Yessh! Pleash doo~」

This kind of thing is kind of fresh, it feels nice.


After the sun went down, I returned home from the brothel. As usual, I was greeted by my family members at the entrance.
After dinner, I was playing acorn soccer in the living room when I noticed that the garden forest was emitting bright light.
As I stepped on the acorn with my middle finger and defended against Imosuke’s tackle, I glanced at the window.

「It sure has increased a lot, huh?」

I have no clue as to what it is, as I saw a lot of them back when we hunted for mushrooms.

『It’s beautiful』

『So bright』

Caterpillar and dung beetle, we stopped the game and sat next to each other to look at the garden together. As two of my kins say, there are things that shine faintly here and there in the garden forest.

「It’s certainly beautiful, but…」

The source of these white lights is a mushroom. It is about the size of a vertical fist and is called 『White Lady』.
The pure white, elegantly opened umbrella is indeed like the elegant figure of a lady. However, despite the elegant appearance, it is also a highly poisonous mushroom.

「Are the heavy lancers okay?」

Imosuke and Dangorou nodded. Apparently they don’t eat them, so they’re fine.
But the problem is that it’s gradually expanding its reach. If this continues, the garden forest will eventually be taken over.

「Eh? You want me to harvest it?」

According to Imosuke, the elves were happily picking it up.
But I know something. Harvesting these mushrooms is extremely dangerous, even for veteran adventurers.
We went out into the garden forest and surveyed the amount of light sources. There were more than we expected.

「Uwaa, it’s even growing out of the chestnut burr」

A chestnut burr that has fallen and splattered its contents. The white lady was standing there, unfazed by the needles on the outer side.
I held Dangorou in my arms as he tried to move forward while showing interest.

『Poisonous armor』

A 15-centimeter-long dung beetle on my palms turns around and looks at me.

「Don’t even think about it」

His Excellency, the general of the Doom squad, who calls the chestnut burr, thorny armor, already has two burrs in his collection.
The green one with soft thorns is for ceremonial use, and the dark brown one with tougher thorns is for combat. Incidentally, he is not wearing it at the moment.



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