Chapter 197 Part 2



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「It seems like you are not wearing any underneath. Do you not feel that it is cold down there I wonder」

While the Gourmet of Gold looks up at the sight that was below the skirt of the High school Saintess, he mouths his thoughts on the matter.
The High school Saintess ignores his words and shouts.

「Meet your demise oh demon! Holy Rain (Holy Shower)!」

In the next moment, holy water that is faint and sparkling bright rains down, with quite the volume, from above, from a diagonal angle.
The High school Saintess, though she is of a young age, she is a Saintess.
She is able to accurately grasp the position, in which the face of the Gourmet of Gold is at, even from an angle that is very difficult for her to do so in the posture she is currently in. She did not do any unnecessary movements such as moving her hip to make minor adjustments to the angle.


However, the Gourmet of Gold is not just any ordinary person on the street as well. Trained up from the various battles he has had in the past, he is a person who has climbed up the ranks in the Knight Order all the way to his current position, namely the Knight Order commander of the Royal Capital Knight Order.
His reaction to the hot torrent of holy water that pelted on his face was without any delay whatsoever.
Showing no fear whatsoever to the torrent of holy water, he opened both his eyes and mouth wide.

「Come and get me!」

And so, while making sounds that resounded throughout the entire room, he started sucking the Holy Rain (Holy Shower) into his mouth.


A PH (pH) that surely can not be said to be in the neutral range, the salt that was included within that of the torrent of holy water.
If the Gourmet of Gold was a normal person, he would find that this situation would be extremely difficult to even keep his eyes slightly open in the face of the relentless pelting of the torrent of holy water.
However, the Gourmet of Gold does not close his eyes no matter how soaked they became in the torrent of holy water. It does not matter what he faced in the torrent of holy water, even when the holy water entered his nose, causing it to be blocked, does not cause him to let out even a single cough.
The large volume of burning rain, that rained down without stopping, but this rain is not without end. As long as the rain is by the act of a human being, the end of the act will always come sooner or later.
The intensity of the rain decreased with every passing moment, becoming a droplet at the very end before finally stopping.

「This can not be happening, why did this happen?」

A little while after the torrent of holy water stopped, what leaked out from the mouth of the High school Saintess was a voice that had a shaky tone.
The power known as the Holy Rain (Holy Shower) is a power that is on par with a C rank power which cures abnormal status effects. If this is used in the form of magic, it is one that is extremely high in the ranking.
There are no evil spirits that can not be destroyed with this power. In actual fact, she herself had purified many people, who were possessed by evil spirits, with this very power.
However, right in this very moment, there is a person, who is a stand-in for an evil spirit, who had not shown any signs whatsoever of being in any sort of pain.

「This has been very much of a treat」

The voice that the High school Saintess could hear, which came from beneath her, the voice of the Gourmet of Gold. While sitting on the chair, he wipes his mouth with the back of one of his hands.
The High school Saintess, who has the eyes of someone who has seen something that they had deemed to be impossible to have occurred.

「Even though your heart should have been in the control of an evil spirit. Why does the power of God not have any effect on you?」

The High school Saintess backs away from the table she was standing on top of before. At that very moment, the heel of her right leg bumped into a certain thing, letting out a thud.


That certain thing is namely the very own iced tea of the High school Saintess.
As she bent down, she took the iced tea into her hand, put it at her lips, and started drinking it without a single delay.

「This power that is able to display the same effects without the use of any magic. So you are the Saintess from the nation in the North」

The Gourmet of Gold says this assertion with a strict expression on his face.

「If the person that you call Doctor Slime was indeed possessed by an evil spirit, then that power would most likely have been effective. However, as I have been saying from earlier on in our conversation, I recall saying that you have got the wrong person here though?」

However, these words that the Gourmet of Gold has been saying do not reach the ears of the High school Saintess.
The battlefield that two people, who she relied on as an elder brother and an elder sister respectively, arranged and sent her out to after spending much time scouting out for. The absolute trust that the two of them have for her does not waver even the slightest bit at the mere likes of the foolish words being spouted by that of an evil spirit.
The High school Saintess, who has drunk every last drop of the iced tea and stood up. She took a step with one of her legs once again and shouted for the second time.

「Holy Rain (Holy Shower)!」

Only a small bit of holy water came out.

「I say this much of holy water is not even enough to get my throat wet」

The Gourmet of Gold closes his mouth and licks his lips once.
That Adam’s apple of his against the single attack, that was sure to bring death to those who came in touch with it, delivered by the Saintess herself, swallowed it all down with much ease.
The High school Saintess does not give up. She reaches her hand out to the iced tea that belonged to that of the Gourmet of Gold.

「Even if you drank that down, I do not think that it will come out immediately though」

The Gourmet of Gold makes a face that suggests that he is slightly astounded.

「The fact that you do not have any spares that you have set aside on your hands means that the holy water does not become a potion I guess. I would say that the effect, that the holy water has, is only in that moment」

While nodding his head, the Gourmet of Gold makes an expression that suggests he was saying the words 「Am I right?」 as he looks up at the High school Saintess.

「When you drink too much and the holy water becomes diluted, will the effect decrease I ask?」

「Holy Rain (Holy Shower)!」

The reply that returned from the High school Saintess is but the name of her technique. However, not even a single droplet came falling down this time.

「It is your loss」

With the move that she is able to unleash no longer available to her, the entire body of the High school Saintess started trembling uncontrollably out of fear.
The absolute trust that was supporting her before started crumbling down, making sounds of collapsing as it did so.
The Gourmet of Gold says with a strict expression on his face.

「I do not know whether you do know this or not but I am working as the Knight Order commander of this nation. I warn you, if the incident where the Saintess of the nation in the North assaulting me goes public, it will not be avoidable for this incident to be treated as a diplomatic issue」

However, just as the Gourmet of Gold says this, he changes his tone to one of a kind tone.

「However, you are still young. I would assume that you had a matter that forced you to take such an aggressive approach」

A 「yare yare*」 expression appears on his face as he continues speaking his words.

[*TL note: This phrase is hard to translate in English. It is basically an action where one says yare yare (well well) and lightly shakes his or her head. The closest translation would be Geez. Used in this context to illustrate that the Gourmet of Gold is slightly tired of and perturbed by the High school Saintess but he still forgives her.]




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