Chapter 201 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

From here, the perspective shifts to Tauro.
I sat down next to Light cruiser-sensei with an ice tea in my hand, and opened my mouth.

「I’m so glad that you accepted my invitation for a second round」

She who sat down at the distance where our shoulders touch, turns her face my way while showing a smile like a wildflower.

「This is natural thing to do as a prostitute after all」

She then continued with 『Are you not thirsty?』.
When I nodded, Light cruiser-sensei took a sip of her ice tea. And then she came straight to me, stretching her back and putting her face to mine.

(….It’s delicious!)

Ice tea that was slightly warmed to human skin, flowing from our overlapped mouths.
After savoring it thoroughly, I parted my lips leaving a trail of threads. Then, I said a few words.

「One more time, please」

Light cruiser-sensei nodded and took another sip of iced tea. This time, not only the iced tea, but also her tongue came with it.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen her, but her movements are so careful and delicate. It almost melted my mouth.


But unlike before, her tongue attack continued on forever. She doesn’t pull out and move on even after a certain time has passed.

(This is strange)

While thinking as such, I pulled my face away from her, even though our tongues were intertwined.
In front of me was Light cruiser-sensei with a dazed expression. I stared at her for a bit, and then she leaned in to kiss me again.

(There’s something wrong with her)

I tilted my head and thought. The answer came to me immediately.

(Right, now that I think about it, she didn’t came when we had our first round, didn’t she?)

I was the only one who was satisfied. Her stress must be building up to the limit.
And as a woman, it may be difficult for her to say that she wants it herself.

「Okay okay, I know what you want. Let’s move onto the bed now, alright?」

Ideally, I would like to carry her in a princess’s carry, but that’s impossible. No matter how slender Light instructor-sensei is, I don’t have the muscle power to lift a person lightly.

(Carrying her in a piggyback is uncool after all)

As such, I escorted her as she was staggering. And as if our earlier match was a lie, I was able to push her down easily and I tasted her, focusing on her breasts.

(Ohhh how cute she is)

She responded honestly and writhed. Then she immediately turned herself upside down and bounced a couple of times under me.

(I wonder whether she calmed down with this)

I looked into her face. The eyes that had been closed since midway were now opened wide, and unlike before, I can see a light of will returning to them.

「Now, it’s my turn to serve you」

As soon as she said so, she hugged me from below and flipped me over. My position changes from facing down to lying on my back in an instant.
Light cruiser-sensei’s pink colored tongue crawling all over my body. “As expected of her” is the only thing I can say about this incredible technique.

「I’ll wash over your body. Please come this way」

This time I was the one who walked unsteadily to the bathroom. On my way there, I saw Twintail’s figure, but to be honest, I didn’t care.
Even Light cruiser-sensei probably forgot about her existence already.

「Please raise your finger」

After the foams were formed, I was sandwiched between her thighs, rubbed with her breasts, and I was grinning the entire time. Above all that, she asked me to do one more thing.
So naturally, I immediately pointed a finger sharply at her.

(Umu, )

Ten fingers, one on each side, were gently being washed inside one by one. When I bent my finger to the pale glowing part, I was squeezed tightly.
After being rinsed in the shower, my body was carefully wiped down and I was placed on the bed.
Light cruiser-sensei was amphibious, but I was a ground-based type. I prefer to be on the bed than in the water or at the shore.

「Pardon my intrusion~」

I went to cover her from the front and took aim. However, just before I did so, I was interrupted.

「Together, please. I will be troubled if I’m unable to come back, after all」

Light cruiser sensei’s request. It was 『Let’s finish together』.
And I think what she meant by 『Unable to come back』 refers to the fact that she couldn’t go back to the ground after she took off.

(I see)

That time, Light cruiser-sensei had already came. But despite that, I ignited the second and third stage rockets one after another.
Due to the added thrust, Light cruiser-sensei exceeded the first cosmic velocity. It would have been quite difficult for her to get back to the ground.

(There will be no additional thrust if we finished at the same time. Besides, being a man, I have a limited number of bullets)

The more I think about it, the more well thought out the idea is.
There are no problems with technicalities. I found out from the first round earlier that Light cruiser-sensei has a power equivalent to my『Magic eyes』.
It won’t be difficult for us to match the timing now.

「I understand, let’s go with that then」

And so it began, a long, long second round where both sides were on the edge of their limits. It’s the result of adjusting our strength when we were both on the verge of spilling it out.
The end came when the absolute amount exceeded the vessel. Incidentally, we are already relying on the surface tension.

「By the way, that 『Guillotine』 you performed earlier. That felt so good that I was wondering if I could ask for it again」

I asked her about it while we were doing it, but she just said, “Let’s save it for next time”. But it doesn’t matter now, because that meant there would be a 『next time』.

「Well then, I guess it’s time, let’s finish this on three, shall we?」


At the same time, I shouted out, and in the next instant, while being on the ground myself, I tasted a heavenly pleasure. The same must have been true for Light cruiser-sensei below me.

(Uoohhh… It feels so good)

Because she, like me, couldn’t move until it was almost time while we’re lying on top of each other.

「Thank you very much for everything today.」

She washed me in the shower and helped me to get changed. At the counter in the lobby, I bowed my head to Light cruiser-sensei.
By the way, Twintail was making a puddle of water all by herself by the wall. But let’s not mention that.

「So, when can I expect you to play with me again?」

When I asked nervously, Light cruiser-sensei smiled gently.

「Please come anytime. If you make an appointment, I will give you first priority」


I took both her hands and danced around. Light cruiser-sensei didn’t seem to hate it, and instead, she smiled and went along with me.

「Then, for the time being, tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that if possible. I’d like to have one frame period each day please」

Two hours a day, and that was all I could manage and a result of my desperate self-control.
When I looked at the reservation list, I found out that she was trying to leave the time after my session as empty as possible. It must be the interval.

(Then I better tip her generously huh)

At the very least, for two times.
When I get home, I’ll make a potion for delivery. That’s what I was thinking.


When I returned home from Jayanne in high spirits, my family members greeted me at the door.

『Did you win?』

『So you won』

Imosuke and Dangorou waddled up to me. I pick them up and head for the living room.

(They must have thought that I won when they saw my mood)

I told them the truth as I lowered them onto the bath towel.

「I lost the match. But I think the end result wasn’t so bad after all」

They didn’t seem to understand, so they repeated the question. Eventually, they seemed to understand what I meant.

「Eh? The aesthetics of a villain?」

According to Dangorou, a true villain is the one who plays an active role but is defeated in the end.


This time Imosuke says something difficult.
The righteous side and the evil leader fight and make up in the end. Leading to everyone’s happiness in the end.

「Well, certainly, that’s more or less how it ended」

I scratched my cheek with my finger and asked.

「Where did you guys learn those words anyway?」

The two animals looked at each other and shouted loudly.


I turn my head toward the pond in the garden forest. But it was dark outside, with only the faint glow of mushrooms.
Imagining the figure of that long-lived, know-it-all turtle, I was somehow convinced.




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