Chapter 204 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Jayanne. It is the name of a brothel that has set up its store in a prime location in the red-light district of the royal capital.
Together with Casabel with its history and tradition, and Sione, with its attractive young sideline, it is one of the 『Three big families of the royal capital』.
In the lobby of the brothel, a middle-aged concierge was looking at the customers with satisfaction.

(The number of customers coming to the store has been increasing. I guess the victory over Doctor Slime was indeed a big deal)

The play between Doctor Slime and Sensei the other day.

『Doctor Slime kneels before Jayanne’s princess』

The news quickly spread to the entire red-light district.
As a result, Jayanne’s reputation has grown even more, and their customer base has increased significantly.

(However, if we disappoint them here, our reputation will be damaged more than it was raised. I will have to keep it together)

He nodded twice and moved his eyes to the platform. There, the concierge saw something unexpected.
In the corner of his eye, at the entrance to the hallway leading to the back, he saw a woman looking at him. The expression on her face seemed to be one of confusion.

(I wonder if she’s troubled with something)

A glamorous woman with long, straight hair and a calm demeanor. Right now, she was supposed to be the partner of Thermano, a professor at the Royal Academy of Magic.
He walked up to her, careful not to show the worries he has in his heart. He then asked her why she was here.

「Thermano-sama isn’t in the room?」

Hearing the answer, the volume of his voice increased for a moment.
Apparently, Thermano hadn’t shown up in the reception room, no matter how long she waited. The headmaster had already left the room with a woman, so she had no choice but to come back to the lobby.

(Just where did he go?)

His eyebrows furrowed as he put his hand on his chin and thought about it. This time, the apprentice concierge also came out of the hallway.
「Master, may I have a moment please?」

He nodded silently and gestured to the boy to continue.
He had received a complaint from a woman who worked in the store that the waiting room was locked. He then immediately went to check it out.
When he arrived, he found that the door was indeed locked. He could feel the presence of people in the room, so he pressed his ear against the door.

「In use?」

The concierge let out a word while raising one eyebrow.

「Yes, I’m not sure who it was, but they were definitely in the middle of a play」

The employee waiting room is behind the reception room. It is at the end of the same hallway.
In the concierge’s mind, he makes a connection to the two events.

「I need you to confirm the whereabouts of everyone who’s currently working immediately」

The boy replies energetically and looks around at the platform and the sideline seats. Finally, he checked the ledger at the counter and walked quickly back to the concierge.
Only one person was unaccounted for.

(What a blunder on my part. To think that Thermano-sama is like that…)

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead at the unexpected fact.
The boy, who is an apprentice concierge, told him the name of one of the best in the sideline. But she never takes any customers except virgins.

(It’s impossible to stop it now. We have no choice but to leave it to luck)

Her play is faithful only to her own desires. Thinking about her opponent’s future, she doesn’t try to lead or guide them on.
Whether the play ended up in a good direction or a bad direction is up to the customer to decide.

「….The waiting room will be closed for the time being. In exchange, have the ladies use the conference room」

The concierge squeezed his voice out.


Two hours later in the reception room. The headmaster sits on a chair and smiles cheerfully at the concierge sitting in front of him.
By the way, only the headmaster and the concierge are in the room. While Thermano is still in the waiting room.

「Iyaa, it was wonderful as expected」

「I’m glad it was to your liking」

So the concierge replied, but he was confident.
On the outside, it was a recommendation from one of his students. But in reality, the concierge was the one who chose her.

(The headmaster has only ever nominated a sideline. But I think she who sit on the platform is the perfect fit for him)

He had always thought so, so he took this opportunity to choose the right woman for him.
Unlike Thermano, the headmaster had visited Jayanne many times. The concierge knew almost exactly what he liked and what he was capable of.

「If you don’t mind, may I hear about your play?」

The concierge asks.
The information on the play is valuable. By giving this feedback, he can improve the quality even further.

「I don’t mind. I’ve been itching to talk about it, too.」

The headmaster replied happily and began to speak energetically.
From here, the time had gone back two hours, and the perspective shifted from the concierge to the headmaster.

「So you are the headmaster of the Royal Magic Academy?」

The door of the reception room was opened, and the one who said the most was a woman in a miniskirt. She has a wild short haircut and has a boyish feel.

「Yes I am」

She still has her arms crossed, but her style is not bad. The part where it should bulge, bulges, and the part where it should not, is not bulging to some extent.
When I replied, she narrowed her eyes and the corners of her lips curved into a smile.

「To think that you choose me, quite the balls you have there, huh」

I was so shocked that I could not reply.
I’ve been going to brothels as much as a gentleman should. However, this was the first time I had ever heard someone say this to me at our first meeting.

「Well, fine, I’ll make your time worthwhile. Follow me」

Having said that, she turned away and strolled down the hallway. I followed behind her despite my astonishment.

(What a refreshing play style)

If I had chosen her myself, I would have been offended and demanded a change. But she was, after all, recommended by one of my students.
She must have a lot of confidence in herself, because she called it a『special service』. So I decided to do just what she said.

「Let’s get this started」

The boyish woman with a short haircut stands up from the sofa when the girl who brought the drinks leaves. I who was pulled by the hand stood up too.
And suddenly, she pushed me.


I fall from my back onto the bed, while letting out a surprised voice. She climbs on the bed by her knees as if to chase after me, and reaches for my pants.

「Just leave it to me. There we go!」

She pulled my belt out with a sharp sound and struck the air like a whip.
My underwear slips down along with my pants as it is, exposing my wand.

「What, are you scared?」

I underwent puberty a long time ago. The mere presence of a woman in my vicinity is not enough to make my wand rise.
It was only natural that I would be quiet under this kind of situation

「Can’t be helped. I’m also scared after all」

For some reason, the tone of her voice seemed to be joyful.
Without even taking off her clothes, she just reached out her fingertips towards my wand. As expected of the three families, even though she was only using one hand, she immediately had me on the defensive.

「Now then, what should I do with this, I wonder~?」

She said teasingly while opening her mouth wide and mimicking biting motion.
I stiffened reflexively, but the actual bite was very soft and gentle.

(Ugh, this is…)

I can feel a sense of compassion from the way she talks to me. The difference between her appearance along with what she had said and done up until now made me feel like I was entering a void in my heart.
In a short time, I felt a sudden urge.

「What, you’re done already? How pathetic」

She shook her short haircut and smirked at me when she saw me nearing my limit. But she didn’t let me finish. She stops just before I can finish and waits for me to calm down.

(This behavior and this vibe she has. Could this be what they called 『Seniority』?)

She has a foul mouth and makes mean jokes, but she never actually does anything harmful. And even though she is strict, she is always thoughtful towards me.
Her actions made me feel that she was a dependable and reliable older person who would take good care of me. Even though she is younger than my own daughter.

「Alright~ let’s go to the next phase. I will give it my all this time」

Senior takes off only her underwear from under her miniskirt. She straddled me and slowly began to get psyched up.
Then she started to quietly move her hips while observing me.

「Not yet, now. Endure it a bit more」

Her tone was stern, but whenever I felt a wave inside me, she would grasp it accurately and stop it.
Her appearance was exactly like that of a senior waiting for the slow-moving junior to catch up with her.
After a long time of being gently guided, I arrived at my destination in sync with my senior.

「You did pretty well. If your opponent wasn’t this me, you might have won」

Senior expresses her appreciation for my effort with flushed cheeks and slightly moistened eyes.
She gets off of me and heads to the table for a drink.


I had a certain feeling while staring at that back of hers, so I got up from the bed chasing after that back and hugged her from behind.

「Haa? What do you want?」

Instead of answering, I moved my hips in search of an entrance, trying to penetrate my senior from behind.
Senior looked a little flustered.




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