Chapter 205 Part 1



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The Empire. It is the largest nation of the human race that controls the western part of the Ost continent.
It has a long history, and it is probably the oldest country in existence. However, because of this, the structure has also been aging.

『Sinking Superpower』

This was not only the opinion of the surrounding countries. The subjects of the Empire who also felt this way were not few.
But that was a long time ago.
The current Emperor who took the throne about twenty years ago. He took back the power from the nobles and established a powerful centralized system.
He transformed the country from a dull and heavy power into an agile and powerful one.

「We will now begin the roundtable meeting」

The emperor, a middle-aged man of medium height, made a declaration in a conference room in the imperial palace.
Surrounding the large circular table are his aides. This meeting is the highest decision-making body in the country.

「Our agenda for the meeting this time is about the report from the Margrave. Marquis, please」

A gentleman with flawless manners and behavior stood up in response to his words. Picking up a document, he began to read it out in a fluid tone.

「A huge mortar-shaped hole was discovered in the wasteland southeast of Landbarn. And a large number of golems were found inside the hole」

“Hohou”, a voice leaks out.
Golems are a threat, but they can also be a mineral resource. If its quality is good, it will be a big advantage for the empire.

「Three Knights have been dispatched for a thorough investigation. Among them is Lord Reaper who is leading them at his own request」

The room is in an uproar for a moment when they hear that a person who is considered to be the strongest in the empire appears. But the explanation that follows calms them down.

「It seems that he hasn’t been on the battlefield for a while. I guess he wanted to get some workout by fighting the golems」

The murmur of the old knight commander spoke for everyone’s feelings.
Taking a quick glance at his surroundings, the Marquis continued.

「When the survey team arrived, they encountered five B-class knights of unknown affiliation. At first, they didn’t notice the survey team and started attacking the golems but……」

The attendees looked at him questioningly at his unfinished words. Then the Marquis said, “Excuse me,” and continued.

「The way they fought, using many magic attacks, was very similar to the Ghost Knight」

Surprised voices could be heard from around the room. But it was understandable.

『Five units of Ghost Knights』

This information was just too shocking.
As the room was filled with groans and whispers, the Marquis raised his voice and continued to speak.

「Having been discovered, Lord Reaper rushed into battle. However, he was unable to close the distance due to the barrages of magic attacks and was on the verge of losing」

The attendees of the roundtable continued to listen with agonized expressions.
The only one who remained calm was the emperor, who had already finished reading the report.

「But then, they were supported by attack magic from a distance. This turned the tide of the battle, and together, they defeated four of the Ghost Knights and captured the person they thought was the pilot」

The Ghost Knight is a nightmare for the Empire.
And there were five of them that appeared, but four of them were defeated and one of the pilots was captured. It was like a roller coaster ride, and the people around the round table couldn’t stop their excitement and chatter.

「Silence! You are in the presence of His Majesty!」

Questions were continuously thrown at him without consideration. Ignoring all of them, the Marquis shouted sharply.
After confirming that the room had once again become calm and quiet, he began to answer the questions while flipping through the report.

「The Ghost Knight itself has not been captured. All of them were eaten by the golem before we could do anything to them」

A square-jawed middle-aged woman twisted one cheek in frustration when she heard the answer.
She probably couldn’t stand the fact that she couldn’t get her hands on the precious Ghost Knight. She raised one hand and asked permission to speak.
But before she could, the old knight commander spoke up.

「Even with the help of Lord Reaper, they have no more energy to spare after that. It must have been really a close fight」

After he finished what he wanted to say, he nodded to himself.
This statement cooled her down, and the square jawed middle-aged woman was able to avoid making any careless comments.

「The identity of the Knight who provided support is unknown. It is said that he unleashed a series of magic attacks from the top of a rocky mountain and left the scene without revealing himself. It goes without saying that Lord Reaper wouldn’t have had the strength to pursue him」

The Marquis glanced at the square-jawed middle-aged woman.

「The captured pilot was an elf. He was interrogated, but no we couldn’t obtain any useful information due to a magical measure planted in his mind」

Leaving a large bomb at the end, the Marquis closed his mouth and sat back down.
The attendees exchanged glances with each other.
Looking over at the throne, the middle-aged emperor kept his weight on the backrest. He is holding back, as if waiting for something.

(His Majesty wants us to speak our mind)

The people around the round table understood this and began to express their opinions one by one.

「Does this mean that the Ghost Knight is the Knights of the elves?」

「There’s no way they are. The elves don’t have Knights」

The words were squeezed out in a snarling tone of voice, which was immediately met with denial from another seat.

「How can you be so sure? The Elves may be small in numbers, but their power rivals that of the major countries」

「They also have high technological capabilities. It is not impossible for them to build a Knight」

After someone voiced their agreement, another question was raised.

「Then why didn’t anyone know about it before?」

Opinions and counter-opinions came from around the round table, and the discussion began to get heated.
The skinny old man who serves as the headmaster of the Imperial Academy of Magic also opens his mouth while stroking his thin chin.

「The elf race have excellent magic abilities. Thus they might have a high aptitude to be a pilot」

「I see, when you put it that way, it does makes sense」

The old knight commander expresses his agreement.

『The Ghost Knight the Knight of the elves』

This idea gradually began to occupy the majority of the conference room. The emperor narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and raised himself up from the backrest.

「That’s what I think, too」

That statement decided the outcome of the round table conference.
At this moment, the old knight commander raised one hand, asking permission to speak.

「The kingdom allies with the elven race and tries to fight against the empire. Do you think it will ever come to that?」

The emperor slightly shook his head

「The Margrave said, 『Our country has won a little too much』. Which is a statement that really make me ponders about it」

However, the color of doubt did not disappear from the knight commander’s face. Seeing this, the Marquis added an explanation from the seat next to him.

「If it hadn’t been for the Ghost Knight’s interference, the expeditionary force would have taken over Awoke. And by now, they would have besieged the royal capital as well, perhaps even bringing it down」

And the one leading them would have been the Marquis.

「Once the kingdom is under the control of the empire, there will no longer be any forces in the entire Ost continent that would pose a threat to us. And that there are those who don’t want this to happen, is what he might have meant」

This explanation brought a look of understanding to the old veteran’s face.

「I see. So they didn’t join forces with the kingdom, but tried to stop the empire from expanding, huh」

The Empire and the elves have an ongoing exchange in the name of trade. However, it is not necessarily a friendly relationship. The human race, led by the Empire, has demanded joint management of the Spirit Forest, a valuable magical resource. But the elves have been refusing to do so.

「But still, I wonder who was the Knight who assisted Lord Reaper? Since he was using a lot of magic attacks, I’m guessing he’s an elf as well?」

The knight commander tilts his head again. Seeing this, a mature woman in a pilot’s uniform sitting on the opposite side of the room opens her mouth.
Her make-up is too tight, and the scent of perfume drifts thickly around her. It was the mature Viscountess.

「Doesn’t this mean that not every elf is on the same page?」

The people sitting at the round table only bent their mouths to those words. They neither agree nor disagree.
Shaking his head lightly, the Marquis shrugs his shoulders and opens his mouth.

「I don’t have enough information about that. Not even enough to formulate a hypothesis that can convince myself」

The mature Viscountess’ shoulders slump as her words are not recognized as meaningful. She had failed in her campaign to conquer the northern countries. She just wanted to say something and hoped to restore her position at least a little.
There, the emperor gives out an order.

「We will now identify the elven race as our enemy. Increase the surveillance of elves in the country」

The room was tense, and a chorus of understanding echoed.
The emperor then turned his attention to the mature Viscountess.

「We will adopt the viscountess’ measures to fight the Ghost Knights」

That is a strategy that combines Knights equipped with large shields as a wall and Knights with high mobility to withstand attacks and confirm the location of the enemy. After that, they would deploy a large number of Knights and crush them with their numbers.

「Yes! Thank you very much!」

The mature Viscountess springs up as excitement oozes in her husky voice.
She had been thinking in her own way since she was defeated by the Knights of the kingdom’s merchant guild in the northern countries.

(Thank god I suggested it)

By the way, the mature Viscountess doesn’t know about it, but it’s almost the same as what Count Rosehip thought in the giant hole.

「Viscountess, you shall take the command. You may consult with the knight commander and take as many Knights as you wish. But it’s not Landbarn the place you’re going to head to」

After thinking for a moment, the mature Viscountess replied with a nervous expression.




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