Chapter 205 Part 2



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「I need to go to the border with the spirit forest in the northern part of the Empire, is that right?」

The emperor nodded, getting the response he expected. He likes the type of person who’s quick on the uptake.
Not so with the old knight commander. However, he has a virtue that he is loyal and will never betray him.

「I will grant you an A-class Knight. Use your ability to detect snipers and defend the border from the elven race」

The mature Viscountess who is given unexpected equipment and personnel is stuck upright with a flushed face. The emperor thinks while looking at her appearance.

(Knights, a means of invading and attacking other countries. Because we thought the elves didn’t have it, the north is poorly guarded)

His expression becomes grim as he imagines a scene.

(We shall never let elven Knights to appear in the Imperial City or any other major city)

The Emperor did not know the details of the mature Viscountess ability. But he would use it no matter what, as long as it gave them an advantage against snipers.
That’s just how troublesome magic attacks from a distance were.
The square jawed middle-aged woman was alone in thought while everyone else was looking at the mature Viscountess with envious gazes.

(The Ghost Knight piloted by an elf? If that’s true, then the reports I’ve been getting so far are not making sense)

She is in charge of the blacksmith guild. They were expected to examine Ghost Knights and build Knights of equal or better quality.

(If the pilot is an elf, then the source of power comes from the pilot, not the Knight)

The pilot’s magical power was increased by some other means. As a result, it is not impossible to imagine that their minds would collapse and they would start attacking their allies.


That’s where her thoughts got stuck.
The hardware discoveries and results were being made one after another by her subordinates. It seemed to her that they would soon be able to build the Empire version of the Ghost Knight.

(Something’s wrong. I need to find out what it is as soon as possible)

Feeling a chill run down her spine, the square-jawed woman bit her lip.


The stage moves to the hangar of the merchant guild’s Knight near the eastern gate of the royal capital, far in the southeast of the Imperial Capital.
This is the place where the Old Lady is kept for checkups and maintenance.
In the hangar’s office, two figures are drinking tea and snacking on sweets. It was me and the herbivore mechanic.

「So, your sister is getting married? Congratulations!」

A feeble young man nodded happily at my words.
His sister had been visiting a man she had fallen in love with for a long time. And now, she had finally seduced him.
Unlike her brother, the herbivorous mechanic, she seems to be a passionate carnivore.

「And so, I’m sorry for the sudden request, but…」

The herbivorous mechanic spoke in a reserved manner.

「I was wondering if Tauro-san could attend the marriage?」

I was speechless at the unexpected invitation.
To be honest, unlike my previous life, I had plenty of time and money to spare. Besides, I had a desire to see a wedding in this world.
However, there was one problem.

(A guy from her brother’s workplace… Aren’t I a complete stranger?)

There is no connection between us.
I appreciated the invitation from the herbivore mechanic, but I didn’t want to go there and look out of place.
He must have sensed my silence and felt the need to explain. The herbivore mechanic told me honestly why he invited me.

「The truth is, there were a lot of high-ranking people on the groom’s side who were planning to attend」

It seems that it was revealed at the meeting last minute.

『We can’t lose』

『That’s right, the first time they looked down on us, it’s over』

The parents of the herbivore mechanic learned of this. They got fired up at once and strictly ordered their son to bring along a great person.

「If Tauro-san, who’s a pilot, were to attend the wedding with us, we won’t lose our face」

(I see now)

Being a pilot of a Knight has a high social status and a very good public reputation.
To put it another way, it’s like being the captain of an international flight in an airline. This will probably make the weight on one side of the scales heavier than the weight on the other side.

「If that’s the case, then please let me attend」

The herbivore mechanic who is always there for me.
If even at this level I can be of use to him, I would be happy to do so.

「Thank you very much!」

He looked very relieved. He said he was going home to inform his parents.
As I watched his back, I thought to myself.

(But still, things like winning and losing, and also intimidating)

Their situation was quite desperate.
It is said that they only found out about it at the last minute, but I can’t help but wonder if the other side was hiding it until the very last minute on purpose. I can’t help but make such an evil assumption.

(Well, I’ve never been married after all, so there’s that)

Several wedding receptions that I’ve been invited to.
Behind the glamour, this kind of battle may have been a daily occurrence.
I thought about this as I watched the back of the herbivore mechanic leaving the room.


A few days later.
I’m sitting on the bride’s side of the wedding banquet, wearing my pilot’s uniform.

(It’s not so different from the ones in my previous life)

That’s what I feel after taking a look around.
The location was a large restaurant near the central square. There were round tables set up in various places and the attendees sitting around them.
The only difference was that the men were not wearing black suits and white ties. What they wore was more like something out of medieval Europe.

『And now, for the bride and groom!』

Then, a voice which sounded like it came out from the external sound speaker of a Knight echoed in the hall.
At the same time, the lights in the hall were turned off, and the magic circles on the sides of the walls began to play music.
The large doors at the back of the room slowly opened.
Behind the doors, there was intense backlighting. And a thick white smoke was hanging in the air.

(So that’s his little sister, huh)

A man and woman dressed in white emerged from the backlight and smoke.
She doesn’t look much like the feeble herbivore mechanics. A reasonably athletic and muscular woman, is what my first impression of her.
However, my attention was drawn to the huge groom who was walking right beside her.

(……A bear?)

He’s not a beastmen, he’s clearly a human being. But that’s the only way I can describe him.
As the bride and groom took their seats, the MC began the introductions.

『The groom works in a brothel and has become an indispensable part in the platform』


Now that was unexpected.

(I wonder if that bear-like guy can sit at the platform)

I had never been to a brothel for women before, but I assumed that they were full of fashionable handsome men.
While I’m having such a thought, the host continued to talk.

『It all started when the bride nominated the groom. From then, the bride fell in love with him. She frequently visited the brothel and finally make this wonderful man her husband!』

A sigh of envy escaped from the young women at the bride’s friend’s table.

(Are they jealous of her?)

As if to answer my question, I heard a conversation from another table.

「From the platform huh? He must be an elite」

「But didn’t they say it’s just from a low-class brothel?」

It was the young men nearby who were whispering to each other.

「The rumour has it that he’s so talented that he’s even getting scouts from middle-class stores」

「A middle-class store, you say!? That’s amazing」

What I heard reminded me of the high social status of people who work in brothels.
If the women prostitutes are equals to famous actresses and announcers of key TV stations, then naturally the men must be so as well.
I nodded to myself in understanding.
After the bride and groom were introduced, the MC started calling out the names of the guests.

『Knight commander of the Kingdom’s merchant guild’s Knight, Tauro-sama』

I got up from my seat and lightly bowed to the people around me.
I heard an impressed voice from the crowd, thanks to my profession as a pilot.
The old men and women sitting at the groom’s family table. Their expressions became a little stiff.
On the other hand, the people in the bride’s family seat crossed their arms, showing a boastful expression. It seems I was able to be of help to them.
The party then proceeded with toasts and dinner.

「Tell us about your husband!」

Perhaps out of entertainment, a question flew from the bride’s friends.
The herbivore mechanic’s little sister replied with what looked like a microphone in her hand.

『He’s as powerful as a bear, persistent as a snake, and so ferocious you’d think he was a rabbit!』

The women cheered loudly.
The men, on the other hand, let out a voice of respect.

(Amazing. Isn’t that the highest compliment a man can receive?)

It’s very different from me being who was being compared to a slime.

(Something like, 『You will feel weirded out the first time he touch you』. That’s pretty harsh, don’t you think?)

As I looked at him with envy, I overheard a conversation at the bride’s friend’s table.

「Hey, have you heard it? That bear-san helps out at the brothel when it’s closed, and he will eventually take over the business, they say」

Speaking of which, the herbivore mechanic’s house must have been doing some business, aren’t they?
His brother has become a Knight mechanic, so his sister will probably take over the business.

「What’s that, I’m so jealy~ I want someone like that too…」

Amidst the excitement, there was one young woman with a gloomy look on her face.

「Why is it her anyway? I’m definitely a better woman than her」

The woman next to me opens her mouth in exasperation.

「Don’t be such a whiner, go fetch a guy with your food or something. Aren’t you a butcher?」

Being told like that, the woman wrinkled her brow deeply.
She then began to look around slowly, as if she was trying to find her prey.


When she looked at me, she stopped moving with a look of surprise on her face.
Incidentally, her gaze was focused only on the 『Pilot Badge』 on my uniform.

(It’s only my position they’re after)

Judging it that way, I looked away as if I hadn’t noticed her.
But she who had found her prey, kept glaring at me.

(This sucks…)

I kept trying to run away from the butcher girl in a venue where I only knew the herbivore mechanic.




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