Chapter 22




 Translator: Imouto Hunter

I push open Jayanne’s doors and enter the lobby.

I’ve gotten very familiar with the concierge. I ask him how things are going with Instructor Light Cruiser.

「Thanks to you, she’s very well. She’s in good condition and none of her symptoms are returning.」

That’s good to hear. As I smile, the concierge apologetically speaks.

「I know that you came all the way here, but unfortunately she is with other guests right now.」

「Ahh, don’t worry about it. I just wanted to ask how her treatment went.」

She must surely be glowing after her recovery, and with the way she works it would be odd for her to not have any customers.

「I’ll choose a different girl today.」

He seemed relieved to hear my reply.

(It looks like the explosive onee-san isn’t here.)

There’s no sign of her sexy, voluptuous figure on the sidelines. She could be in the middle of work, or she could be late coming in. I wonder which it is? Let’s look at the tiered platform.


I’m being watched. A certain girl is really focusing on me. Her stare is blowing me away, but it’s not a bad feeling. It’s as if she’s begging for me to pick her. She’s a beautiful, stylish onee-san with long wavy hair. Her figure is small, and large where it needs to be. I can sense the pheromones that only mature women possess.

Still, she’s got some amazing eyes. They look like the eyes of a starving animal.

(What’s this?)

An accessory?

Her hair band has what looks like a pair of animal ears attached to it. The “gap” quality of an adult woman wearing that hairband is really cute.

(I might as well ask for her, even though her eyes are a little scary.)

I called out to the concierge to request her. The concierge then, in a quiet voice, whispered in my ear.

「Tauro-sama, thank you for your request. However, I would like to confirm something with you.」

Wondering what it could be, I urged him to continue.

「On the off chance you weren’t aware… that woman isn’t human.」


Looking at my surprised expression, his face told me that he expected this.

「The girl is a werewolf.」

(Looks like the fantasy’s here at last.)

Ever since coming to another world and hearing word of other races, I’ve been ready to meet one. Though, I wasn’t expecting my first encounter to be in a brothel.

「What would you like to do?」

I’m ready. If there’s not any huge problems, I’ll stick with my decision.

「It’s my first time with a non-human, so could you tell me about them in detail?」

The concierge proceeded to teach me.

On nights with a full moon they transform into wolves, meaning she won’t transform with the way the moon is right now. When untransformed they’re the same as humans, with the exception being their extreme physical strength. There’s also the ears and tail. They have their differences in personality, but to generalize, they have a tendency to be very passionate about games and contests.
And so on.

(She really does look like a normal human. I honestly thought those ears were fake.)

「Understood. I don’t mind, so I’d like that girl… By the way, why is she staring at me so much?」

The concierge made a troubled expression.

「Ehh… It’s probably her mating season.」

「Mating season?」

「Yes. It looks like it’s started unexpectedly.」

「If I left the store, would she be alright?」

「That’s no problem. There are customers that prefer her in this state, and specifically make reservations for times like this.」

(I guess she’s been looking at me because I’m a male… wait, there are other males than me here, aren’t there?)

I look around, and there are at least five or six other men here. Despite this, her gaze is fixed on me.

「Why is she only looking over here?」

「There’s a reason for that too…」

With a sigh, the concierge started to explain.

The werewolf is friends with Instructor Light Cruiser, and was worried about her health.
She used her abilities and connections as a werewolf to search for a cure, but was never able to find one. She then heard that it was me who cured her. She had given up hope on her friend’s illness, and I was able to cure it. On the first try, even.

Because of that, the werewolf’s natural instincts to seek out superior genetics seems to have sprung into action. Then after seeing me, her strong instincts ignored her usual cycle and instantly put her into heat. That’s what the concierge has imagined anyway, since she wasn’t in heat before this. But there’s good logic in that theory, it seems sound to me.

「Um… She can’t have kids, can she?」

I anxiously asked.

「Don’t worry, she’s taken proper countermeasures. You may do as you like.」

Relieved to hear that, I headed towards the counter. After paying, the werewolf came out and… swept me away. Breathing wildly and carrying me to her side in one arm, she hurried up the stairs. She’s so strong despite being so slender. Her face came alive with the happiness and excitement of catching her prey.

「I found a good mate! I found a good mate!」

Those words came out of her mouth.
I’ve never been called a “good mate” before, so it was both awkward and pleasant.
And yet because I inherited these powers from the stone statue, they aren’t actually genetic. I felt a bit sorry for that.

(Well, there’s no way she’ll get pregnant anyway, so I shouldn’t have to worry about genetics.)

While thinking about those things, we reached the room. The girl entered, gently placed me onto the bed, and then went back to lock the door.

(Hey, are we not getting anything to drink!?)

She’s skipping over the usual procedure.

With the door locked, she swung her body this way. The light in her eyes isn’t normal, and her breathing is heavy and fast. There’s a bit of drool hanging from her mouth. It’s as if I’m all she can see right now.

I prepared myself for a one-sided trampling, the opposite of what happened in Cione between me and the tomboyish magical girl. Thus, the battle between a starved werewolf and its prey had begun.

About an hour and a half later:

I sat on the sofa sipping iced tea, and the werewolf lay collapsed on the bed. The battle had made me thirsty, so I left the room to order a drink from the waitress girl. Of course I ordered some for the werewolf as well, although she’s unable to drink it right now.

As for the results, it was an easy victory for me. It would appear that being solely fixated on me was what drove her into heat. I was her goal from the beginning. The moment she came into contact with me, her heart and her body were at bursting point.

Balloons will expand until they’re at their limits, and if you pierce one with a needle, it will explode. I pierced the balloon, and it exploded.

I continued thrusting the needle, and like a continuous bombardment, the explosions wouldn’t stop. It was a long series of explosions. Even without me doing anything, there were explosions, explosions and more explosions.

While that was going on, I continued to thrust the needle from behind. As expected of werewolves, with inhuman stamina she was able to endure the continuous series of explosions. …For about an hour and a half. Of course right now, the werewolf is all out of strength.

(I wonder if she’ll be mad at me. Well, it’s not like it’s my fault.)

I looked at the bed.

(Why don’t I do some work for a while?)

Finishing the iced tea, I left a large tip by the pillow. I showered, got dressed, and went downstairs to explain the situation.

Right now, I’m doing some window shopping in the plaza’s eastern shopping district. In preparation for tomorrow’s move, I’m seeing where and what things are being sold here. I’ll need furniture, but I’ll also need some consumables and general goods.
By the way, the concierge laughed when he heard about the incident at Jayanne. It should be fine, as it’s something that happens during mating season. However, it is rare for such an individual fixation to lead to a “continuous” state like that. Apparently, the guests who specifically choose girls in mating season enjoy this sort of thing.

「Alright, this should do it.」

I said, after checking out the clothing store. Underwear aside, I don’t own anything besides what I’m wearing. As expected, I’m reaching my limits. I’ll have a place to put them, so I plan on buying a bunch. The sun began to set, so I decided to go have dinner.




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