Chapter 221 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

It was afternoon. It was the perfect time to have some tea and some sweets.
In front of Tauro, who was sitting on the floor in his living room, there were three spirit beasts lined up.

「I did call you all here but, was it alright?」

A caterpillar, a dung beetle, and a turtle. All of them on the spread out bath towel were my familiars.
It was the first thing in the afternoon, after I came from my visit to Light cruiser-sensei shrine. As soon as I got home, I called for a meeting in the garden forest.

『It’s alright』

As the representative, Imosuke, the head of my familiars, answered. I nodded lightly and spread out a magazine in front of the bath towel.

「It was on sale today, the 『Divine Tournament Special Edition』. I thought I’d check it out with you guys」

I bought it at a book stall on the way back from Jayanne. Imosuke and Dangorou let out a wave of emotion when they saw it.
They seemed to be interested in it, since I had mentioned it a few times.

「It was getting sold one after another, and I was afraid it’s going to run out」

『Divine Tournament』, a tournament held every year in the Holy City that attracts a lot of attention from the public.
The publishing company of the magazine is located in the Holy City. The tax revenue from the sales is said to contribute greatly to the financial resources of the Holy City.

「Alright, I’m going to read it now」

The Spirit Beasts gathered around the magazine with slow steps. Me and the three of them surrounded the magazine on all sides.

「Oh, it’s Plain-chan right from the start」

The picture that appeared as soon as I flipped through the first page was of a Queen with a red butterfly mask wielding a whip. It seems 『Sin and Punishment』 drew more attention from the press than I expected.
The progress of the match was also introduced with the Plain Queen at the center.

「――The whip growls and hits the man’s body. The voice at the end of the sharp scream gradually becomes sweeter, and finally he wriggles while shaking his butt」

As I read it out, I remembered and convinced. The pain that didn’t linger would become more pleasant the more it hit.
Moreover, I heard that Plain Queen had improved her skills since then. It must felt very good.

「――The man’s face and chest were on the floor as his weak arms could not support his body. He was unconsciously shaking his buttocks, asking for punishment. Of course, the Queen showed him no mercy」

It was just as I heard in the merchant guild, the Plain Queen whipped him and then inserted her heel into his but. That combination brought her victory.

「The first round and second round. It said that she obtained overwhelming victory on both rounds without allowing her opponent to counterattack」

I explained while pointing to the picture of the fallen man, and then one of them raised a question to me.

『Where’s the special move?』

Imosuke raised his upper body and waddled over. As if he also just noticed, Dangorou who stood next to him also turned to look at me.

『What is her special move?』

Even Zaratan was silently staring at me. It seems the spirit beasts are quite interested in special moves.

「…..I wonder what it is?」

I tried searching my memory, but I think she might not have had it.

「I think the Plain Queen doesn’t have any special moves」

Imosuke, Dangorou, and Zaratan looked disappointed at my answer. In my panic, I couldn’t help but say something suitable.

「But there’s still the next match. Moreover, it was the match against the Grim Reaper」

Grim Reaper’s special move, 『Earthquake』. This is a rough technique in which he stabs his opponent deeply with his large, curved scythe, and then rotates his entire body.
The vibration created by the human-sized eccentric motor. Last year, it shook the floor of the venue, just like Earthquake.

「――The Grim Reaper remained unfazed as he kept receiving hit from the whip. But that must be when he let his guard down」

Oh shoot, I thought as I read it out loud. The vice guild master had told me. The Grim Reaper did not put up any resistance and lost because he was enjoying the play.
I don’t think 『Earthquake』 will be mentioned at all here.

「Eventually, his entire body was entangled with the whip, and he was pushed down to the floor. He looked like a prey being strangled by a snake.」

I glanced at my familiars and saw that they were listening with excitement. They seemed to be expecting it to be coming any minute now.

「――Candlelight was set ablaze at the tip of the Death Scythe. And what a surprise! The Grim Reaper scattered his mark of defeat without even being able to deliver a single blow」

I finished reading the article and closed my mouth. Naturally, my familiars turned to look at me.
All of them tilted their heads and I can perceive a strong wave that says 『Where’s the special move?』 from them.

「Sorry guys, looks like he lost before he can even show his special move」

My heart ached as I heard their disappointed voice. I glanced over at the creatures on the bath towels and saw that they all looked sad.


Among them, Dangorou moves his antennae toward Imosuke. He seems to have changed the topic.

『I don’t know』

This is Imosuke’s voice.
Dangorou looks at Imosuke, who shakes his head from side to side, and turns to me. Then he asked me.

『Why did she hit him?』

It seems after seeing the picture of the Plain Queen hurting the Grim Reaper with a whip, he was curious about it.
I had explained to them that the winner was the one who made his opponent feel good. So it was an understandable question.

(But this is a very difficult question to answer)

Beer, for example. When there’s a question such as 『Why did it taste good even though it’s bitter』. And you answered with 『It tastes good because it’s bitter』, young boys and girls wouldn’t be convinced.

「How should I explain this…Hmm….」

As I was troubled to give an explanation and folded my arms, I received help from an unexpected place. Zaratan turned to Dangorou and opened his mouth.

『It gives a certain stimulation that leads to ejaculation』

It is a common practice in lakes, rivers, and even the ocean. That’s how he explained it. He sees it as the same as in vitro fertilization of fish.

(That’s a knowledgeable long-lived turtle for you)

I have a feeling that it’s not the same. But when I think about it again, I can’t say that it’s completely off the mark.
Perhaps the root of 『Sin and Punishment』 lies around there.


Dangorou is convinced that it is something like that. Certainly, it is something like that indeed.
I thanked the turtle, cleared my throat, and moved on to the next page. But before I could open my mouth, Imosuke and the others reacted first.


『It’s Lightning!』

With the exception of one, Lightning is very popular among my familiars. The picture that appeared on the front page was of a young swordsman sitting in the middle of the page, pointing his sword at his opponent.
Imosuke and Dangorou cheered loudly at his gallant and brave appearance.

「Now I’m sure they will mention a special move here, the Lightning Sword」

The two of them jumped with joy at the special move that finally appeared. Zaratan also showed great interest and asked what kind of technique it was.

「It’s a technique in which he released three thrusts in one breath」

『Fumu, I see』

The turtle slowly nods his head. He murmurs that the more times Lightning does it, the better the odds of fertilization.
Actually, he didn’t release anything inside her, but let’s not mention that.
After defeating the Plain Queen with a single counter attack, the focus of the article shifts to Lightning.

「The next article is about Lightning too. So this is the very mature woman, huh? Looking at her from this picture, she’s indeed seem to be strong」

I had heard about her, but this is the first time I saw what she looks like. She had an athletic body, like a bodybuilder.

「He said she is a fine woman, didn’t he?」

Remembering what the guild master said, I take a closer look at her face. Certainly, upon closer looks, she does have traces showing that she used to be beautiful.
Leaving me aside, Imosuke and Dangorou are moving around with excitement.

『Lightning Sword!』

『Lightning Sword!』

But I had to tell them the unfortunate truth.
I resolved myself and read the article.

「――Lightning sword was unleashed in full force. However, his opponent used a technique called 『Guillotine』 to stop his movement」

The next illustration is of the very mature woman with her face turned crimson as her whole body muscles bulge. Lightning had his sword clamped in place, forcing him to stand on his tiptoes.

「After that, Lightning was pushed down by force. He was squeezed and defeated by an orthodox but intense attack」

The two of them are disheartened at once. It’s a pity, but it can’t be helped.
Zaratan nodded and said, 『So the female was stronger than the male』. I bet he was imagining something like a mantis or a spider in his head.




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