Chapter 228 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A girl with a ponytail walks briskly through the streets on a winter night with her body feeling like it was burning.
Her destination is a mid-class brothel for women. Her sense of money is basically that of a poor person, but today she decides to splurge.

(If I don’t fully vent it off here, it will interfere with my work)

The urges that came over her repeatedly, like waves, were the source of her worries.
A teenage girl enters a brothel to buy a man. The gaze of those who saw her was one of envy, because the place was a mid-class brothel.
The fact that she was able to play in a mid-class brothel at such a young age meant that she had the money and time to do so. And she was showing off those capabilities.

(I’ve become a pilot of the knight order, so I should show off this much at least)

Ponytail sticks out her chest as much as she could at the gaze glancing at her. If one were to look for an analogy, it would be when someone is driving around in a luxury sports car.
Playing in a brothel is a luxury hobby for ladies and gentlemen. It shows one’s social status.


Two hours later, Ponytail was sitting on the sofa in the lobby with face down, looking gloomy and listless.
She had nominated someone and played with him, but she didn’t think it was good enough.

「Excuse me, ma’am, is there something wrong?」

The old lady concierge calls out to her timidly. From the atmosphere, it is clear that Ponytail is not satisfied.
The fact that Ponytail has a knight order card indicates that she is a person of high social standing.
For the sake of this store that prides itself on its middle-class status, she couldn’t just leave her be.

「Ah, no, it’s not what you think it is」

Ponytail panicked as she realized that the old lady concierge was getting concerned. She explained that the man who played with her was good-looking, gentle, and good at what he did.
Hearing these words, the concierge felt relieved.

(The reason why the customer’s atmosphere was gloomy was because either the type of man or the style of play didn’t suit her)

The old lady concierge got down on one knee on the carpet to adjust her eye level to Ponytail who sat on the sofa.
She then began to ask a few questions to find out what her customer liked.

「Dear customer, that is a bit…..」

After listening to her, the old lady concierge said with a mixture of surprise and dismay. The fact that she couldn’t fully close her mouth even after she had finished speaking was a clear indication of her state of mind.
The reason for this was Ponytail’s very roundabout, whispered request.

『I don’t care what they look like or how old they are. Just give me one that has the same level as Dr. Slime』

That was the summary of her request.

「If I may say something, dear customer. Dr. Slime is a man who is considered to be the greatest treasure of the willow world」

With a serious expression, the old lady concierge began to explain. Ponytail was pressured by her atmosphere and nodded without words.

「Unfortunately, although he is buying, I never heard of him ever selling the rights to play with him. If, hypothetically, Dr. Slime ever declares that he will be selling that right…」

The old lady concierge brings her face close to hers and glares at her.

「It will definitely be auctioned off. And the prices will be literally out of this world, I can’t even imagine how expensive it will be!」

Ponytail, who had worked part-time in a low-class brothel but was not familiar with the willow world, froze in surprise and could not move.

(She must be kidding)

She would like to think so, but judging by the atmosphere of the old lady concierge in front of her, she didn’t think she was joking.

「I-Is that so?」

That was all she could say to reply as her face tightened. In fact, it was as the concierge lady had said.

『I don’t care how much money I have to pay, I want you to do it with me』

There are many women who wish as such. The reason is probably the “Doctor” part of Dr.Slime.

『Your sickness will be healed after he embraced you』

It was widely believed. And this is true, in fact.
The reason is that if there are still remaining numbers of unused F and E-rank magic for the day, he would use it on the women in the middle of a play.

「It can’t be carried over to the next day after all, so it will be a waste not to use it」

That’s how Tauro thinks about it. In the first place, he does not have the ability to see through his opponent’s physical condition.
It’s just when he activates his magic and notices something was off, he would think, “Ah, there is something wrong with her body”.
Because of this characteristic, it is inevitable that many of the applicants are elderly. They want to be healthy, and they are willing to pay for it.

(Was he really that great? That guy)

Ponytail was left stunned by the answer she had never imagined. What emerged from her mind after a few moments was frustration.

(Not only as a pilot. Even in the willow world, that guy’s got a leg up on me)

Compared to herself, who had stopped at the low-class brothel, his evaluation was higher than the sideline of the most high-class brothel.
That’s when a flash ran through Ponytail’s mind.

(As I thought let’s do a part-time)

The concierge here told her that there were many women who wanted him, and that it’s impossible to get what they want.
However she has a certain hunch.

(He’s enjoying messing with me)

The beauty and charm of the women who work in intermediate and high class brothels. As a member of the same sex, she could understand this painfully.
But even so, he kept nominating her.
The reason for this is probably the fact that they were former classmates who used to bicker with each other.

(Then I’m sure he’ll show up when he finds out I’m back working part-time)

A fighting spirit from the core of her body, and although Ponytail refuses to admit it, a flame that is hotter than that fighting spirit is burning inside her.

(Me, a member of the knight order, and him, from the merchant guild. There is no opportunity for us to have a match with our Knights)

Even if they had the opportunity, she would have lost by the decision if he with his nasty fighting style.
“However…”, she thought.

(If it’s a match in a brothel, we’ll have plenty of opportunities. And there’s no long range combat, which is his specialty. It will always be a close combat)

Although she continues to lose badly, she doesn’t think that she has no chance to win. There was a time when she felt a response while their skin was touching.
She remembered the pitiful scream that he had made when he was under her.

(Now’s my chance!)

There are times when she’s convinced that she’s going to win and delivers a finishing blow. For example, when he let out a shameful, pathetic scream.

(I intend to finish him there, but he countered well)

From the straddling position, she swung her buttocks down with all her might. But the tip of his sword pierced her vitals first.
Remembering that moment, her stomach muscles involuntarily tremble.

(I was just too hasty to win that time. If I can stay calm, I’m sure I can win next time)

She couldn’t accept the way he was fighting as a pilot no matter what. In addition, her innate competitive spirit would not allow her to just sit back and do nothing.

(I will fight and win! First, I’m going to make that guy crawl on the bed)

Ponytail clenched her fists and some kind of flames flickered in her eyes. When the concierge old lady saw her, she tilted her head slightly.
She never thought in her wildest dreams that the girl in front of her was thinking of defeating Doctor Slime. If she had known, she would have been even more stunned than before.
Ponytail’s belief in possibilities was a thing of the past, along with her youth.

(I should strike while the iron’s hot)

Ponytail walked out of the store and she headed to the store where she used to work, the 『Uniform Store』.
It only took a short walk to get there. The brightly colored signboard and pop letters brought back memories.

「Please let me work here again!」

Ponytail bows her head. When the concierge grandpa saw the strands of hair swaying at the back of her head, he didn’t show a good expression.
Ponytail was extremely unpopular because of her aggressive attitude towards her customers.
If that one good customer didn’t keep nominating her, she wouldn’t even be able to earn the fixed salary. At that time, he was even considering getting her fired.
The grandpa exhaled a small breath and shrugged his shoulders.

(Maybe I should accept her request so that I can get more active students from the pilot school to work here)

The neat, tight-skirted pilot school uniform was popular with many of the customers.
He didn’t want to start a bad rumor among the younger students if he carelessly refused her here.

(Besides, if I informed that customer of this, he might come and nominate her again)

He was the only man who had once said that her toughness and stimulating taste are irresistible, and was the only one who had continuously nominated her.
For the toothless concierge grandpa, it was a feeling that had already left his memory.

「Thank you very much!」

Ponytail smiles with a big smile on her face when she gets the approval.
This is how she ended up in the low-class brothel, 『Uniform store』 and got back on the business.




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