Chapter 233 Part 1



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Red-light district.
In the case of the royal capital, it refers to the area of the main street that extends from the central square to the western gate.
The main street is lined with high-class and middle-class brothels. And the back streets and side streets are lined with low-class brothels and private stores.

「Corneal-san, how about that store over there?」

As I walked along the back alley, I pointed to a food stall that had set up store on the sidewalk. The good smell of the seared food stimulated my appetite.

「Sounds good. Let’s go there」

A young man with a muscular body and a slightly unattractive face twitched his nose in approval.
It was time for dinner. We need to eat before we go out to play.

「Then, I’ll have two servings of this skewer set」

There were six tables set up in front of the stall. I sat down at one of the empty tables, waved my hand and ordered from the stall owner.
He seems to have understood my request and nods his head.
These wooden tables and chairs are shared with several other stalls in the area. So no matter which store you order from, you can sit here.

「Thank you」

I smiled and thanked the boy who brought me the bottle of water and a cup. He looked to be about ten years old and was probably helping his parents.
Without much waiting, the food arrived.


A young boy was carrying a big tray full of plates. I felt something strange about his figure and bent one eyebrow.
I thought he was the boy from earlier, but something about him was different.

「They seemed to be a twin」

As if reading my mind, Corneal speaks up. I looked around and saw the boy from earlier clearing away the dishes at another table.
His hair and face looked exactly the same, but the clothes he was wearing were slightly different. That seemed to have stuck in me.

(…..These boys are going to be handsome when they grow up)

I thought to myself as I watched the boy put down a plate of skewers.
His eyes and nose are not flashy, but they have a neat face. They will definitely grow up to be genuine beautiful boys, completely different from me and Corneal.
I wonder if this is what they call one of the born talents.

「Then, let’s dig in right away」

While I was lost in thought, Corneal rubbed his palms together and urged me to eat. Certainly it is impossible to think without eating in front of the fragrant smell of meat and fish.
We toast with a glass of water and start eating.

「You must be glad to see that the Knights are finally gathering」

I said as I picked up a skewer with chicken and vegetables stuck alternately.
A thick beef skewer, grilled only with salt and pepper. Corneal nodded broadly as he chewed on a piece of it.
Despite his appearance, this pervy macho actually has a high position in the Kingdom knight order. That’s why I was able to hear this kind of internal information.

「Yes, all the pilots who are now riding C-class Knights have been promoted to B-class」

Hearing that, it reminded me of Busty-chan. While everyone around her was already switching to B-class Knights, she alone was sitting in the cockpit of a C-class Knight.

(Good for her)

With this she will finally be able to ride the main force Knight she has been longing for.
As I nodded my head, my best friend and the only member of the Gourmet Club showed a difficult expression.

「But now we’re short of pilots for C-class Knights」

Even if the number of Knights had returned, that doesn’t mean they can recruit enough pilots in time.

(I see)

You can build as many Knights as long as you have the necessary materials and technicians. But for the pilots, they had to start by finding someone with the right qualities.
It seems that they couldn’t prepare the pilots as fast as they could build the Knights.
I’m going to make one sarcastic remark here.

「Did the knight order recognize the C-class as Knights?」

Corneal looked troubled at my question. He shrugged his shoulders, while saying “give me a break”.

「That’s only until the previous Knight Commander. We found that the C-class is very useful for communication, scouting, and carrying cargo!」

They’re essential as an auxiliary force. He added.

(The knight order sure changed huh)

Corneal stresses the value of the C-class while waving a skewer in his hand. Seeing him, I thought to myself.

『Only Knights of the B-class and above are recognized as Knights』

That’s why the Kingdom knight order is more elite than any other knight orders who include C-class Knights as their force. With that kind of reasoning, they were proudly sticking out their chests.
Although I have my own thoughts about the Gourmet of Gold, I think he is an excellent knight commander.

「So then, Tauro-san, I have something to discuss with you」

Corneal placed the skewer he had finished eating on the plate and leaned forward. My wariness inspired me to step back a little with my chair.

「It’s alright, I won’t try to recruit you anymore」

He seemed to understand that I had no intention of going to the knight order. Urged on by my gaze, the muscular young man continued to speak.

「Can you introduce me a good pilot candidate?」

I stared back at him dubiously, not knowing what he meant.
The reason why I wanted to become a pilot was because of the event at the Knight demonstration ceremony. It was there that my potential as a pilot was recognized and I was recommended to enter the pilot school.
It’s not like I was aware of my own talent.

(Why would he ask me something like that?)

The bewildered look on his face must have made him realize that he hadn’t explained himself well. Corneal then added.

「I’m talking about that, Tauro-san, the thing you said before that there might be a connection between Knight operation skill and sexual skill」

I remember that, because it’s my theory.

「Do you have anyone in mind, from all the people who have met until now? Someone who seems to have the qualities as a pilot」

That explains a lot, and then I let my thoughts wander for a while.
I chewed on a skewer of shrimp and shellfish, leaving the pervy macho staring at me with expectant eyes. I swallowed it and took a sip of water.
Then I opened my mouth.

「If you ask me, there are some people that made me think, they 『might』 be the right person. But isn’t it the same with you, Corneal-san?」

The 『Skewering Whirlwind』 who begun learning a technique similar to my magic eye. Corneal’s defensive range is wider than mine, so I’m sure he’s come into contact with many people.
If I were to recommend someone, there’s a good chance that they’re someone Corneal has had his eye on already.

「About that, the one I thought was okay had failed the entrance exam」

The skewering whirlwind is sighing while twirling a skewer of pork in sauce with his fingertips. Though I’d like him to stop that since it makes the sauce droplets flew everywhere.
Incidentally, the student taking the exam is the daughter of one of his subordinates. Corneal knew the girl and was sure that she would pass the exam.
But when she didn’t, he lost his confidence.

「It’s someone you knew too, you know, Tauro-san」

At this shocking information, I asked him to elaborate further. When I finished listening to his explanation, I was greatly surprised.

「That girl on the sideline with the bronze badge of Oyakodon!?」

I unintentionally let out a loud voice. A magical girl that sits on the sideline of Cione, one of the three families.
Her mother was noteworthy. Although she was an amateur, she was wonderful, and the taste of the oyakodon woven by mother and daughter was simply superb.

「That magical girl huh? I see I see」

As I reached for the flaky chicken skin and the skewer, the image of the magical girl came float in my mind.

「How is it? Don’t you also think that she had the qualities?」

Corneal looked at me waiting for me to agree with him, but after a few moments of thought I quietly shook my head from side to side.

(Certainly, she had the skill, but there’s something that doesn’t feel right about her)

The qualities of a pilot. When I was asked that question, what instantly popped into my mind was Cool-san. And the next one is Light cruiser-sensei.
The magical girl was also quite skilled, but it just didn’t feel right.

(It’s not just the magical girl, I also felt the same thing on Explosive onee-san)

Something was missing, something that would allow them to be a knight pilot.

「I think there’s another important element than sexual skill. And I couldn’t feel it in that girl」

I replied while bringing a glass of water to my mouth. Corneal leaned forward, looking interested.




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