Chapter 233 Part 2



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「And what exactly is this another element?」

I shake my head in silence. It’s more of a feeling thing so I can’t quite put it into words.
Corneal continues, his eyebrows drop in disappointment.

「I beg you, Tauro-san, please introduce someone who has these qualifications. I’d like them to take the pilot school exam」

When I asked, he said that he was under a lot of pressure from the Knight Commander.

『If you can’t find anyone, I’ll bring you to a meal with me. What would you like?』

When he told that to him, he was on the verge of panic.

「I definitely wouldn’t give out your name, so, please!」

But to me who was still worried, Corneal began to persuade me.

「These people are not aware of the qualities they possess, are they? Setting aside whether they will accept it or not, I think you can at least show them that they have potential」

It is true that in this world, being a Knight pilot is an ideal profession. It is known to be a dangerous profession, but there is still no shortage of applicants.

『I thought I don’t have the talent so I gave up, but I actually wanted to be one』

It wouldn’t be surprising if there were such people.

「It is up to them to decide what path they want to take. But if they don’t even know what paths are available to them, they won’t be able to choose」

That’s quite a passionate speech.

「As someone who has moved ahead, we show the way behind us. I believe that is one of our responsibilities」

As was the case when he recommended the man’s daughter to me, Corneal’s words were strangely convincing.

(Well, it’s not like I’m forcing them, so I guess it’s fine)

At the request of my best friend, I decided to fold.

「I understand. Is it okay here?」

Corneal looks pleased with my reply. He immediately takes out a note and pen from his chest and prepares to write.

(Cool-san, Light cruiser-sensei)

I dove deep into the sea of memories of encounters and interactions I’ve had. I was surprised to find that there were fewer of them than I had expected.

(And Plain-chan after she became a Queen. Also, I feel like there’s someone else…)

It’s not from the Three Families, and not the high-class brothel either.

(Mid-class? No, was it a low-class brothel?)

The image that comes to my mind is a country-looking girl with red hair and braids, and I think she had freckles.

(Probably it was someone I met when I was going around treating people for their health problems)

I can’t remember the name of the store. The only thing I could tell about her would be her features and that I met her in a low-class brothel.
When I felt a gaze on me, I looked at my best friend and saw that he was waiting for me with a writing utensil in his hand, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.

「Umm… Right, so the first one is–」

I shrugged my shoulders, and started with the first name that came to mind.


Now the stage shifts from the royal capital to the Holy City located in the northwest.
The Divine tournament was long over, and the temple of the god of business had regained its usual calm.
The contestants and the crowds cheering for them had long since returned to their home countries.
But there were also many who had not.

「Hee, 『Men Festival』, huh? If my wife had seen this, I’m sure she would have joined in」

Just after entering the area where only E-rank and above are allowed to enter. A man with thin hair in his late middle age is talking to himself as he looks at the bulletin board set up there.
This man’s name is Andale. He is an E-rank merchant who runs a pharmacist store in the royal capital.
He is also one of those who are not in a hurry to return to their country. He was leisurely enjoying his visit to the Holy City.

「And this one is 『Bandit Game』, huh? What the hell is this?」

Every year during this period, the shopping district in the capital sends out a representative to the Holy City. And this time, he was chosen.
He was chosen because he was the leader of the shopping district, a role that required a lot of hard work. It was probably a reward for having served in this role for several years.

『Every merchant should go to the Holy City at least once』

This custom is called 『Holy City visit』 and has been done by merchants for a long time.

「What’s this, 『Assume the role of a bandit and compete in snatch-and-grab skills』? Sounds like fun」

Andale put his face close to the board and read the details. The phrase, 『Only when you know the art of stealing can you prevent it』 written on it resonated with him.

「It’s near anyway, so let’s try going there」

He muttered while looking up. There was a large space, and the canopy was visible high above.
The interior of the temple of the god of business is a huge indoor space. Right now, Andale was near the entrance.
Only merchants of rank E or higher are allowed to enter the temple, and those of rank F, which could be anyone, are not allowed to go in.

(As expected it’s the inner parts if I want to go play)

The old man with thin hair thinks as he looks around at the surrounding stalls.
Popular events such as idol concerts are always held inside. This is why many people want to be promoted to E rank, but the conditions are not easy.
You have to become a full-fledged merchant to be recognized as one.

「Welcome, a customer for 『Bandit Game』 is it? That will be two copper coins」

When Andale arrived, he paid the young man at the reception desk.
It was a simple reception desk, just a table covered with a cloth. On top of the table, there was a portable safe and a wooden box.

「The rules are quite simple. There are several people to be targeted in this E rank area. Please earn points from them」

A thin metal plate with a string attached. The young man took it out of the wooden box and presented it to me.
He told me to wear it around my neck because it would record my points.

「Touch the breasts of women wearing orange scarves or lift up their skirts, and you will get a point」

This seems to be the substitute for snatch-and-grab.
Andale nodded with a serious expression, and the young man told him to be careful.

「However, you have to lift their skirt up until you can see their belly button in order for it to count. Also, if your pendant is taken away, the game will end regardless of the remaining time」

The pendant seems to be the metal plate with a string that was given to him earlier. This piece of metal will automatically perform the assessment by magic.

「Will I lose points if I got shaken off when I tried to flip up their skirts or when I failed to rub them three times?」

The young man at the reception desk smiled and waved his hand to the side at Andale, who was waving his pendant.

「No, that will not happen, it will be okay as long as you don’t lose it. What commonly happens is that someone in the area snatched the pendant and took it away」

Even though the temple itself is like one giant brothel, the only place where it is legal is inside the store.
If you were caught molesting someone, you will be arrested by the guards and the regular customers.

(So the thrill of it is part of the fun, huh)

The guards had already been spoken to and the young man said that if he showed them his guild card, he would be released. But by then, the pendant would have been lost.
Andele nodded his head in understanding, and the young man continued to speak.

「The time limit is 20 minutes, and if you can get more than 20 points within the time limit, you will get a luxury prize. Good luck!」

He had a minute to find the targets and rub or flip their skirts.

(Oi oi, That’s a pretty strict requirement, isn’t it?)

He frowned for a moment, but quickly changed his expression to a wry smile. He remembered that the entry fee was only two copper coins.
Of course they wouldn’t give out luxurious prizes so easily.

「Well, then, are you ready? ……Go!」

Along with the young man’s voice, the pendant briefly shone.
Andale looked around and started running. What he saw was the back of a woman wearing a long skirt.
She had an orange scarf wrapped around her neck.

(Let’s do it as hard as we could)

He quickly reached out behind her. He recalled his childhood memories where he managed to flip up skirt up to the waist belt.
From behind, the long skirt flares up to her navel. A sound like a bell ringing echoed from the pendant for a moment.
Andele smiles at the cheers of the surrounding crowd, but he begins to run away as fast as he can as soon as he releases it. He narrowly escapes the hands of the screaming woman who’s about to grab him.

(Alright! One point get! Let’s try to rub their breasts for next one)

Thus the balding old man breezed through the venue, looking for a woman with an orange scarf.




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